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A few days ago I was driving and listening to Wave 105.1 FM. As I listened I heard the announcement that the head of Wave 105.1 is asking people to support Chic Filet's public stance against same sex marriage by declaring August 1st "Support Chic Filet's Day". I was aware of the growing controversy concerning this issue and I had mixed feelings about some of the things I'd read concerning the way Chic Filet's planned to go about making their stance.  I wrestled with my feelings, talked with my husband about it and made up my mind.  I needed to make a stand or should I say, continue to make a stand for righteousness.

Marriage is, was and always will be ordained by God.  It is the union of one man and one woman.  When done according to Gods plan it is perfect. Most professing Christians I know have compromised their values so much you can not tell they are Christians. I am truly newly inspired to see professing Christians make a stand for what is right.  I had not been to Chic Filet's in years.  Chris and I went to Chic Filet's today. The drive through line was so long it circled the restaurant twice.  I am truly newly Inspired. May God bless our efforts.

Diane Jones


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