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Post from my friend, Dan Rodriguez, author of his book, A Call To Return

"The problem is not legal immigration or immigrants at all!  What you believe or whom you like or dislike politically is not the problem. The problem is people that are in the U. S. illegally demanding rights that do not legally belong to them. As always, the media is twisting the news and slanting it to make it a racial or a highly charged political issue. It helps their ratings! Immigrants that have become legal citizens of this nation are not the problem. The illegal aliens that live within our borders without going through the legal process are a huge problem!! Who are these people? Are they the friends of America or do some have an evil agenda? If they are friends, why not become legal citizens? Why don't they submit to the naturalization process as many have done?  Doesn't the word "illegal" bother anyone? Are we supposed to agree with "illegal"? Illegals are breaking the laws of U. S. immigration and customs. So now we are supposed to agree with those breaking the law? Sorry for all my misinformed friends, but I will not agree!"


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