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04.24.2015 A Real Live Diva: Sabrina Justison


Listen to my encore show this week while I work on writing my books.

I remember the time during homeschooling when I see clearly that my daughters may not necessarily follow in their brothers’ footsteps and take steps to modify my plans to best suit them.

My eldest son  has gone home after a whirlwind visit to London where we packed in a lot of touristy activities.

My job is to bust stereotypes and referring to my guest this week as a diva could strike some sensitive chords! But let me clarify, a diva is a Prima Donna, a first lady and Sabrina Justison, playwright, singer-songwriter and fellow thespian, is a diva in her field.

Sabrina teaches acting classes, leads one week intensive Drama Camps and talks about Performing Arts at homeschool conventions.

She is going to help me take the arched eyebrow out of reactions to theatre and homeschooling being mentioned in the same breath when we talk about theatre being really good for the whole family!

Joking aside Sabrina has taught Fine Arts, Literature, Writing, and Latin, writes blogs for the 7Sisters website, for busy, or set in their ways, or rookie, or old hand homeschoolers everywhere.

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