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 Feet to the Fire!
With your host, James Arthur Jancik, the, Black Knight of Talk Radio TM

The Sciences, The Spritual & Things Unexplained
The Road to Truth via the Path of Non-Contradiction

Alternative Talk for the Times,
Seeking the Answers of the Ages

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In it's 15th YEAR, Feet to the Fire is a live, Alternative Talk Radio Show with the goal of examining a subject matter on its own merits, testing how it stands up to the many possibilities found in reality. All without pre-drawn conclusions found in personal bias. No left or right wings here. No pounding the pulpit of ego-driven, 'my way or the highway' attitudes. But, there are no free passes given either. Answers to questions are important. But equally important are the reasons and methods one uses to find the answers. The Lack of Contradiction is the final judge here, on Feet to the Fire.

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