Carri/Gordon Taylor - "Help! I Am a Step-Grandparent! What Now?! 08-29-17

Gordon and Carri Taylor, married for over 30 years, is a couple with an immense amount of experience and education on the subject of relationships.  Since 1988, they have been involved in starting, leading, and maintaining step-family groups.

They are the co-founders of Opportunities Unlimited and speak nationally at conferences on step-family development and other relational topics.  Gordon and Carri will be our guests on Chained No More Talk Radio on August 29.  Their topic will be "Help!  I Am a Step-Grandparent!  Now What?!"

Gordon has a Master's Degree in Education and Marriage/Family Therapy, and Carri is a Certified Communication Skills Trainer.  They combine their education and experiences with their faith and great wisdom to help step-families through the maze of confusion of setting up new family dynamics.

Gordon and Carri began their own step-family journey in 1986.  Gordon's first marriage lasted 18 years and Carri's 13 1/2 years.  Gordon brought three sons to their marriage and Carri borught two daughters.  They have ten grandchildren and were legal guardians for Carri's oldest granddaughter since her birth.


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