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Monday 22nd of August 2016
Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin of Powered Up Talk Radio speak with intuitive and psychic Frankie Picasso about spirit choosing the human experience.
Monday 8th of August 2016
Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin of Powered Up Talk Radio discuss dreaming with Amy Cope and how to get the most out of your subconcsious.
Monday 18th of July 2016
Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin of Powered Up Talk Radio speak with Dimitri Moraitis of Change Your Aura, Change Your Life. A new guide to the source of your spiritual energy–the aura–from renowned spiritual teachers Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis. Discover your source of unlimited spiritual energy! Everything you think, feel, and do radiates a spiritual energy that comes through in various colors and hues: This is your aura. The aura is your spiritual blueprint. By changing the quality of your aura, you can automatically change the quality of your life. In this groundbreaking book, renowned aura expert Barbara Martin, known as the Mozart of Metaphysics, leads you through her technique for improving the aura–a technique she has taught to thousands. -Whether you see auras or not, this breakthrough book reveals: -What the various colors of the aura mean and say about you. -How to work with the power rays of spiritual enrichment–including love, prosperity healing, and wisdom. -More than 90 meditations to deepen personal relationships, advance your career, and transform destructive emotions. -How to become more spiritual and closer to God. Also on Itunes
Thursday 14th of July 2016
Motherhood Talk Radio
Sandra Beck of Motherhood Talk Radio visits with Sukie Forbes the author of The Angel in my Pocket. A grieving mother draws on her storied heritage to find her daughter in the afterlife...When Sukey Forbes lost her six-year-old daughter, Charlotte, to a rare genetic disorder, her life felt as if it were shattered forever. Descended from two distinguished New England families, Forbes was raised in a rarefied—if eccentric—life of privilege. On the family’s private island enclave off Cape Cod, apparitions have always been as common as the servants who once walked the back halls. But the “afterlife” took on new meaning once Forbes dipped into the world of clairvoyants to reconnect with Charlotte.
Thursday 7th of July 2016
Motherhood Talk Radio
Sandra Beck of Motherhood Talk Radio interviews Michele Gay. Michele Gay is a mother, former teacher, and now one of the founders of Safe and Sound: A Sandy Hook Initiative. After losing her daughter, Josephine Grace on December 14, 2012, she chose to take action as an advocate for improved school security and safety in our nation’s schools. Michele’s background as a teacher and involved parent, along with her personal loss and post tragedy perspective, have left her uniquely positioned to help school communities prevent tragedy, and better prepare and respond in the event of an emergency in their own schools. Michele holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Towson University and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from McDaniel College. She taught at the elementary level in Maryland and Virginia public schools before staying home to raise her three daughters and advocate for the special needs of her youngest daughter, Josephine. Michele is dedicated to honoring Josephine in her work to make schools in our country more safe and secure.
Monday 4th of July 2016
World's leading angel expert Marie-Ange Faugerolas author of Angels: The Definitive Guide to Angels from Around the World Sandra Beck & Linda Franklin of Powered Up Talk Radio. Also on Itunes
Thursday 30th of June 2016
Motherhood Talk Radio
Rick Johnson of Better Dads talks about the 10 Things Great Dads Do - Strategies for Raising Great Kids with Sandra Beck of Motherhood Talk Radio. Rick Johnson is a good man. It's been a joy to watch him come to Christ and see him step up to the plate with a strong sense of Christ-honoring purpose.
Senior Talk Radio
Joey Coker host of Senior Talk Radio in Tyler Texas speaks with Jana Kuechle, a licensed Nursing Facility Administrator for over 25 years who has worked in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Also on Itunes. Joey Coker is owner of Home Aid Caregivers located in Tyler Texas.
Tuesday 28th of June 2016
Join Joyce on SecondWind today as she speaks with Dr. Sergio William Sedas. Dr. Sedas is a bestselling author and is recognized internationally as a high-human potential trainer. He implements intentional possibility to bring about positive transformation in life, communities, and organizations. He has received two Master’s and a PhD in robotics from Carnegie Mellon University. While he was there he worked on the initiative DANTE, which was the first robot in history to enter a LIVE volcano in Antarctica. Through it all he has maintained a passion for education and was led to one of the leading Technological Universities in Monterrey Mexico. There, he was the Head of the Mechatronics academic program and the Director of Strategic Programs where he launched initiatives that inspire freshman into Active Learning. Today they will discuss intentional possibility, and how we all possess the Power of Possibility. Dr. Sedas will also enlighten listeners today on the six steps to creating possibility. Also available on Itunes!
The KrisAnne Hall Show
Art V pt 2
Military Network Radio
Linda Kreter and Military Network Radio presents: Intimate Partner Violence - Context is Everything. Retired USN CAPT Glenna Tinney,DCSW formerly of the Battered Women's Justice Project and Lynn Anderson, DV/IPV Coordinator at McGuire VA Medical Center discuss this complex relationship issue and the contexts in which it occurs. IPV includes physical, emotional, sexual violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner and the military community is not immune. Jason McNamara joins Linda today
Mission Unstoppable
Sure it sounds like a B movie title but there is some truth to tale! Actor come PerfumierCosmetic and Fashion icon Geir Ness of Norway has been an instant hit with the cosmetics crowd since launching his brand Laila in Nordstroms 12 year ago. With his chiseled iconic good looks, Geir Ness made his American dream come true. Listen to his rags to riches story and how while traveling 300 days a year, he maintains great health and visits local shelters to exercise bullies breeds.
Chained No More
Dr. Rick Marks, a dynamic speaker, ordained minister, and a licensed counselor, talks about the five things that can sabotage a marriage. These include: PRIDE, POOR COMMUNICATION, PORNOGRAPHY, PURSUIT, and PERSONALIZING. He talks about healthy marriage concepts and principles, but also gives excellent practical tools to improve any marriage, no matter how many years you have been married or how damaged your marriage is. Very helpful interview!
Johnny Rowland Daily Show
Monday 27th of June 2016
American Patchwork and Quilting Radio
I am so fascinated by Barbara Cline's quilts! She has such an eye for creating designs that look complicated but are not! Her new Triangle stars book is packed with great project ideas, and she is going to give us some tips today on fabric picking and working with templates. ----------------- Sherri McConnell does incredible work and I'm smitten with her fabric lines and her patterns! She and her daughter Chelsi Stratton design the fabric lines and Sherri sews up incredible projects.. maybe daily.. on her website. We are going to chat about her fabrics , using a collection effectively and I hope for some insider tips for getting things done from a true expert! Sherri is also one of The Splendid Sampler designers! ------------------- Charise Randell of Charise Creates designs incredible projects, uses amazing fabric selections and take such beautiful photos you want to drop everything to make what she shows you. From paper pieced blocks to little totes, it's all about the details in Charise's work. She is also one of the designers Jane Davidson and I asked to join us for the Splendid Sampler, we are so lucky she did! ================ visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
The KrisAnne Hall Show
Article V pt. 1
WakeUP We The People
Harvesting Happiness
Airs Wednesday, June 29, 2016 During this week’s radio show you will learn about: How to practice compassionate spiritual discernment The mystery of interbeing - convincing yourself that you're really connected to everything Finding your mission Expecting obstacles and learning to stand alone
Johnny Rowland Daily Show
Wonder if the EU will be attacking England like Lincoln did the South when they bolted?
Success Profiles Radio
Stacey Ellen was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. She is a transformation coach and is the author of the book "Turn Conversations To Cash", which is a valuable resource if you are having challenges getting clients consistently. Stacey has helped hundreds of people around the world learn their RECIPE™ for success. We talked about why people don't succeed at their highest level, and self-limiting beliefs is high on the list. We also discussed how the principles in her book can help you gain new clients, and how we can gauge and assess both the verbal and nonverbal elements to the conversation to optimize our efforts. In addition, we talked about how to spot a potentially bad client in advance so we can avoid the headache that goes with that experience. we also talked about re-igniting our passion in our business when we lose it. We talked about these things and so much more. You can download and subscribe to Success Profiles Radio anytime for free on iTunes. You can also listen at
Im Not The Same Woman I Used To Be Im Free
Capitalizing on news and events to raise awareness of the devastation that accompanies Sexual Abuse and Sinful behavior.
Clarence Caldwells True Life Academy
Dr. Leah talks with Clarence about creating and designing your own life, getting in touch with your dreams and fulfilling them.
Sunday 26th of June 2016
Tyler Chamber Radio
1. Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce – Henry Bell, COO 2. Quantum Ascendance – Katherine Hartvickson, Owner & Instructor 3. Office Barn – Jon Longcrier, Owner 4. Kyani – Rhonda Hardin, Independent Distributor 5. PATH (People Attempting To Help) – Greg Grubb, Executive Director
Saturday 25th of June 2016
TechWatch Radio
Friday 24th of June 2016
Linzis Life Radio
Can secrets make us sick? In the next hour, we are introduced to Dr. Steven Farber, author of “As Sick As Our Secrets”. This doctor had kept a secret through life that was so powerful that it took control. More secrets spun off the first, and Steven had to find a strategy to numbing these secrets. He ultimately became addicted to substance, which culminated in the loss of his 25-year cardiology medical license. Dr. Steven Farber was a top cardiologist for 25 years when his world came crashing down. What is the impact of keeping a secret? Do secrets make us sick? Do we sabotage our own lives? This is part 1 or a 2-part series. Our followers have answered a question on secrets and their names and their answers will be read on the air. Do not miss this show!
The KrisAnne Hall Show
Independence Day
Johnny Rowland Daily Show
Johnny and Larry Weiner, editor of Pentastar Power Magazine, unload on the reality of our country. Spirited conversation, to say the least!
Thursday 23rd of June 2016
Motherhood Talk Radio
Sandra Beck interviews Rosalind Sedacca of Child Centered Divorce about parenting in high conflict divorce and co-parenting situations.
Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing
Create book bubbles to market your book. Try something new; be different and noticeable by standing above the clouds and noise--book bubbles create book buzz. Today, learn a Fun way to market your book with Bublish and its book bubble concept to make your book memorable and different. Another great show with Dr. Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd on AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing.
The KrisAnne Hall Show
The Vote that Changed the World
What could it look like if we lived as disciples of Jesus in the everyday stuff of life? How much would change in our world and worlds? We have many challenges facing us today. What we need is Jesus and those who profess to follow Him to actually step in and love and live as He would. Great conversation today about our true identity, racial reconciliation, living with diversity and choosing to love in ordinary ways. Jeff Vanderstelt and Kimberly Bolden join our conversation. Jeff is the author of Saturate: Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life. Kimberly leads and serves with other church planter’s wives in the ministry of Bloom and leads in a multi-ethnic community in Atlanta.
FrankieSense and More
Meet Sherry Brier, founder of Woman Rock Project,www.womanrockproject, the largest online video library of women’s wisdom to inspire, educate, and motivate woman 24/7. Sherry is also a dancer, artist, and author of Doorway to Ecstasy: A Dancer’s Initiation. Ken Elliot is also an and author of manifesting 123- and you can leave out 3. Ken has spent the last 30 years teaching folks how to manifest their wildest dreams in a simple easy method. Both authors have a synchronicity you will just have to listen to , to believe. :)
Childhood Cancer Talk Radio
Childhood Cancer Talk Radio interviews Laurie Johnson, author, psychic adviser, and teacher of the metaphysical arts; Laurie addresses the issue of childhood cancer and cancer in general and what that means in the greater scope of our reality. Karma, life lessons, reincarnation, pre-lifetime agreements are included in the discussion, and also the importance of realizing there is no “fault” or “mortal moral cause” of cancer, a particularly troublesome topic for parents of children so diagnosed. Two examples of life situations for families of a child who was diagnosed and passed on were investigated by Laurie with her expertise and feedback for the parents. For more information about Laurie, or to read her book, “Into the Aquarian Age: Understanding the Consciousness Shift” visit
Red State Radio
Since the state primary is next week, we shout out some of the candidates that we endorse, talk issues, and get out the info you need to go vote on Tuesday. Then, we welcome Jeff Ferguson, opposing Democratic candidate in HD 101 to shed some light on some of the controversy hanging over his candidacy.
Johnny Rowland Daily Show
Johnny gives his take on what is happening and what we have to do as Americans to help our country survive.
Wednesday 22nd of June 2016
Coach Talk Radio
Kristen Lee Costa joins Sandra Beck of Coach Talk Radio to talk about her new book Reset and how to make the most of your Stress.
Military Mom Talk Radio
Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd of Motherhood Talk Radio discuss with Linda Kreter,, the needs of Veteran Caregiver and offer help and support. Also on Itunes.