Shelley Hendrix Reminds Us Autism Votes

We're less than two months away from an election that will decide who our leaders will be for the next 4 years.  A lot has been said about a great many topics, but not much has been said about Autism.  How can that be?  Autism parents are a force to be reckoned with, we are a special interest group and WE VOTE.  It's time for our politicians to take note!  Wondering how we can make that happen?  Shelley Hendrix from Autism Votes will join us this week on Everyday Autism Miracles to give us ideas about how to be heard!

Shelley is an awesome warrior mom who has been instrumental in ensuring that insurance reform has reached 31 of the 50 states.  Shelley is also frequent blog contributor to the Huffington Post.

To join the conversation or to ask Shelley a question call 877.864.4869 during the live show

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