July 21, 2014 Teens and Money ~ Guest: Patti Handy interviewed by Sandy Fowler

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When it comes to parenting there are tons of books and lots of advice. I can't tell you for certain what the answers are but I can tell you there is one universal truth in parenting: Kids watch you! Whether they are listening or not, whether they're toddlers, tweens, teens or adults, they're watching you. We'll talk about that along with ideas for dealing with busy family and busy mom schedules and we'll even share 12 ideas for a girls' night out - which you can enjoy after we deal with the busy schedules.

Then Sandy Fowler will interview Patti Handy, The Teens Cash Coach. We'll talk about saving, spending and allowance. We'll get expert advice on raising money smart kids, dealing with the biggest issues teens face with finances and even how you might be unintentionally enabling your teen's financial laziness or ignorance.

We'll wrap things up in Christmas Corner with a tip for a great movie for a holiday themed girls' night out. Then we'll look at some ideas for holiday traditions. First we'll sharie ideas that involve your neighborhood and community. And then, of course, there's food. We'll look at how you can use food to freshen your holiday traditions or create new ones.

Join us at noon ET (11am CT, 10am MT, 9am PT) on www.radio.heartfilledholidays.com


Patti Handy is a leading mortgage professional and expert in the California market. Patti's expertise in mortgage finance comes from over 25 years working with bank and mortgage banking firms large and small. In addition, Patti holds a Series 6 and Series 63 securities license and is a Certified Life Coach.

Beyond Patti's incredible expertise in helping clients find the best possible mortgage financing for their particular needs, Patti offers something else that goes far beyond what any other mortgage professional can provide...financial education to youths.

In Patti's financial journey she came to realize that financial education needs to be taught at an early age. Unfortunately, our local and national education systems do not provide any education regarding financial responsibility. It is for this reason that Patti created and founded Teens Cash CoachTM.

Patti's commitment to educating children at a young age about financial responsibility was and remains so strong that she authored a top selling bookHow to Ditch Your Allowance and be Richer than Your Parents. Her book was originally written for her own teenage son, but as word got out about the book, she found herself inundated with requests for copies of the book from parents within the United States, and to her surprise, from all around the world.

As a speaker, author and founder of Teens Cash CoachTM, Patti is determined to teach at least one million teens how to master money. From school assemblies to boot camps for teens, she engages, entertains and empowers teens to create the life they deserve. Patti's quick wit and sense of humor make all her presentations interesting and fun experiences for teens.

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