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With the success of... "Coach Talk Radio" (you can find it under our SHOW tab at the top), one of our other shows where top coaches have been interviewed across the county; we wanted to launch a new interview program... "Coach Spotlight Radio."

As Stephen Covey said...
"Once you find your voice,
inspire others to find theirs."

That is the motivation behind Scott Frazier, the Marketing Director for Toginet Radio. He is going to introduce you to the brightest and most amazing professional coaches from many different fields and you will get to know their secrets of success. We are going to bring you the top business tips and techniques so that you will learn how to build your VOICE, your internet presence and create a flow of valuable information that will maximize your reach.

The Internet is an amazing place where you can find anything, learn about anything, reach anyone and communicate with the world. It is one thing to create a presence through the Internet, it is another thing to be able to talk with people and explain your thoughts, ideas and position with our own VOICE. 

We have developed a niche' we call... "Educational Marketing". This is the art of communicating with your prospects and customers, without selling. This is the essence of content marketing, it is the belief that if you deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to your audiences, they ultimately reward you with their business and loyalty. It is non-interruptive content marketing. 

With the growth of Internet radio (the word used with anyone over 35) or podcasting (the word used with anyone under 35) there is a wide open world that allows anyone, anywhere to have a VOICE and communicate to more people.

So if you want to hear from the top coaches... tune-in, download, plug-in and listen to the voices that are changing the world. 
Our position line here at Toginet Radio is...
"Changing the world, one VOICE at a time!"
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