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Come on a Mission Unstoppable with host Frankie Picasso as she introduces you to the most incredible individuals from around the world who have had to overcome some of life's greatest hurdles, battle great tragedy, loss, danger, conflicts, disasters, and even themselves, only to come out the other side, victorious. Improved, changed, stronger, and dare I say, maybe even better. 

Mission Unstoppable is a mindset! Obstacles, problems, impediments, blockages, barriers and complications happen to all of us at one time or another.

Sometimes we even believe they define us but they don't have to stop us!

My name is the Unstoppable Frankie Picasso, author, radio host, Master Coach Trainer and Advocate for a Socially Conscious Planet. I specialize in the Impossible and I champion folks everywhere to bring their dreams and goals to life.

Its time to Amp Your Good!



Do you remember food drives in the past where you put heavy cans of unwanted goods into paper bags, schlepped them to where they had to go , knowing you would have given more but you just couldn't carry more?  Well that is now a thing of the past thanks to Amp Your Good's CEO and Founder Patrick O'Neill. Patrick is a former West Point Graduate and Army Officer whose entrepreneurial spirit has long been touched with the need to help others as well as find ways to make profit. Today, we call this Social Impact.

Amp Your Good has developed a crowd-feeding platform that radically changes and improves how food drives work by replacing the traditional physical collection model with an online donation model.  Similar to crowdfunding, people and organizations set up food drives hosted on our platform at no cost.  However, instead of donating money, supporters choose the food items they would like to donate and pay for them via a standard e-commerce purchase.  When a drive ends, the good folks at Amp Your Good delivers all of the food directly to the food pantry, soup kitchen or shelter supported by the drive.  Nothing ever sits in a collection box

Amp your Good's goal is to change the way people think about food drives.  They want to turn the billions of cans donated to food drives each into billions of apples, bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes and other healthy food items.  People struggling with hunger also struggle with high rates of diet related health issues.  Crowd-feeding ensures that food drive donations are the kind of food that people facing hunger really need. Fresh, healthy, nutritious, food because children and adults alike benefit and thrive from good health, and that pays off in so many ways.



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When Business Heals the World and Makes a Profit

For over a decade, Shel Horowitz, a/k/a “The Transformpreneursm,” has shown business how to go green affordably and effectively—and how to market that green commitment to win new customers, turn those customers into fans, and turn those fans into ambassadors for you. He also shows consumers how to green their own lives while actually improving quality of life.

51fm4gckCQL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Shel is an international speaker and TEDx Talker whose popular talks include “Impossible is Not a Fact—It’s a Dare” and “Making Green Sexy.” He’s the author of ten books, including the long-running category bestseller Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green and the just-published Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World.Shel_Horowitz_outside_in-Jacket
Today, after saving a mountain once thought an ‘impossible, task, Shel was inspired to ask you to think about Impossible tasks too, like Imagining your business making a big impact solving problems like hunger, poverty, war, violence, and catastrophic climate change while making a healthy profit. Imagine turning your former attackers into your allies in crafting change. Guess what: you don’t have to just imagine; you can make a difference…on your own terms.
Transforming the World—AND Your Business!


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A Mosaic Heart


A Mosaic Heart- Terry Jones Brady

Terry Jones Brady is one of the bravest, most courageous persons I have ever encountered. Living out a parents worst Nightmare, Terry buried each of her daughters, Heather first, then Holly, when both succumbed to the  fatal genetic disorder, Cystic Fibrosis, they were born with. Her story is told in her biography A Mosaic Heart/

Cystic Fibrosis is a disease which affects a patients digestive system and lungs. For years, Terry and her husband Tim,  were a support system for one another. Tim was very active in the community, running a live theatre and promoting local events.

When the girls were going through treatment, both Tim and Terry took turns holding one another up, but eventually, Tim succumbed to depression and one morning, took his own life, leaving Terry to carry on alone.

Listen, learn from this Unstoppable woman about Life, purpose and how to be carry on.

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George Mathew- Humanitarian & Music 4 Life

On February 17th 2016, Mr. George Mathew  was honoured with  'The Robert and JoAnn Bendetson Award for Public Diplomacy'  fromTufts University Institute for Global Leadership.

Carnegie Hall Series of Humanitarian Concerts

George Matthews conducts The Scheherazade Initiative Orchestra for The UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women at Carnegie Hall, 10/19/15. Photo by Chris Lee
George Matthews conducts The Scheherazade Initiative Orchestra for The UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women at Carnegie Hall, 10/19/15. Photo by Chris Lee

The Institute for Global Leadership established the Robert and JoAnn Bendetson Award for Public Diplomacy in the aftermath of the Institute's "Iraq: Moving Forward" - a three-year effort to create the potential for a non-sectarian Iraq after Saddam Hussein's fall. The award was created to "recognize public officials, intellectuals, and activists who have distinguished themselves in their efforts to bring about reconciliation and to redress inequities and iniquities in the world."

The award citation reads "The Robert and JoAnn Bendetson Public Diplomacy Award is presented to Music for Life International and George Mathew, Artistic Director, in recognition of your distinctive and inspiring concern for human rights and your musical contributions in helping to protect and uplift the world's vulnerable populations."

IGL Founder and Director Sherman Teichman added, "Music For Life International, under the inspired direction of George Mathew, has not only lifted our spirits, but has galvanized action to empower distressed communities. George melds great artistic sensibility with indomitable passion and tenacity to help people in need"!

George Mathew founded Music for Life International in October, 2008  in NYC, as a registered 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to creating social transformation through music.
Now in it's 8th year, MFLI has brought together some of the worlds most distinguished musicians from major international orchestras and other ensembles including the New York Philharmonic, Berlin Philharmonic, MET Orchestra, The Philadelphia Orchestra, Boston Symphony, Minnesota Orchestra, St. Louis Symphony, Buffalo Philharmonic as well as artists from the Emerson, Mendelssohn and Guarneri String Quartets and Metropolitan Opera and more.

To date, he has performed 6 Global Humanitarian Concerts:


Ludwig van Beethoven

Ninth Symphony
For the Survivors of the October 2005 Pakistan Earthquake

January 23, 2006

Carnegie Hall

2.darfurdroppedImage_1Giuseppe VerdiRequiem

For the Victims of the Darfur Conflict

January 22, 2007



aidsdroppedImage3.Gustav Mahler

Third Symphony

For Pediatric AIDS and the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV Worldwide

January 12, 2009

indusvalleyMUS_02A02_carnegie156x166_FINAL4.Beethoven for the Indus Valley

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ninth Symphony

A Concert for Life and Renewal in Pakistan After the 2010 Flood
January 31, 2011

kidsofsyriaSFTCOS_logo5.Dmitri Shostakovich
Seventh Symphony in C Major, Opus 60 “Leningrad”
January 13, 2014

violencewomanlogoNikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Scheherazade

Maurice Ravel, Shéhérazade
End Violence Against Woman

October 19, 2015


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The Day the Angels Made her Son laugh and Fly

What if you heard your child laughing but not the source. 4 year old Jack told his mom that the ghosts with wings told him that he would be leaving with them soon and not to be afraid.

Jack had DIPG, a form of brain cancer for which there is no cure. Janet Demeter's son Jack was the love of her life, but his death had to mean something too. She didn't want to see any more kids die so she decided to create Jack's Angels, a foundation that is raising money and awareness for this childhood cancer.

Currently there is not enough money or kids dying from this disease for there to be research to end it or cure it. Janet hopes to make this thinking obsolete.

Meet this amazing lady and hear her talk candidly about her own health issues.

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