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"Everybody has stuff!" That's right. We all go through the ups and downs of life and sometimes the "downs" overshadow the "ups." Whether you have been through the painful divorce of your parents or your own, lived through abuse or are still living it, or generally feel like you don't matter, there is hope out of the ashes.

"Chained No More," a faith-based radio show is a place where people genuinely care about and understand what you are living. You will be given quality resources to help you rise from the ashes of hurtful situations. We will not "beat you over the head with a Bible," but will combine faith and practical tools to help you move forward toward a much healthier and happier future.

Robyn has written "Chained No More...A Journey of Healing for the Adult Children of Divorce/Childhood Brokenness." The first version is a small group curriculum with a Leader Guide and Participant Book. The second version, released in 2014, is the self-discovery version, for individual study.

As an author, mentor, singer/songwriter, radio host, and speaker, her passion is to help people define themselves by who God says they are and not what anyone or anything has ever told them. Robyn has a huge heart for children of all ages and as a camp mom, she heard the pain of the campers. That moved her to write "Chained No More," so the adult children of divorce could find healing for the pain they brought into their adulthood.

Robyn and her husband of over 40 years, Ivan, reside in Oregon. They have two grown kids, a son-in-law and a grand dog, Braxton. Contact Robyn at and visit her website at

Laura Pretherbridge-Seeking a Silent Night...Unwrapping a Stepfamily Christmas 12-12-17

Laura Pretherbridge is a busy international speaker, life coach, and author of five books.  She serves couples and single adults with topics on women's issues, relationships, stepfamilies, co-parenting, divorce prevention, and divorce recovery.  Laura will be our guest on Chained No More Talk Radio on December 12 and her topic will be the title of her newest book, "Seeking a Silent Night...Unwrapping a Stepfamily Christmas."

Laura writes and speaks from her heart, compassion, and experience.  Wth a no-nonsense and practical format, she offers resources that tackle today's hurts and issues.  Her other books include, "When 'I Do' Becomes 'I Don't'...Practical Steps for Healing During Separation and Divorce" and "The Smart Stepmom."

She has been a featured expert on the Divorce Care DVD series.  She has beern a guest on Focus on the Family, Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson, Family Life Today, Moody Broadcasting, and many more.  She is also the founder of a ministry to stepfamilies entitled, "Sisterhood of Stepmoms."

Laura and her husband of 30 years, Steve, reside in sunny Florida.

You can connect with Laura Pretherbridge and find more info at:

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Krista Smith-Help! How Can We Help Our Teens Process Through Our Divorce? 12-05-17

Krista Smith is an author, speaker, and advocate for hurting teens experiencing the divorce of their parents.  She has had many years of ministering to broken families through the tragedy of divorce, and has developed extraordinary resources to help families find healing and move forward toward healthier and more joyful homes. Krista will be our guest on Chained No More Talk Radio on December 5 and her topic will be, "Help!  How Can We Help Our Teens Process Through Our Divorce?" 

Krista knows the devastating pain of divorce personally and saw her kids suffering through the shattering of their family.  After healing and remarrying, she began her ministry of supporting and encouraging the broken-hearted through her resources.  She led Divorce Care for 8 years, as well as being the Care Group Ministry Director for 12 years at their local church.  She and her husband, Jon, led a group for teens of divorce and one for children, Divorce Care For Kids.  She and her husband started a Marriage Ministry that specialized in ministering to those in blended families.  Her heart has experienced a lot of pain, including her divorce, and the death of her second husband, Jon, but she is passionate about using this pain to bring hope and healing to others.

Krista has published "The Big D...Divorce Thru the Eyes of a Teen", which has been renamed, "Journey."  She also has a website titled "Journey Through Divorce" and has recently developed a number of new games to be used as tools for healing through the pain of divorce or grief.

Krista has recerntly remarried again to Loren, and they live in Big Lake, Minnesota.  Krista has 4 children, all married, and her first grandchild on the way!  They are huge Minnesota Vikings fans and love to travel to tropical spots to escape the harsh Minnesota winters.


For more information on Krista Smith and all of her resources: 

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Kristen Welch - Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World 11-28-17

Author Kristen Welch is a native Texan, a wife and a mother.  She is also a blogger for the last 10 years (  Her blog is growing a vast following of moms who identify with her real, often funny, and always inspiring writing. Kristen will be our guest on Chained No More Talk Radio on November 28 and her topic will be the title of one of her books, "Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World."

In 2010, Kristen travelled with Compassion International to Kenya.  This was a blogging trip for her to write about poverty in the slums there.  Because that trip made such a huge impact on her, she and her family founded a non-profit called Mercy House.  Mercy House funds maternity centers for pregnant teens living in extreme poverty.  She will share about all Mercy House does during her interview.

Kristen has written multiple books, including "Rhinestone Jesus; Saying Yes to God When Sparkly Safe Faith is No Longer Enough" and "Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World."

Kristen and her husband live in Magnolia, Texas with their three children.  They enjoy going to football games, flea markets, trying new restaurants and working with displaced refugees in Houston.


You can find out more about Kristen Welch on Facebook

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Chris/Rahnella Adsit - First Responders: How DO They Do it?! 11-21-17

Chris and Rahnella Adsit have served many years together in ministries such as Athletes in Action, Disciplemakers International, and Cru Military.  In 2012, they established a ministry for the military called, "Branches of Valor" to focus on troops, first responders, and their families whose lives have been impacted by service-related stress and trauma.  They will be our guests on Chained No More Talk Radio on November 21 and their topic will be, "First Responders:  How DO They Do It?!"

Rahnella is the founder, president and CEO of "Branches of Valor", and maintains a pastoral counseling practice working with severely traumatized women.

Chris is the National Director and Resource Specialist for their far-reaching ministry.  They have co-authored a small group study manual called, "The Combat Trauma Healing Manual", "When War Comes Home" and "The First Responder Healing Manual."

This dynamic couple conducts training seminars and conferences on PTSD, secondary trauma/compassion fatigue, and disciplemaking for professionals, churches, and first responders around the world.  Their resources are currently translated into seven languages.

Chris and Rahnella have four grown children, several grandkids and live in the beautiful state of Oregon.

To find out more about the Adsits' resources or to connect with them:


Facebook:  Branches of Valor International

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Nanette Kirsch - Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse 11-14-17

Nanette is a business owner, speaker, and is the author of "Denial - Abuse, Addiction, and a Life Derailed."  It is based on a true story and will be helpful for those who have been through sexual abuse or may be living it now.  Nanette will be our guest on Chained No More Talk Radio on November 14 and will talk about "Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse." 

Nanette is also the owner and president of Big Rock Ideas, an outsourced inbound marketing company serving B2B businesses.  Her passion for living out Ernest Hemingway's directive to "write the truest sentence you know", led her to major in journalism and pursue a career in communication.

In her blog, "Faith Runner: Journeying to the Heart of What is True,"  she shares life lessons she's learned walking with God as a wife, businesswoman, mother, and Christian witness.

Nanette has been married for 25 years and she and her husband have four children, ages 15-20.  She loves to cook great meals for familly and friends, and can be seen power-walking their two border collies through the neighborhood most mornings.


To connect with Nanette Kirsch:


Facebook - Denial/Book 2017

Twitter - @DenialBook 

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