WAKEUP We the People with George Stephenson...It's Time to wakeup our family, friends, and neighbors....Week of 2/27/17

TOP STORY - Protecting Privacy & Safety of Texas school children - 2017 Texas State Legislature - in session: Interview with Cole Hefner, Texas State House of Representatives, District 5

  • Fighting back against Obama Administration's federal "bathroom directives" - stop boys from using girls' bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms because of transgender's feelings
  • Stop abortion directives
  • Support 2nd Amendment Constitutional Carry

... News from the World of Islam with Stephen Blanton, Author, The Heart of Islam

  • ISIS slaughters Chritians in Egypt
  • President Trump's National Security Advisor lack of understanding of Islam
  • French government spends $42 million to "deradicalize jihadists" - program fails

Learn more online at www.StephenBlanton.com

... Tribute to Father of our Country - George Washington: My Freedom Voice with George Stephenson

  • Washington's fellow soldiers impressed by his Integrity & Leadership (23 years old)
  • God protects Washington in battle with French - many die all around him
  • Indian Chief's description of the Great Spirit's Protection of Washington

Information from, The Real George Washington, published by National Center for Constitutional Studies, www.NCCS.net

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