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"Everybody has stuff!" That's right. We all go through the ups and downs of life and sometimes the "downs" overshadow the "ups." Whether you have been through the painful divorce of your parents or your own, lived through abuse or are still living it, or generally feel like you don't matter, there is hope out of the ashes.

"Chained No More," a faith-based radio show is a place where people genuinely care about and understand what you are living. You will be given quality resources to help you rise from the ashes of hurtful situations. We will not "beat you over the head with a Bible," but will combine faith and practical tools to help you move forward toward a much healthier and happier future.

Robyn has written "Chained No More...A Journey of Healing for the Adult Children of Divorce/Childhood Brokenness." The first version is a small group curriculum with a Leader Guide and Participant Book. The second version, released in 2014, is the self-discovery version, for individual study.

As an author, mentor, singer/songwriter, radio host, and speaker, her passion is to help people define themselves by who God says they are and not what anyone or anything has ever told them. Robyn has a huge heart for children of all ages and as a camp mom, she heard the pain of the campers. That moved her to write "Chained No More," so the adult children of divorce could find healing for the pain they brought into their adulthood.

Robyn and her husband of over 40 years, Ivan, reside in Oregon. They have two grown kids, a son-in-law and a grand dog, Braxton. Contact Robyn at and visit her website at

Chris/Rahnella Adsit - Military/1st Responder PTSD (ENCORE) 07-04-17

Chris and Rahnella Adset have served many years together in ministries such as Athletes in Action, Disciplemakers International, and Cru Military.  In 2012, they established a ministry for the military called, "Branches of Valor" to focus on troops, first responders, and their families, whose lives have been impacted by service-related stress and trauma.  Their ENCORE presentation from 12-01-15 will be on Chained No More Talk Radio on July 4.  Their topic is "Military/1st Responders PTSD."

Rahnella is the founder, president and CEO of "Branches of Valor", and maintains a pastoral counseling practice working with severely traumatized women.

Chris is the National Director and Resource Specialist for their far-reaching ministry.  They have co-authored small group study manuals called "The Combat Trauma Healing Manual", "When War Comes Home", and "The First Responder Healing Manual."

This dynamic couple conducts training seminars and conferences on PTSD, a secondary trauma/compassion fatigue, and disciple-making for professionals, churches, and first responders around the world.  Their resources are currently translated into seven languages.

Chris and Rahnella live in the beautiful state of Oregon, have four grown children, and love spending time with their grandchildren whenever they can.


To find their resources and connect with the Adsits:

Office Phone:  541-345-3458

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Helen Wheeler-The Divorce Battle: Family Issues 06-27-17

Helen Wheeler is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Family Court Mediator, and Parent Coordinator, working with high conflict couples.  She is an honors graduate from the Citadel in Charleston, SC, and is a supervisor for graduate students and post-graduate students, helping them get licenses.  She is also a part-time adjunct professor at Webster University.  Helen will be our expert guest on Chained No More Talk Radio on Tuesday, June 27.  Her topic will be "The Divorce Battle:  Family Issues."

Helen is a busy woman; not only professionally, but in ministry, as well.  She and her husband, Tom, also lead a national ministry titled, "Changing Families", a single parent family ministry that began in 1996.  Included in that ministry, they lead "Mosaic Families" (step-families), and are developinhg a ministry to help children alienated from a parent.

Helen and Tom live in Charleston, SC, where they have lived for 30 years.  She is the parent of two adult children, and she and Tom are pet parents to two special needs kitties; Thelma and Louise.

You can find out more informaton about Helen Wheeler and her work at:

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Judy Dippel - Postpartum Depression: Why Me? 06-20-17

Judy Dippel is an author and speaker, wife, mother, and grandmother of four.  She is an enthusiastic woman who has a heart for hurting people.  She is also vivacious and transparent, flexible and fun. She easily connects to her audience, due to her own experiences, her love for people, heart for God, and her Christian faith.  She says God found her when she wasn't looking for Him, during one of her most challenging life eperiences--when she suffered from nearly two years of post-partum depression. Her book, "Breaking the Grip of Postpartum Depression" tells her story, and more importantly, gives the clinical facts about postpartum depression.  Judy will be our guest on Chained No More Talk Radio on June 20.  Her topic will be "Post-Partum Depression: Why Me?"

Judy is a freelance writer and has also authored "Refreshing Hope in God", and "Friendship Interrupted", all found on  A lifelong Oregonian, she is a daughter of a professional race car driver. Her career experience includes being a medical assistant in obstetrics and gynecology; she has taught in Oregon public schools, and was the assistant to the CEO of Holt International Children's Service and for several years with Weyerhaeuser Corporation, Springfield, OR.

Judy and her husband live in the beautiful state of Oregon.  She enjoys most any outdoor activity and travelling.  She also enjoys animals, horseback riding, reading a good book, and especially values good times spent with family and friends.

For more information on Judy Dippel's resources and to connect with her:

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Dr. Michelle Bengtson-Crisis and Trauma: Victim or Victor 06-13-17

Dr. Michelle Bengtson is an experienced author, speaker, and neuropsychoilogist.  She is a vibrant, caring woman whose passion for helping hurting people has guided her to what she does today.  Her 20 years of professional experience in the diagnosis and treatment of medical and emotional disorders, combined with her personal experience and strong faith, have led Dr. Michelle on a mission to share the Hope that prevails.

Dr. Michelle has personally endured her share of trials; the pain of losing a loved one, the despair following trauma and illness, and the mental and spiritual darkness of her "storms."  She will tell her story and also share how listeners can also triumph. Dr. Michelle will be our guest on Chained No More Talk Radio on June 13.  Her topic will be "Crisis andTrauma: Victim or Victor."

She has co-authored three books.  Her first solo project is "Hope Prevails: Insights From a Doctor's Personal Journey Through Depression."

When Michelle is not helping patients in her private practice, writing books, or speaking, she loves spending time at the beach.  She also loves having coffee with a friend, but most of all, loves spending time with her husband, two boys, and their two dogs.  She collects cute socks, pictures of mailboxes, and shells from many beaches she has visited.


To connect with Dr. Michelle Bengtson and find her resources:


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Anne Denmark-Starting Over After a Big Loss 06-06-17

Anne Denmark, a vibrant, caring, and passionate woman. She is a speaker, certified life coach and a faculty member for the Professional Christian Coaching Institute.  She also teaches interactive online courses. As an entrepreneur, Anne works full-time in her life-coaching business, "Life Discovery Coaching" in partnership with her clients as they discover their best, for God's glory.  Anne will be our expert guest on Chained No More Talk Radio on June 6.  Her topic will be "Starting Over After a Big Loss."

Her own life story includes experiences of burnout, sudden losses, two life-threatening accidents, and countless relocations, giving her a deep understanding that life is fragile.  She believes every day is a gift of discovery from God.  Others describe her as gracious and wise with creative flair.

Anne will be discussing how deep loss can freeze us and the importance of taking effective steps to "start over."   She will talk about what can prevent us from rising from loss and how others can influence us in negative ways.  She will discuss how faith can play a part in moving forward with hope and freedom.  Anne is a wonderful resource for those who need someone to come alongside of them and coach them to reach their goals in life.

Anne and her husband, Don, travel between Franklin, Tennessee and Sacramento, CA investing in the lives of their three grown children and their lively "grands."


To learn more about Anne Denmark and find her resources:


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