When Business Heals the World and Makes a Profit

For over a decade, Shel Horowitz, a/k/a “The Transformpreneursm,” has shown business how to go green affordably and effectively—and how to market that green commitment to win new customers, turn those customers into fans, and turn those fans into ambassadors for you. He also shows consumers how to green their own lives while actually improving quality of life.

51fm4gckCQL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Shel is an international speaker and TEDx Talker whose popular talks include “Impossible is Not a Fact—It’s a Dare” and “Making Green Sexy.” He’s the author of ten books, including the long-running category bestseller Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green and the just-published Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World.Shel_Horowitz_outside_in-Jacket
Today, after saving a mountain once thought an ‘impossible, task, Shel was inspired to ask you to think about Impossible tasks too, like Imagining your business making a big impact solving problems like hunger, poverty, war, violence, and catastrophic climate change while making a healthy profit. Imagine turning your former attackers into your allies in crafting change. Guess what: you don’t have to just imagine; you can make a difference…on your own terms.
Transforming the World—AND Your Business!


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