06-18-2012 WakeUP, We The People - On Today's Show 1:00pm, EST, 6-18-12

TOP STORY ... United Nations Agenda 21 is alive in your City ... Equity, Economy, Environment - What is it? - What does it mean? How Americans are losing their Freedom & Liberty: John Marler, Williamson County Texas Tea Party

... Karl Marx said "My object in life is to dethrone God and destory capitalism."  Must watch video on how this is being accomplished in America: Agenda - Grinding America Down  www.agendadocumentary.com

... What tax dollars are doing to advance the Islamic cause in Dearborn, Michigan - 30% of population Arab: Stephen Blanton, Author, The Heart of Islam  www.stephenblanton.com

... Liberty First - The Reclaiming of America: new book by Constitutional Attorney, KrisAnne Hall ... The path to reclaim America has many avenues.  One in particular is embodied within our First Amendment. Freedom of press, freedom of speech, the freedom to assemble…gave our founders the foundation to rise up and restore the Liberty that had been established by over 700 years of battle and blood.  www.krisannehall.com 

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