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Wednesday 4th of May 2016
The KrisAnne Hall Show
A New Mission For Cruz Supporters
Tuesday 3rd of May 2016
The KrisAnne Hall Show
Little Known Facts That Could Bring Government to Their Knees
Harvesting Happiness
During this week’s radio show you will learn about: Why We Are Here to Fulfill Four Fundamental Purposes, How to Find Direction When Faced With Difficult Challenges, Taming the Task and Knowing When to Say “No”
Success Profiles Radio
Host Brian K Wright discussed leadership on this week's episode of Success Profiles Radio with the help of several callers. Topics discussed included having a compelling vision for your future, making people feel welcome in your presence, acting decisively, being an excellent problem solver and ways to do that, and setting measurable goals. We also talked about how excellent leaders need to have impeccable integrity in order to have a following, and having ecological goals----you'll have to listen to the show to find out what this means, and it probably isn't what you think! You can listen to Success Profiles Radio anytime by going to www.successprofilesradio. com You can also download and subscribe to the show for free anytime on iTunes.
Monday 2nd of May 2016
The KrisAnne Hall Show
Is Our Government Just?
WakeUP We The People
Sunday 1st of May 2016
Tyler Chamber Radio
Author Talk
AuthorTalk Radio order of interviews for the 4/17/16 show: 1:00-2:00PM EST 1. “American Blues, Jazz & Soul Food, 2nd Edition”; by Ron Rudison 2. “Freedom of the Butterfly”; by Beverly Peterson 3. “iKill”; by Murali Venugopalan
Author Voices On Air Eurafrica
Author Voices On Air Eurafrica order of interviews for the 5/1/16 show: 2:00-3:00AM EST (7-8 AM UK time; 8-9 AM South Africa time) 1. “Through the Eyes of the East”; by Salma Hamid Hussain 2. “Henry the Very Hungry Mouse”; by E.H.Hartland
Author Voices On Air Australasia
Author Voices On Air Australasia order of interviews for the 5/1/15 show: 3:00-4:00AM US EST New South Wales time; 7-8 PM 1. “A Unique Mind, Strong Music, Unsigned”; by Taner Remzi 2. “What Remains”; by Tracey Lee 3. “The Moral Vacuum: The political nexus between9/11, the GFC and the emergence of ISIS”; by Martyn Gabe
iUniverse Radio order of interviews for 5/1/16 show: 3:00-4:00PM EST 1. “I Am Omnipowerful: The Most Powerful Person on Earth”; by Dr.Otto Umana 2. “The Four Gates: A Saga of the Human Being on the Path from the Pit of Despair to the Realm of Fulfillment, from Confusion to Clarity, Culminating in the Deepest Realization”; by Erhard Vogel 3. “Get Skinny! The Organic Way”; by Andrew J. Fox HHP, MS, CSCS, PES
Friday 29th of April 2016
The KrisAnne Hall Show
Congress is Letting Violent Illegals Go Free
Johnny Rowland Daily Show
Johnny interviews Sheriff Richard Mack of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association ( how the County Sheriff may be the last, best hope for a peaceful restoration of freedom in the US.
Thursday 28th of April 2016
Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing
WOWSA ... Authors should be doing the happy dance because of Amazon and what it offers. The question is: are you as the author using all its bells and whistles. The Book Shepherd is Judith Briles. This week with Amy Collins, publishing expert and owner of New Shelves Books, they will create a road map of you to use to take advantage of the Amazon book machine. -How to "understand" the dollars and sense of Amazon. -How to work with Author Central. -How to maximizing using Goodreads (its owned by Amazon) to goose your book sales. -Why you shouldn't use Goodreads Giveaways. -What and what not to put on your Review Page. -How to do a crossover and link your Amazon reviews to Goodreads. -How to use the Wish List on Amazon. -How to link your Kindle and Paper books. -What to do when someone zaps you with a negative book review. -How to get eyeballs on your books. -How to drive traffic to your site, your books and nail the "buy." Another informative and stimulating show with Judith Briles and AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing.
The KrisAnne Hall Show
Constitutional Sheriffs Domestic Terrorists?
FrankieSense and More
Joining Frankie Picasso this week was Lucy Wang, Co-founder of Together For Animals in China, a group that saves dogs from the dog meat trades, neuter and sprays cats and dogs, and finds their rescued pets international homes! Singer /songwriter Sophie Koorhan, debut her hit sing ' For a Fella' from her debut album of the same title. This Nashvilleth transplant is a delightful entertainer.
Childhood Cancer Talk Radio
CCTR interviews Gina Renay, author, mother and grandmother, and founder of Owie BowWowie and Friends Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to supplying comfort to children with life-threatening illnesses in the form of an adorable stuffed-toy doggie named Owie-BowWowie. Stories of comfort and new hope for children are featured as Owie is getting ready for a new launch in the world of Childhood Cancer Awareness.
Johnny Rowland Daily Show
Johnny talks with Larry Pratt, Executive Director, Emeritus, of Gun Owners of America.