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 Preston Martelly 

Preston covered a lot of great information today. His topic covered "How To Build Your Brand", "Explode Your Business" and "Utilizing Digital Marketing".

Sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers,  Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling.  For more information go to

Preston shared his experience that led him down his individual pathway from leaving the corporate world after 13 years to become an entrepreneur and internet expert in helping others to identify who they are and where they want to go with their business.

This pathway led Preston to become an Executive Training Director with Speakers Pathway Coalition. As busy as Preston is, he has the time to spend and be with his family as his ‘Laptop Lifestyle' allowed him the freedom to travel around the world with his wife and 4 kids.

Preston and the team he created is there to serve YOU in creating your brand, your speciality, your business and provide expert marketing for you; in other words, doing ALL of the things, you will need help with.

Would you like to work with someone that can ‘target' your core audience and ‘retarget' them to drive potential customers to your website and lead them all the way to creating sales? If you answered YES, may I suggest you contact Preston for a FREE evaluation of your desires and YOUR needs. These qualities and his heart to serve others is WHY Preston was selected as an Executive Training Director.

Preston has the unique patience in working with YOU...he will ask you questions that will enable YOU to ‘think' about your desired individual Pathway to Success!!

Questions and Ideas like... "Define your core offering in simple terms and who it's intended for?" "Describe your dream customer." "How to decide on the digital marketing platforms to target them." "How to create content/lead magnet to get your targeted audience's attention." "How to build a sales funnel to take YOUR CLIENTS through each stage of the buying process through to conversion and making them a CUSTOMER!!!" And "How to Test and Optimize for Higher Conversions."

During the broadcast Preston gives clear and exciting information on HOW this will all work for YOU!!!

Friday Freebie: 1) Dandy Don read a book many years ago entitled "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Steven Covey that changed his life.  As a result, Dandy Don took ACTION and he created and is offering 38 image cards of his favorite quotes to inspire him.  If YOU would like to receive these 38 motivational image cards that Dandy Don actually used to change his life....all YOU have to do to receive them for go to contact Don and say, "I  want the High Performance Transformational Qoutes" and YOU will receive them FREE of Charge!!! So to receive YOUR Positive Quotes....just click on and go to

Friday Freebie: 2) Preston offered a FREE 30-minute Evaluation of YOUR NEEDS!!! Contact Preston for the FREE EVALUATION at scroll down and click on Preston's photo and contact him and say; "I want the FREE 30-minute Evaluation to discuss MY NEEDS!!!


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