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Seldom do we grow in happiness and comfort but rather in the pain that presents in our lives.  Once we choose to love ourselves, we choose others based on our own belief about ourselves.  It can be a difficult transition from caring for everyone to begin to think about how to care for ourselves. 

 Angie asked her son, Zach, what he thought the difference between joy and happiness is.  Zach replied,  “Happiness is what you do, joy is who you are!”  Angie sees most people searching for happiness outside of themselves, and seem to be looking for happiness as if it is a destination.  Instead, Angie asks that you enjoy this moment. Most people are unable to live joyfully because they are afraid and live in fear.  Fear of labels.  Angie takes a call from a listener who wants to know how to attract a partner in her life.  Angie mentions that before she attracted her soul mate and love of her life, she had to be the soul mate she desired would present as she describes in her next book appropriately titled, “Love will present. Define your intent.” Angie asks her listeners to not think so much about the destination but rather enjoy the journey a long the way. Be happy with what you have this very moment instead of the constant craving, desiring, wishing, hoping, planning and scheming for something more.  Angie explains that her mindset was never on “finding” a boyfriend. She has been with a man her entire life and has been wrapped around a man.  Sometimes we want a partner in our life to affirm our existence. 

 Angie believes true faith comes from knowing that when we live our lives to the fullest, whoever will present will.  We constantly want more, more, and more.  Angie asks her listeners to be joyful for where they are right at this moment in time.  It is very uncomfortable, at first, to live alone, by oneself, especially if we have spent our whole lives taking care of others. We’ve been so busy and so chaotic doing what is expected of us in the roles that have been created for us.  We find we are never happy just sitting still. 

 This moment is all we have.  Be grateful for each breath.   Angie challenges her listeners, 'Do I know who I am?  Do I love myself for who I am or am I looking for someone to affirm that I am worthwhile?   Angie asks her beautiful listeners to have fun and play with the world; The more you are out there, the energy you are vibrating, the love and light you’re putting forth will attract love and light.  Find what you love to do and just do it.  

 For a long time, Angie felt she lived to please everyone because she needed them to affirm her existence. For the first time in her life, she is standing in her power and is comfortable as she affirms herself.  “I am good enough! And so are you!”

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