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AuthorTalk #2 presented by AuthorHouse Publishing (Sunday at 2:00PM to 3:00 PM Eastern) 

AuthorTalk #2…get the story behind the story on fiction,literature, thrillers, children’s books, mystery  romance, science fiction and  inspiration and so many more genres. Authors of all different backgrounds, culturals and walks of life, will be talking about their books. This is a great opportunity to learn and discover each authors inspirations and desiers that inspired them to write their book! AuthorTalk is presented by AuthourHouse.The leading provider of services to help authors publish, promote, and sell their books around the world. AuthorHouse has served the publishing needs of nearly 30,000 authors and produced more than 40,000 titles. LIVE every Sunday at 2:00-3:00PM Eastern to hear the latest interviews by today’s authors!