A Poem To My Love 4.15.17

My Resurrected Lord

I could search the heavens high and still find no one like you my Lord!

Who would love his father so much to obey him to death?

Who would love mankind enough to bare our burdens and sins?

Who would endure the cross to the very end, sufferring in silence and finally giving in?

Only my Lord possesses such love, only he, only him.

Who has redeemed me from poverty, rejection, the bondage of sin and shame? 

Only my Lord, only him.

When other's rejected, you we're my love until you brought me love and taught me love.

You are the lover of my soul.

I love you.

Keep me in thy bossom.

Keep me safe and warm.

Abide under your shadow, I will.

I love you Lord.

Happy Resurrection Day, my Resurrected Lord.

Me. Diane 4.15.17

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