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Sunday 29th of March 2015
iUniverse Radio order of interviews for 3/29/15 show: 3:00-4:00PM EST 1. “Christianity and Cosmic Consciousness: A Commentary on the Words of Jesus”;by Alexis Georg Hoen 2. “Dancing for Fun, Book 1: Group Dancing for All Ages”; by Mark and Helena Greathouse 3. “A Teacher’s Tale”; by Joe Gilliland
Indie Book Publishing
Indie Book Publishing order of interviews for the 3/29/15 show: 5:00-6:00 PM EST 1. “Reliant”; by Kellyann Bowman 2. “Just Maagy”; by Virginia Burton Stringer 3. “Never Left Behind”; by Jim Miller
Xlibris On Air
Xlibris On Air! Radio Show order of interviews for the 3/29/15 show: Noon-1:00 PM EST 1. “Greed: A Tale of Power and Abuse in Medicine”; by Boudreaux 2. “The Threat from Within”; by Charles F. Lee 3. “The Spirit of Things II : Here We Go Again”; by Carole Mann
Indie Book Publishing 4
Indie Book Publishing #4 order of interviews for the 3/29/15 show 4:00-5:00PM EST 1. “God is NOT Happy”; by Flo Taber-Brown 2. “Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse: What Happened before the Big Bang”; by David Bertolacci 3. “Freedom from CPAP: Sleep Apnea Hurts. The Cure doesn’t have to”; by David G. Dillard, MD
Indie Book Publishing 3
Indie Book Publishing #3 order of interviews for the 3/29/15 show 11:00AM-12:00PM (Noon) EST 1. “Round by Round: In Search of Wisdom”; by Florine Dotson Evans 2. “Sir Christian de Galis and the Fish Gravy: The Quest of Sir Christian Volume 1”; by Carl E. Ramsey 3. “2077 Knights of Peace”; by J. l. Sears
Tyler Chamber Radio
Author Talk
AuthorTalk Radio order of interviews for the 3/29/15 show: 1:00-2:00PM EST 1. “Why Is Mid-Life Mooching Your Mojo? : Solutions to Banish Fuzziness and Fatigue”; by Joni Labbe 2. “Led by Horses: Why Me’s and Horse Laughs”; by Eunice Rush 3. “Other Loves All Flee”; by Leona Koehn Nichols
Indie Book Publishing 2
Indie Book Publishing #2 order of interviews for the 3/29/15 show 7:00-8:00PM EST 1. “The Debaters”; by Barth Hoogstraten 2. “Jennifer Arthur and All the Gone: Book Two of the Chrystellean Trilogy”; by Alice Salerno
Indie Book Publishing 5
Indie Book Publishing #5 order of interviews for the 3/29/15 show 3:00-4:00 PM Eastern 4. “Even the Land Cries”; by Lainey May (616887_1) 5. “If You Leave This Farm: The Dream is Destroyed”; by Amanda Farmer
Friday 27th of March 2015
The KrisAnne Hall Show
IN Religious Freedom: Liberty Reviewed
Rediscover the Radio Classics
Rediscover the Radio Classics
Rediscover the Radio Classics
Rediscover the Radio Classics
Rediscover the Radio Classics
Rediscover the Radio Classics
Johnny Rowland Daily Show
Johnny talks with Larry Weiner who is at Mopars At The Strip in Las Vegas. Also announcing the new Hurst Special Car.
Thursday 26th of March 2015
The KrisAnne Hall Show
Defeating the Status Quo
Fabulous and Gorgeous
This week we talk about Breaking Bad habits so you can set yourself free and live life with a ton of fun! Get off the track that leads to no-where, disaster or plain misery and create a new (neuro-) pathway! Ah... the mysteries of the brain! How to pave that new freeway? It is all explained in the upcoming Igniting a Ton of fun classes by Deb –scheduled in May (go to for info and pre-signup) and the soon to be launched free EFT Webinar by Désirée! (go to for info and pre- signup). All this and more on this weeks episode of Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it!
Our special guest, Terri Blackstock is a New York Times best-selling author who has sold six million copies worldwide. She is the winner of three Carol Awards, a Christian Retailers Choice Award and a Romantic Times Book Reviews Career Achievement Award, among others. In 1994, Terri Blackstock was writing secular romance novels under two pseudonyms when a spiritual awakening prompted her to switch gears. Her newly awakened faith wove its way into the tapestry of her popular suspense novels, offering hope instead of despair. Some things we talk about: Many people feel as though they’ve done things in their lives “out of order.” Do you think God holds those things against us? After suffering the consequences of bad decisions, it’s tempting to try and piece together your life by yourself — to get your life on-track by being “good.” Why does this never completely work? Listen Now!
Johnny Rowland Daily Show
Johnny has special guest Thomas Scriminger, manager of 460 Rowland, talk about the new Apocalypse Model dual cartridge AR-15 combination shooting both the 5.56 NATO and 7.62 X 39 Russian AK-47 cartridges in one gun.
Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing
SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an important factor for your website and blog. Learn some of the basic tips about title, keywords and descriptions to have on your website, pages and blog posts (this includes images too!). With all of the available technology, it can feel challenging to determine what tools may be best to implement for your business. In addition, it can also feel overwhelming wondering what type of learning curve may be involved to understand and learn new software. You’ll have the chance to discover some free and low cost online tools to assist you with this process. Your take-aways for this show include: -Discover straight-forward, easy-to-use online tools that do not require knowledge of HTML coding to implement. -Get insider search tips for keywords and descriptions. -Identify tools that are a cost effective (meaning cheap) to create impact. -Get your website soaring to the top of search engines. -Have some fun with technology! Judith Briles' guest is her favorite Geek Girl, Kelly Johnson. As a Virtual Assistant and founder of, Kelly has to jumble a variety of gizmos and gadgets every day for her global clients to stay on top of the visitors SEO searches. Learn from a pro who knows how to make authors tick and click. Get ready for another great hour with Dr. Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd and AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing.
Wednesday 25th of March 2015
Harvesting Happiness
During this week’s radio show you will learn about: The number of women who experience traumatic events & why women are more likely to develop PTSD How the functionality of the body can respond to trauma How nutritional supplements support recovery How to properly feed your body and soul through recovery and beyond How exercise can help rebuild muscle and reconnect body, mind and spirit for a more balanced recovery and lifestyle
The KrisAnne Hall Show
Ferguson MO: Interview with Oathkeeper on the Roof
Johnny Rowland Daily Show
Johnny has special guest, Michael Hammond, Chief Counsel of Gun Owners of America, who is at his best on Gun Wars.
Coach Talk Radio
Tuesday 24th of March 2015
The KrisAnne Hall Show
Kicking the Government Out of our Lives
Linda Bard is Executive Muse and Intuitive Confidante at She helps to guide her clients to living more fulfilled, empowered lives through Scientific Hand Analysis. Unlike palmistry, Scientific Hand Analysis identifies your strengths and personality from you unique hand print and it never changes! Linda is also Author of "Inspiration for a Woman's Soul: Choosing Happiness."
Parent Nation
Boys will be boys, right? Not on THIS show! Boys will be whoever they want to be. Tune in to learn more about how boys think and feel. The discussion also leads to getting our kids ready to GET OUT of the house!
Ghost Chronicles International
Steve and Ron discuss the life legend and death of King Richard including the strange circumstances of how his body was discovered. Did Richard dubbed "King of the Car park" by the press speak from beyond the grave? Tune in and find out!
Geraldine Teggelove Live
Yes, so often the most precious gifts are those that arrive in the smallest of boxes! This is so true of the tiny creatures that roam our planet sharing their gifts freely and with love ... ladybugs and butterflies are 2 of my favourites. On this podcast you will discover some of the incredible wisdom they have to offer: -How to lift ourselves from despair to a tiny glimmer of hope ... and beyond -How I find true joy and peace -How to move forward with life when our wings lie broken in a pool of tears -Sometimes the greatest gift I can give myself, is time to rest in the stillness, and listen to the still small voice within The wonderful wisdom offered by these tiny creatures has the power to transform your life in amazing ways, and the beautiful 5 minute meditation offered will calm your body, mind and spirit.
Johnny Rowland Daily Show
Johnny Talks with Shreveport Indian and BMW motorcycle dealer and introduces the Johnny Rowland Custom Apocalypse Model AR-15 dual cartridge set.
Monday 23rd of March 2015
WakeUP We The People