June 30, 2014 Rich Marriages ~ Guest: Stacy Willoughby

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This week we're expanding on our ideas for keeping your home company-ready. Summer is fun and spontaneous but no one wants to invite guests into an unkempt home. We'll share tips for easily keeping your home ship shape this summer so you're comfortable inviting guests over any time. We'll also look at the sun. Did you know you can protect your skin from skin cancer with the foods you eat? We'll talk about this and a couple other tips. time.

Then we'll be talking about marriage and money. Money is an important part of your life and must be managed but it can also be a source of tension and disagreement with your spouse. Stacy Willoughby, author of What's Yours is Mine: When a Realist Marries an Idealist, is joining us for a conversation about keeping your marriage strong and happy even as you handle your money. You don't want your marriage to feel like it's all about money so tune in to learn strategies for having the tough conversations and creating a life of financial harmony.

Then we'll wrap things up in Christmas Corner with tips for taking better photos. Whether you want great photos to help you remember all the warm and fuzzy moments from Christmas' past or you want to take great pics to use for presents, we have tips that will help you out.

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Stacy Willoughby is a financial expert, author of "What's Yours Is Mine-When a Realist Marries an Idealist", speaker, and money mentor for newly married and remarried couples. She is a recovering financial advisor after 12 years in the industry. Stacy believes that communication, love, and respect are crucial as couples delve into their individual financial situations and work together to develop a plan and a shared vision. In today's rapidly changing economic times, Stacy offers encouraging advice, tips and help to couples as they manage their finances.

Having lived all over the United States and in Japan and Italy, Stacy now calls the Pacific Northwest home and lives near Seattle, Washington with her husband, Rick. She spends her free time building a "dream cabin" with her husband in eastern Washington. She is proud to be launching her new company, Rich Marriages-Connecting Love and Money.

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