A Dad’s Perspective – Al Ferguson, creator of The Dad Network, interviewed by Sandy Fowler on Heart Filled Holidays Radio, March 2

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This week we're talking about siblings. Every family experiences the joy and frustration involved with living with children who don't always get along. I'll share our experience as well as a few tips from the experts on how to help your kids forge strong sibling bonds.

Then we'll be moving on to an interview that I'm really excited about. Today's guest is Al Ferguson, creator of The Dad Network, and he'll be giving us a peek inside the world of dads. Parenthood is a wonderful, amazing, crazy and stressful time. It's a time when adults are reduced to laughter and tears on a regular basis. But moms and dads see things differently, do things differently and don't always communicate well. Today we'll find out what dads are really thinking and what they wish moms knew.

And in Christmas Corner we're continuing our Debt-Free Holiday series. Today we're looking at two ways to have more money in your home. Along the way you'll be thinking about what you really want for your family and making sure you're putting your money where your heart is.

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Al Ferguson is 26 and lives in Kent in the UK. He is married to the gorgeous (and hot mum) Jen and now has a brand new baby boy called Ted. Al runs a blog called The Dad Network, showing a dad's perspective on parenting & mens lifestyle. 

The Dad Network blog aims to promote and encourage the role of dads within family life; right from the moment you see the blue line on the pregnancy test, through the life changing experience of labour and right into full blown parenthood. The Dad Network aims to share information, provide light humour and tell stories, all to promote and encourage dads to be great dads. This blog was born telling the story of a dads miscarriage, told the story of a dads pregnancy and is telling the story of a dad being a dad. Recently SportsDadHQ & GadgetDadHQ have been launched helping dads to still enjoy their interests whether it be sports, keeping fit or playing with gadgets. 

Al has also written an eBook called, New Dad Book of Secrets: Things you didn't realise you needed to know. The eBook is unique in its approach. It's filled with tiny, short chapters designed to be picked up at any moment for a quick blast of comfort, encouragement, humour and a little touch of wisdom thrown in for good measure. It's cleverly written bitesize chunks of real-life scenarios are poignantly aimed at the new or expectant dad. It pinpoints key principles of dad-hood and refine them down to unforgettable sound bites of wisdom that can be called upon instantly to inform a critical decision. And, as we all know, being a dad is full of critical decisions!

Double BAFTA award winning director and dad, Declan Lowney describes the book like this, "...hands-on, Dad oriented advice - that's what you'll really need, and the New Dad Book Of Secrets manages to give you all of that and more in bite size chunks...an easy to use book of tips and reminders to help you get through one of the most exciting and terrifying times of your life, Fatherhood. With this book by your side, you'll be better equipped to meet the challenges and triumphs of being a Dad."

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