Mark Green of Get Resilience Summit



Mark Green, Retired Us Army Lt Col

Mark describes himself as a soldier for life. His life has been filled with adversity from early on, but he have learned to stay in the fight. A retired Lieutenant Colonel who started out as a private in the U.S. Army. Nowadays Mark devotes all of his time providing "Consulting services for transitioning from the military to civilian life, building every area of resilience in others.

"Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling. For more information go to

Mark created the largest online Resilience Summit to Help You Accomplish Your Dreams & Goals.  The dates are July 13- 18, 2019.  

During the broadcast, Mark shared a lot of information on the 60+ Speakers from all walks of life to assist ANYONE trying to make the transition from military life back to civilian life... AND/OR anyone trying to make a transition in their own personal life. 

A lot of great analogies were given as metaphors in relation to rock-climbing and reaching your own personal summit in life.  

Please download and share the recorded podcasts at or on...



1) Complimentary copy of Don Mcgrath's book "The Climb" that will assist you in getting clarity in your mind and on leadership.  Got to then Contact Us and ask for your copy TODAY!!!  

2) Mark offered ONE autographed and personalized copy with YOUR comments added of his book Warriors Code 001!!! Mark's book focuses on the vital steps necessary to shift from the battle mindset to one that will serve YOU at home and in the workplace for the rest of your life.

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Dr. Sony Jackson





Dr. Sony Jackson








Dr. Sony Jackson has a message for YOU!!!  STOP!!! Wasting Your

Maketing Dollars!!! 


Stop Wasting Your Marketing Dollars: 3 Shifts You Can Make To Increase

the Impact Of Every Penny You Spend!!!  Sound Good?  There is MORE!!!


Our show is sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling. For more information go to

Dr. Sony Jackson has a passion for being around people who are making the world a better place by operating fully in their genius.  During our show she shares three GREAT IDEAS on how to leverage the knowledge you already have in order make the biggest impact on the world around you.

Sony lives her passion by surrounding herself with people who are desirous in fulfilling their destiny.  When asked "HOW" she accomplishes that' her response is, "By creating systems around them, that fully supports their mission and goals and this frees them up, so that all they have to do is Do What They Want To Do and What Is Best For Them."

Sony has a very unique perspective on the marketing of a small business that she shared with us.

"It drives me nuts when big business takes advantage of small business owners & solopreneurs -- who know their content, but don't know how to promote it. Getting the word out about your message, product, or service doesn't have to be expensive or complicated."

Sony shared during the show her unusual background that uniquely qualifies her to do exactly what she is doing.  Is it her calling? Absolutely!!  Is it her destiny?  YES!!!  She shares this and more during the show. 

Sony emphasized her beliefs there are 3 Shifts that People Can Make to Increase the Impact of Every Penny Spent.  

Attitude, Agreement & Action:

Attitude is about coming from the mindset of the customer wants & need vs what we have to sell.

Agreement is about the congruence of words from Ad to Irresistible Offer to Website (landing page) to follow-up messages.

Action is about consistent follow-up in the way their customer wants & needs

If you would like to find out more about Sony, please click on the following: or you can find me on LinkedIn under DrSonyJackson

Friday Freebie:

2) Dr Sony Jackson offered her "Content Checklist for Converting Strangers into Clients". Just click on this link to receive YOURS!!!


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Koji Sumalde














Koji Sumalde "Story Telling With Video Marketing


Koji shares his journey along the path of filmmaking, cinematography, and how he was introduced to the unique path he is currently on with creating the digital assets needed to share others messages and stories. From a leap of faith to owning a video production company, Koji reveals what is necessary to begin planning out your video marketing strategy and efficiently expose your message.

Sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling. For more information go to

Along this journey, he was fortunate enough to cross paths with Founders of Speakers Pathway Coalition, Don McGrath and Jim Grant. This connection led Koji to become an Executive Training Director of Speakers Pathway Coalition, helping Speakers Pathway Coalition members on their path to the stage to become a #StageWarrior. 

How would you like to hear "Behind The Scenes" of a video creator, the how-to's and the don't-do's of video production, and what you can do today to start moving the needle on your business forward using video Marketing.   

Koji revealed a lot of valuable information into the world of video making. 

1) FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! Dandy Don offered to do an 'assessment' of the assets YOU have and the assests YOU need for videos in the terms of One Sheets or Speaker Kits, Testimoinals or what ever YOU need on Your Speaker Page.  Go to and Contact Us and just as Don Mcgrath for the FREE Speaker Assessment.  


2) FRIDAY FREEBIE!!!  Koji offered his "Intro Video Blueprint" this is a simple, easy to understand 'flowchart' to help guide YOU in the content YOU will need for Your Speaker Reel. To get yours, contact Koji at 



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Dr. Karen Perkins

Dr. Karen Perkins 

Dr. Karen R. Perkins D.B.A.

Dr. Perkins shared how everyone can 'Live First Class' because it is completely up to the individual. Success comes in many forms and it is NOT limited to just money. Dr.Perkins created her '6-Step Blueprint' to enable the average person a path to develop their own 'blueprint' for "Living THEIR First-Class Life".

During her visit to our show, Dr. Perkins shared great insight into HOW anyone can discover the Lifestyle that is RIGHT for them. She has dedicated her life in helping others to create their OWN 'First Class Lifestyle'.

Sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling. For more information go to

The hosts of 'Your Future Us Now' have known Dr. Perkins for a few years. They have seen her speak and deliver many powerful and inspiring messages.  Don Mcgrath stated, "Karen really comes from the heart in everything she does." Jim Grant added, "She never shares on stage how educated she is AND she is very well educated. But she tries to reach out to those in attendance and her focus is on HOW can I help someone today overcome their struggles or dissappointments in life." 

Her stage presence DEMANDS respect and admiration.  Don stated, "Karen touches everyone in attendance and you can tell, she really cares about YOU, she really does."  

The hosts made it very clear HOW honored and proud they were to have Dr. Karen Perkins on their show.  Both hosts revealed their excitement to have Karen share a multitude of wealthy information to inspire others to "Live THEIR OWN First-Class Lifestyle." 

1) FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! Don Mcgrath offered a FREE 30-minute consultation on WHAT YOUR TEDx Topic should be. So if YOU would like to take advantage of this to discover and CREATE YOUR TEDx Talk...go to go to CONTACT US and request "TEDx Consultation With Don" and Don will set up a time that is convenient for YOU!!!

2) FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! Dr. Karen Perkins offered Her "FREE Mind Hack"...a Self-Affirmation and Self-Hypnosis to help YOU...just Text...  YFIN to 855-864-0532 to receive YOUR COPY.

Be sure and visit Karen at

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Emerson Brantley, Re-Think Your Marketing Strategy

W. Emerson Brantley III, BA, MCL, CME

Emerson is a behind-the-scenes Master Marketing Strategist and Copywriter for Top Companies and Gurus. His national, international and local strategic marketing expertise has been relied upon by a wide diversity of companies that spans 21 countries. These range from Fortune 100 giant Fruehauf Corporation and major shipbuilding operations to small startups. From global leaders Emery Worldwide to top speakers, authors and thought leaders; from small businesses to America's oldest non-profit American Forests, where he spearheaded national joint ventures with Walmart, Walt Disney World, Veterans of Foreign Wars, National Baseball Hall of Fame, Wright Brothers National Memorial at Kitty Hawk and many others.

Sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling. For more information go to

It All Starts With One Question: Why?

Knowing your
"WHY" and even more importantly, the "Whys" your Ideal Clients need answered before they
you and you alone are WHO they want to do business with, is the key to having a powerful, successful 
Marketing Strategy. Most marketers SKIP THE FIRST MOST CRITICAL STEP completely, focusing on Who they want or What they think will sell...before knowing Why they will buy first. Why will they listen to you? Why are you any different?

Why should they TRUST YOU or even care? And all the other Whys you need to know, because...

Your Why determines your Who...Your Who determines Your What (your products, services and message)
These Are The Core To Creating Your Powerful Marketing Strategy.

Getting crystal clear on your Strategy makes EVERY other marketing decision easy! Your Strategy will give
you total clarity for all your Where, When and How tactical choices...eliminating any confusion about which
Tactics will work best for you to deliver the kind of results you want. This is the foundation of the breakthrough
marketing approach Emerson calls WhytologyTM.

One key takeaway: Your Strategy needs to be a cooperative effort between Your Marketing and Sales teams.
Too often these two work in separate information "silos," and each one thinks they're doing a great job and it
would be even better if the other got their game right!

In reality, without a Marketing+Sales Partnership (MSP) Marketing can NEVER deliver their best and Sales will continue to have to be "closers" instead of order takers.

With a Functional MSP, Marketing gets so good at eliminating the wrong prospects and attracting the right ones and your message is so on point that when prospects get to Sales their first question is, "So, what'sour next step?" 

Please download the podcast and share with others.  We are also 

Friday Freebie #1)  Dandy Don offered a one-on-one Personal Inventory of what you are Excellent at and what Tools do you already possess, that MAY be hidden from you today. But Don will walk YOU through that process so YOU can walk away with Dozens of Resources to enable YOU to help dozens of people who need what YOU have to offer. To get your FREE COPY contact us at and just ask for the "Personal Inventory" and we will set up a time with YOU!!!

Friday Freebie #2)  Emerson offered his program S.O.L.D, (S is Strategy plus the Marketing & Sales Partership; O is Objectons Equals opportunity, L is Leveraging Referals and the D is for Duplicating and Automating.)  To get your FREE COPY go to PLUS a blueprint that will show YOU how all of this works. Plus 15 questions that will help YOU!!!  





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Preston Martelly Build Your Brand & Marketing













 Preston Martelly 

Preston covered a lot of great information today. His topic covered "How To Build Your Brand", "Explode Your Business" and "Utilizing Digital Marketing".

Sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers,  Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling.  For more information go to

Preston shared his experience that led him down his individual pathway from leaving the corporate world after 13 years to become an entrepreneur and internet expert in helping others to identify who they are and where they want to go with their business.

This pathway led Preston to become an Executive Training Director with Speakers Pathway Coalition. As busy as Preston is, he has the time to spend and be with his family as his ‘Laptop Lifestyle' allowed him the freedom to travel around the world with his wife and 4 kids.

Preston and the team he created is there to serve YOU in creating your brand, your speciality, your business and provide expert marketing for you; in other words, doing ALL of the things, you will need help with.

Would you like to work with someone that can ‘target' your core audience and ‘retarget' them to drive potential customers to your website and lead them all the way to creating sales? If you answered YES, may I suggest you contact Preston for a FREE evaluation of your desires and YOUR needs. These qualities and his heart to serve others is WHY Preston was selected as an Executive Training Director.

Preston has the unique patience in working with YOU...he will ask you questions that will enable YOU to ‘think' about your desired individual Pathway to Success!!

Questions and Ideas like... "Define your core offering in simple terms and who it's intended for?" "Describe your dream customer." "How to decide on the digital marketing platforms to target them." "How to create content/lead magnet to get your targeted audience's attention." "How to build a sales funnel to take YOUR CLIENTS through each stage of the buying process through to conversion and making them a CUSTOMER!!!" And "How to Test and Optimize for Higher Conversions."

During the broadcast Preston gives clear and exciting information on HOW this will all work for YOU!!!

Friday Freebie: 1) Dandy Don read a book many years ago entitled "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Steven Covey that changed his life.  As a result, Dandy Don took ACTION and he created and is offering 38 image cards of his favorite quotes to inspire him.  If YOU would like to receive these 38 motivational image cards that Dandy Don actually used to change his life....all YOU have to do to receive them for go to contact Don and say, "I  want the High Performance Transformational Qoutes" and YOU will receive them FREE of Charge!!! So to receive YOUR Positive Quotes....just click on and go to

Friday Freebie: 2) Preston offered a FREE 30-minute Evaluation of YOUR NEEDS!!! Contact Preston for the FREE EVALUATION at scroll down and click on Preston's photo and contact him and say; "I want the FREE 30-minute Evaluation to discuss MY NEEDS!!!


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Mark Green of Get Resilience Summit

Retired Lt Col Mark Green shared his compassion to continue to serve fellow Veterans, Active Military and Spouses. Mark emphasized on those leaving the military and 'helping them' to Get Resilience at a Summit.

Sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling. For more information go to

Mark is spearheading to bring together over 60 Speakers from around the world to share their knowledge to people from all walks of life that need HELP in finding their true calling and passion in life.

Friday Freebie: #1) Dandy Don offered "How To Grow Your Business Through Speaking Course" for FREE!!! Go to On the home page you can click on the video, and on the right is the Box for your name and email address to receive this valuable course.

Friday Freebie #2) Mark offered two of his books. "Step Out, Step Up" is a book centered on 'Lessons from a lifetime of transitions and military service'. And "Warrior's CODE 001: 7 Vital Steps to Resiliency, Transitioning from military life to civilian life and other transitions in life can be daunting. Mark will personalize and sign each book for the FIRST TWO people that contact Dandy Don. To receive YOUR FREE BOOK email Dandy Don at


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Liz Losio and Angel Marie Monachelli

            Liz Losio

 Angel Marie Monachelli



Sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling. For more information go to

Liz Losio has owned a total of 12 businesses and currently owns 3 businesses. She is all about serving others and paying it forward to help others in every way she can from her heart.

One of the many things Liz shared was, "If you make MONEY your passion, it will never work and it never will".

Liz's passion has led her down her pathway to create Spiritually Bold Grounding Studio at 7755 E. Redfield Rd Suite 600 Scottsdale, Arizona

Their mission is...We are Spiritually Bold on Demand, a Grounding Community Uniting Together to Inspire Instructors, Practitioners and Individuals to be Empowered and to Raise Conscience. We are aiming to Influence our followers to Lead our Environment...Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.

In Liz's message she points out how entrepreneurs do not worry about the competition, in fact, it actually helps and inspires the entrepreneur to stand out from the competition.

Angel Marie Monachelli shared her experience and pathway she has taken in her life. How her energy has encouraged her to encourage and be a blessing to others. She shared how she demonstrated that in her life and HOW that is her life's calling.

Angel shared in an inspiring way how to clear your mind and focus your energy to motivate YOU to accomplish whatever it is that YOU want to accomplish in your life. Angel shared "Don't start your day FRAZZLED...or you will end your day FRAZZLED!!!" AND how YOU are not alone, find others who understand YOUR Needs and Seek Help. Follow YOUR Energy and Passion and Don't Give Up!!!

Both Liz and Angel are GREAT Living Examples of what it takes to travel down their individual pathway to become successful entrepreneurs. Ladies and Gentlemen, these two Ladies messages are Inspiring and Electrifying; please download this show and share the recorded podcast and on iTunes to others that may NEED to hear their Inspiring Story they shared with our audience today!!

FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! #1) "HOW To Grow YOUR Brand And Business Thru Speaking". On the home page of www.s[ click on the video and it will Tell YOU More!! Enter Your Name and Email and YOU will receive this FREE Course.

FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! #2) Liz Losio offered "FREE 30 minute Chakra Light Session...AND... One FREE Draw String Bag...AND...One FREE Reading with Liz Losio!!! Contact Liz at...

FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! #3) Angel offered her "Inspired And Balance" Ebook that shares 6 SECRETS in how to get MORE Inspiration in HOW to be Balanced Energy. The Energy YOU put out is the Energy YOU will Receive in Return. Go to for YOUR FREE COPY!!!


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Robert W Jones


Robert W. Jones
Owner & Founder of Network Together, LLC 

Sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers,  Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling.  For more information go to is the largest non-franchised, independently owned, personal development and business networking organization in the State of Arizona. Robert is an Internet Marketer, Speaker, Leader, Mentor and Trainer.

His organization provides a platform for Public Speaking, Business and Personal Development, Business Networking and Cause-Related marketing outlets for members who in addition want to serve the Youth and Not-For-Profit communities.

Robert's company Network Together, puts on over 1,000 meetings and events per year, including his signature event the which occurs 4 times per year that brings in 200 to 500 attendees.

Also in today's show, Robert shared how some people leave the corporate world to become an entrepreneur and in the end all they did was go from a cubicle at the corporate office to their home office ‘cubicle' which turns into ‘Solitary Confinement'.

Robert shared how we throw words around some will say they are an entrepreneur; but are they? Or do what they really have is a side gig? (Details on the show.)

Do you have urgency in your life? We must have passion and we must look at it like Jim Rohn. He said if someone is drowning in a river, we have a moral obligation to go out and save that person. If we have that sense of obligation and passion, we should look at every client as someone we need to help save.

Problem is we get to focused and obsessed about the quality and the value and relationships. But if people are going to look at YOU and say WHY should I do business with YOU...we have to have that great sense of urgency.

If you have this urgency to help others, you are willing to go the extra mile and maybe put in a few extra hours. This is what will set YOU apart and above the rest of the crowd. (More details in the show!!)

We all have 24 hours in a day, so WHY do we use the ‘EXCUSE' that we don't have enough time to live our dream and serve others? How can we solve this, or deal with this. Robert shared a lot of gold nuggets on this subject during the show. (Hint: Are you too busy to be productive? What is the Goliath in your life that is holding you back?)

Robert shared how we live our lives expecting results on the ‘Egg-Timer' schedule. People have to Earn...Learn and Learn How to Earn!! What is SBE??? We need to understand that people are SOCIAL, we are Social beings that need help to be profitable in their BUSINESS venture. In Business we need to Earn and Learn in order to help others. Training and coach has to be ENTERTAINING, because we live in a ‘gamified society'.

So SBE has to be Social, it has to be about Business and it MUST be Entertaining. These are ‘key performance indicators' (KPI's) and if you have these you will be more successful than if you lack one or two of these ‘KPI's'.

Personal Networking is YOUR ability to meet maybe just one person and help them change their life for the better. Dandy Don shared about a talk he heard at a recent TEDx Talk event where he was the coach to the speakers. This one speaker talked about reaching one person, many times we are so focused on getting ‘Likes' on a post we make....rather than did we reach out and help someone. Don't get caught up and distracted by numbers. Which is more important to YOU?

FORMULA FOR SUCCESS: Success in life is serving others, providing great value and THEN serve many others!!!

Robert shared a story how his father was a very smart man. He was a mathematician and engineer who went to Notre Dame and worked for Northern Natural Gas that later became Enron. Back in the early 1960's, his father played bridge and had four bridge partners. One of his bridge partners gave him an opportunity to sign up with this gentleman who was an upstart financial planner. It was an opportunity in that moment and time, that came more than once during his bridge playing. That gentleman that offered hissed this opportunity was Mr. Warren Buffet. So how did this opportunity work out for his dad? The rest of the Story is in today's show. So download the podcast or listen to the show on iTunes.



#1 FRIDAY FREEBIE!!!! Dandy Don is giving YOU the ‘Time Optimizer Architecture' course

go to you will see Don's photo pop up, just contact us and say "Dandy Don, I want the ‘Time Optimizer Architecture' course that you are giving away FREE today." And Dandy Don will be happy to send it to YOU!!


#2 FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! Robert to get YOUR FREE $50 dollar VIP Passes that is good for his May 2, 2019 event at the Avian Center from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM in Chandler, Arizona. Robert will be there long with Jim and Dandy Don, you can meet them and all of us along with the entire team.

In addition, you'll also see Noah St John, Daniel Miller, Jane Powers, Jill Lubin and many others to impact YOU and provide True Value that will Impact YOU!!

PLUS, Robert will provide LUNCH for everyone!!!

If YOU would like to take advantage of and get the details on Robert's Friday Freebie just email Robert at give Robert your Name, Phone Number, Email to contact you and you are Good to Go!!


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Dustin Mathews of

Dustin Mathews Chief Education Officer

Dustin Mathews was our special guest today and Dustin is the Co-Founder and Chief Education Officer of He shared many details about how ANYONE with the Right Mindset & Skills, Can Build Wealth in their lives. Dustin is also the Host of "Get WealthFit! podcasts.

Sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers,  Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling.  For more information go to

On his podcasts, Dustin gets ‘inside the minds' of Top Investors & Entrepreneurs like Robert Kiyosaki of ‘Rich Dad', Racing Legend Danica Patrick, Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, Marquis Jets' Founder Jesse Itzler, 7x Olympic Medalist Shannon Miller, Seal Team 6 Leader Rob O'Neill...(Seal Team 6 are known for taking out Osama bin Laden) and many others.

Today Dustin's message was centered on building WEALTH in your life, and it's not just about money, but living a Wealthy Lifestyle. Too many people after graduating from school get left with ‘eyeballs of debt'...and how short they are on the ‘skills' needed to build and grow active income, how to invest in passive income and building REAL Life - Term Wealth.

When it comes to personal finance, most schools never teach how to balance a checkbook, or how to invest or build a financial strategy. Sure, Wealth is having enough money to live on; however wealth means to live a lifestyle to spend more time with your family and to be able to give back and be a blessing to others.

Once you make the decision to change your life to create wealth; you've got to consistently ‘Train Your Brain', it won't happen overnight or in a week or two. You must plan and commit to a strategy dedicated to YOUR desired result. Open your mind to new ideas, look for ways and people that can help YOU along YOUR Pathway to Success. It's going to take some effort, so be patient...but never QUIT!!

Along your pathway, you got to slow down, take a deep breath and relax; but keep focused on YOUR desired results to live the Life YOU want to create. Don't let hysteria or hype distract you or let this negative things put your mind in a whirlwind. You will get lost, you will get confused and you will STOP trying to Live YOUR Dream!!

Write out your PLAN!!! Envision what it is that YOU want to do and not what others do or tell you to do. Set a DATE to accomplish your goal.

Bottom Line: Live Life On YOUR Terms!

FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! BHAG guide to help you determine 'What do you want your life to look like 10 years from today. Go to  ...  go to the Contact tab and ask Don to send YOU this valuable guide.

FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! Dustin is offering his ‘Wealth Building 101 Course' that shows YOU how to get out of debt, BOOST your active income and start investing in passive income. Tools and Resources are available to help YOU envision that Pathway to Wealth. Simple businesses that YOU can start TODAY!!! To receive YOURS email Dustin...


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Tamara Hunter, Cancer Survivor & Crusader



 Tamara Hunter

Cancer Survivor





Sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers,  Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling.  For more information go to 

Jim and Dandy Don opened the show recapping a little of last week's show and their special guest, Mr. Bill Heinrich.  Bill shared with the audience about HOW to recognize and overcome Fear and how to shift to a positive position anchored in your heart with a focus on Love and Serving Others.  Bill's keen insight revealed that you never make decisions, only make choices.  Because when you make a decision, you bring on stress because your entire focus is on the end result. When you make a choice, your focus is coming from your heart and your focus is on serving others as opposed to the end result. In the podcast Bill and Dandy Don offer Friday Freebies to all listeners. The show is entitled "Conquering Fear & Finding Your True Life's Purpose & Energy" on ‘Your Future Is Now' podcasts which aired Friday, April 5, 2019. The shows sponsored by

This week's special guest is Tamara Hunter

Tamara Hunter is a cancer survivor.  She'll never forgot those three words spoken to her from her doctor; "YOU Have Cancer!!" This disease changed her life as she and another lady suffering from cancer formed a ‘buddy team' full of Love & Support. Together this team of two ladies planted a seed of Hope and Support for others who heard those same three words, "YOU Have Cancer." 

This created a life-long passion for Tamara to become a crusader to ensure she did everything she could so NO ONE would ever have to face cancer alone.  Everything she experienced she poured into what became a Labor of Love for her. She focused on the Victims of Cancer as she knew all to well what they were experiencing and going through.  Tamara created a non-profit organization 

Tamara has built a huge following and she would like for everyone to know; if they or someone they might know has cancer, they do NOT have to suffer that disease all alone.  All they have to do is contact and get connected to a ‘buddy' that will provide help, assistance and a listening ear during the low points of their journey.  

In today's show, Tamara announced that Chemo Buddies 4 Life is not limited to just cancer victims...but to ANY VICTIM suffering from a life-threatening disease

She mentioned a lady that was welcomed with open arms that is dire need of a kidney replacement.  Tamara knows that this lady also needs a buddy too!

Tamara's pathway led her to wear many hats. She created a daily Facebook Live show "The Service Hero Show".  In these episodes Tamara interviews people from all walks of life whom have demonstrated that their heart is focused on serving others.  

As busy as she is, Tamara eagerly accepted the invite to become an Executive Training Director with Speakers Pathway Coalition,  In this capacity, Tamara shares her message to others with Love and Encouragement to encourage others to get their message out and maybe even create a cause and mission to meet others needs. 

All of Tamara's commitment to serve others got other people to sit up and take notice.  She was invited and very honored to accept to compete in "The Next Impactor Challenge".  Tamara was thrilled when she broke into the Top 50 contestants.  But little did anyone know that her Love, her Energy and her Compassion would carry her even further.  She not only broke into the Top 10...Tamara is in the Top 5 currently sitting at #4, leaving many other challengers far behind.  

The written words here can never come close to the powerful message Tamara shared to day on the radio program. Especially, to those that have heard those three horrible words, ‘YOU Have Cancer'.  So please download this podcast and send to anyone that you may know that has cancer or any other life-threatening disease.  

Friday FREEBIES:  

1) Dandy Don...Action Guide to help YOU understand TED to help YOU get on TEDx stages, give a great TEDx Talk and change peoples lives.  Got to click on the Menu button for TEDx the "Five Simple Steps To Your Kick Butt TEDx Talks".  Click here NOW!!!

2) Tamara Hunter...'Celebration Journal; Full of Love, Health and Amazing                Success"  offered in PDF.  To receive YOUR FREE Copy go to..... 

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Conquering Fear & Finding Your True Life's Purpose & Energy

Mr. Bill Heinrich was our guest on today's show.

On today's show Jim and Dandy Don briefly share information on Speakers Pathway Coalition's first event, 'Pathway For Vets' and the recent TEDx Talk that sponsored and Dandy Don spearheaded the event coaching eight speakers at the TEDx Talk event in Cocoa Beach, Florida. It was a huge success for all of the speakers. 

Sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers,  Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling.  For more information go to  

Next they introduced Mr. Bill Heinrich.  Bill is a high-level business coach with many years of experience in coaching clients all over the world. Bill shared some incredible information on how fear is our imagination, our ego that controls us by using old stories and beliefs that were given to us form others. Bill gives great insight as to how you should utilize your inner energy and not your head.  Our heads are filled with our past and problems that is fueled by our egos. We all should follow our heart, because we are focused on our natural gifted energy that is uniquely ours. Bill gave an example of how a lady raised in fear was able to change her life.  She went from being raised in fear, in lack and believing there isn't enough to go around and that isn't true.  In fact we are taught competition, survival, there can only be one winner...that just isn't true!!!  The universe is abundant, the only important thing is love and how you serve others and if you focus on that, that is when your whole life changes. All you need to be is 'just be real, just be authentic'.

Dandy Don shared how he went from broadcasting his message, because Bill told him his energy was 'outside of him' it was like Don was speaking with a bullhorn. Bill told him he needs to speak from his heart and how that really changed Don into becoming a speaker focused on sharing his wisdom from his heart and serving people.  Tremendous difference it made in not only Don's speaking performance, but how it brought value to others and himself. 

Bill shared how when he works with someone to help them find their life's purpose, in the beginning how they are caught up in their life's lessons. They have a perception that there is NOT enough, there is lack, I gotta work hard and how they are caught up in survival and nothing is further from the truth. All you have to do is create the energy and everything else gets attracted to YOU! You MUST serve other with Love. When you do that, you cannot see the energy, but you can see the physical results of it. 

The energy of Love and the energy of Fear are exactly the same. Did you know that your head generates confusion?  Confusion is simply a lack of commitment. Bill shared about the world of metaphysics that we live in and how that is applied in our daily lives. If you create a life of abundant energy, you will live a life above your wildest dreams. One way to do this, close your eyes and think back about a very special moment in your life. You know that moment, maybe the birth of a child, when you got married, it could be anything, maybe a special moment with your mom or dad, or family member that really touched you. Just go to that moment and you'll notice your not in your head, you will notice that everything about that moment is in your heart. That's the difference, when you go to your head, you go to the past, your head is all about the past, it just gathers information for you. The heart is about the present moment and that's the biggest difference. 

In trying to do business on the internet, people are telling others, you gotta do this, or this is how I do this and you need to do this too.  Problem with that, that comes from the fear of survival. It does not come from the heart with focus on serving others.  Everyone is 'pitching their agenda', because they need to make money to pay their bills and help them survive.  When you move to 'HOW CAN I BE OF SERVICE TO SOMEONE?' 

The biggest fear that entrepreneurs suffer is the Fear of Loss. I'm gonna lose this deal, I need this money, etc. It's all about the fear of loss, not having enough.  But when you flip that and go to your client and say I appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you and how can I be of service to you and I am there to help you make the best decisions possible.  That will really impress your client, they will want to do business with you because they will want to connect with you. People are searching for people who demonstrate they are authentic and real and truth. 

Bill shared all of the secrets he has learned in his life and reveals everything in a 'tell-all' way in his new book '7 Levels of Truth' by Bill Heinrich that is one Amazon. His book helps people to find what it is they want to do and discover deep down inside, exactly what it is that they are after or their calling in life.  

Rumi said "Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart."  You have a very special gift and talent that others desire.  Are you gonna let FEAR hold you back?

'Stop making decisions in your life...start making choices'.  Decisions come from Fear and Choices come from Love and Energy.  When you make a decision you're dealing with stress and your focus is on the final outcome.  When you make a choice you are 'choosing' to accept responsibility. And if YOU do not like it...guess what...YOU can make another choice. 


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2) Bill Heinrich...One FREE Coaching Call...Let Bill know you heard about his Friday Freebie on Your Future Is Now radio program and YOU would like to get set up.  Email Bill at   Bill's website is

Next week's guest is Tamara Hunter a cancer survivor and her website is Tamara's burning desire is for No One to face cancer alone. 

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