Poweredup Talk Radio features Dr. Ronit Lami 3/19/2013 3pm Pacific


Dr.Ronit Lami Poweredup Talk RadioOur service is offered by a team of associated professionals and is lead by Dr Ronit Lami. Since 2000 Dr Lami's specialty has been ‘the psychology of money'. Her focus is to help people deal with the soft issues of wealth management. Using her experience as a member of a family business and a consultant psychologist she has developed a specialty, which focuses on the impact that money, wealth and materialism have on the life of individuals, families and organizations.

Some of the subjects that Dr Lami has addressed in her work are:

  Family dynamics and family communication;

  Dealing with affluenza in the family;

  Defining family mission and integrating personal goals;

  Passing family values on to future generations;

  The emotional challenges of estate planning;

  Family Office and the non-fiscal issues;

  Emotional complexity surrounding wealth management;

  Communication: the art of conflict resolution.

  Understanding yourself-understanding your affluent client.

Her Affluenza work has received a great deal of media interest. Dr Lami appears on national and international TV and is regularly interviewed and writes for different newspapers and magazines. Some of her appearances include the CNN, BBC, Forbes, Financial Times, Sunday Times, New Statesman, Sunday Business and the Guardian. Her articles about the psychology of Affluenza have been published in various journals and magazines, and she continually writes, publishes and speaks about the subject in various forums around the world.

Dr Lami graduated Bar Illan University in Israel. She continued her postgraduate studies at Hull University, UK where she received her Doctorate in Psychology and M.Sc. in Industrial Psychology. She is Chartered Psychologist and a member recognized by the British Psychological Society, a registered member of the Californian Board of Psychology, a Licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist and a member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy.

In her work with various organizations she pioneered a process, which examine the connection between Emotional Intelligence and improved performance. Her work on this subject received positive results.

Dr Lami has written academic and non-academic articles on various subjects including the psychology of change and the psychology of affluenza and wealth. Some of her academic papers include: ‘Personal Development: the Concept and its Usage for Individual Coaching, Selection and Training'; ‘The Effect of Experiential Learning on Employees' Personal Effectiveness'; ‘Understanding the Concept of Coaching in Wealth Management' and ‘Affluenza and Inheritance'.


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