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How to Create a TED Talk and Short Talk on Your Book Show 2-26-2015

Are you speaking on your books? Do you know that one of the hottest positionings come come from the "short" talk market? That a TED talk can leap frog your expertise? Today on AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing, Dr. Judith Briles features Hayley Foster, a TED coach and author of Creating Short Talks.

During the hour, you will learn:

1. Brief introduction to TED/TEDx for the uninitiated (You’d be surprised how many people still have no idea)

2. Understanding the impact of TED on popular culture

3. What do TED/TEDx talks have to do with my book?

4. Since you are the Short Talk Expert ™, can you tell us the distinction between a short talk and a TED-style talk?

5. What goes into a TED-style talk?

6. What would I gain from a coaching experience for my message?

7. Tips to improve the listener’s public speaking outcomes right away.

Another great hour is ready to unfold to move you and your book forward on AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing.


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2-26-15, How to Release Mommy (or Daddy) Guilt

Million Dollar Mindset Radio with Marla Tabaka
Every Monday from 2-3pm Eastern time

Mommy guilt

If you are juggling a business or career with parenthood you might get those pangs of guilt from time-to-time. Some parents have more than pangs, it overwhelmes them and certainly has a negative impact on their business, happiness, and sometimes even their health. 

Marla Tabaka learned an important lesson about mommy-guilt when her children became adults and in today's Million Dollar Mindset show she's going to share it with you. Perhaps you will gain a new perspective that will allow you to live your life more fully and focus on growing your business more freely. Marla will offer mindset strategies to reduce the guilt and bring more ease and happiness to everyone!

Do you suffer from mommy or daddy guilt? It doesn't have to be that way. Contact Marla for a complimentary consultation today. 

For more help with your business make sure to see Marla's articles at Inc. magazine online.

or contact Marla for a FREE consultation:

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2/18/15 Daily Dose of Dopamine

From my browser to yours, here are some of the goodies that stuck to me from the web!


Seriously inspiring

How far would you go to listen to your little one? This mom let her toddler pick out her outfits for a week!



YUM! Yes please!

Enjoy grapefruit, the misunderstood fruit!


What's going on?

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