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July 22 Secrets of...Women in Leadership Roles

The subject of women in leadership may not be new, but it continues to be one of the hottest topics in the news and social media today. From Princeton University professor Anne-Marie Slaughter, author of the widely discussed Atlantic article "Why Women Still Can't Have It All," to Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and champion of the "lean in" movement, women who appear to "have it all" are branded heroes, frauds and superhuman women unburdened by necessities like sleep. The intensity of these debates is especially fiery in the legal profession. My guest today speaks on the myths of women in leadership roles.

Jane Brown is the Managing Partner of Paine Hamblen (the firm's first female in that role), a multi-discipline law firm in Spokane, Washington, and is a BV-rated trial lawyer. She practices in a variety of litigation areas, including construction law, family law, estate litigation, and litigation involving business dissolution. To learn more about Jane and her work, visit:

Join Judy and Jane as they share Secrets of... Women in Leadership Roles  on "Off the Record with Judy" Tuesday, July 22 at 2:00pm Eastern Time on Click on "Live on Air." Feel free to call in with questions and comments during the show at 866-404-6519

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Regina Coley #50 - Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc.7-22-14



Leading Ladies of Legacy, Inc. is a non-profit organization that produces young women who have strong academic backgrounds, understand and build resilience, fight and overcome poverty, exude self-worth and confidence, give back to the community and display leadership. Through membership meetings, programs, events and community service, we will identify and challenge young women to develop compassion, confidence and a commitment to service and leadership within their communities.

LLL believes that each girl harbors the potential to become leaders of change within their communities. Lack of leadership, lack of seriousness towards education, lack of knowledge, selfishness and loss of standards amongst minority females, is the root of social challenges one of which is producing unproductive citizens. Leading Ladies of Legacy has created three important organizational goals:

  1. To increase high school graduation and college acceptance rates among Atlanta’s girls of color.
  2. To increase career preparation readiness for Atlanta’s girls of color
  3. To improve the quality of life of Atlanta’s girls of color

Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc. offers a custom curriculum that focuses on helping girls build leadership skills like ... Click the link below to read more.
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