Adele Wang, Certified Energy Healer

Adele is a certified Energy Medicine healer and intuitive guide.
She helps sensitive and smart professional women clear the anxiety and stress of perfectionism so they can be more successful and happier in their personal lives.With her ability to see peoples’ energetic auras, she blends many different approaches in energetic and spiritual work so that her clients can achieve the maximum results in the shortest timeframe.
Working with Adele, women are able to  find  more peace, productivity and physical relief from stress-related illnesses. She has studied with many of the best energy medicine healers in the world.  Adele works with clients on Skype and in her office in Atlanta, GA.
For more information and to receive a free gift audio on Energy Deep Dive, visit  A limited number of complimentary Discovery Conversations are available to listeners to this radio show.
Join us Tuesday, March 31 at 9 a.m. on Toginet Radio!

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