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Friday 27th of February 2015
The KrisAnne Hall Show
Show Summary: A New Government Monopoly
Thursday 26th of February 2015
The KrisAnne Hall Show
Get Your Kids Out Of Govt. Schools NOW.
Fabulous and Gorgeous
This week space cadet Deb inspires us to be open for change, as she goes with Désirée and Erik the Viking on an inspirational journey of the world. Where we find cool dudes on the ice skating ring, there is a spot of fabulous beer tasting going on, a swimming pool situation, some interesting presuppositions and the inner voice of a resilient child. Rome wasn’t built in a day but somehow Désirée and Deb manage to get all of their inspirational, fun, interesting, from the heart stories shared in only one hour! But why was Désirée sitting under the table??? Find all of this out and more on Fabulous and Gorgeous –just for the fun of it!
Johnny Rowland Daily Show
Johnny Rowland discusses the latest ammmo scam by the Obamanation to strip the US citizenry of AR-15s by outlawing .556 ammunition by executive action.
Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing
Are you speaking on your books? Do you know that one of the hottest positionings come come from the "short" talk market? That a TED talk can leap frog your expertise? Today on AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing, Dr. Judith Briles features Hayley Foster, a TED coach and author of Creating Short Talks. During the hour, you will learn: 1. Brief introduction to TED/TEDx for the uninitiated (You’d be surprised how many people still have no idea) 2. Understanding the impact of TED on popular culture 3. What do TED/TEDx talks have to do with my book? 4. Since you are the Short Talk Expert ™, can you tell us the distinction between a short talk and a TED-style talk? 5. What goes into a TED-style talk? 6. What would I gain from a coaching experience for my message? 7. Tips to improve the listener’s public speaking outcomes right away. Another great hour is ready to unfold to move you and your book forward on AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing.
Wednesday 25th of February 2015
Harvesting Happiness
During this week’s radio show you will learn about: Narcissist in the Workplace, Bedroom and Relationships The New Book “The Narcissist Next Door” The Difference in Narcissism Generation to Generation The Cultural Shift That Makes it Happen Exploring “Generation Me”
The KrisAnne Hall Show
GOP Caves on Net Neutrality, Amnesty, and the Constitution.
Parent Nation
With 50 Shades of Grey being the hottest thing right now, we discuss whether or not yo should take you teenage daughter to see the movie, what message it is teaching our children, and why it is not true to the BDSM community.
Johnny Rowland Daily Show
Johnny and Larry Weiner, editor of Pentastar Power Magazine, talk cars and trucks. And what the Obamanation is trying to do to us and our vehicles!
Tuesday 24th of February 2015
The KrisAnne Hall Show
Do we possess Rights or Do we have Privileges?
Johnny Rowland Daily Show
Johnny and Michael Hammond, Chief Counsel of Gun Owners of America, talk about "Constitutional Carry" and President Obama's plan to try and ban AR-15s
Geraldine Teggelove Live
This show shares with you 6 simple steps to help you turn on the tap of happiness and allow its waters to flood your whole being! In the process, all those negative emotions that you may be feeling will be sent flying! None of us really want to be sitting in the midst of situations that make us feel totally yuck! We want to figure out the lesson, heal the emotions around it, and move on out of there fast! Understanding these lessons can be a challenge in itself, but I know for me, the very best thing to do is to take myself to a place to be alone, somewhere I can breathe in fresh air, walk quietly with my thoughts, and take time to simply contemplate the meaning behind what's happening. It never ceases to amaze me how the answers come, and even more importantly, the solutions appear.
Monday 23rd of February 2015
The KrisAnne Hall Show
Show Summary: I want to debate the LA Times on Gun Control.
Heart Filled Holidays
Today is the day we are going to save you time and energy - two things everyone wants more of! February is National Time Management month so we're taking a look at time management practices and busting 3 of the biggest myths. Then we're taking on our emotions. BB Crawford is joining us to talk about our emotions. She'll show us what causes our stress and anxiety and why we sometimes lose control. We'll talk about what's going on and what you can do about it. In Christmas Corner we're continuing our Debt-Free Holiday series with some more ideas for adding money to your Christmas fund. Then we'll talk travel. The holidays encompass some of the busiest travel days of the year so every little tip that makes those better gets us a little closer to some Christmas joy. Join us at noon ET (11am CT, 10am MT, 9am PT) on
Military Mom Talk Radio
The Pat Tillman Foundation's mission is to invest in military veterans and their spouses through academic scholarships—building a diverse community of leaders committed to service to others. Liz O'Herrin, Program Director, is a veteran and a Tillman Scholar, and speaks to the values of the Foundation's mission.
Dr Shawn Greeners God IN Country
On today's “The Collision of Faith and Politics with The Ninja Pastor!” radio show we have as our guest, nationally known Second Amendment Expert and renown Attorney Sean Maloney and we are frankly discussing an issue that is critically important to every gun-toting American and freedom loving Liberty-minded citizen… If you are currently a Concealed Carry Permit Holder, or you are considering carrying a gun, you CANNOT miss this show! If this is YOU, and you know people who are like you, you must listen to this show. We will equip you with the truth about carrying a firearm and we will dispel myths running rampant in America today. We will provide real solutions for "WE the People!” We the People, we are true Second Amendment Americans! The left is after your guns, we all should know that. The left is after your freedom and liberty... They, like other enemies of freedom and liberty won't back down. It is up to US to back them down. This show will tell you how. We are unapologetically politically incorrect. We are truthful. We won't back down. Are you with me?
Johnny Rowland Daily Show
Johnny talks about the latest goofy DC shenanigans and also comments on NASCAR and what it has become.
WakeUP We The People
Sunday 22nd of February 2015
Author Talk
AuthorTalk Radio order of interviews for the 2/22/15 show: 1:00-2:00PM EST 1. “We Few - We Chosin Few”; by James Jeep Canada 2. “ROAD TO FREEDOM: From Behind the Iron Curtain”; by Alfred Lenarciak 3. “Mort and Ort meet Bird Lady in ‘It’s a Great Day for Pulling Weeds!’ ”; by Gramma Golden
iUniverse Radio order of interviews for 2/22/15 show: 3:00-4:00PM EST 1. “Look What Happened to My Pocket Change! Low-to Middle-Income Saving and Investing”; by Rochelle Melanie 2. “Catherine and the Hidden Treasure”; by Chris T. Larsen 3. “The Second-Greatest Baseball Game Ever Played”; by Drew Bridges
AuthorTalk 2
AuthorTalk #2 Radio order of interviews for the 2/22/15 show 2:00-3:00PM EST 1. “I LOVE YOU FROM THE EDGES: Lessons from Raising Grandchildren”; by Karen Best Wright 2. “My Life Personal Organizer”; by Tom Allum 3. “Renegades among the Tumbleweeds”; by Hewitt Freiburg
Indie Book Publishing
Indie Book Publishing order of interviews for the 2/22/15 show: 5:00-6:00 PM EST 1. “Rajni”; by Gurutej Singh Khalsa 2. “Enlarge My Territory?: Bring It On!“; by Suzi Johnson
Author Voices On Air Eurafrica
Author Voices On Air Eurafrica order of interviews for the 2/22/15 show: 2:00-3:00AM EST (7-8 AM UK time; 8-9 AM South Africa time) 1. “The Surprise Package”; by Sheíla Roy 2. “Where is the Garden of Eden according to the Bible?”; by PATY 3. “The Dark Tunnel”; by Patrick Shipp
Indie Book Publishing 2
Indie Book Publishing #2 order of interviews for the 2/22/15 show 7:00-8:00PM EST 1. “Monastery to Matrimony: Woman’s Journey”; by Mary Ann Weakley 2. “Danser”; by Greg Jolley 3. “Reading Champs! : Teaching Reading Made Easy“; by Rita M. Wirtz, MA
Xlibris On Air
Xlibris On Air! Radio Show order of interviews for the 2/22/15 show: Noon-1:00 PM EST 1. “Resist Not Evil”; by Robert Charles Anthony Vacca 2. “Sitting in the Flames: Uncovering Fearlessness to Help Others Preparing for Peak Performance”; by Dr. John Edwin DeVore 3. “RACEATHLON: Run Your Life the Way You Want, But Make Sure You are on the Right Track to Boost Your Success.”; by G. R. SNEBERGER
Author Voices On Air Australasia
Author Voices On Air Australasia order of interviews for the 2/22/15 show: 3:00-4:00AM US EST New South Wales time; 7-8 PM 1. “Time’s Child”; by MP Ashman 2. “All Secrets Told”; by Samantha Carter 3. “Breath to Connsciousness”; by Julia Rado
Indie Book Publishing 3
Indie Book Publishing #3 order of interviews for the 2/22/15 show 11:00AM-12:00PM (Noon) EST 1. “An Eagle Soars”; by Elizabeth Marie 2. “There’s Always a Rainbow: It’s the Thought that Matters”; by Michele Scholz-Evers 3. “Shadows of Us”; by Sylvia C. Stowers