Kids and Stress Relief – Dr. Charlotte Reznick, author of The Power of Your Imagination, interviewed by Sandy Fowler on Heart Filled Holidays Radio, June 1

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We're kicking off today with a look at gardening. This is one of those activities that seems to belong to certain groups of people, gardeners, but it can actually bring huge benefits to all of us. So today we'll take a look at how gardening can be used to bring you closer to your kids. Along with gardening, we'll be talking about diets but not for you, for your house.

Then we're chatting with Dr. Charlotte Reznick about kids and stress. Stress in children and teens is on the rise. As parents, there are things we can do to not just lessen our children's stress, but teach them skills that will let them handle their stress. It's a bit like the adage about giving a man a fish and teaching him to fish. In this case, as a parent, you may be able to make your child's stress go away, but if you give them Dr. Reznick's tools they'll be able to handle stress throughout their life.

And we'll wrap up in Christmas Corner where we're continuing our new series about Christmas wreaths with two ways to make a ribbon wreath.

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Charlotte Reznick, PHD, is an internationally recognized child psychologist, a former associate clinical professor of psychology at UCLA, and a compelling speaker and media personality who has inspired parents, professionals, educators, and psychologists throughout the world with her original therapeutic approach to helping children and adolescents heal themselves. She is author of The Power of Your Child's Imagination: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success

As a licensed educational psychologist, she has maintained a successful private practice in Los Angeles serving children and adolescents for over 20 years. She is best known for the positive coping skills program she developed, called Imagery for KidsTM.

 Dr. Reznick is a dynamic speaker who has shared her techniques with audiences throughout the world, including parents, psychologists and health practitioners, teacher groups, and other professionals. She is passionate about teaching adults how to use imagery to help kids tap into their own tremendous inner resources and develop emotional skills necessary for a happy, successful life. Dr. Reznick has been a guest on NPR, NBC News, and Lifetime, and has been quoted and featured in a wide variety of print and online publications, including USA Today, The Charlotte Observer, Nick Jr.,,, iVillage, and, to name a few.

She maintains a lively website ( with articles she has written and resources for parents and professionals who work with children and teens. Aditionally, she blogs for Psychology Today and the Huffington Post.


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More tools from Dr. Reznick

Video tutorial on making ribbon wreaths


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