January 23, 2012 Memories ~ Guest: Cathi Nelson

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One of the wonderful things about a great celebration is going over it again and again. And that means we photograph them. But, unfortunately, many of us stop there and become overwhelmed with the mountain of pictures. And the age of digital cameras and video recorders merely compounds the problem. Sorting them and putting them into some kind of usable format can feel daunting. Never fear! Cathi Nelson, professional photo organizer is here to help. Cathi will be sharing some of her hints and tricks for crawling out from under the pile and creating some terrific albums. And if you still don't see a path out or you just want some help she'll be telling us about a new profession that can save us from our digital nightmare.


Cathi Nelson is the founder and president of Appo, the Association of Personal Photo OrganizersTM as well as her own business, PhotoSimplified. Cathi has been helping people organize their photos for over 17 years. Now, through APPO, she is teaching others to do the same. Appo provides support and education for entrepreneurs looking to build a photo organizing business and educates the public about the advantages of using photo organizing services. They are a growing and thriving network of professionals dedicated to telling their clients' stories. Through images, words, and creatively designed photo books, scrapbooks, and more, Photo Organizers are bringing cherished memories back into clients' lives. 

Cathi saw how great the demand was for these services and she created a simple way for people to find the help they need. When asked what she enjoys about the organnization Cathi says, "What I like best about Appo is the chance to empower women and men to help others tell their family stories through their photos". Cathi is also a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). She was a speaker at the 2011 NAPO annual conference and the IPI Annual Conference, and frequently speaks on photo organizing at libraries, through continuting adult education classes, and photo organizing retreats.

For more information visit appo.org

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