LeeAnn Jefferies - ENCORE: The Bipolar Experience 10-31-17

Author LeeAnn Jefferies is a woman who was adopted at 9 months, raised in Alabama, married off at 17, became a mother at 19, and diagnosed with the severest form of bipolar at 23 years old.

During this encore show, LeeAnn will share her difficult journey of "The Bipolar Experience" and encourage listeners that there is indeed hope for those who suffer with this mental disorder.

LeeAnn will share about her experience about being in a psychiatric ward, enduring shock treatments, as well as how her wonderful husband supported her and loved her through the challenging times.  She will shae how she kept the secret of her disease while becoming becoming a successful model with the famous For Modeling Agency and traveling the world.  She now wants to remove the stima of mental illness, open dialogue, and provide hope for the millions diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.  She wants to prove, once and for all that dreams are bigger than the disease.

LeeAnn is married to Kenneth, they live in North Carolina, and they have two grown children.


To find out more about LeeAnn Jefferies and her book, "The Bipolar Experience":


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