ETHEREAL ART with Jen Davies

Welcome Ethereal Artist, Jen Davies, a world-renowned gifted painter who paints from a place of intuitive knowing.   From the hustle and bustle of the corporate world where she spent the majority of her life living and breathing and finding herself “time poor” to finding her passion and purpose.

Through her art, Jen helps others to connect with loved ones who are here but no longer on this earth in physical form. She is able to create your personal “meeting place” bridging the two worlds.

Listen in as Jen and Angie share how they met in MX.  Jen is from the UK, Angie from the US and how together they co-created Ethereal Artist.

·       How you can begin to create your meeting place with a loved one who has passed

·       Jen offers a complimentary MP-3 download, a guided meditation to assist you in creating your meeting place

·       Discover a few trusted resources available to gain better understanding of the possibility of life after life

·       Find out the #1 reason why we find it so difficult to believe that death does not exist

·       Jen and Angie share their #1 belief which has been THE most freeing for them to living an authentic, happy life!

 As Thomas Kinkaid is the Painter of Light, Jen Davies is the Painter of the Soul

 Learn more about Jen Davies and Ethereal Artist at

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