WAKEUP We the People with George Stephenson...It's Time to wakeup our family, friends, and neighbors....Week of 1/30/17

TOP STORY - CIA calls United States, Federal Presidential Republic: Interview with KrisAnne Hall, National Travelling Teacher, Radio Show Host, Author

  • President Trump & Executive Orders
  • Executive Branch's Agencies - Regulations & Laws
  • President Trump executing Federal Immigration Laws
  • Constitution limits the size & power of Government

... News from the World of Islam with Stephen Blanton, Author, The Heart of Islam

  • President Trump's temporary ban on immigration from terrorist countries
  • Islam and Constitution of the United States
  • Catholic Chruch & Islam spreading throughout Europe

Learn more online at www.StephenBlanton.com

... My Freedom Voice with George Stephenson

  • George Washington feelings about freedom & liberty
  • George Washington evolving feelings about War with England

Information from, The Real George Washington, published by National Center for Constitutional Studies, www.NCCS.net

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