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July 27, 2015 Falling in Love with Your Dark Side

Lou gives ideas for Falling in Love with your Dark Side, The Side of you that keeps you from having what your REALLY want in your life. 


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7/27/15- Seeing the World in a Whole New Light, w/Catherine Onyemelukwe

Catherine OnyemelukweCatherine Onyemelukwe joined the newly formed Peace Corps to teach in Nigeria for two years—and stayed for more than two decades. Her heartfelt memoir,  Nigeria Revisited My Life and Loves Abroad, tells of her remarkable journeyhow her husband contrived to meet her and their controversial wedding that became world news; the coups and war that forced their family to leave the city and live in her husband’s village, and so many more stories of love and courage.

Join your host, international success coach Marla Tabaka, to learn how this remarkable woman not only endured, but found happiness in the manyNigeria Revisited storms. Catherine and her story of adapting to a new culture, taking risks, surviving, and embracing differences will inspire you to venture beyond perceived horizons and see the world in a whole new light.



For more help with your business make sure to see Marla's articles at Inc. magazine online.

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Elsa Kok Colopy - Successful Single Parenting 07-21-15

Elsa Kok Colopy is the author of six books, including "The Single Mom's Guide to Keep it All Together" and "Pure Love, Pure Life," a book about purity for teen girls. 

Elsa is also the former editor of "Thriving Family" magazine (published by Focus on the Family) and an expert on the DivorceCare DVD series, produced by Church Initiative.  Elsa will be our expert guest on July 21.

Elsa has a deep passion for communicating the love of Christ in a compelling and authentic way.  She was a single parent for 12 years, so understands the many challenges of that experience.

She has remarried and she and her husband, Brian, live in beautiful Colorado.  Their blended family now includes four adult children, and an adopted 2 year old girl, Savannah Grace.  They are also in the process of adopting Wilna (10), Lovence (6), and Laurentz (4) from Haiti, and expect to have them home within the year.

Elsa is a freelance author and speaker, traveling around the country to retreats, seminars and workshops, encouraging women and teen girls to live a life based on their identity in Christ and His love.


For more information about Elsa and to connect with her:

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