January 2, 2015 - "Cooking at home with Pedatha" in an Andhra Kitchen with Pratibha Jain & Jigyasa Giri

"Cooking at home with Pedatha" in an Andhra Kitchen with Pratibha Jain & Jigyasa Giri

“Those who meet her love her, and those who eat her food admire her cooking,” writes Mrs. Sarala Surya Rao about her sister Mrs. Subhadra Rao Parigi, a.k.a. Pedatha.

"Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the World 2006"

"A tribute to the culinary legacy of Mrs Subadhra Rau Parigi, the eldest daughter of India’s former President Dr V V Giri."

A food guide to Indian cooking with focus on Andhra region. More than 60 vegetarian recipes categorized as: Pachchadis–Chutneys | Podis–Powders | Annam–Rice | Koora–Vegetables | Pappu–Dals | Perugu–Yogurt | Theepi–Sweets"


PRITYA, the self-publishing house of Jigyasa & Pratibha, was started

in 2005. It was born out of the need to publish Cooking at home with Pedatha in a timely manner and without compromising on content, design or layout. Both of them took Pritya t

o greater heights with their second cookbook Sukham Ayu as a publishing house dedicated to documentation of traditional wisdom.


Pratibha Jain

"Whose food we eat, their song we sing"

Pratibha Jain is not a writer sitting on a lone desk all by herself. People fascinate her and this is why she has chosen the niche of her pen – chronicling recipes with grandmothers and spiritual wisdom with saints. The tag line on her website is: Whose food we eat, their song we sing. Her writings are tributes to the wisdom of the people she meets.

An author and translator in the English-Hindi pair, Pratibha specializes in two fields – food and spirituality. ‘Food for the Body and Mind’ is how she describes her varied interests, the common thread being a love for documentation.

Her two cookbooks, featuring culinary wisdom of India, have been co-authored along with her friend, Jigyasa Giri. Their first book ‘Cooking at Home with Pedatha’ won the Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the World, 2006. In December 2008, they published their second cookbook based on Ayurvedic insights titled ‘Sukham Ayu’ which won the second place for Best Health & Nutrition Cookbook in the World, 2009.

 Both of them also made presentations on the nuances of Indian cooking at many Indian and International forums such as the London book fair, Paris cookbook fair & Terra Madre, Italy.

Pratibha has just compiled “Arham Garbhasadhana” – a book on spiritual rituals of pregnancy in Hindi and also translated it into English, titled “Arham Pregnancy”. She is currently writing a book on meditation and translating another book on non-possessiveness.

She is also a columnist at Harmony, an Indian magazine for seniors, where she is currently writing a series titled ‘His Ladle Love’. She enjoys working with elders and has chronicled many family recipes to date.

Pratibha holds a Doctorate in Philosophy of Language from the University of Madras. Her doctoral thesis titled ‘Frame of Reference: Language, Thought & Reality’ dealt with the problems of language and communication and how it affects our world view or ontological reality. Her interest in translation finds its roots here. She has been a Recipient of the Junior Research Fellowship awarded by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New-Delhi. She has taught as a guest lecturer at the Dept. of Philosophy, University of Madras from 2001-2004.

She volunteers at TULIR, an organization that works for healing & prevention of child sexual abuse.

Her zeal for reading & research allows her to constantly expand her vision, her strength being the capacity to make conceptual connections. Passionate & pro-active, she is a Sagittarian who connects with people easily. She loves people, dogs, books & cyberspace, not necessarily in any order.

She lives in Chennai with her husband, Mahendar Chordia. She enjoys interacting meaningfully with her extended family; be it compering for family and social gatherings, organizing events, and churning out poetry on demand. She is popular for her cooking – both instant recipes for sudden guests or full-fledged meals for large numbers.

The apple of her eye is her beautiful daughter Manasvi, who makes a perfect couple with her best friend turned husband, Karan Arora.

Pratibha’s favourite quote is: Pilgrim, there is no path; you yourself are making it by walking!

Website: www.pratibhajain.org | Email id: pj@pratibhajain.org

Jigyasa Giri


Poet, Author, Kathak Dancer & Choreographer

author, self-publisher, kathak dancer, Jigyasa Giri A lover of the dance form, she teaches Kathak at her dance school in Chennai – Devaniya. She has received her formal training in Kathak  from Guru Shri Krishnakumar Dharwar and for a short period, from Guru Dr. Maya Rao as well. She has been recognized by the Guild of Women Achievers for bringing about a cross cultural synergy in the field of dance.
Jigyasa has also co-authored two cookbooks with her friend, Pratibha Jain, which document traditional wisdom of India.Their first book Cooking at Home with Pedatha won the Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the World, 2006. In December 2008, they published their second cookbook based on Ayurvedic insights titled Sukham Ayu which won the second place for Best Health & Nutrition Cookbook in the World, 2009.

Her passion for language is seen in her writing & editing work, her strength being a keen eye for integrity in content & design.

Jigyasa is deeply sensitive to social causes, education in particular.

Jigyasa is a trustee & resource facilitator of Satya Surabhi Trust which runs a school in Kodaikanal called My School Satya Surabhi. This school provides quality and value-based education and nutritious noon meals to its students who are primarily the children of the farm labourers and petty vendors of Attuvampatti.
She enjoys teaching the children dance movements and rhythm every time she visits the school. She also manages fund raising activities and helps with the administration work of the school.


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