WAKEUP We the People with George Stephenson...It's Time to wakeup our family, friends, and neighbors....Week of 1/18/16

Remembering Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Interviews & topics on this week's show...

... When The ATM Machine Doesn't Work Anymore - Currency Economy vs. Credit Economy:

Tom Selgas, Constitutional Advisor & Chief Information Officer, United States Bill of Rights Foundation.

  • Between $958 billion to $1.5 trillion changes hands in the U.S. every month
  • U.S. Consumer spending - $11.2 trillion annually
  • Federal Reserve reports - Only $1.3 trillion worth of actual dollars – physical money – in the entire world - 36.4 billion Federal Reserve notes
  • 50% - 75% of currency in overseas bank accounts or held by foreign governments
  • Only 250 billion physical U.S. dollars in this country
  • What would happen if physical currency suddenly disappeared????

... News from the World of Islam: Stephen Blanton, Author, The Heart of Islam

  • Release of U.S. citizens from Iranian prisons
  • Three Americans missing in Iraq
  • Israel warning about sanctions against Iran being lifted
  • ISIS stronger than ever
  • Al Jazeera America on the ropes

For more information, go to www.stephenblanton.com

... Hope for America - TeenPact Leadership Schools  www.teenpact.com

  • 18 year old, Larissa Duprey, Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Interviewed by Brady Clayton, former National Program Director for TeenPact

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