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The Black Knight and Squire G Show!

with The Black Knight of Talk RadioTM James Arthur Jancik
and Squire G, Gary Hermann

Fun Music and Mayhem! Live, Impromptu, Stream-of-Consciousness Radio...
Chicago Style!

Featuring the Musical Parodies of Rex Ungericht
Special Prizes and Give-A-Ways with Prizemaster D
A Music and Movie Report with Bob War
And random appearances of local comedians, musicians
and other various persons of fun and interest.

LIVE every other Saturday Night 8-11pm Eastern
RetroRun Replays the weeks in between from our 13+-year Archives
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In the 80's, James Jancik (The Black Knight) and Gary Hermann (Squire "G") were in a Rock and Roll cover band named "Sushi & The Mungmen" where music, impromptu humor and fun satiric banter was the theme of the show.

Fast forward to 2003. After 15+ years of estrangement, Gary stumbles upon James via an Internet search. James was doing a music show on a radio station as "The BLKnight" and invited Gary on for a show. Things picked up where they left off years earlier and gave birth to The BLKnight & Squire "G" Show!

May 2016 was the beginning of Year 14 of the BKSG Show LIVE!  And.. one listen will let you know... they're still crazy, after all those years...

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