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God-fearing, concerned American patriots view the future with serious reservations. Politically, powerful groups appear to have captured the machinery of our governments to use for their own benefit and enrichment. Similarly, the American economy is without question being manipulated in a fashion so as to insure that tremendous wealth flows into the hands of an elite few. And a clear consequence of these forces, that use evil to achieve their goals, is the moral decline of our society.

Too many Americans, caught in the rush of daily living, sense these political, economic and social events and understand their possible consequences, but have little idea of what to do about them. To a great degree, law can be envisioned as a "glue" that holds society together for the benefit of all its members. However, law can also be used to accomplish positive, favorable change to benefit the largest segment of American society, all of its people.

This program, Law for Patriots, will educate its listeners about fundamental legal principals that are needed to revolutionize America for the better. Program guests, as well as the host, will discuss American legal history regarding our monetary, taxation, educational and health systems, among others, all for the purpose of providing listeners with solid information. After all, to change America for the better will require informed citizens possessing truthful and accurate information.

The host, Lowell H. "Larry" Becraft, Jr., is southern born and southern bred, having lived all his life in northern Alabama. After high school, he attended and graduated with honors from a Southern Baptist university, Samford University in Birmingham. At age 24, he graduated from Cumberland School of Law, also at Samford. After being admitted to practice law in Alabama, he established an office in Huntsville, where he has practiced ever since.

Larry has been involved in a number of noteworthy cases. In 1990, a federal indictment was returned by a Memphis grand jury charging 27 unfortunate defendants with almost 70 crimes, including a conspiracy to defraud the IRS. Larry represented the lead defendant in that case, Franklin Sanders, and carried a heavy load for too many defendants during that trial. After a 6 month trial, the 17 defendants who stood trial were acquitted of 52 counts, which were all of the counts that were tried against those defendants.

Larry became associated with the Freedom Movement after meeting and becoming fast friends with Tupper Saussy, a leader of the monetary reform movement in the early '80s. In 1984, he met and started working with Bill Benson, the man who researched the ratifications of the 16th and 17th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Larry has since then met and worked with many noteworthy leaders in the freedom movement, and has represented a number of solid Americans like Fred Allnutt, Vernie Kuglin and Tommy Cryer, people who found themselves in the cross-hairs of federal prosecutors, yet walked away with their freedom intact.


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