Tips for Busy Parents – Dr Vijaya Nair and Blythe Lipman Interviewed by Sandy Fowler on Heart Filled Holidays Radio, Nov 30

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Today we're talking turkey, and I mean that literally. One holiday meal is behind us and one is on the horizon plus making a turkey dinner is a great way to feed a family for a few days with the original meal and the left overs. So we're taking a look at some different ideas for enjoying those left overs.

Then we're chatting with Dr. Vijaya Nair about the surprising mistake that busy parents make. Dr. Nair is on a mission to destress moms and create happier families with some simple, stress-relieving changes in our lives and today she'll reveal a simple change that does just that. Then Blythe Lipman is joining us to talk toddlers. Blythe will be sharing tips for dealing with your toddler as well as how to handle the holidays with them.

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Dr. Vijaya Nair is a mother of three, physician, medical researcher, author and founder of SoulAccessMeditation Programs.  A native of Singapore, she earned her medical degree from the National University of Singapore. Dr. Vijaya completed her post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School in Boston. She also received a master's degree in epidemiology from Columbia University. Dr. Vijaya has lectured and conducted research in Integrative Medicine and lectures both in the US and Internationally. In addition, she also has extensive experience conducting Meditation for stress reduction workshops and seminars. She has taught visualization and guided imagery meditation at Harvard, Columbia Universities, and the NY Open Center as well as at Integrative centers in the US and abroad.  Dr. Vijaya has authored research publications and articles in her quest to educate the public about the health benefits of nature's most powerful anti-inflammatory remedies. She is the author of the critically acclaimed book: Prevent Cancer, Strokes, Heart Attacks and Other Deadly Killers. 

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Blythe Lipman, an author, publisher, teacher, caregiver, consultant, keynote, blogger and baby and toddler expert. Blythe is the owner and CEO of Baby Instructions in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is the award-winning author of Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions, More...Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions,  and Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions which are pediatrician-approved, mom and dad  tested!  She is currently co-authoring Help! My Aging Parents Came Without Instructions.

Blythe has 25+ years of experience in the field. She's designed and run preschool and infant rooms and cared for over 1000 babies. She has helped new and expectant parents gain the confidence they need to enjoy and care for their little miracles.

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Emeril's recipe for leftover-turkey soup

Casserole for your turkey dinner leftovers

Successful Living with Soul Clarity Systems by Dr Vijaya Nair


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