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Monday 15th of September 2014
Nancy Mahoney is joining me each month in 2014 to chat about a topic indepth. Today we are going to discuss applique, what the different styles are, the pros and cons and tell you the fastest easiest method we think there is for those that want to start! Free pattern ------------------- I love Amy Walsh's style, she designs as Blue Underground Studios. Amy has new fabric lines, new designs and she even teaches the 2015 free BOM at Craftsy this year. All this while being a middle school teacher! Amy also likes using the color wheel and has a tip for us! ------------------- Roderick Kiracofe is an author, quilt collector, and a former quilt dealer. His eye for quilts is amazing. Look on your book shelf and if you have The American Quilt, you know Rod's work already. His latest book is called “Unconventional & Unexpected' American Quilts below the Radar 1950-2000. These quilts are the ones many of us grew up with and he has put them, their makers, and when possible...their story. All put into an amazing book. I am excited to have him tell us about it! ------------------- I am delighted to chat with Nicky Ovitt today about her fabric collection called Homestead. She has an amazing story about how the fabric came to life. Nicky is an amazing artist whose work has been on many things and we now have it on fabric! ------------------- visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 8th of September 2014
Monday 25th of August 2014
Sandi Blackwell is a designer that had a problem and came up with a solution! If love to set quilts on point but are not sure how, Sandi created a method you might love! I'm excited to learn about Sandi's quilt background today and hear about her method for setting blocks on point. =============== Quilt Designer Kim Lapacek loves to inspire and encourage us to quilt to follow our dreams. Her fabric choices are amazing, she put together fabrics many of us wouldn't think to use and her quilts just sing. In 2010 she started 'Project Quilting' and you'll learn all about that today! ============== Author, quilt maker and show host Susan Brubaker Knapp and I are going to talk about creativity. What sparks it, how to make it work. Susan is also going to share what she has been doing with free style embroidery, I'm really interested in this! =============== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 18th of August 2014
Author, fabric designer, and amazing quilter Nancy Rink is back with me today to share her story about her book El Camino Real and the quilts in it. Plus she has some fun projects going on that you will want to know about! ============ Latifah Saafir has been sharing her work for years as the Quilt Engineer and I have followed along to see the fantastic quilts she makes. She has in her bio that “I learned how to sew when I was six and took it up ‘seriously’ at twelve” this is my kind of quilter! Latifah has new projects coming out and I asked her to come talk about creativity, using bias tape and easy curved piecing ================= Terri Degenkolb is the amazing and creative person behind the quilts and fabrics of Whimsicals Quilts. I first meet Terri at a trade show when she and I were had booths near each other. We even started our design businesses about the same time! I am delighted to have Terri tell us about her creative process from how she pulls fabrics to how she designs the lines of fabric for Red Rooster. ============== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 11th of August 2014
Author and Quiltmaker Karla Alexander loves to make amazing quilts that look harder than they are. You know her Stack and Shuffle series of books with Martingale. Her technique is super fun to do and you create these spectacular quilts. Today Karla is going to tell me about her latest book Stack, Shuffle, and Slide … she has some tips for fabric picking and sewing for easier quilting! ----------- I knew I was going to love Melanie Testa when I walked up to her booth at the show and she was elbow deep dying fabric.. yes.. IN her booth! I've read Melanie's blog for awhile and admired her art. Lucky us, she now has her art on fabric with Windham! Melanie is going to talk with me about her creative process and how she came up with her fabric line “Meadowlark”. ----------------- Heather Valentine is passionate about sewing education and that shows in her designing, writing and her business site 'The Sewing Loft'. Heather shares tutorials and tips that are a fantastic reference... but she also has built an amazing community online of people helping people and sharing what they love. Heather is going to give us some great tips today for using scraps, getting things done and a lot more! --------------- visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 28th of July 2014
Joan Ford – Joan has been tackling tiny scraps. She developed a fusible interfacing to help you sew 1” 9patch blocks.. holy cow! Joan walks us through how to do that. Plus she had a GREAT tip at the end of the show about buying fabric to go with your scraps. Also listen to our first talk on 6-10-13! --------- Karen Combs – Karen's love of Illusion quilts has brought her to exploring them in many ways. She shares tips for how to select the fabric and how to make unusal block shapes match, it's all about the pins! ------------ Bonnie Ferguson – Many of us are sewing clothes again and Bonnie has great advice on working with Knits. Not just great.. but DETAILED advice! She made it sounds so easy I am going to go buy some knits and try it! Get her tips and tricks on my show! ------------ Dana Bolyard – She is the voice of Old Red Barn and a new author with her first book “Imagine Quilts” with Martingale. She walks us through her process for creating quilt designs and shares how the 4 sections of her book address 4 ways of working. Dana breaks down the process into very doable bits... plus has a fantastic tip on sewing curves with no pins! ================ visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 21st of July 2014
The Editors of American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine Have a FULL show of tips for you today! visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 7th of July 2014
Author and quiltmaker John Adams has a wonderful sense of color and balance. His new book with Martingale is called Beyond Neutral, Quilts inspired by Nature's Elements. John and I are going to talk about the inspiration behind the quilts and I want to dig a little deeper into how he selects fabrics and the process he uses. He has a really interesting way of explaining that. ************** I love a great story, and Judy Edgar's captured my heart. Her mother Relia Skinner started a quilt pattern business in 1976 called Kiddie Komfies. She had to retire the business and now she and her daughter Judy decided to bring the patterns to life again for us to enjoy! ************** Bonnie Hunter joins me today to talk scraps, surprised? The author of several books with Kansas City Star on scrap quilts, and an amazingly detailed system to organize her scraps, she is a machine of quilt making. Bonnie is going to talk about her newest book 'More Adventures with Leaders and Enders' and give us some insight into how to work with color and get more done when sewing on the road. ************** Author, fabric designer, Nancy Mahoney, joins me this month for a chat on saving time and money during your sewing. We will also explore a bit about English Paper Piecing! ================ visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 30th of June 2014
Jenny Doan from the Missouri Star Quilt Company shares the story about how her kids decided she needed a business, that ultimately became a family business that has stretched over several blocks of Hamilton MO. Many of you know Jenny from her wonderful youtube videos where she teaches you how to make simple fun and fast quilts. She comes from a sewing background in costume design and tells Pat she just loves to sew, sew anything! Jenny shares her tips for why precuts packages are her 'go to' fabric choice. =========== Kate Colleran is one half of the design team “Seams like a Dream” with her business partner Elizabeth Balderama. Kate specializes in color and helping quilters find what works for them. From her wonderful pieced projects to very cute applique, they design quilts you want to make. Kate shares tips about how to look at your fabrics with a new eye, sharing an experience she had recently in a workshop she attended as a student. ================== Author, fabric designer, Nancy Mahoney, joins Pat this month for a deep dive into Sampler quilts. They both share what a sampler is, why you can benefit from working with one, and how to make them wonderful. Nancy explains how a sampler quilt can be used to learn new techniques, and what you might learn is that you don't care for that. Since you only made one block you can go onto something else! =============== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 23rd of June 2014
I first found out about Artist Carrie Bloomston's work when I saw her fabrics with Windham. They have a collage feel, like she ripped up the newspapers, painted them and then magicly turned them into quilt fabric.. wait.. I wonder if that IS what she did? I had spot with Carrie in her booth at the show and she is inspirational! I asked her to come on the show and talk about her passion, which is creativity... something we never tire of learning about. ========= Christa Watson has been quilting for nearly 20 years. She and I started following each other's blogs and I am excited to have Christa talk to me about how quilting making has changed and how her own quilt making has changed. I think that happens to so many of us and the journey never ends... I find it fascinating to hear how people move from one style to another or from one focus to another. She has also been entering her quilts in shows and I want to learn why she is, and her her share the experiences with us. It's going to be a lot of fun to explore change with Christa ================ visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 16th of June 2014
Rachael Gander writes clever tutorials on everything from quilts to craft projects anyone can do. She is also a pattern designer and her newest pattern line is clothing for children and adults. Rachael takes the mystery out of working with knits on this show. She has several great tips for the sewist who is working with knits for the first time. Plus you won't believe what you can do with a shower curtain that will keep your kids happy this summer, her pool cover idea is fast, simple and inexpensive. ============ Jill Finley is the featured designer for the August 2014 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. Jill gives us the behind the scenes point of view of having her home photographed. Her project for the issue has an accent of rick rack and Pat asked Jill for some tips on keeping that rick rack flat and in place to sew it to the quilt. Jill also shares the inspiration behind her newest fabric line Park Drive. You can also Listen to Jill on the Jan 21, 2013 show. =============== her training. Her book 'Savor Each Stitch' is a design guidebook and Carolyn shares how she set up the book to teach you how to create your own unique quilts. From the initial drawings to making the same quilt multiple times, Carolyn breaks down the process so you can explore your design potential. She also tell us about her little shirt pattern and how they can be made from a charm pack. You can also listen to Carolyn on Oct 7, 2013 show. ============= Shop owner and designer Roseann Kermes joins Pat Sloan to talk about the new products they found at quilt market. Like the new “Flatter' which is a starch alternative, to a product that allows you to put rulers side by side, to a brand new design for a 'awl' that is not only clever but ergonomic. The wind up the show explaining the new Row by Row Experience that is happening in Quilt shops across the country, it's more than a blog hop! ============ visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 9th of June 2014
I've taught many workshops and some of the ones I love the best are the workshops I've taught on a cruise ship. There is nothing like a group of quilters on vacation in the sun for a week during the brutal dead of winter... it's a party from the moment they set foot aboard! Deb Luttrell and her team run a very successful quilt shop and have awesome travel business with tours for quilters. Deb's joining me to talk about what a quilt cruise is like and she'll also share what she is doing in her new Craftsy workshop! (Deb's quilt shown is in the August 2014 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine) ================= Author Rachel May's book 'Quilting with a Modern Slant' intriqued me. I couldn't wait to get a copy to see the collection of quiltmakers and quilters she curated into a book of modern 'slants'. From my idol 'Anna Willams' to newer quiltmakers like Debbie Grifka, she weaves the story of her inspirations into a book that has great variety of style, with a thread of modern in them. Today I'll find out how she developed this group of quiltmakers to share. =============== Years ago one of my office mates and her husband would take a week of vacation and travel to the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC to learn a craft. She would come back with wooden spoons and he made musical instruments. At the time I sewed and was learning stain glass, I didn't quilt yet. I loved hearing about the week long workshops she went to and the schools amazing program of teaching the folk crafts. Today I have the Resident Quilter, Pat Meinecke, from the John C. Campbell Folk School here to tell me about the history and the quilting done there! =============== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 2nd of June 2014
As soon as I saw Frances Newcombe's fabric with Art Gallery I knew I had to meet her! Frances is a artist that works in the TV industry by day, and crafts and draws and raises a little one the rest of the time. She talks to me about creativity and how she develops her sets of designs. And be sure to listen in to find out who her famous father is! ================= Gail Pan is a delightful Australian designer who is very active online! She has a new book with Martingale and fabric and creates adorable stitchery and patchwork designs. Gail shares her inspirations and some stitching tips today! ==================== 2014 is Olfa's 35th anniversary of the invention of the rotary cutter! What an incredible tool that I could NOT live without. I asked Robin Letourneau, the Associate Brand Lead at OLFA to tell me about how it was invented and what has gone on with the rotary cutter since the 70s! ================== The ever thoughtful and very talented Thomas Knauer has been living in England and came into the trade show for his first book release. Thomas's book is filled with 12 meaningful quilts where he shares his thoughts behind each. I asked Thomas to share how he devleoped the set of quilts and he has a sweet story about how his daughter's observations turned into a quilt. ============== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 19th of May 2014
Victoria Findlay Wolfe joins me again and I asked her to chat about double wedding rings and other fabulous quilting activities she is up to! She is one busy quilter with traveling and making.. all rolled into one spectacular splash of color! She writes at her website Bumblebeans where you can have a glimpse into her creative life. ============= Heather Jones of Olive & Ollie joins me to talk solids, studio spaces, modern quilts and American Made fabrics from Clothworks. License Plate tour for American Made, I'm Virginia and Heather is Ohio for the tour.. it's going to be awesome! I've seen some of the plates.. super cool ============= Elizabeth Dackson of Don't Call Me Betsy has a passion for teaching freemotion quilting.. she is going to chat with me about her quilting, share her salvage keeping tips and some chat on foundation paper piecing! Instagram - @dontcallmebetsy or Twitter - Facebook - Blog - ============= Guest 4 John Kubiniec I think I first meet John Kubiniec via twitter or facebook where we were chatting about some project and his 'Big Rig Quilting' tag kept showing. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to get to know him! John is a quilt maker, longarm quilter and he is super creative.. plus we love the color red! (Or just look for Big Rig Quilting on FB) ============= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 12th of May 2014
Designer Ellen Murphy is a first time author with her book American Homestead, a book of quilts inspired by Iconic Home styles. I found that rather intriguing! =============== The delightful Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter joins me today to talk about her first book with Martingale, designing, tutorials and she is going to share some awesome quilting tips with me today! I know the one I'm going to try first.. listen to to hear what it is! =================== Australian Quilt and Fabric designer Lynette Anderson is always a joy to have on the show. She is going to tell me about her newest fabric line and about traveling to many different countries to teach this year. From Russia to Sweden to Spain with many other stops in between, including stops here in the US while she is at the trade show. Plus Lynette has a cool new applique tip for us! =========== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 5th of May 2014
Rachel Hauser of Stitched in Color always has some interesting chat going on. I have read her fabric posts for many years and I'm really happy to have her join me to talk about different ways to stretch your creative muscle. With her Mosaic contests to super tutorials, Rachel has great information to share. =============== Jenean Morrison is a fabulous designer and you can find her quilt designs on Free Spirit fabric. I had a chance to do be in a workshop with Jenean and I so want you to meet her today! Her designs are happy and lively and full of details. =============== Sara Lawson joins me to chat about her new fabric line called Jungle from Art Gallery. I also ask her to give us some tips on bag making today! if you have a bag question leave it in the comments so I can ask Sara on the show today! ================== Nancy Mahoney is an amazing quilt designer, fabric designer, instructor and editor for Martingale books! This year Nancy is joining me each month to go deeper on topics that you want to know about. Today we are going to talk about the power of good 'fabric/block pressing' skills, thrify quilting and sampler quilts. ================ visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Tuesday 15th of April 2014
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Monday 14th of April 2014
Amy Friend and I meet during some Therm-o-webs design team chats. Many of the designs for Therm-o-web are paper and mixed media artists. So whenever a I have a chance to chat with another quilt person on the team I'm excited! Amy is a designer, one of the founders of the SeaCoast Modern Quilt Guild and involved with the 'To Boston with Love' banner exhibit. =================== Carla Crim of the Scientific Seamstress has a book called 'Essential Sewing Reference Tool'. You might be familiar with Jennifer's adult clothing designs that she does with partner Sis Boom, and with her children clothing patterns, totes and more she self publishes. Excited to learn about her background and her new book! ============= Nancy Mahoney and I will dive deep into Auditioning our fabric at different phases in the process ============== Tim & Bec is an awesome Husband and Wife design firm. They have fabric with Moda and I was able to get to know Bec McAllister while our booths were next to each other at the trade show for a few days! I can't wait for you to meet her and learn about their designs. =========== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 7th of April 2014
Pat Sloan: Heather Valentine, Bonnie Forkner, and Barb Eikmeier chat quiltmaking with me today! =========== Heather Valentine is the voice behind the website The Sewing Loft Blog. She has loads of fun and informative tutorials for everything from Clothing to décor. I'm excited for you to meet her! =========== Art Gallery Fabric Designer Bonnie Christine creates beautiful goods for us to use. She has a lovely blog where she writes about creating and simplifying .. I always feel refreshed after a visit (and want to try new things!) Bonnie is visiting with me to day and sharing a little insight into her creative process. ============ Author and amazing quilter Barb Eikmeier is here to talk applique, sashing options and solids with me! If we have time..I'm going to find out how to make AMAZING pies.. the kind you eat! ************************************ APQ magazine online pat sloan
Monday 31st of March 2014
Gerri Robinson of “Planted Seed Designs” is a Quilt Designer, Author and fabric designer with Red Rooster. Her latest book is called 'A Cut Above' and I love the story behind writing this book, you will too! ============== I took a workshop and as often happens, I meet incredible people. Sondra Davison of Out of the Blue Designs was in this class and we ended up as project partners. What a FUN time we had! It turns out we have similar styles and backgrounds.. and she is a fantastic quilt designer and you've seen her patterns in your favorite catalogs and shops. I can't wait for you to meet! ============ I am crazy about on point settings. I think turning the blocks creates an exciting layout! Sometimes doing this scares people when they get to the side triangles for setting them. Donna Lynn Thomas has a book out called “On Point Patchwork that I'm excited to share with you! ======== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 24th of March 2014
Kristin Roylance's super sweet AND cute designs will make you want to pull out fabric right now! She has just written a book called Cute Quilts for Kids and we are going to chat about that and how she loves to add special touches just for kids. ============ Amanda Carestio is a designer and author. Her latest book is “Never Been Stitched” and when I saw it I had to get her on the show! Lots of adorable 'No sewing' or just a bit of sewing projects.. how is that possible? ============== Kelly Lee-Creel is a designer and author of very fun to make projects. Her book “Handmade Hostess” was written with her sister Rebecca Soder and it's full of imaginative ways to host a special event ============ American Patchwork and Quiltling Editors Jennifer Keltner and Elizabeth Beese bring us up to date on the Grande Central Terminal Quilt challenge they sponsored. The staff at the magazine is full of so much quilting enthusiasm and experience it's incredible! Have you been following thieir blog? Getting the newsletter? CLICK HERE to Listen LIVE between 4pm and 5pm EASTERN. Then Listen ON YOUR COMPUTER or download the PODCAST after the show! The recording is available after 6pm eastern. ITUNES subscription available - CLICK HERE To subscribe APQ FACEBOOK page CLICK HERE to Join My FACEBOOK Quilt Community CLICK HERE to Join APQ magazine online
Monday 17th of March 2014
Natalie Barnes from Beyond the Reef is going to visit with me and tell me about her quilts and her use of tropical fabrics.. I can't wait! ============== Kate Spain has such beautiful fabrics with Moda! I am actually a hoarder of all things 'Kate'.. wink! Today she will share what is new and tell us about the Moda Letter quilt she made. ================ Nancy Mahoney and I will dive deep into Ergonomics, when to add a border on a quilt and that elusive 1/4" seam allowance. =============== Jacquie Gering has an awesome style that I love. I can always tell when a quilt is a 'Jacquie'. She is going to catch us up on what she has been doing latey, like creating a studo space. She is also on the Modern Quilt Guild board and will tell me about QuiltCon 2015! =============== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 10th of March 2014
Jennifer Keltner and Jody Sanders on American patchwork & Quilting Editors with Host Pat Sloan of American Patchwork and Quilting on the Radio with Pat Sloan
Monday 24th of February 2014
Kathy Brown from Teacher's Pet is so full of fantastic quilt ideas! From patterns, to books to rulers to that get the job done, Kathy is always creating. Today we are going to talk about her books, her fun rulers and she has some super quilting tips to share. ------------- Gina Reddin is the designer behind Splinter and Threads. I look forward to catching up with her at the shows because Gina always has something new going on! Last time I saw her, she was demoing wood block carvings for creating designs on fabric. They are so fabulous I just had to have her join me to tell you about them! ----------------- American Patchwork & Quilting Editors Jennifer Keltner and Jody Sanders share stories about how 'Quilting Changes Everything'. -------------- I was walking by Patti Connor's booth and just got drawn in, don't you love when a designers work does that to you? Patti is as delightful as her quilts and she has some pretty fun and nifty quilt tricks to share with us today! ====================== host pat sloan - APQ magazine online
Monday 17th of February 2014
Have you stopped in Loft Creations? The awesome Stephanie Dunphy always has some cheerful project, amazing design, or super cute thing I need to get! (oh.. did I say that?). She has a new book out called “Uncommonly Corduroy” and it's fantastic! I LOVE Corduroy and never really thought about using it .. but Stephanie did! She is going to share a load of tips with me today, can't wait! ============== There is a documentary being made called "Pieced Together". It is the first documentary film about the American quilt square trail movement. It is directed and produced by Julianne Donofrio, who a Peabody award-winning producer and veteran of ABC News, “Pieced Together” tells the story of how one woman's love for her mother changed the American landscape. I can't wait to talk to Julianne about the Quilt Trail and her documentary. website - ================ Kimberly Einmo is an amazing teacher, designer, and author! I'm super happy to have her back on the show to talk about speciality rulers, why to use them and how to get the most out of them. Plus she has a new book coming out she is going to tell us about! =============== Roseann and I are going to talk Banners! From the Banner's of Hope project, to how to MAKE adorable banners like the swap and I were in (See the banners at this LINK and get the free pattern!) CLICK HERE for info on the Banners of Hope project ======
Monday 3rd of February 2014
Kathleen Brown of Mountian Patchwork has a the most adorable quilt designs. Many are projects you can do quickly for instant gratifications. She has also developed a super cool technique called Double stitch that adds such a nice texture to your quilt. ------------- Debbie Grifka of Esch House Quilts is a booth I never miss at the trade show. Her clean bold design lines are super attractive. I love how she adds in a playful element that always makes me really think about the layout and go 'wow'! Maybe a turned triangle, a part that isn't the same fabric as other parts... you can always find a little surprise in Debbie's work. Debbie is going to chat with me about her design process, I can't wait! ----------------- Ali Winston is a designer and author of a new book called Quilt Lab from Stash books. Ali's website is a²(w) (read as "a squared w") where she writes about quilting, shares patterns, and has a cool feature called Stash Match.. plus I'm dying to get to know her because her favorite color is yellow and so is mine! --------------- Nancy Mahoney is an amazing quilt designer, fabric designer, instructor and editor for Martingale books! She has been on the show before and you all LOVED her information packed segment. I asked Nancy to come back once a month this year so we can dig deep into topics to really do some detailed learning. (she also has a new book on circles) ------------------ APQ magazine online host Pat Sloan
Monday 27th of January 2014
Jennifer Keltner and Jodi Sanders from American Patchwork & Quilting are on the show to talk about about expanding your skill set and learning something new! Another segment is on round robins and one of scraps! They are FULL of great information and tips for you today visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 20th of January 2014
One of the true delights at the trade show is making new friends. Janet Clare and I vended next to each other and by the end of the show we were besties! She is so delightful, has a long rich history as a needlearts designer and just released her first fabric line with Moda called Hearty Good Wishes. In my interview she tells you how she came up with that name! I am head over heels for this line! ------------------ Barbara and John Quinby are antique dealers and one of their loves is old thread cabinets. Barbara is a quilter, which means we are lucky they part with some of their finds! I asked Barbara and John to tell me the history behind the cabinets and how they found some of the real treasures in this group. They do not have an internet store, website or physical store. If you are interseted in learning where they are vending and what they have in stock, email them! email Barbara and John for info at ---------------- Sue Garmen is one of my idols. I've followed her amazing work since almost the day I started quilt making. She is meticulous, prolific, and has a passion for quilts that is as wide as the big blue ocean. She is also fast.. like FAST FAST.. I had the chance to spend 30 minutes with Sue talking about how she works, how she thinks, you are going to love her! ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 13th of January 2014
Christina Cameli is a quiltmaker and new author. Her book "First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting – 24 projects for Fearless Stitching" with C&T, is not just a beginners guide, it is much more. When I ask quilters what they want to learn more about, it's free motion quilting. And when I ask them why they don't do it more, they tell me they are afraid. Afraid of messing up. Christina has some great tips for us! =============== Pretty fabric at a show will stop me dead in my tracks, I bet you can relate! When at the Houston show I was going by the Fiber On a Whim booth, and not only did the hand dyes look amazing.. but they looked different. Upon taking a closer look I realized they were burlap! I've been seeing a lot of burlap on the internet but mostly tan. Nothing in these juicy colors. Kristin Rodriquez and her mom Jan Girod told me all about using burlap and I now Kristin is here with me today to share with you! ============= I discovered Monica Lee's Smart Creative Women website when she interviewed one of my quilt friends. I was hooked on her super friendly personality, her attention to detail in her videos and her artwork. Monica is an glorious artist with an amazing style. She has designed fabric lines, cards, and paper. She has illustrated books and a zillion other things. What I love about Monica is her spot on creative input and feedback. She looks at art (and creativity) in a way that can see what we might be missing when we look at our own work. She runs workshops, and the lastet is Smart Creative Style, which I took last year with her. I asked Monica to join me to share about creativity, about what we can do as quilters to find our creative sweet spot... plus a lot more! ================ visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 6th of January 2014
There are some quiltmakers that knock my socks off with everything they do. Yoko Saito is one of them. She is a master Japanese quilter and if you love Japanese quilts I am sure you have seen her work, all written in Japanese until now. I'm super excited to have publisher Priscilla Knoble with me to talk about the books she is printing, in English, with Yoko. **************** Nancy Mahoney is an amazing quilt designer, fabric designer, instructor and editor for Martingale books! She has been on the show before and you all LOVED her information packed segment. I asked Nancy to come back once a month this year so we can dig deep into topics to really do some detailed learning. **************** My love of space started as a little girl, and continues today. When I heard that Astronaut Karen Nyberg was quilting IN SPACE my heart skipped a beat! Could this be true? Well check out the video below and you will see it is! I contacted NASA and asked to interview Karen about quilting in space. This is one special interview! Plus she issued a challenge to make a quilt block. Karen tells me about it, **************** American Patchwork & Quilting magazine always has an amazing plan for the year of issues, facebook posts and blog entries. Editor Jennifer Keltner is here to tell us what fun projects are we can find in 2014! Plus we'll chat trends a bit. ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 9th of December 2013
I am excited to have Angela Yosten back on the show. She is an author, fabric design and super clever quilters. What I love about her books and projects are that they are very do able. Loads of smaller things, quick to make, instant satisfaction. She also does amazing quilts! Angela's latest book is Sew Modern Baby and we'll talk about that and I'm asking her some tips for fitting in sewing with a toddler in the house. ========== Jennifer and I talking about the making of a magazine, the behind the scenes scoop. It might be one of my most favorite recordings! I love behind the scenes! ============= I've followed the Material Obsessions quilt shop blog forever, I can't even remember how long. The shop encourages the most vibrant use of fabrics around. The owner, Kathy Doughty is an amazing quilter and encourager. She has written several books, has online workshops and now she is here with me to share her background., ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 2nd of December 2013
Lindsay Conner is a writer, designer and the author of the book "Modern Bee". You will see her writing at many of your favorite sites on the internet and at her own site I was on her book tour and totally feel in love with her writings on being in a Quilt bee and her thoughts on building community. So happy to have her on the show today to chat about quilting communities! ============= I love hearing how people approach their quilt making Lee Heinrich is one of the three authors of then book "Vintage Quilt Revival". I've been chatting with each author and it's very interesting to hear how each approached the same topic that went into one book! =============== Dan DiPaolo creates delightfully fun fabrics for clothworks and wanted to learn more about this artist! Dan lives on a 40 acre farm which he told me inspires a lot of his art work. I'm looking forward to chatting with him about how he develops his ideas! ============== Ashley Smith grew up in the quilting business. Her mother co-owend Possibilities and the Great American Quilt Factory in Colorado, so you might have run into Ashley if you had visited! She now works at the online workshop site, Craftsy, as the Acquisition Editor. In that job she sees a lot of different aspects of the quilt world. I asked her to join me to talk about trends and learning online! ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 25th of November 2013
Christina Lane is an author, pattern designer and beautiful photographer. She writes at Christina's book 'Quilting Happiness' with coauthor Diane Gilleland is a book full of incredible quilts and inspiration on quilting. I chatted with Diane on Sept 16,2013 and now I'm excited to have Christina tell us about her quilts =========== Author Pat Wys was with me Dec 17, 2012 when her first book on Neutrals was written and now she has a second neutral's book called 'Knockout Neutrals'. Pat is a super fun instructors and has a really interesting take on how to look at all Neutral fabric quilts. I'm excited to catch up with her! =============== Carol Doak is the author of 20 quilt books, a world traveled quilter and now online instructor. I'm really interested in what makes Carol excited about quilt making after all these years, and has she ever made a quilt without paper piecing (yes I'm going to ask this burning question!). ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 18th of November 2013
Today Leah and I are answering YOUR most asked questions about machine quilting. It is our Year end recap! I'm delighted that Leah was able to join me each month. You have 11 shows worth of freemotion quilting chat.. exciting right? If you have any last minute questions leave them in the comments. ------------------ The best part of hosting this show is that I am able to invite on people whose work I admire greatly. Jennifer Sampou Hensley is a fabric artist that I have followed for years. I just love her work! When I designed my first fabric line, she was the art director at the company. I was thrilled when one of her designs became part of my collection. Jennifer's creative journay is so interesting, I'm thrilled to have her on the show to share about it. ----------- Whever Roseann comes on I am so happy! We chat girlfriend style... we've known each other for many years, email often, and she has such a wealth of information being both a shop owner and a designer. Plus she make crazy cute stuff.. wink! Today we have ideas for you for small easy to make projects. For gifts, to decorate.. we can't stop creating in December.. right? ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 11th of November 2013
Award winning quilter Annette Kennedy loves to paint on her quilts, and she truly takes the pieces to the next level! I've never done much painting. I want to learn a few tips about the process and Annette is going to explain how she works and how easy it is! Website: ==== I've been reading Jennifer Mathis's website EllisonLane for awhile. She has great tutorials, insights into quilting and super motivation to make things. This is what I love..the passion and motivation! Oh cute projects always get me attention too.. wink! Jennifer is going to share some paper piecing tips too.. I always can use those! website ======= Author Elizabeth Dackson is the voice behind the site 'Don't Call me Betsy' and under her photo it says "I'm Elizabeth, mom to a very busy five year old boy and I sew for my sanity. Let's get to quilting, shall we?" I just LOVE a kindred spirit.. it's all about quilting here! Elizabeth's first book 'Becoming a confident Quilter' is in the stores and I can't wait to chat with her. ======= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Thursday 31st of October 2013
Angela Pingel's website is Cut to Pieces where she shares tutorials like the ones she does for Moda Bakeshop, plus tips and encouragement to get quilting! I first meet Angela when I was the judge for the Moda Bakeshop 'sliced' competition, where Angela was the winner have several super creative round! ========== Little Miss Shabby is Corey Yoder's website where she shares all things deliciously quilty. Corey is a Moda Bakeshop contributor, a wonderful tutorial writer and she creates patterns for P&B Textiles and RJR Fabrics. =========== When I saw Valerie Goodwin's book called 'Art Quilt maps', I was intrigued. I love it when I see a quilt and really wonder about the process behind it. I personally love images of maps, I always have. Put a map on it and I'm drawn to it right away. Valerie works her magic into quilts that are not replica's of maps, but more. Today she is going to share her process with us! ============= American Patchwork & Quilting editor Jennifer Keltner and I talk about storage! Who needs storage tips? Well I think most of us do. Want it, need it, gotta have it! It's a fun segment! ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 28th of October 2013
Sherry Reynolds with her "America Let it Shine" quilt. The thought and meaning in her quilt is outstanding. Hear Sherry explain some of the things that went into making this quilt Meet Sherry on Facebook at ========= The first time I saw Melody Miller's fabric I was stopped in my tracks. I love the styling (retro) and the colors (fun) and her asymmetrical layouts rock! Right now I have one of her pieces up high on my design wall .. it's kind of Rockabilly and I love it. Even my brother was like .. wow.. look at THAT fabric! I asked Melody to join me today to chat about what she is doing in the world of fabric design.. you are going to love it! =========== Caleb Willis is the president of Island Batiks and the inspiration behind Quilted in Honor. Island Batik has a huge movement called Quilted in Honor to support and raise funds for Operation Homefront. I'm very proud to be a supporter by deigning 2 quilts for this project. Caleb is going to tell us about Island Batik and Quilted in Honor today. ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 21st of October 2013
I had the opportunity to hear Quilt Alliance board member Janneken Smucker give a talk this summer and was blown away. Everything she said spoke to everything I love about quilt making. Janneken a college history professor who also has studied at the Quilt Study Center in Lincoln Nebraska and has a masters from that program. She comes from a long line of quilters and is passionate about the quilt makers. That is what connected to me. We both love the story. She has a new book out called "Amish Quilts crafting an American Icon" ============== Fabric dying is one of those areas of quilt making I think many of try at least once. Who doesn't want to create that perfect shade that you just can't find anywhere? Kim Eichler-Messmer is the author of "Modern Color" the illustrated guide to dying fabric for modern quilts. ================= Sara Lawson makes bags. Really cool and useful bags that we can make for ourselves! She write at her website Sew Sweetness about bag making, quilt blocks and throws in an amazing outfit or two that she makes with quilt fabric! I asked Sara to join me to give us some bag making tips! ============== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 14th of October 2013
I've followed Lindsay Wilkes for awhile now. She designs adorable children's clothing patterns and writes about those, quilting and cooking at her site The Cottage Mama. I love her style and she has a new book that is totally adorable! ========== Looking on my bookshelf I see a book or two by prolific author Marsha McCloskey. Since writing her first book "Small Quilts" there are now over 30 books with her name on them. She is also a fabric designs, has invented several products to make our quilting easier, and has traveled the world teaching quilting making. I'm delighted to have Marsha on the show to talk about her work and what inspires her! =============== Leah Day is back this month to talk with me about blogging our quilt making. Many of you read blogs, and maybe you are thinking it would be fun to share your work on a blog ... or even on a flickr or pinterest page. We are going to talk about the benefits, give you some advice and Leah is going to share some tips on doing a video! ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 7th of October 2013
Carolyn Frieldander is a fabric design, pattern designer and advocate of slow sewing. Slow Sewing? I thought the same thing! Carolyn brings her architecture training to our quilt world with a unique perspective ============= When I saw Karlee's keyboard quilt "Shimmering Symphony" I pretty must emailed her that instant to be on the show. Her quilting is extraordinary ...she adds an entire new level of design to her quilt tops. And I want to hear all about it! ================ This is a super exciting 2nd half of the show! Jennifer and I talk about STASH RX!! How to handle that stash of ours, love it! ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 30th of September 2013
Designer Katie Blakesley writes at SwimBikeQuilt. Katie is one of the co-authors of book 'Vintage Quilt Revival' and she hosts a great charity project each year for kids. ========== Doug Leko is the man behind Antler Quilt Designs. Doug grew up in a quilt shop and started his pattern business in 2008 when he was only 14 years old. I love his use of color and he creates innovative quilts that really keep your interest! ================ Annabel Wrigley is an author and owner of the Little Pincushion Studio in Warrenton VA. She loves to teach children to sew! I asked Annabel to join me again so we could go into more detail about the approach to teaching children. You can hear my first interview on June 17. ============== Jennifer Keltner and Pat Sloan talk about the 'behind the scenes' making of the magazines. ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 23rd of September 2013
I was immediately drawn to the fabric designs of Alyssa Thomas of Penguin & Fish. They have adorable tiny animals and other whimsical bits. The I found out she also loves to embroider and has a delightful book called "Sew & Stitch Embroidery". Alyssa joins me to chat about all things creative today! Website - ====================== Christen Brown is the author of a book on embroidery and one on ribbon work. Her creations are stunning! She describes herself as an artist, a designer, a technician, a crafter, a writer and a poet. I'm super excited to learn a bit about the type of embroidery work she does. ==================== Joyce Weeks is the designer behind "Geoff's Mom" quilt patterns. What I like about Joyce's quilts are that they are inviting. Like inviting me to touch and to make! Joyce works in a beautiful palette of toasty colors with lots of reproduction fabrics. She creates both pieced and appliqued designs. Let's meet Joyce this week and learn more about her work! ================== Leah Day is back to talk about scale - how dense the quilting is and how that effects the design and finished look of the quilt. I also have some questions for her on marking our designs, it's going to be a great chat! ============= ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 16th of September 2013
Guest - It is always exciting and educational to chat with Liesl Gibson of Oliver & S. She is a Clothing designer, quilt designer, fabric designer and all around diva of sewing... Liesl has some cool new things to share... and if anyone ever says to me 'wow you do so many things!'.. I'm going to point them over to Liesl, who has a lot of plates in the air! Oliver + S: (our flagship brand, and we sell all our patterns on this site as well as tools and supplies) Lisette: Straight Stitch Society: ============== Guest - Barbara Cline comes from a long line of quilters who instilled in her a strong quilt heritage. Barabra has been making quilts since she was a girl, never stopping even when her children where small. She has written three books with C&T that are filled to the brim with exciting designs! Her designs and use of color are what attracted me to her work. I'm excited to have Barbara here to share her background and how she comes up with her exciting quilts! ================== Guest - Amber Carrillo writes at One Shabby chick and I love seeing what she is up to! Her wonderful projects are very doable and she is super generous with tutorials and sharing her techniues. With an active family she manages to fit in lots of quilting.. I hope to get a few tips for those of you trying to squeeze in quilting with children at home ------------------ Guest - Diane Gilleland of the Crafty Pod is so inspirational! She writes about all kinds of crafty goodness, including blogging! She is the co-author of the new book Quilting Happiness with Chritina Lane and it is published by Potter Craft. I'm pretty excited about this book and asked Diane to join me to talk about her unique part in this book. --------------- ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 9th of September 2013
Guest- Nora McMeeking makes amazing precision quilts, and she tells me they are not hard if you take the time to learn a few tricks. She is a C&T Author and has an online workshop at Craftsy you can take. Her go to is Paper piecing and I can't wait to learn from her! ===================== Guest - Judy Sisneros makes dynamic quilts that are actually easy to do! She has written several books with from 9 Patch Pizzaz, to Rectangle Pizzazz and now her most recent being Circle Pizzazz. Judy is going to tell us about her process and inspirations.. and I'm hoping to get a few good tips from her today! ================== Guest - I am always excited to see what Amy Barickman of Indygo Junction is up to. She has some great new fabrics out that I want to hear about, and new wearables ... mmm.. I need get back to sewing some clothes.. how about you? ============== Guest - When I grow up I want to be Jamie Fingal! I've had the great pleasure to follow her work for years and I've meet her in person, she is a creative rock star! Jamie's fun and whimsical quilts speak to my inner creative mode. I asked Jamie if she would join me today to talk about how to take our sketches and create unique one of a kind pieces. =========== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 26th of August 2013
Guest - I'm delighted to have Cheryl Arkison here to tell us about her second quilt book "A Month of Sundays". Cheryl has also been out and about teaching lately and she is going to share some tips for using Low Volume fabric effectively! =========== Guest - Carolee McMullin is the designer behind "Adorn It" fabrics and patterns. Carolee has long history of designing for the scrap book industry and her wonderful creations have translated well into fabric! ============= Guest - Ellen Medlock has created a beautiful fantasy of fabrics, patterns and a studio you can visit! I meet Ellen for the first time this spring and I can't wait to find out more about her design process ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 12th of August 2013
Guest - Jessie Aller is a fabric designer wih In the Beginning, President of the DC chapter of the Modern Quilt guild and a fantastic quilter! She love hand work and is going to share some English Paper Piecing tips with me today! =========== Guest - Lisa Calle writes at the website Vintage Modern Quilts where she shares her passion for quilt making. She also works at making the Moda Bakeshop an incredible site to find free patterns. I asked Lisa to join me to talk about her quilt making and the ins and outs of the Moda Bakeshop! ============== Guest - I first met Kim Niedzwiecki at a trade show.. or rather a tornado whirled into the area all smiles and chatter and loveliness.. inside that whirlwind was Kim introducing herself. Her blog is called GogoKim and it is perfect for her! She is not only a passionate quilter, but a huge advocate of all quilt makers. She works with Aurifil Thread company, Pellon, and designers everywhere. You can find Kim using her 25,000 words for the day somewhere on the internet, just tune in and meet her, you will love her too.. hold onto your hat! =============== Guest - Designer Roseann Kermes is back on the show by popular demand! Roseann and I are going to give you a fast paced segment of Quilting TIPS! Get your pen and paper READY to take notes.. I bet there are a few you don't know ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 5th of August 2013
Guest - I've admired Dawns work for years. Her appliqué designs are beautiful and her books are full of creative projects I want to make! Linen Closet Quilts ---------------------- Guest - Alissa Haight Carlton, the Executive Director of the Modern Quilt Guild, is joining me again today to share what's new with the Modern Quilt guild. And she recently taught at the Sister's OR quilt show, so I am excited to hear what that was like. That show is on my 'to do' list as a quilter. Have you been? ================ Guest - Dawn Stewart is the designer behind Springwater Design studio. She designs patterns she publishes, plus you can find her at the Modabakeshop and several fabric company free pattern pages. Dawn is going to share with us what it's like to teach beginner, work with your daughter and share some qult tips with us! Link to the Fabri-Quilt Blog tutorial: ============= Guest - Maryland Historical Society curator Kristin Schenning will join Dawn and I to talk about the project they are currently doing to remake the Star Spangled Banner! Maryland Historical Society: Stitching History Project page: ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 29th of July 2013
Guest - Jenifer Dick from 42Quilts is joining me to day to talk about her quilts, and her new job with Kansas City Star as the Executive Editor of their new "My Stars" line of books! ============== Guest - Fabric designer and author Nancy Rink creates wonderful quilts. And I'm really interested in her books that have a story behind them. I asked Nancy to join me and tell me about her book of quilts inspired by the Lowell factory girls.. and a new book she is working on inspired by history. ==================== Guest - Leah Day is back this month to talk with me a bit more about thread color choices for machine quilting. How thread enhances your work or could distract from your work. Plus she has some great machine quilting tips for us! ================= Guest - Jennifer and I talk about what goes on behind the scenes of making YOUR favorite quilt magazines! ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 22nd of July 2013
Guest - Sherri Williams is a quilter and a children's book author. She decided to combine her love of writing with her love of quilts and the book "The Adventures of Little Mouse, Adventures outside the Mouse hole" was born. A story about life lessons for children, plus a quilt pattern you can make! =========== Guest - It is always great to catch up with Nancy Zieman and find out what she is working on. We saw each other at a few events this year and I'm super excited she can be here today to talk about some new quilt things she is working with, like laser cut appliqué and some nifty tools! ============== Guest - Mimi Dietrich is a quilt treasure. She has been teaching and sharing quilt making for many years. Her speciality is Baltimore Album quilts. AND be sure to listen in when I share with you the first time I met Mimi... you won't want to miss this! Http:// ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 15th of July 2013
Guest - Susan Emory and Christine Van Buskirk worked together as quilt shop owner and manager, then combined their talents to form Swirly Girls Design. They create fabric, quilt patterns/book and they have designed some nifty tools for quilters too! I'm excited to introduce you to them and learn about how they work together. =============== Guest - Laurie Tigner is an award winning quilter. She not only designs patterns you and I would make, but she also creates one of a kind unique quilts to enter into shows. I love her work which is full of amazing detail. Laurie also quilts her own pieces (you can listen to my last interview with Laurie on Oct 1 2012). Today she is going to share about some of her techniques and share about her recent trip to Ireland to the quilt show! ================ Guest - When I first started to quilt the only place 'online' to see quilting was TV.. ha! We had a few quilt shows and Kaye Wood was one of them. I asked Kaye to join me to tell me how she got started and talk about the different things she has done in the quilt world, plus she is going to share her Hexagon 'magic' with us, for those of you who love hexagons you might just have a new way of making them! ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 8th of July 2013
Guest - I am always excited when I spot a piece of fabric that makes my heart sing. When I first found fabric by Alison Glass, that is what happened! It's happy and lively and drenched in amazing color. I asked Alison to join me today to chat about her work! ======= Guest - There is an exhibit at the Denver Art museum called "Spun, Adventures in Textiles" that my friend Amy Gibson shared on her blog. When I started to read about the event I got all goosebumpy! I shot an email off to Amy and invited her to come on the show to tell us about the exhibit AND having a piece in it! Plus Amy is going to give us a few tips on paper piecing today.. and maybe share the secret sauce that allows her time to sew with 4 children under the age of 5 AND moving into a new home... can't wait! Museum article by Amy - ========== Guest - Quilt Designer Faith Jones runs "Fresh Lemons", a super blog with tutorials, quilt sharing and massive amounts of feel good stuff quilters love to read everyday! A few weeks ago I was reading her blog and I just may have stopped mid-paragraph to send her an email and ask her to come on the show. Faith was talking about "Community Giving". Quilts for a cause, Quilts for those that are hurting. This is a topic near and dear to me. We are going to talk about that, her new book that is coming out and a lot more! ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Thursday 27th of June 2013
Guest - Kaari Meng from the French General chatted with me about how she developed her latest fabric line, her retreats she runs in France and she has the BEST tip to use when 'collecting'! We did the interview during set up day.. I think we took this photo at the end of the day when we might have been starting to wilt just a little bit! ============= Guest -- Jan Patek is one of my idols.. serious .. I'm a HUGE Fan girl! My early work in applique was making models of her patterns for the local shop. And my early quilts were primitive and her work has always inspired me. Jan talks about being in the quilt industry for as long as she has, her work style and community! ================== Guest - One the best parts about the trade show is that everytime you go, your booth is near someone new! This time I was next to BasicGrey. Shara Meredith is the Marketing Manager at BasicGrey and she came on the show to explain how BasicGrey started in fabric, what their design process is and shares about her latest and 'most Popular' fabric line (guess which it is!) ================= Guest - I have known Carolyn Forster almost since I started in the Quilt business. Carolyn is British and years ago she was the buyer for a shop in England that carries my things. Over the years we lost track of each other a bit and recently reconnected. I asked her to come on the show to chat about quilting in England, her 'Quilting on the Go' technique and her newest book with Landauer! ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 24th of June 2013
Guest - Have you been interested in Landscape quilts? The ones that show you a scene and just pull you into the quilt. Joyce Becker is a master at Landscapes quilts. And she even has some tips for creating them more quickly! I'm excited to have her on the show to learn more about this type of quilt. ========== Guest - Leah Day is back this month to talk about thread. We both have quilted a lot of pieces and thread can be a design element, or not. Today Leah and I will chat about what threads we use, what they do for our quilts and Leah has some trouble shooting tips for you! ============= Guest - Author, fabric designs and teacher Kim Diehl creates warm and cozy quilts loved by all! She is also a regular contributor to American Patchwork & Quilting magazine. I asked Kim to join me today and talk about her design process, her favorite appliqué method and a bit more! =========== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Tuesday 11th of June 2013
Guest -Annabel Wrigley is an author and owner of the Little Pincushion Studio in Warrenton VA. She loves to teach children to sew! What an awesome quest. Can you remember the first person that taught you to sew? Mine was my 9th grade home ec teacher. I can't wait to hear about Annabel's work and her new book "We Love to Sew" ============= Guest - Jenny Pedigo and Helen Robinson are the quilters behind "Sew kind of Wonderful". I found their blog and was smitten with their quilts ... they love curves! And not just any curves, but pieced curves with a ruler they designed. Plus they do fabulous machine quilting and share loads of great photos. Jenny is on the show today to share with me how the ruler came about and all the fun things she is doing with quilt designs in their pattern business ============= I was out visiting the American Patchwork & Quilting office earlier this year and we taped some shows. Editor Jennifer Keltner turned the tables on me and interviewed ME, and I didn't know we were going to do that! I was fun and I know I got stumped at least once.. wink! =========== visit the magazine at visit Pat at
Monday 10th of June 2013
Guest - I was delighted to meet Missie Carpenter of Hallbrook Designs earlier this year. She makes incredible appliqué and english paper pieced quilts using warm inviting colorways with lots of tans, browns, reds and blacks. Her workmanship is beautiful and I am excited to have her here today to talk about how she creates! ================= Guest - I can't get enough knowledge about how people work with fabric scraps. Joan Ford is the author of 2 scrap quilt books AND the developer of 'Scrap Therapy'. So I had to have her on the show to share her thoughts behind scrap management and how to use them in quilts. Website: ==================== Guest -Amanda Murphy is a graphic designer that has turned her art in to fabric, embroidery designs and quilts. I am excited to have her share her design process and tell us a bit about her new book Modern Holiday. Website: ================ Guest -It is always fun when Roseann joins me on the show! Today we dish on easy summer sewing when we TRAVEL!! Be sure to listen it... ================ visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 3rd of June 2013
Guest - I've admired Rebecca Ringquist's embroidery for a long time. She has such a beautiful way of layout out her designs that speak to me. Maybe because they are more organic and flowing, they seem to develop as she worked it. Today Rebecca is going to share with me her design techniques, some tips for embroidery and talk about her online workshops. online classes ============ Guest - Maureen Cracknell started a blog in 2010, found quilting shortly after and is now designing and sharing across the internet at her site Maureen Cracknell Handmade. I'm super interested in how and why quilting created such a passion in her that she took off in the direction of having it a business. Also Maureen is going to share tips on her fantastic 'thread drawing' technique. This I want to learn! ================= Guest -I'm excited to have Tula Pink back on the show with me. She has a new book out called "Tula Pinks City Sampler, 100 Modern Quilt Blocks". She is also going to be a featured artist in the October 2013 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting, which is on sale 8/6/13. I want to hear about the development of the book and have her share some about her design process. PLUS she is going to tell us what it's like to have the magazine come and do a photo shoot at her studio! ============ visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Tuesday 14th of May 2013
Guest - I think Scrap quilts are 'trending' right now. Everyone has those bits and chunks left over and we want to know how to use them. I meet Kim Brackett when we were both teaching at a show. She is the author of three books FULL of scrap quilt ideas. Today Kim is going to share some scrap quilt planning with us! ==================== Guest - Leah Day is back this month to talk with me about getting over the 'fear' of making the right decision for your freemotion designs. I think that is something we all battle and we both have ideas for getting you over that hurtle of 'what to quilt' ==================== Guests -Kris Sazaki and Deb Cashat of Pixeladies. You may have their fantastic Book Furoshiki Fabric Wraps, or maybe you follow their blog They are chock full of information about uses for your fabric, plus they teach digital workshops that I know you are going to find super interesting if you have ever wanted to dabble in photoshop. As they say "it is much more than just putting a photo on fabric" ============== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 13th of May 2013
Guest - Nancy Allen is the author of the new book from Martingale called "Triple Play Scrap Quilting". I am always excited to see a new way to use scraps..and this one is triple the fun! Nancy is going share how the book came about! Blog: ===================== Guest - I love learning about the quilt and texitles museums across the country. I invited Nancy Bavor, the Curator of Collections at the San Jose Museum of Quilt & Textiles to tell us a bit about the museum and what they have to offer. Twitter: @SJQuiltMuseum Facebook: San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles ======================= Guest - Designer Mary Andra Holmes and I meet on Twitter. Then one year at the trade show I was walking around at the end of a LONG day of set up .. stopped to chat with someone who said OH here is Mary Andra that you twitter with! WHAT FUN! Mary Andra is 1/4th of the quilt design team called "Sisters Quilting Trunk". I asked her on the show to tell us about her quilt journey, working as part of a big team and share a few tips with us! .. Twitter : MahSistersQT ========================== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 29th of April 2013
Guest - Do you love scrap quilts?Than you are in for a treat today! Lynn Roddy Brown is an expert at scrap quilts. With 3 books so far, loads of quilts and amazing tips.. we are going to learn a lot today about planning a successful scrap quilt! ======================== Guest - Leah Day is back this month to talk about the mechanics of actually starting to freemotion quilt. For those that have never really put that darning foot on the machine and gave it a whirl! She also has some 'tools' and 'tricks' for getting started. This is also a super fresher topic if it's been awhile since you did any freemotion quilting. ======================= Guest - I'm excited to have Author and fabric designer Nancy Mahoney return to the show! We are going to go indepth on 30s fabrics, how to make them work for you. Plus she is going to share great tips on invisible machine appliqué. Plus more! website: ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at =========
Monday 22nd of April 2013
Executive Editor Jennifer Keltner and I start the show with a great chat about how the magazine got started and we remember back to when we first saw it. Jennifer also shares what has changed over the years. If you have the anniversary issue, check out the time line in it! Then in two of the show segments Jennifer and editor Jody Sanders will share reader tips and designer tips! It's a GREAT show and you won't won't to miss it! APQ FACEBOOK page CLICK HERE to Join APQ magazine online ============== Guests - I have special guests for this 20th Anniversary show. The owners of "The City Quilter" Dale Riehl and Cathy Izzo. No trip to NYC is complete until you've visited "The City Quilter" shop. I've had the great pleasure of visiting more than once and hanging out with Dale and Cathy! This husband and wife team has a unique approach to their store. Not only do they have the only art gallery totally devoted to quilts, with rotating exhibits, but they also design 'NYC' fabrics... I think I own most of it! I'm delighted to have them on the show to talk about their shop and a brand new challenge with a new NYC themed fabric line! American Patchwork & Quilting is sponsoring this Challenge! Challenge details, fabric buying and more about the City Quilter at their website ================= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 15th of April 2013
Guest- Edyta Sitar the designer behind Laundry Basket Quilts is here today to chat about her newest book, fabric designing, playing with batiks and cottons and maybe share a tip or two on how she comes up with her amazing designs! ************************** Guest- Jennifer Heynen is the pen behind the name "Jennifer Jangles". Her bright and whimsical fabrics from In the Beginning might just be on your shelf! I am excited to hear how Jennifer designs and what inspires her fun drawings. ************************** Guest - Today I'm excited to have Author and Artist Lyric Kinard on the show to talk about creativity. She is a master at helping us loosen up with your creativity, make mistakes. and move on! ************************** Guests - Novelist Marie Bostwick often writes novels with a quilt theme. She has been on the show to chat about her quilt inspired books in the past. Her newest book "Between Heaven and Texas" takes her writing to a whole new level. Marie and I were chatting and she told me that part of the book was inspired by Quilt shop owner Joyce Ely and her daughter Sarah Ely. Today they are on the show to tell us how this all came about! JEllen's house of fabric in Lyndhurst, Ohio ********************* visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 8th of April 2013
Guest- I've adored reading Jeni Baker's writing at InColorOrder for a long time. Her writings are creative, her tutorials and patterns rock and she is also a fabric designer, so we can enjoy her color sense in print too! Jeni's going to share a bit about how she thinks about fabric, how she designs and I'm sure a bit more. ----------------------- Guest - Designer Heather Jones works in a modern style that has become her signature look. I excited to have Heather come on the show to talk about her design process, what it's like to work in a modern way and share some cool things like her new workshop online with Creative Bug! Oh .. and go to her blog and wish her a happy birthday today! -------------------------------- Guest - Jackie Kunkel of Canton Village quiltworks is back to talk paper piecing, batiks, opening a new studio and quilting online! What Paper Piecing questions do YOU want demystified today? LEAVE A COMMENT and I'll ask Jackie during the show! -------------------------- visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 1st of April 2013
My Guest - The first time I saw one of Sandra Leichner's quilts I was in awe. Not only is her workmanship esquisite, but her attention to detail is amazing. I love detail as it's something I personally don't do. Today Sandra is going to join me to talk about her start in quilting, her process for designing and she has some tips for fine appliqué and adding details for us! ===================== My Guest - Ebony Love from Love Bug Studio is back on the show. I had so many requests for more die cutting info after she was on the show earlier this year. I know Ebony can help us out with some more indepth details about what works in the land of die cuts! ================= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 25th of March 2013
Guest -Jen Eskridge is back on the show to talk about her newest book “Hexagon's made Easy”! I was hooked when I heard she make '2 sided' hexie quilts... this sounds interesting! Plus she has a book on pieced curves coming out. --------------- Guest- Shelly Pagliai is the designer behind Prairie Moon Quilts. She is a passionate applique fan and has a longarm quilt business. Plus she has a super cool free quilt along that she is going to tell us about! ---------------- Guest -Leah Day is back this month to talk about batting and what it does for our quilts. We often become so wrapped up in the making of the top and just use 'whatever' batting we have on hand to finish the quilt. But the decisions you make here can take your quilt from nice to spectacular! ----------------- Guest -Roseann Kermes of Rosebud's cottage is back today to dish some family quilt chat. Do you quilt with family? Did they teach you? Inspire you? Listen in today for some family talk with Roseann and I! Website ---------------- visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 18th of March 2013
Guest - I always love catching up with Austrialian designer Sarah Fielke! Sarah's quilts are lively, fresh and doable. And she loves handwork. Sarah has some new things out that I know you are going to love, like an online workshop and a free BOM! Guest - Have you longed to take a workshop but can't find one near you in the topic you want? There is a great online workshop site called Craftsy that has video classes, patterns, and sharing! I asked the Crafts VP of Lifestyle content, Emily Lawrence, to tell us what their site is all about! Guests - American patchwork & Quilting Editors Jennifer Keltner and Jody Sanders chat about techniques and tips for getting your OWN quilting done! From layering, to basting to stitching.. they share tips that will help you FINISH those quilts! ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 11th of March 2013
Guest - I'm delighted to have Kansas City star editorial editor, and author, Edie McGinnis back to talk some quilting with us! She has been working at the Kansas City Star since 1987. Being on the editorial staff means she has her share of insider knowledge and today I want to learn more about the historic KCS newspaper quilt patterns. Plus she is going to share what's coming up in their book department! =============== Guest - Rosemary Youngs has a passion for the story. She designs quilts that tell a story with a unique twist. She is the author of the several books with link to history, the most recent being the Civil War Anniversary Quilt Book and Quilts from the American Homefront. Rosemary is going to share how storys weave into her quilts in amazing ways. =================== Guest - I love when I find out about a exciting 'new to me' technique. Rose Huges is an artist that works in fabric and has a the tools to teach you how to create those quilts in your head. You know...the ones that you are not sure 'how' to make! She has written several books and today she is going to talk about her newest book "Design Create and Quilt". Website -- ================= Guest - Fabric Designer Laura Gunn is in love with painting, and are so lucky that her designs are available to us in her fabrics from Michael Miller! Laura is goint to share her process and and talk about how she uses her fabrics.
Monday 4th of March 2013
Guest - I bet you have stood in front of an Amy Bradley design and nodded your head in agreement, thought to yourself 'yep.. that's me', or just got a huge grin on your face! Amy designs amazing whimsical appliqué quilts with many 'quilter' theme options! She is on the show today to talk about her style, her big tip on how to cut fusible appliqué and a bit more! ******************* Guests - I was talking with Author and fabric designer Jacquelynne Steves about her fabric line Happy Town from Henry Glass. She was telling me she deisgned this with the purpose to donate her royalties to the Organization "Quilts for Kids". Today I have both Jacquelynne and Linda Arye the founder and president of "Quilts for Kid" on the show today to talk about the organization, Jacquelynne's fabric and the contest that is being run right now with the fabric line! Jacquelynne Steves (The Noble Wife) Blog *********************** Guest -I was happy to welcome back Pattern designer, author, teacher and notion developer Kari Carr of "New Leaf Stitches" brings her style to the quilt world via fun and exciting projects. Kari describes her style as "Fresh ideas from a recycled Home-Ec. Teacher". And who would know more about sewing than a home ec teacher! Kari has a lot of interesting tips and trick for smarter and 'upcycled' quilting for us today Web site: ****************** visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 25th of February 2013
Guest - Do you collect Liberty of London Fabrics? Then I have a treat for you! Author Alexia Abegg of Green Bee Studio has her first book out called "Liberty Love" and we are going learn all about Liberty fabrics and what Alexia loves to design! =============== Guest - Author, designer, and judge Kimberly Einmo is back to chat about design tools. You don't have to be in the business of quilting to design a quilt of your own. And there are a ton of tools that make it easy to create virtual quilts. One is the software Electric Quilt.. Kimberly and I are going to talk design tools today! ============== Guest - I'm excited to have Leah Day back on the show to talk machine quilting! Leah and I have outlined a show a month for 2013. We will be breaking down the steps of machine quilting and going into some detail on those steps each month. We are both long time machine quilters, I've freemotion quilted for over 20 years. Today we talk basting, it's has to be done and we'll share all the tips we know Website – =============== Guest - American Patchwork & Quilting editors Jennifer Ketner and Jody Sanders have a lot of tips for working with Triangles! Those ARE my favorite shape! ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 18th of February 2013
Guest- "Diary of a Quilter"...I can SO relate to the name of the blog by Amy Smart! She writes wonderful tutorials, blogs, makes patterns and is one of the contributing designers for Moda's Bake shop book "Sweet Celebrations" Amy is going to talk to us about teaching others and how you can build a community of quilt friends online. ========= Guest- I'm delighted that Allison Harris of "Cluck Cluck Sew" is here with me today! Her quilts have style AND even though they have simple construction that any level of quilter can do, they look like a million bucks! Allison also has some tips for moms with kids at home on how to fit in quilting time. ========= Guest- How can you resist picking up a book titled "S is for Stitch"? Well I didn't and I'm so happy to have taken a peek into the wonder world of Designer Kristyne Czepuryk. She blogs at "Pretty by Hand" and her first book is filled with lovely embroidery and patchwork projects. One more adorable.. and doable.. than the next. Kristyne is here to tell us all about it! ========= Guest- American Patchwork & Quilting Editors Jennifer Keltner and Jody Sanders talk about ways to handle your UFOs! Don't we ALL want to hear new ways to deal with those? Http:// ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 11th of February 2013
Guest - I know you have seen them, maybe you even own one.. a Die cut machine. Ebony Love is a leading expert on die cutting and she works with a lot of different machines! I'm so excited to have her on the show to give us some pointers on how to use these die cut machines for maximum quilt efficiency! ================================ Guest - I first saw Betz White's work years ago when she was repurposing sweaters into fabulous items. Since then Betz has written a few books, developed a few organic cotton lines and continues to design adorable project patterns we all want to make! Betz is talk to share some techniques today that she is using that I know you will love! ================================== Guest - Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr of Modern Quilt Studio have been making beautiful modern quilts with their very unique vision since 1999. They are a husband and wife design team creating one-of-a-kind, limited edition contemporary quilts. Plus they design fabrics, write books, and publish "Modern Quilts Illustrated". Their latest book with C&T publishing is called Transparency Quilts, and their latest fabric line with Andover is "Victorian Modern". They are going to share design ideas with me today to help us bring our projects to a new level! ========================== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 4th of February 2013
Guest - Martingale author Lori Buhler is passionate about quilts. And not just quilts but letting our quilts be used. She has two super books and I'm excited to learn about the type of appliqué she loves! ================= Guest - Quilt and fabric designer Gudrun Erla fo GE Designs, brings a her unique and fresh style to quilters everywhere. She is also a regular contributor to American Patchwork & Quilting's family of magazines. Gudrun is from Iceland, and her mix of fresh colors and simple styles shows a Scandinvian influence. Gudrun is going to talk to us about how to make more quilts with her fast and furious methods! ====================== Guest -Did you know there is an association for Professional Quilters? Morna McEver Golletz is the founder of the International Association of Professional Quiltersand publishes "The Professional Quilter". She is also the founder of the Creative Arts Business Summit, an annual conference where professionals can join with other like-minded creative entrepreneurs to work on their businesses She is a wealth of knowledge about the business side of the industry. I asked Morna to chat with me today about teaching. All of us teach to some degree, and at some point you might have even been asked to 'teach a class'. Morna and I are going to chat about how to get started teaching quilting.. it's going to be really a fun chat! ============================ Guest - I believe my favorite image is the heart. It's an image I never tire of seeing or using. Designer and shop owner Roseann Kermes is here to talk Valentines day projects with me, we have some GREAT ideas for you!. day-crafts_ss1.html ================= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 28th of January 2013
Guest - Author, Designer Rebecca Silbaugh loves fabric and loves quilting. She has a new book out on creating quilts with precuts that is sure to excite you have have you grabbing a jelly roll or layer cake off your shelf to make a quilt!!/pages/Ruby-Blue-Quilting-Studio/302670990934 ==================== Guests- Authors Andrea Johnson and Kelly Biscopink have co-written "Modern Designs for Classic Quilts" from Krause. Their sharee a passion for historic quilt patterns lead them to designing together. I'm excited to hear about their book and learn what the design process is like for them! Andrea pinterest Kelly (blog) Pinterest: ============================ Guest - The Quilt Alliance organization was established in 1993 with the mission to document, preserve, and share our American quilt heritage. A mission to Preserve our Stories. They do this by collecting the stories about historic and contemporary quilts. And I love that they also collect the stories of the quilt makers. I asked the Executive Director Amy Milne to join me today and tell me what this great organization has to offer us! Save Our Stories The Quilt Index ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 21st of January 2013
Guest - Fabric designer, Author and the inventor of 'Poke-a-Dots" and 'appli-glue' is Jill Finley of Jilliy studio. I love Jill's deep saturation of color in her fabrics and quilts, she love words on quilts like I do and has some great appliqué tips for us today! Website ========================== Guest - Lisa Lam of the UK is mad about bags! She is the author of the "The Bag Making Bible" and "A bag for All Seasons". Lisa is chatting bags with me all the way from England. I'm really looking forward to her top tips to take our bag making up a nothch! blog ========================== Guests - The editors at American Patchwork & Quilting have been busy recording fun segments! Today we have Jennifer Keltner and Jody Sanders with a chat on TRENDS.We all love to hear what THEY think is 'on trend' for 2013!! You are going to get some fabulous tips today! ============================ Guest - Designer Vickie Eapen is a regular contributor to American Patchwork & Quilting's family of magazines. She is also a one of the Moda Bakeshop authors and has a book coming out with Martingale called "Large Block Quilts", I'm excited to hear Vickie's tip on Auditioning fabric ============== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 14th of January 2013
Guest - Sherri McConnell is the designer behind the popular blog "A Quilting Life"... don't we ALL want to say that is our life too? Sherri uses a beautiful color pallette, has an intense passion for sharing quilting and she is a contributing author to Moda's Bakeshop book "Sweet Celebrations" and she has a new book coming out with C&T! I can't wati to have her share some of her tips and tricks for getting it all done!/pages/AQuiltingLife/203599856365938 ==================== Guest - Cheryl Brown is an author with Martingale, a long arm quilter and a batik lovers! Her latest book is "Quilt Batik". I asked Cheryl to chat batiks today and she has a few tips for us on putting on our quilt borders to achieve perfection! Website FB: QuilterChic Twitter: MyQuilterChic Batik video border tips - ======================== Guest - So many of us know Fabshop President and Founder Laurie Harsh for her great internet shop hops... we've followed that bunny high and low... meeting new shops, getting deals, collecting cute patterns, and hoping to win the big prize! I asked Laurie and Communications consultant Jamie Guthals to join me and talk about how Fabshop started, what can be found at their site, and about the new “Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day”January 24, 2013, what fun! FabShop Hops: FabTalk blog: Quilt Shop Day Website: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: ========================== Guest - I'm excited to have Leah Day back on the show to talk machine quilting! Leah and I have outlined a show a month for 2013. We will be breaking down the steps of machine quilting and going into some detail on those steps each month. We are both long time machine quilters, I've freemotion quilted for over 20 years. Today we go into a bit of detail about what you need on a machine to freemotion, what to look for and what to do with what you have! ========================== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 7th of January 2013
Guest - I had been following Amy Gibson's blog Stitchery Dickory Dock for awhile when she popped up as the Craftsy Free BOM teacher in 2012! What a joy it was to learn a lot of tips and techniques from her last year. Amy's going to catch us up on her designing today, including her new Sugar Block club! ================= Guest -Debby Brown is an award winning quilter, teacher, and author. She was nominated for the Machine Quilters Expo's Quilt Teacher of the year at the same time her first book was published and she has not looked back! Debby and I got to know each other when she was using one of my designs to demo different quilting techniques. I'm excited for you to meet her and hear about her quilt adventures! Website ======================= Guest -Quilt Artist, Fabric designer, and author Jane Sassaman does amazing quilts. Her quilt “Willow” was named as One of the One Hundred Best American Quilts of the Century. Her fabrics with Freespirit are hoarded by many (me includede) and her use of her fabrics in quilts is brilliant. I'm excited to have Jane on the show to tell us about how she designs! Website ================== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 17th of December 2012
Guest - Designer and author Pat Wys might be the first person to really show me what 'southern hospitality' is. When I went to teach in Altanta Georgia, she and her group organzied a dinner party for us to show us what REAL southern cooking was! Pat is a exhuberent designer who also embraces the 'neutral' side of things. I'm so pleased to have Pat on today to share how she got started, what inspires her, and we are going to chat neutrals! Blog: Web: ==================== Guest - A few years ago Leah Day decided to create a quilting motif a day, 365 designs to quilt your pieces. That includes a blog post, video and support for all your questions! Leah has turned her passions for quilting into a business of teaching you how to put those 3 layers together and add the beautiful quilting to it. Leah is on the show today to talk about how she started and share a few quilting tips with us!. Sites: - This is the Free Motion Quilting Project =================================== Guest - Designer Roseann Kermes is here to dish QUICK GIFTS with me! Need to work assembly line? Find some shortcuts? Want something a bit unique? Listen in today as we give you great last minute ideas! Visit Roseann - ================= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 10th of December 2012
Guest -Designer Jacquelynne Steves is a fabulous artist with fabric lines and patterns and books... I am so excited to have her on the show today to talk about designing, blogging and why she loves sending newsletters! blog Website =================== Guest - I think Gail Kessler might be almost the first quilt industry person I meet... almost! Gail has worked at fabric companies with the designers for years. She is the Marketing Director for Andover Fabrics, designed the super popular 'Dimples' fabric (plus other lines) and she owns a quilt shop in PA.. I am excited to have Gail here to share some insider stories with us! ======================= Guest - Edie McGinnis has been working at the Kansas City Star publisher since 1987. She is part of the editorial staff and an author of 17 books so far, including her latest "A Bag of Scraps. Quilts and the Garment District" I'm excited to hear about her lastest book and about a special project she is working on at the Star! ======================== Guest - Designer, C&T Author and machine quilter Barbara Persing is here today to talk about how to select your quilt design that best complements your quilt. She has been quilting professionally for 12 years and recently put all this knowledge into her book "Listen to your Quilt" ========================== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 3rd of December 2012
Guest - Barbara Jones of QuiltSoup is here today to talk about her newest book and fabric. She is also an advid needleturn appliquer, so I hope to pick up a tip or two! ======================= Guest - Author, teacher, International Quilt Association President, and fabulous 'behind the scenes woman' Stevii Graves is here today. Stevii and I have the opportunity to not only teach and work at many quilt shows, but we also both meet a lot of quilters across the country. One thing I've found is that some quilters don't have the opportunity to attend a quilt show, even a small one. We are going to chat about what a Quilt show is, why they are fun, and how to find and attend one! Plus Stevii has a few unusual tools that you might find useful as a quilter! =========================== Guest - Renee Nanneman has been creating beautiful designs coveted by many since 1995. She publishes the series of books that are sub-titled Threads(I think I own them ALL) and she has books and patterns that showcase her fabric lines with Moda. Renee is also a freuqent contributor to APQ magazine. Her love of wool is legendary, so today we are going to focus on learning how to work with wool in our quilts. ======================== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 26th of November 2012
Pat Sloan on Facebook Join Pat's Mailing List » JOIN NOW Federal Trade Commission Disclosure The FTC requires us to tell you (just in case you haven't figured it out) that Pat Sloan is paid by Meredith Corporation to host the APQ Radio show. Pat is also paid or provided products by other companies in the course of her business. This is how she makes a living and pays her bills. The FTC requires us to advise you to take this information into consideration when evaluating what Pat says and writes. credits Digital clip art from and Sunday, November 25, 2012 Pat Sloan on the Radio from Houston.. and more Australia Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Pippa Eccles Armbrester guest Guest -This is the second show recorded on location in Houston Texas at the International Quilt Market! I I had the great pleasure of chatting with new author Pippa Eccles Armbrester. Her first book "Solids, Stripes, Circles, and Squares" will be out this fall. I asked Pippa to tell me about her passion for solids and she gave us some tips and tricks to working with them! The photo is Pippa at a book signing. pinterest - ============================== Guest -I have a personal love affair with William Morris designs, and when Michele Hill translated and interpreted those designs into appliqué I was in heaven! It's excited to have Michele here at the trade show so we can talk about all things William Morris! PLUS.. do you see it was black with white Polka dot day? blog =========================== Guest - Sweetwater design team is mom Karla Eisenach and daughters, Lisa Burnett, Susan Kendrick. Their fabric with Moda has a distint look and is coveted by all.. including me! I love being at market where I can chat with team, although market is busy and I was only able to chat with Lisa the time we scheduled to meet. Lisa shares with us how they work as a team and talks about their fabric lines and fun things they do on the internet! website blog ====================== Guest - Homestead hearth owners and designers Dolores Smith and Sarah Maxwell have one of the most unique stores and and are awesome designsers. They are regular contributors to American Patchwork & Quilting magazine. They were featured in 2007 in the APQ Quilt Sampler issue and are a must stop destiniation if you are in central Missouri. Today they talk about how they work together, who does what and how they get it done! blog ====================== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 19th of November 2012
Guest I first meet Jane Davidson via twitter... she is very active in the quilt chat! I love her fresh designs and her love of handwork mixed in with her mad sewing skills! Jane is here at the trade show from her home in Brisbane Australia ======================= Guest Janet Nesbitt and Pam Soliday of Buggy Barn Quilts are amazing folk art designers. Their store, patterns, books and fabric lines are sought after by everyone! They share how the store started, what their style is, and how two sisters work together each and every day! ===================== Guest Beth Ferrier and I started in the quilt business about the same time, it's been fun to keep up all these years! She is a C&T author, teacher and is known for her super tricks and tips for faster quilting! She told us all about her news book full of hints we need! ======================= Guest Leslie Tucker Jenison is a designer that loves to work with images, themes, colors and with she loves to work with others! I am excited to catch up with her here in Houston to hear about the quilts she has hanging in the show. She also talks with me about how to work on a team quilt like the one below ========================== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 12th of November 2012
Guest - I'm really excited to have New York Times bestselling author and quilter Jennifer Chiaverini with me today. She is on tour for her newest book "The Giving Quilt", so we'll get to hear all about it! Website;; ********************** Guest - Designer, Author, Lecturer and teacher Pepper Cory has amazing talents. She does and teaches just about everything in the world of quilting. I was lucky to take a workshop with her when I was newish quilter and she taught me to have no fear. And the biggest thing I learned that day was to audition fabric choices! I'm delighted to have Pepper on the show to talk scrap quilting. Website blog ******************** Guest - C&T Authors Carol Jones and Bobbi Finley have collaborated another great book! You will remember I had them on the show to talk about their Tile quilts, now they are here to share about their new book "Fresh Perscpecitves" Website Bobbi Carol ******************** Guest - I want to kick off my Quilt Market in review today! I asked first time Author Victoria Findlay Wolfe of Bumblebeans to join me and tell us what it's like to launch your first book at the trade show and do a book signing at Quilt Festival in Houston! Then the next 2 shows after this are my interviews with designers and authors that I taped while at the show. Website blog Info On Hurrican Sandy Quilt and Blanket Drive 15 min of play ************************* visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 5th of November 2012
Guest- The first half of the show today I'm chatting with design team Amy and David Butler! I really can't wait to find out how they balance work and non work. Plus they are launching a online "look book" and club that I heard Amy talk about at market, it sounds divine. My personal question to find out? Why do they think their look is so popular, Facebook ****************** Guests - The editors at American Patchwork & Quilting have been busy recording fun segments! Today we have Jennifer Keltner and Jody Sanders with Question/Answer sessions on 'Real Life Solutions'. They travel around the country, and the world, talking to quilters. You are going to get some fabulous tips today! Facebook ******************** visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 29th of October 2012
Guest - Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts is always creating fresh new looks from the tried and true. I am excited to hear about the ruler she designed called "Hex and More" what can be more tried and true than a hexagon? ********************** Guest - Cyndi Souder of "Moonlighting Quilts" has a way of looking at a pile of fabric and turning it into a quilt with memories. She specializes in tribute quilts and I do think challenges! Quilt challenges for herself and for others. Website @CyndiSouder **************************** Guest - Jody Sanders and Jennifer Keltner have interviewed the top quilters in the business to find out what is the "Best Advice EVER" that they received... it's a fun filled segment! What is YOUR best advice ever given? website ****************************** visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 22nd of October 2012
Guest - Darlene Smith from "One Wing Wool" is in love with wool appliqué and it shows in her work! This time of year many quilters are eyeing that yummy wool in their stores or stash and wondering how to use it. I asked wool expert Darlene to join me and give us her tips and tricks!. Website ================================ Guest - I have been checking out "Urban Threads" for awhile. I love their fun embroidery style that is fresh, spunky and well.. you just have to see it! Niamh is the Art Director and she is going to tell us about Urban threads, which is fresh embroidery for machine or hand work! - website: - facebook: - twitter: - pinterest: =========================== Guest - Designer, shop owner and frequent contributor to American Patchwork & Quilting family of magazines.. Roseann Kermes is back to dish with me! What will we chat about today? 1 Million Pillowcases, Retreats and more! website blog ************************************ visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 15th of October 2012
Guest - Amy Ellis is an author, Aurifil featured artist of the month for 2012 and she is a super internet quilt community builder at Amy's Creative Side. She is going to tell us about the Blogger festival and her latest book Modern Basic II =================================== Guest -I'm delight to have Martha Nordstrand of "More Quilts Please" on the show to talk about her appliqué style, she is sharing some incredible tips, like how she uses a screwdriver for appliqué! Website Facebook ========================== Guest -Jennifer Paganelli creates colorful fresh fabrics, then she shows those off in so many ways it can make your head spin with excitement! I love her style and today she is going to chat fabric and how to using it in ways other than just quilts! twitter Downy Commercial **************************************** Listen ON YOUR COMPUTER or download the RECORDING after the show! APQ magazine online Host Pat Sloan
Monday 8th of October 2012
Guest - I've been in love with Tina Givens Fabric from Freespirit since I saw the first piece. I love the designs you produces as they are electic and flowing and very inspiring to work with. I asked Tina to join me today and tell us about her creative process. How she develops a fabric line and she also will chat about using linen! ================================ Guest - I'm delighted to invite Scott Hansen from Blue Nickel Studio on the show. Scott has great style with his quilts. I think his style mixes tradional and modern in a way that is uniquely 'Scott'. He is going to tell us about how he works and we are going to talk color! ==================================== Guest - Machine quilter extraordinaire and C&T author Angela Walters is always busy sharing her passion for quilting. So many times I hear quilters ask 'how do I quilt this' and Angela can show you the way! I'm delighted to have her back on the show to tell us about her new book "in the studio" and talk about developing your own quilting style ================================= Guest - I'm fascinated by how people enter the world of quilting. Jay McCarroll is known to many of you as the first person to win "Project Runway" but his journey didn't start or end there. I asked Jay to join me today to talk about his passion for style, textiles and why he love quilts ******************* Visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Visit Host Pat Sloan at
Monday 1st of October 2012
Guest - I meet Laurie Tigner first through her amazing quilts. I had people finding me at a show to ask if I'd seen them, her quilts are that amazing. I asked Laurie to join me today to talk about why she loves to create quilts, her move into designing and I know you are going to find her as fun as I do! ============================= Guest - I'm a huge fan of the Blog True-up... who has a tag line of "All Fabric All the Time" They person behind True-Upis Kim Kight. I asked Kim to join me to chat about fabric, trends and her book from C&T called "Field Guide to Fabric".,,, also the fabric design forum at ===================== Guest - Author, teacher and Judge Kimberly Einmo packs a lot into her projects. They are fun to make and give you a huge band for your buck. Her newest book "Modular Quilting" is about using precuts to their fullest potential. And since she is also a quilt judge, I am going to pick her brain about that today
Monday 24th of September 2012
Guest - Natalia Bonner is a longarm quilter, designer and new book author. Her book with C&T is titled Beginner's Guide to Freemotion Quilting. I asked her to come on the show and give us some insight into how to get started with freemotion quilitng ******************************* Guest - I am ever so lucky in this job as a radio show host to chat with some of my favorite quilt people. I've adored Renee Nanneman's work at Need'l Love designer forever, own all her books and now she is here to tell us about latest fabric book and how it all works! *********************************** Guest - Artist and Designer Anna Maria Horner is know to many for her quilt fabric. But she has more to add to that with embroidery and a full life of artistic living before entering the world of quilts. I'm delighted to have Anna Maria her to talk about the artful life she leads. web: ****************************** Visit us at Visit host Pat Sloan
Monday 17th of September 2012
When I first heard about the book "Vintage Tablecloth Quilts - Kitchen Kitsch to Bedroom Chic" from C&T by Authors:Rose Sheifer and Liz Aneloski. I had to find out more! Who doesn't have an amazing tablecloth. And what quilter hasn't look at the fabric and wondered what it would be like in a quilt? Author Rose Sheifer is here to tell us all about her passion for tablecloths. Quilter and Author of "Mini-Mosaics" with C&T, Paula Doyle has been a quilter for over 20 years experimenting with new techniques and making updated traditional quilts. I'm really excited she can join us from England to chat today! Many quilters start sewing by making clothing. And over time we don't sewing clothing anymore. But like me, we are always drawn to that very unique outfit that only we can produce as it's one of a kind! I was at a show a few years ago walked into Londa Rohlfing's booth about died and went to heaven. Londa turns sweatshirts in unique wearable and you won't believe there is a sweatshirt underneath. I'm delighted to have this talented sewer and author here.
Monday 10th of September 2012
Guest - It is always exciting for me to meet designers who take one product we know and use it in new ways. Designer and author Elaine Schmidt takes ribbons into the world of quilts and makes them sing! She is going to share all her quilt with ribbons secrets with us today ************************** Guest - Shari Butler is the creator of adorable fabric lines with Riley Blake,.. to which she adds wonderful patterns that show off her fabrics! I'm excited to have Shari here to talk about designing, quilting, and even embroidery!. *************************** Guest -When I first started to quilt I bought the book "The American Quilt: A history of Cloth and Comfort" by Roderick Kiracofe. This book set me on my journey of loving the old quilts and wanted to know about the quilt makers who came before. Roderick's love of quilts and his books have been worn thin by many a quilter .. and now he has a new book called "Quilts" He is here to tell us about his book and a bit more. Book ************************ Visit our site visit host pat sloan at
Monday 27th of August 2012
Guest - Elizabeth Hartman is an author and quilt designer with the wildly popular blog "Oh Fransson". What is wonderful about Elizabeths' work is her modern slant and her ability to create quilts from the most obscure topics... like the tokoyo subsway. Let's learn about Elizabeths newest book "Modern Patchwork". ===================== Guest - The Lauren +Jessi Jung Design team for Moda is amazing. Two sisters and their mom who don't even live close to each other. I asked Carrie Jung to join me to day and talk about how they got started and the design process for a team that lives in three different states. Website ============================== Guest - The American Patchwork & Quilting editors have a lively discussion about alternat fabric. Did you listen to Jennifer and I recap the South African Quilt show on Aug 13, 2012? You can catch that show HERE ============================ Guest -Aneela Hoey's dainty drawings have taken the fabric world by storm! From her first line with moda to her current "Sew Stitchy" Aneela's drawings, embroidery and now books are fabulous little retreats we give ourselves ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 20th of August 2012
Guest - Many of you learned to quilt with my next guest and lots of you enjoy her awesome books, classes, videos and tv show. I am happy to have here today the fabulous, the newly inducted Quilter's Hall of Fame member... the one and only Eleanor Burns ========= Guest - Sandy Gervais is an amazing fabric designer for Moda. She designs delightful fabric year after year that we ALL want to own! Plus she creates fun quilt patterns that show of the fabric. I'm excited to have Sandy on the show to tell us about her design work and maybe share how she always finds the best outfits and glasses for the shows! Website blog - ========= visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 13th of August 2012
Guest - This whole show is about the quilters in South Africa. While teaching at the first International Quilt Conference Africa, I was able to meet the other teachers and it was delightful to interview several of them. American Patchwork & Quilting Editor Jennifer Keltner was also at the show and we had did these togehter. Our first guest is quilt teacher Wilna De Beer. She is vibrant, enthusiastic and excited about quilting. She actually is a full time teacher, so you'll have to listen in to how she runs her workshops. I wanted to take her class! Bio - ===================== Guest - Dena Crain is an active instructor and art quilter living in Kenya. Dena's style is gorgeous and her method of teaching amazing. She is actively teaching all around the globe including online courses at Quilt University ======================= Guest - The team of Wendy Burtenshaw and Suzen Bornman are amazing and delightful! They also teach all over and their mission to bring new and exciting elements into quilting. They are also pattern designers and love to include mixed techniques, such as the quilt in the photo that has crocheted flowers. You are going to love them! ================== Last segment - American Patchwork & Quilting editor Jennifer Keltner and I recap with our impressions of Quilting in South Africa, the people and the show! ============= Visit American patchwork & quilting at Visit Host Pat Sloan at
Monday 6th of August 2012
Guest - I'm fascinated by the quilts of Cheryl Malkowski. They look intricate but she assures me they are very doable quilts. Her work work with batiks is glorious and I'm excited to have her tell us about her newest books with C&T Website - ======================== Guest -If you love making bags then at some point you have looked over the amazing bag patterns by Kathy Southern of Studio Kat. She has a super website with some cute freebies, a great blog where she shares her design process and of course her awesome pattern. I asked Kathy to come on the show to talk BAG making today! Website - Read our Blog- A Work in Progress Get our Newsletter- Join the conversation at Designs Follow us on Twitter- ========================== Guest - I have admired Deb Strain's aritwork for years, maybe before it was on fabric! She designs many things including beautiful fabrics for Moda. Deb is going to chat with me about her design process and what it's like to work in the world of quilters. Do you like the photo of us taken at the end of a very long day during the trade show... she looks much more refreshed than I do! Website - blog ============================ Guest -I'm sure excited to talk about the fun things designer and Angela Yosten is up to! She has a new book, new designs at the Moda Bakeshop and she is a C&T author! Website - ========================== Visit host Pat Sloan at Visit American Patchwork & Quilting at
Monday 30th of July 2012
Guest - If you have been quilting more than a few days I can safely say that you have benefited from the work done by historian and quilter Barbara Brackman. From Barbara's research and determination to document quilt blocks to her current blog, we all benefit from Barbara's knowledge Website ======================= Guest- I am delighted to have Designer Paula Golden on the show today. Paula is the current president of the Viriginia Quilt museum and I am excited to have her tell us about the museum and about her personal quilts. Website ========================== visit American Patchwork & Quilting at visit host pat sloan
Monday 23rd of July 2012
Guest - If you love antique quilts then you and Betsy Chutchian will be best friends forever. Betsy has a passion for reproducing antique quilts that will inspire even the most modern of quilters to give them a ago! Today Betsy is going to chat about reproducing antiques Website facebook ==================== Guest - Designer Kimberly Einmo is known for her love of Jelly Rolls.. but she is much more than that. Recently Kimberly and I taught at the Vermont Quilt Festival together and she also judged the show. I was super impressed with her students work and I'm excited to have her on the show! Website ======================= Guest - Darlene and I meet at an American Patchwork & Quilting Creativity Seminar. We were table mates and have been friends ever since! There is nothing like hanging with a new quilt friend for 3 days of creative explosion to make you BFF and Darlene and I are! I love finding her at the shows and it always seems like I just talked to her yesterday, even if it's been 6 months. Darlene is an incredible designers and you are going to be amazed at all she has done, including being a tool designer for 20 years with EZ Quilting tools! Website: Dresden challenge ====================== Visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Visit host pat sloan at
Monday 16th of July 2012
Guest - What I love best about this radio show is finding guests who have a something "unique". Something that quilters can learn from. I recently heard about Marilu Henner's book on memory from a quilter who is taking her online memory workshops and using the workshop to create a series of quilts depicting her memories. Well I got Marilu's book and contacted her to ask if she would like to be on the show. Marilu Henner has starred in over thirty films, six Broadway Shows, and two hit classic sitcoms, Taxi and Evening Shade. She is a five time Golden Globe Nominee and is also a New York Times Best-selling Author of nine books on health, fitness, and lifestyle improvement. Her ninth book, "Total Memory Makeover: Uncover Your Past, Take Charge of Your Future!" was released in April and is a New York Times Best-seller. Website - ================================ Guest - Monica Solorio-Snow is a regular contributor to American Patchwork & Quilting and we love her easy to do projects! As a fabric designer and all around cool person to know I can't wait to chat with her about Sister's Oregon quilt show, quiltilng round robins/challenges, and maybe what to quilt during the Olympics! Website - ============================== Guest - Designer and Quilter Jackie Kunkel has had quilting as her hobby for over 18 years. She has taken that passion into a design business along with running a super neat online store. Jackie and I are going to talk about longarms, quilt groups online, her certifications as a Judy Niemeyer instructor and I want to learn about her passion for fabric! Website - Blog ============================= Visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Visit Host Pat Sloan at Http://
Monday 9th of July 2012
Guest - With a background in the music business, Tula Pink shifted her creativity to fabric and we are the super lucky ones to have her in our quilt world. Tula is going to share her passion for design, quilts, and taking it to the next level.. can't wait! website-!/tulapink 1 millionpillowcases write up ============================ Guests - Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins of Piece o Cake designs are an extroidinary design duo who have been friends and partners for many years. They do beautiful appliqué quilts, have had fabulous fabrics over the years, work with the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, and you will find Becky traveling the country to teach Website twitter: @beckygoldsmith *************************************** Visit American Patchwork and Quilting online at website, facebook and twitter Visit host Pat sloan
Monday 2nd of July 2012
Today is the 2nd installment of my interviews at the Spring Tradeshow in Kansas City Mo! I love being able to sit with a guest to interview them.. so much fun! Guest I'm delighted to have Teacher and Author Terrie Kygar here to talk about her new book "Creative Quilts from your Crayon Box". She makes these elegant quilts so easily.. and shares how! Website ************************ Guest It is exciting to have Carol Hopkins on the show to talk about Reproduction quilts. These are a love of mine and many of you have done a pattern or two by Carol! Website *********************** Guest Let's meet the force behind the pamkittymorning blog, Pam Vieira-McGinnis. Pam is going to tell us how she got her blog name and talk about her super cute fabric lines with Lakehouse! Website ************************** Guest I was delighted to catch up with the design team of Lizzie B Creative. Sister in laws Beth Hawkins and Liz Hawkins have a super fun and whimsical style that will make you smile. And their fabric is full of wonderful rich colors. Today I asked them to chat with us about how they design fabrics and give us some insider tips on appliqué the LizzieBcre8ive way Website Blog Facebook ***************** Visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Visit Host Pat Sloan at
Monday 25th of June 2012
Guest - Author, fabric design and ruler creator, Monique Dillard of Open Gate Quilts creates designs that everyone will find enticing. Her books on using Fat Quarters are my favorite, plus she is the designer of the 2012 American Patchwork and Quilting 2012 Mystery quilt. Web- Mystery - ================= Guest - Moda Fabric designer Camille Roskelley has an amazing eye for color and layout. Her quilts are so well balanced and her patterns for her company "Thimble Blossoms" are very easy to recreate. And as half of the Quilts and More Scrap Lab team I'm excited to have Camille her to talk about her latest projects Web- (blog) flickr pool twitter and instagram- @croskelley ====================== Guest - You just might have made up 1 or 2 or 20 of Designer Carrie Nelson's super amazing quilt designs. Carrie is the gal behind "Miss Rosies Quilt Co." patterns and books. She is an frequent contributor to APQ family of magazines and her projects are always a favorite. Today she is going to share her design proces, tips and maybe a bit more! Web- =========== Visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 18th of June 2012
Guest - Jill Finley of Jillily Studio loves to combine patchwork and appliqué. She works in happy fun colors with her fabric lines and Jill is a contributor to American Patchwork and Quilting magazines Today let's learn about how Jill designs her fabrics adn quilts.. and she'll explain why she developed the tools she did! Website Blog facebook ======================== Guest - Pattern designer Nanette Merril is the voice behind the blog Freda's Hive. Nanette is a clever quilter who shares her quilting thought process and color schemes on a regular basis. What you are going to love most about Nanette is they way she combines fabrics for a fresh vintage look to her quilts. You will want to become her BFF and learn all the tips she has for better quilt selection! Website ======================== Guest- Designer, shop owner, and teacher.... Roseann Kermes is back today to talk tips and tricks of fabric selection when doing large scale blocks. Then she is going to share some behind the scenes at your fabric fabric companies. Plus we want to talk about how we shop a fabric store... is it different than the way you do? Website blog ===================== Visit us at visit host Pat Sloan at
Tuesday 5th of June 2012
Guest - It's exciting for me to interview Cindy Cloward, the power house behind the Riley Blake fabric studio. She is sharing how the company started, what is new on the market place, and has a super special fabric line to tell you about. I want to learn all about Riley Blake, don't you? Website- ====================== Guest - is the classy designer behind the designs at Zen chic. I unofficially meet her in her booth at a trade show, then we meet again online when we both signed up for the same workshop! Brigitte is going to tell us why she loves the clean classic look, tell us about her first fabric line for Moda and describe her design process. It's very exciting! Website - ======================== Guest - Katy Jones is a new Author and an amazing encourager of quilters. She is willing to try anything while she shares her process as she tackles it all! Katy love traditional patchwork with a 'Katy" twist. Her colors and her take will inspire you like it has me. Website ======================= Guest - I believe Barb Adams and Alma Allen of Blackbird Designs may have started their business at the same market I did. They were so sweet as they came over to introduce themselves and we've been friends since. I love their work which is a twist on traditional applique and patchwork... plus a bit of reproduction crossstitch thrown in for good measure. ..... rumor has it that I own all their books! Website ======================== Visit American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine at Visit Host pat Sloan at
Monday 4th of June 2012
Guest - Have you participated in a signature quilt project, where you sign a block and it goes into a quilt that is a gift to someone. Or maybe is raffled to raise funds? Well this is not a new concept! The great group of people at the American Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln Nebraska have come across signature quilts and they have done a bit of research on them. I'm happy to have Carolyn Ducey the Curator of Collections here to talk about signatures this exhibit Facebook: Twitter: @quiltstudy ================= Guest - Mark Cesarik is a new comer to the world of quilting, but he has jumped in big time with his fabric designs for Freespirit. What I love about Mark's designs is the graphics and color combinations he uses. Plus he has a ton of enthusasium for quilting, which is just one of the ways his art is used.. let's find out about how he designs fabric. website: facebook: twitter: @markces spoon flower page ====================== Guest - Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen (pronounced like Peterson) are modern quilters who did not start out in the world of traditional patchwork. Their work is different but similar enough to have inspired them to collaborate on their first book called "Quilting Modern". I love that both their styles inspire me to try this type of quilting and I'm thrilled to have them here on the show to talk quilts! Jacquie - Blog: Digital Quilt Portfolio: Twitter: @jacquietps Flickr: jacquieg Facebook: I'm on facebook as Jacquie Gering and as Tallgrass Prairie Studio Katie -, sewkatiedid on Flickr, sewkatiedid on twitter,
Thursday 17th of May 2012
Guest - If you have ever pieced a quilt I bet you have made one from Marti Michell's patterns or have used her many cool templates! Marti is an author, fabric designer and traveler of the world.. let's get to know her! Website - Facebook - =========================== Guests - Our American Patchwork & Quilting editors Jennifer Keltner and Jody Sanders recorded two fabulous segments for us! One on quilting with friends, and the other is tool time.. gotta love that! website - ============================ host Pat Sloan - Http://
Monday 14th of May 2012
Guest - Kay Mackenzie and I meet in person at a show when we went out to dinner as a group... neither of us quite knew who the other was at first.. but she was wearing an apron made with my fabric line.. what a way to start a friendship! Kay love appliqué and she is her to talk about a new techinque she is doing. Website My blog devoted to all forms of appliqué My Show & Tell Center where I show off what other quilters have done using my designs ******************** Guest- I was thrilled when I opened my Feb 2011 American Patchwork & quilting magazine to see a profile of designer Odile Gova. I've followed Odile's work on flicker for years and was thrilled when I could read about her. Next big thrill is to have her on the show!. Website!/WoollyFabulous ********************** Guest- I was a trade show and there was some amazing quitling going on in several booth.. that kind that draws you in and makes you want to examine the quilting. I was delighted to be having dessert with a bunch of people later that night and meet the quilter! Angela Walters is the powerhouse behind some amazing quilting. I asked her to come on today and talk about not only her new book on freemotion quilting, but to give us some pointers and tips so we can love it as much as she does! Facebook: Blog: Twitter:!/AngelaFMQ ******************** Visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 7th of May 2012
Guest - It's always exciting for me to get to know quilters here on the radio show. Karla Alexander of Saginaw Street Quilt Company has a fresh approach to quilt patterns and I'm excited for her to share that with us today! Website **************** Guest- You have seen Heidi Pridemore's quilts more often than you realize. Besides designing for her own pattern company at Whimsical Workshop, she also designs and makes hundreds of quilts for fabric companies. I can't wait to hear how she does it! Website, Facebook- The Whimsical Workshop Blog- ********************* Guest- I so dearly love my technology .. and one day I was on twitter and Kelly McCants of Modern was chatting about something. So I went over to see what her blog/website was.. and what did I find? Oilcloth! Oilcloth is somewhat of a mystery to me. So I thought it would be great to have Kelly on to give us some insight into this Website Oilcloth Addict Blog filled with tips and tuts!! Facebook: Twitter ********************** Guest - I've been following the website "Sew 4 Home" for awhile and finally wrote to Liz Johnson and asked if she would come on today to talk about her amazing site Websites Sew4Home main site: Sew4Home on Facebook: Sew4Home on Twitter:!/sew4home/ Sew4Home on Pinterest: My personal Pinterest boards: ******************** Visit American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine and Host Pat Sloan
Monday 30th of April 2012
Guest - The first I knew of Emily Herrick's work was when her first fabric line came out called 'Going Coastal'. Well you know me..I love all things beachy so had to take a look! Emilys fabric line was so cheerful and delightful I had to add it to my collection. Excited today to have Emily on these show to talk about her fabric AND her new selfpublished book.. "Geared for Guys". Website ******************** Guest - The ever delightful and oh so talented Sherri Falls joins me to chat Bag making! Her bag is on the cover of the current Quilts and More issue! Website Blog ********************** Guest The 2nd half of the show is all tips and tricks with the editors of American Patchwork & Quilting! Then Jennifer Keltner and I give you an update on the 1 Million Pillowcase project. Website 1 Million Pillowcase Project ************************ Visit APQ magazine at Visit host Pat Sloan at New shows every week!
Monday 23rd of April 2012
Guest - Today I have the super talented quilt designer, fabric designer and book author Nancy Mahoney starting off the show with some Paper piecing tips! Website blog: ============== Guest - Kathy Brown of "The Teacher's Pet' is an prolific author, pattern and fabric designer.. plus she even created a ruler! Let's find out what Makes kathy she tells me even her Hobby is quilting website: blog: facebook: twitter:!/theteacherspet ================== Guest - Award winning quilter Karen Stone is joining me to talk about color and her passion for quilting. And I must tell you that when I see a quilt by Karen Stone it just makes my heart stop. I love everything Karen does Website Facebook ================== Visit our Magazines at and visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 16th of April 2012
Guest - When I first saw Liesl Gibson's booth at the trade show it just stopped me in my tracks. It was so well laid out and full of adorable childrens' clothing. I'm excited to have the Liesl here to chat about her patterns and fabric lines Website facebook twitter!/oliverands pinterest =============== Guest - I love it when I have a chance to introduce you to one of the magazine's contributing designers! Kim Walus of "Bitty Bits and Pieces" creates fun quilts and projects.. let's meet her! Website ===================== Guest - It is super exciting for me to have on a designer who's style and fabric is loved by so many... Lynne Hagmeier of "Kansas Trouble Quilters" quilts is joining me to tell us all about her quiltling!... Website Blog ====================== Visit our website and visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 9th of April 2012
Guests So excited to chat today with quilt designer Deb Tucker and novelist Marie Bostwick. These two have joined up for a fun project based on Marie's newest novel! Plus we are going to find out about Deb's amazing tools and Marie's love of community. Have a questions for them? Leave it here! Website Marie Marie on twitter!/mariebostwick Marie Facebook Deb - Deb on Facebook ================== Guest One of the best parts of of being a radio show host is asking people on the show. I chat with guests you know very well, and I chat with people new to you (and me!). I chat with people who work in the industry and sometimes, like today, I chat with quilters to learn about quilting in their neck of the woods! Roseann Kermes, who is a regular guest, knows Terry Stavig from Alaska and suggested I chat with her about quilting in Alaska Website ====================== Guest Are you fearful of color, wonder how to mish mash fabrics together, love big prints dont' know how to use them? I asked Victoria Findlay Wolfe of BumbleBeans on the show to chat about color and fabric. If you follow her blog or her 15 of play site, you know she can help you! Website My BLOGS: FACEBOOK ====================== Visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Http:// Visit Host Pat Sloan at
Monday 2nd of April 2012
Guest - The studio name of "Blue Underground" is so intriguing... I think of a bit of mystery, a bit of jazz music, and when you look.. you find a whole lot of quilt talent! Today I have one of the designers, Amy Walsh here to chat about her work. Web ====================== Guest - I'm always excited to talk with a quilter that has come up with a new idea... let's meet Lisa O'Neill from "A Thread from the Edge' Web / / ====================== Guest - 'm delighted to have my friend Heather Jones of olive & ollie on the show today to chat. Heather and I have been friends for awhile and I've enjoyed watching her quilting style change in the last few years. Her focus is now on modern design and she is the 3 time winner of the Modern Quilt Guild challenge in 2011 blog: twitter:!/oliveandollie FB: ====================== Visit American Patchwork & Quilting - Visit Host pat sloan
Friday 23rd of March 2012
Guest Being an Internet radio show I love chatting with quilters who have made the Internet their quilt home via blogs, twitter, flickr groups, and facebook. Today I have two very active quilters who not only are comfy online but are also brand new quilt book authors! Amanda Jean Nyberg of Crazy Mom quilts and Cheryl Arkison of the Dining Room Empire. UPDATE - Cheryl added a baby boy to her family since our recorded interview last week... visit her blog to wish her well! Website Cheryl - Blog "Dining Room Empire" Amanda Jean Blog ================== Guest My Designer buddy Roseann Kermes of Rosebud's cottage is back today and we are chatting about spring projects! Here are the projects we mention Flip and sew carrot table runner - by Shelley Robson of The Quilted Forest Spring 2012 issue of Quilts and More has the double quilt by Kate Spain and Sherri McConnell - spring hats by Jane kause Roseann's pinwheel pillow Website - ======================= Guest I'm really excited to have the Ty Pennington the host of 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' and the new daytime series 'The Revolution' here to talk about his amazing fabrics with Westminster Websites Ty's website is: Ty's fabric facebook page is twitter @typennington Ty's recap post on his new TV show "The Revolution" the show page ============= Visit American Patchwork Quilting at Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 19th of March 2012
Guest I so love the artwork of Cyndi Walker of Stitch Studios. She takes her wonderful art and translates it into fabric and sweeps it the shapes into beautiful applique quilts.. Let's hear what Cyndi is up to now! Website ============================== Guest If you have not seen Sarah Vedeler's work yet you are in for a real treat. If you are already fan then let's get some behind the scenes on what it's like to do the amazing style of quilts Sarah makes. And lucky me... she is one of my best friends in the industry! Website =========================== Guest I'm sure excited to talk about the fun things Moda Fabric does on the internet!I asked the Director of Marketing for Moda, Lissa Alexander... let's hear about the newest things! Website Moda Bakeshop Moda online Lissa's blog ======================= APQ magazine online Host PAT Sloan
Thursday 8th of March 2012
Editors Jennifer Ketlner and Elizabeth Beese join host Pat Sloan for a round table on quilt tips and tricks, an show full of lively info! Visit American Patchwork & Quilting magazine at visit Host pat Sloan at
Friday 2nd of March 2012
Today we have an ALL international show! Let's globe trot to talk to 4 differernt groups in 4 differnt countries... where we'll learn what quilting is like in France, South Africa, Norway and Australia! Guest - My first guest has lived around the world and has made her home in France for many year. Marianne Byrne-Goarin and I meet years ago in an online community called Second life where I ran a quilt group. We fast because friends! Let's hear what Quilting in France is like "Cinnamon Patch" style Web ======================== Guest - Our quilt trip around the world lands us next in South Africa. In July this year there is a quilt conference being held in Johannesburg called "International Quilt Convention Africa". I am lucky enough to be teaching at this first spectacular event, and Excutive Editor at American Patchwork & Quilting, Jennifer Ketlner, will also be at the event doing a lectures. Today I have 2 of the organizers here to tell us about quilting in Africa, Leon van Vuuren and Owen Calverley Web ======================= Guest - At the International trade show I'm lucky to meet designers and shop owners from around the world. Wenche Wolff Hatling stopped into the booth where I was demoing and did a video of me doing the demo (where I didn't open the rotarty cutter.. real life!). She is a designer and shop owner from Norwary. Web - =========================== Guest - Quilting is super popular in Australia and the designers there have an international appeal. I bet many of you have an Austrailan designers project on your to do list, I know they are on mine! Today I'm delighted to have Gail Pan on the show to chat about her work and quilting in Australia. web ============================= Visit American Patchwork & Quilting magazine at visit Host pat Sloan at
Monday 27th of February 2012
Guest -I can recognize a Laura Wasilowski quilt from across the room. The intense and usually bright colors, the playful shapes, and the incredible attention to detail. Laura is an award winning quilter and one of the founders of the 'The Chicago School of Fusing' and I'm delighted to have her on the show today ====================== Guest - Field Trips in Fiber says it all about my friend Vicki Welsh. She is an avid quilter, blogger and textile dyer and she has a huge following who love to see her 'take' on things!. BLog: Etsy Fabric Shop: Facebook: Google+: Pinterest: ================================= Guest - Textile artist Malka Dubrawsky has worked with fiber for a very long time, we are lucky to have her enter the world of quilting with her vibrant colors and relaxed style,,,,,!/stitchindye ======================= Visit American Patchwork and Quilting at Visit Host Pat Sloan at
Monday 20th of February 2012
Guest - If you have been listening to my shows or have been to my presentations, you know I am passionate about quilts and antique quilts are my inspiration. I've been a huge fan of Shelly Zegart for years. Shelly is a renowned quilt collector, curator, author and lecturer on both antique and contemporary quilts. Her love of American quilts began in the mid-1970s when she was inspired to hang quilts with other art on the walls of her newly built contemporary home. Today I have we have the pleasure of getting to know Shelly and learn about her background and current project "Why Quilts Matter" ========================== Guest - The Modern Quilt Guild started on the internet and has grown by leaps and bound to include groups in most states and many countries across the world! I'm excited to have one of the founder, Alissa Haight Carlton, here to give us an update on the MQG movement Alissa's blog ====== Guest - Cynthia England makes amazing quilts with an amazing amount of pieces. Her quilt Piece and Quiet, was chosen as one of the "The Twentieth Century's Best American Quilts" in 2000. In addition to this award, Cynthia has won Best of Show twice in the IQA show at the International Quilt Festival in Houston for her quilts Piece and Quiet, in 1993, and Open Season, in 2000. ====================== Visit American Patchwork and Quilting at Visit host Pat Sloan at
Monday 13th of February 2012
The show today is ALL about quilt communities. Hanging out with like minded folk... but with a twist! All my guests today are super active online community builders! I'm so excited for you to meet Penny Layman of "Sew Take A Hike" ========================== And you will love the sassy Dana Bolyard of "Old Red Barn", just look at that photo, it says it all! =========================== My new best friend.... Faith Jones of "Fresh Lemon Quilts" =========================== And the AMAZING Judy Laquidaria of "Patchwork Times" who has been a blogging quilter for a very long time! ============================= visit visit host Pat Sloan
Monday 6th of February 2012
Listen to the second part of the Sew Much Better series with the American Patchwork & Quilting editors Jennifer Keltner, Jill Mead, and Elizabeth Beese. The goal at APQ Magazine this year is "Learning". This is our second show of top tips and tricks that you will want to listen to over and over! Learn about cutting, pressing, practicing 1/4-inch seams, binding, and much, much more.
Monday 30th of January 2012
Guest It is very exciting to have designer Denyse Schmidt on the show today. Many of you first 'meet' her via her fabrics for the quilt industry... well Denyse has also been in the business of finished quilts for many years.. let's meet Denyse and learn about her amazing fabrics designs with FreeSpirit Website facebook ======================== Guest Half of the very fun creative force behind Cosmo owner and designer Julie Comstock is here to tell us about her love of design and how she applies it to her fabric lines with Moda! website ============================ Guest Author and Fabric designer Karen Snyder love vintage, and it shows in her design work.. I'm so happy to have her on the show to talk about her design work. Website is my blog is the Anna Lena Facebook page =========================== Guest Let's learn about the designs and inspirations behind Michael Miller Fabrics.. I have office manager Christine Osmers and one of the companies founders.. Kathy Miller here to tell us about the inner workings at Michael Miller Fabrics! Website - Blog – Facebook Page – Michael Miller Fabrics Twitter - @mmfabrics Pinterest - =========================== Host Pat Sloan - Visit American Patchwork & Quilting at
Monday 23rd of January 2012
Guest - The sister design team of Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson create beautiful fabrics with Moda, awsome books with Kansas City Star and they do amazing work to raise funds for the Injured Marine Semper Fi project... we are going to a great chat with them today about all of it! Website - Your Free pattern page ===================== Guest - It is always a joy to invite on a creative designer that is also a good friend. Lynda Hall and I share a passion for folk art and we discovered we have the same birthday. Today we'll find out how Lynda creates her amazing quilts! website ================== Visit our website Host Pat Sloan Facebook -
Monday 16th of January 2012
Guest I believe quilters often run into an issue where they can't find the right shade and wish they could just dye their own fabric. Lisa Reber of is an expert on dying fabric and I'm excited to have her here to share how you too can dye your own! Website ================================= Guests When I first saw the book "Tile Quilt Revival" I had to open it up and see what it was all about.. then I had to get the authors on the show to talk about it, it's a fabulous book! ================================== Guest - Designer Roseann Kermes is back to dish with me! We are talking about "Gifts Quilters make for their buddies".... Do you make gifts for your friends? What are they? Leave me a comment! studio - ================================ host Pat Sloan Facebook -
Monday 9th of January 2012
Guest We are an internet radio station, I'm crazy about the internet and the fact that it gives us the ability to meet, connect and build community with the touch of a keypad. My friend Michele Foster is a kindred spirit. She is the founder of the massive Quilting Gallery website, where fun and quilt merriment occur every day! I asked Michele to come chat with us about how we use the internet to quilt. Web!/MishkaOttawa ====================== Guest Sticking with our learning and internet theme, I asked the Quilting editor from the website to join me today! Scarlett Burrough is an avid quilter and hosts the quilt section of Craftgossip Web Quilting at Craft Gossip: Send link suggestions to: Personal Blog is Cut-up Craft: Craft Gossip Twitter: ======================= Guest Machine quilting expert Kim Brunner is back to give us some more insider info! Kim was also on the show July 25, 2011 and Sept 19, 2011. CLICK HERE and scroll back to catch up on those shows. Web ================ Host Pat Sloan
Monday 19th of December 2011
Guests - American Patchwork & Quilting has a goal of 'Learning" for 2012. I went out to visit the editors, Jennifer Keltern, Jill Mead, and Elizabeth Beese to record 2 full shows of tips! This is our first show and you are going to love all the great ideas we have for you. Be sure to join our Facebook page where you will now find a tip a day, how cool is that! Plus lots of other great sharing. On twitter? Follow for our tweets too! Website - Editor Blog - Community at Facebook -CLICK HERE to Join Twitter -!/allpeoplequilt hosted by Pat Sloan
Monday 12th of December 2011
Guest - It is always exciting to chat with a designer you all know and love.. Terry Atkinson is here to chat all things creative... and she is even going to talk about her famous "Yellow Brick Road" pattern.. you have a copy right? Web - blog: ============================= Guest - I'm more than delighted to have Penny McMorris, one of the founders of the software Electric Quilt on the show. But Penny is much more than just tech support for EQ... she has a rich background in quilt history. I followed Penny from almost the moment I started to quilt... you know back when we were both 8 years old.. wink! Web - ====================== host Pat Sloan
Thursday 8th of December 2011
Guest Yvonne Wells is a Folk Artist that works in fabric. When I visited the Quilt Study Center and Museum in Sept I was lucky enough to see Yvonne's quilts being prepared for the exhibit. If you are In Lincoln Nebraska before February 26, 2012, go to the museum and see them in person, it's so worth i! Website Visit to see Yvonne's exhibit at the Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln NE. Click through to read her thoughts on each quilt. =============== Guest Master Quilter Jinny Beyer lives up the street from me. I headed up to her store to have a chat with her this fall. American Patchwork and Quilting 2/12 issue (out now) has a feature on Jinny and now you can hear voice to go along with the article! Website ================= Guest I had the most delightful chat with Rashida Coleman-Hale at Quilt market. We talked about her love of linen, how she designs and I learned about Zakka style! Website ================= Guest I had the very best time with Linda McGhee! Not only is she creative and full of amazing knowledge, she is witty and funny and keeps us moving in this interview. Why moving? We chatted on the last day of market.. towards the end of the day. We decided to find a 'quiet' spot at the back.. well.. every where we went people were going in and out and generally making more noise than we thought they would! Website ================= host pat sloan
Monday 5th of December 2011
Guest - I am so delighted to have Contemporay quilter Katie Pasquini Masopust on the show. Not only does she make fabulous works of art with her fabric, but she writes books to help us create contemporay work and she also travels the globe teaching. I had the great pleasure of taking several workshops with Katie a few yrs back in Williamsburg VA Website facebook katiepm ===================================== Guest This is an exciting show for me as I have a chance to talk now to more guests that I have admired for years. I've not take an official workshop with Diana McClun and Laura Nownes, but it sure feels like I know them well. I went head over heals into quilting while using their book "Quilts Quilts Quilts" to learn from in my beginning 12 week learn to quilt workshop Website blog Facebook Laura ================== Magazine site - Pat Sloan -
Tuesday 22nd of November 2011
Guest - I've followed Australian designer Kellie Wulfsohn for a long time. Her very unique quilt voice speaks to me! I love her fresh use of color on a solid white background and I'm sure her whimsical designs will delight you as much as she has delighted me! Website - =================== Guest - Bigfork Bay Cotton Company publishes quilt patterns, many of the original work is from painters. They remake the pieces in batiks and do a fabulous job! They are also the company I have just partnered with for my pattern line. Traci Marvel, the director of marketing, took some time from her busy show booth to tell me the background of the company. Website - ==================== Guest - Natalie Lymer is more adorable in peson than her bubbly blog and emails can ever show. I am in love with her drawings, which she has recently turned into fabric. Learn what makes Natalie tick! Website - =========================== Guest -Betsy Chutchian is steeped in tradition. Betsy talks to me about her journey to document the journals of her great great grandmother who we think would have been a blogger today! Learn about Betsy's family journals, her books and more =============== host pat sloan American patchwork & Quilting magazine
Monday 21st of November 2011
Guest - I'm so delighted to have the founders of the Zentangle drawing technique here,Rick Roberts Maria Thomas are going to give us the backstory on how this start, what it is and how you can too can draw amazing things. Website - Blog Flickr ================== Guest - Designer Kari Carr and I meet while doing a Christmas Designer blog hop, and we came great friends. She has some super great tips to share with us today... can you say mitred corner? Website Facebook Twitter!/NewLeafStitches ================ Guest - by the magic of sykpe.. the Wonderful quilter, author and fabric designer Sarah Fielke is here with me from Australia. She is going to tell us about her new book, fabric and her quilt stitch.. it's awesome! Blog: Site: Twitter: @sarahfielke Facebook: ============== host pat sloan website
Monday 14th of November 2011
Guest - I love how I meet my guests. I'd known of Jamie Fingal's work, but when we both started on Google plus we commented on each other's posts, checked out each others blogs... and wa-la.. here she is to share her amazing work with us! Website ======================= Guest - We love our irons, well at least some of us do! Irons are such an important part of the quilt making processs. I'm happy to have my friend Art Garabedian the National Sales Manager at Reliable here to talk about irons. Website 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge site - have you made some lately? Updated the count? ============================ Guest - I'm so lucky to have meet Lorine Mason! She is an increible designer of sewing projects of all types and the best part is that she lives near me! We have a sewing group that meets once or twice a month for inspiration and fun and she never fails to amaze us with her work. Lorine is going to chat Fat Quarter use and more! Website It’s Sew Lorine – the blog ======================== Host Pat Sloan ==========================
Monday 7th of November 2011
Mother daughter team from England Pam Lintott and Nicky Lintott. Besides owning a quilt store in England for 30 years, they are very well known for their fat quarter books, I bet you have one of them! Bareroots designer and shop owner Barri Sue Gaudet does delightful stitcheries and I've adored them for years! She is going to reveal her secrets and tell us about her new books. Nancy Zieman has taught so many of so many wonderful techniques over the years with her videos and books! I ask Nancy about her start, her studio, and her passion for landscape quilts. Come listen...Kay Whitt of Sew Serendipity is darn delightful! I love meeting new designers and this one is so talented you will not believe it! Learn a few tricks for sewing garmets and bags... Her newest book is a editor pick in Quilts and More!
Monday 31st of October 2011
Guest The Queen of Scrap quilts is with me today, Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville fame. Bonnie and I are getting ready to host a quilters cruise together.. fun eh? So let's talk some quilt stuff Website *************************** Guest I love talking to families that work together in the quilt industry as I work with my husband to run our business. I love hearing the stories! Today I have the sister team of Ann Weber and Joanne Rowicki who design under the name Gingham Girls. They are good friends of mine .. let's talk some quilting. Website *************************** host pat sloan
Monday 24th of October 2011
Guest I first meet Designer/author Gyleen X. Fitzgerald in a workshop. I used to do a very basic overdying and bleaching demo.. and joked that I hoped there were no chemical engineers in the class as I was self taught... not only does Gyleen make fabulous quilts, dye fabric, but also works as a real life Chemical Engineer! I'm delighted to be have her on the show to talk about her quilts and her books.. no chemical talk.. I promise! Website- trash to treasures FB page *************************** Guest The Fabulous Moda designer and quilt maker Joanna Figueroa of "Fig Tree Quilts" is here to chat about a whole bunch of quilty topics today Website twitter: figtreeandco **************************** host Pat Sloan
Monday 17th of October 2011
Guest Since this is internet radio, I love introducing you to quilters just like you that blog about quilting. LeeAnn Decker's blog is and i'm totally addicted to reading it! I think it's great fun for quilters to share what they do, share their passion for quilting Website ==================== Guest Sometimes a book comes my way that blows my socks off! Twelve by Twelve is one of those books. It started as an art challenge with 12 friends and developed into a blog, an exhibit and a book. I have one of the 12, Gerrie Congdon here to tell us about the project. Website for the book Gerrie's ====================== Guest I'm really excited to have Designer Bari Ackerman here to chat about fabric, stitching and all things creative. Her newes Fabric line is wonderful and we'll find out about her new website "We love French Knots" Blog: Embroidery Blog: ================ host Pat Sloan
Monday 10th of October 2011
Guest -If you have not meet Kari Ramsay of Fresh Cut Quilts yet you are in for a delightful half hour of chat! Kari is one of the most friendly and lively people that I know... and makes you feel good everytime you see her! Website - facebook: ==================== Guest - I am so lucky to have this job of interviewing quilters, as i am being given a chance to interview people I admire so much .. and call my friend... I have the unstoppable Mary Lou Weidman here today! Website Blogs Http:// AND And find her at Facebook HERE
Monday 3rd of October 2011
Guest - Rachel Griffith of Ps I Quilt has been a friend for many years and I am so excited to have her on the show to chat about quilting, blogging and maybe a tip on how to quilt and blog with little ones around! Website - =============== Guest - Roseann Kermes of Rosebuds cottage is here to dish about road trips! (and maybe I can get a hot tip or two out of her) website - ================== Guests - The Sweetwater Design team is with me today and I can not tell you how thrilled I am! They like numbers, I like numbers.... they like letters, I like letters... and they put it all together in such an amazing way! Website -
Friday 23rd of September 2011
Guests Curator Carol Ducey in the green and Communications Coordinator Maureen Ose in the blue gave me a marvelous tour of the International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln Nebraska. I even take you behind the sceens to the famous storage room! Listen in while they explain the current exhibit and the great features of the museum and graduate program. Website -
Monday 19th of September 2011
Guest - When at the spring trade show I had a chance to talk to us Army Master Sergeat Clara Vargas , Rob Krieger CEO of Checker, Janis Plomaritis Checker office manager, and Lisa Steele owner of Bella Shop about an amazing charity project they are spearheading. One that every quilter can relate to. I asked them all to come on to share how this came about and how we can help Websites- Clara's Calling: Lisa's site: Checker newsletter: ===================================== Guest - I'm really excited to have talk machine Quilting expert Kim Brunner back on the show! She was with me on July 25th and we talked about batting and threads. This time we'll dive into other aspects of quilting such as how your fabric choices work with your quilting choices Website
Tuesday 13th of September 2011
Guest - I meet Valori Wells when we both did a creative workshop together at American Patchwork & Quilting. We discovered we both love using all fabrics with wild abandon and have stayed in touch through our blogs ... I'm delighted to have Valori here to chat today. my blog: The Stitchin Post web site Twitter: @valoriwells Facebook: Valori Wells Designs Guests - Are you a DJer? A Janiac? Anything but a Plain Jane? American Patchwork & quilting's October 2011 issue has a great article about quilt teachers Diane Rode Schneck and Judy Doenias little obsession with the Jane Stickle quilt. The City Quilter Learn more about Dear Jane.
Monday 29th of August 2011
Guest -I follow a lot of blogs and chat with a lot of people online. When I found Bill Volckening's blog WillyWonkyquilts I just went nuts! Do you know why? Because he loves New York Beauty quilts as much as I do and he collects them! I'm crazy about old quilts!! So we've been chatting on FB and he was so kind as to send me his book and come on the show to talk about his quilt collection web site: blog: =========== Guest - I'm really excited to have sisters Bonnie Sullivan and Kathy Schmitz on the show today. They are super designers and sisters that do NOT work together! Their look is loved by so many .. including me! Bonnie - Kathy - Kathy's blog - =============== Guest - Hold on tight! Our Mix Master, Our Editor of Buttons, Our Quilts & More Mistress of the Test Tube is Jill Mead and she is going to chat with me about the American Patchwork & Quilting One Million pillowcase challenge! We will also dish about other challanges.. and I'm going to ask her some secret questions you won't want to miss! Website - American Patchwork & Quilting One Million pillowcase challenge Quilts & More -
Monday 22nd of August 2011
Guest -Sometimes I have to take the opportunity to ask someone on the show when I see them, and in the case of this guest we were at the trade show and well... the first time I saw uber talented Amy Butler was in the ladies room! Intros over the sink, asked her on the show and here she is! Website - Facebook - ==================== Guest -I'm really excited to talk Quilt Color expert Christine Barnes. Her new book 'Quilters' color club' is totally fabulous! She is going to share a load of insider tips on making your quilts rock with color Website Facebook
Monday 15th of August 2011
Guest - Sometimes I meet people for the show in a most unusual way. Brian Haggard was seeing the show in Cinncinnati when I spied a fabulous projet bag he had. It turns out I was not the only one who stopped him that day to find out all about his crazy quilted bag. Brian is the author of Crazy Quilted Memories by C&T.. let's find out about his book! Website - ======================= Guest Lori Mason is a wonderful modern quilt designer. Many of her pattern find there way into Quilts and More and we love her clean lines and way with color. Website - ========================= Guest - I'm really excited to talk with my buddy designer, teacher, and author Susan Brubaker Knapp. Susan works in a lot of different mediums and we are going to touch on a few today! Website -
Monday 8th of August 2011
Guest -Gerri Robinson of Planted Seeds Design is a regular contributor to American Patchwork & quilting magazine and much loved by our readers! Excited to have Gerri here to talk quilts today. Website ============ Guest - Kim Christopherson and Kris Thurgood of The DIY Dish website and soon to be "My Girlfriends Quilt shop". Kim and Kris are sisters with a flair for creating and sharing! ============= Host Pat Sloan - ============= American Patchwork & Quilting
Monday 1st of August 2011
Toby Lischko is an award winning quiltmaker, a fabulous designer, a regular contributor to American Patchwork & quilting and all around amazing person Website Blog: ========================== Guest - You are in for a treat.. I have the Dynamic sister design team of Joanie Holton and Melanie Greseth of TailorMade by Design who live and breath quilting. You see their quilts in our magazines and you love them, I can't wait to learn how they think (oh did I forget to tell them that part?) Website
Monday 25th of July 2011
Guest -Judy Gula an artist and the owner a store called Artistic-artifacts... she is so amazingly creative with fiber, threads , laces and all those do dads you see at the shows... yes I checked and do dads is a technical term! I asked to Judy to join us to day to dish about using non traditional items and taking our traditional quilt training to a new level. Website - ========================== Guest - I'm really excited to talk machine Quilting expert Kim Brunner. She has won many awards, including Machine Quilting Teacher of the year the last two years Website
Thursday 14th of July 2011
Guest -I had the great pleasure of spending time one evening chatting modern quilts with Alissa Haight Carlton at the trade show. She is one of the founders of the Modern Quilt Guild and a new author Website - Modern Quilt Guild - =========== Guest - Terry Grahl is the Founder and President of Enchanted Makeovers, an organization dedicated to rebuilding shelters and empowering women and children .. Enchanted Makeovers was featured in the Oct 2010 issue of American Patchwork & quilting. Terry is here to tell us about the newest project they are working on. Website ================== Guests - Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison of Bonnie Blue Quilts. Their fabulous reproduction style fabric and patterns wonderful and loved my so many of us! I was able to chat with them together at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, a real treat! Website - ================ Guest Author Marie Bostwick has a new book and it's fabulous! We were both working a quilt show and I was able to steal her away from her book signing so she could tell us about her new book, her quilt group and .... well life as Marie! CLICK HERE to read my interview with Marie a few weeks ago Website
Monday 11th of July 2011
Guest - Quilters love to learn about color, so i'm really pleased to have author and publisher Joen Wolfrom on the show today. She has written numerous books with a focus on color and I wanted her to come chat with us about her 3 in 1 color with us Website - **************** Guest - If you are not familiar with Pam Buda jump on the internet and go to her site it's SO adorable! I asked Pam to come on and talk about 2 passions she has.. make-do quilts and her secret to fabric preparation. Website - FACEBOOK - Heartspun Quilts Pam Buda ***************************** Guest - Designer Amanda Herring is clever and delightful and her whimsical creations make me smile from ear to ear! I'm delighted to have her on for the second half of the show to dish about creating Website - (facebook) Twitter is @thequiltedfish
Monday 4th of July 2011
Guest - Sherri Falls of This and That is an amazing designer. Her patterns are warm and cozy and everyone loves making them. On top of that Sherri is the nicest person you will ever meet and I'm so happy we've become friends Website ****************** Guest -I meet Vanessa Wilson of CraftyGemini when we chatted back and forth on a business list online. I've been following her work and I am delighted to have her on the show to chat about her design work and exciting news that she is one of the $35,000 Youtube Next Up winners! Website about the contest Nytimes story on Creative Camp - *********** Visit Host Pat Sloan
Monday 27th of June 2011
Guest - When I got Cheryl Lynch's book 'Quilt Fiesta: I was excited to open it up... her book is based on mexican tiles and she has created some wonderful designs for the book. Then I got an email from my friend Betty suggesting I might want to talk to 'her friend Cheryl that just wrote a book'. Website - **************** Guest - When I saw Laura Peterson's quilt 'The Quilt Show' on the internet I was so captivated by it. At 108 x 30 it sure makes a statement! Laura's here to tell us about the quilt. Website - ***************** Guest -Some Authors speak to my heart with their work and I buy all their books. Jean Wells is one of those 'I must have all all her books' people! ..Jean is a designer, author, teacher, shop owner, the lady behind the sisters oregeon quilt show and the 40th inductee into the Quilter's Hall of Fame in Marion, Indiana. Website:
Monday 20th of June 2011
Guest: Diane Rose is quite an inspiration. She is totally blind, and she is a quilter. I'm excited to have Diane come on and share why she quilts and tell us a bit about what quilting means to her. Go to her website and watch the video interview about her life, if Diane can do it we can do it! Website: *************** Guest: I'm happy to have the creator of the inspirational website and author of "Signature Styles, 20 stitchers craft their look". I asked her to join me to talk about her newest book and about 'really' free motion quilting. Website: ************** Guest: It's not often I am able to meet someone whose work I've followed for many years Kelly Gallagher-Abbott of Juke box quilts has a place in my heart as one of the pattern designers I first started to follow. I have her 'Sufs Up' pattern, which you can still buy from her...let's find out what Kelly has been up to, it's amazing stuff! Website: ************* Guest:Jen Eskridge makes wonderful things from military uniforms, I think they are so totally fabulous! Jen's first book called 'Deploy that Fabric' is going to be in stores any minute, and we get to be the first to hear about her great book! Website:
Monday 13th of June 2011
Guest If you are a piecer than I know you follow Monique Dillard's work in American Patchwork and Quilting and through her company "Open Gate Quilts". I so pleased to have Monique her to chat about how she picks fabrics and more Website: (retail site that I have with a friend) American Patchwork & Quilting Project "2 tone star " "scrappy table runner" "linked together" ******************* Guest I'm really excited to talk machine Quilting today with Handi Quilter Educator Vicki Hoth. Vicki and I have chatted at the shows and I was able to tour the Handi Quilter facitily in Salt lake City in May. Website
Monday 6th of June 2011
Guest: Monica Solorio- Snow - There are some people in the quilt world that just make your heart sing, and Monica Solorio-Snow is one of them! Monica is a designer and author of Happy Zombie blog, which is so fabulous you must visit often Website: ******************** Guest: Barb Groves and Mary Jacobson of Me and My Sister Designs - I had the great 'luck' of running into ½ the me and my sister design team Barb Groves at quilt market in Salt Lake City and she decided we really needed to hang out, get to know each other and so we did! We dragged Mary out of her room where she was preparing to camp for the night, got Bubba the taxi driver to take us 2 blocks and had pizza! It was the BEST night! Website:
Thursday 26th of May 2011
Guest -What can I say.. the wonderful and adorable Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill is on the show dishing all things pink and wonderful with me! Website - CLICK HERE for her profile at ====================== Guest: Sandy Klop, of American Jane, and I meet when I came to California to teach in about 2002... and you were still working in the shop and just starting to design. It's been so fun to keep up with each other! Listen to how she came up with the name for her company! Website - ======================= Guest: Patty Yound of Modkid is so delightful and vibrant and just plain fun! Learn how she designs fabric and hear about her new studio space. Website: =========================== Guest: Kimberly Jolly of the Fat Quarter Shop is an amazing shop owner. I was excited to hear how she goes about stocking her fabulous store. And look for something we are doing together in the future! Website:
Tuesday 24th of May 2011
Guest : I meet Glenna Hailey of Hollyhock Quilts at a trade show when our booths were next to each other and we had fabric with the same fabirc company. It was an INSTANT love fest! I loved her work, she loved mine.. even our husbands got a kick out of chatting for 4 days with each other! Website: write up on Glenna's book Sugar Sack Quilts facebook ==================================== Guest: I love antique quilts. They are my inspiration and often my reason to make a quilt. Designer, shop owner of JJStitches and antique quilt collector Julie Hendricksen is here with me to dish old quilts Website: bio at ================================ Guest: My Fabulous side kick, Designer, Shop owner and all around Quilt Guru.... Roseann Kermes! We will dish about finds from the trade show and maybe a bit more! Website:
Monday 16th of May 2011
Guests - American Patchwork & Quilting editors Jill Mead and Elizabeth Beese chat about finds at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City *********************** Guest - Becky Weber owner of chats about her store, buying and Japanese fabrics. *********************** Guest - Gail Abeloe owner of chats about being an encore quilt sampler store, asilimar, and tells us how she blends and buys such unique fabrics.
Monday 9th of May 2011
Guest - I believe I meet Lisa Bongean over 10 years ago when I went out to her guild and she was just getting ready to start her pattern company. Over the years she has continued to be a fabulous designer, added Shop owner to her title and I'll add wool lover to Lisa's list of things! She is here today to give us some amazing tips Website: project: *********************** Guest -I had the great pleasure of meeting our next guest when we taught at the same event last year. I am so happy to have beloved designer Kim Diehl on the show today to chat about designing! Website: facebook - profile - ****************************** Guests - My first introduction to the world of Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr was at the first 'Creative Circle' event that American Patchwork & Quilting magazine held. They were the key note speakers, then weeks stayed for the next few days of creative fun. Our chairs sat back to back. This was the first time I'd work with a full room of designers and I loved most hearing weeks thoughts about the projects. Besides running their design company that produces commissioned quilts, Bill also wears the hat of art professor at Dominican University website: profile:
Monday 2nd of May 2011
Guest - I've had the great pleasure of getting to know designer and author Edyta Sitar over the last few years. Her brilliant use of batiks combined with non batik fabrics has quilters going crazy over her quilts. Website - Project at AllPeopleQuilts - Sunburst table runner with photo tutorial click here ****************************** Guest - The ever wonderful Miss Rosies Quilt Co is run by Carrie Nelson and her side kick "Miss Rosie". I've known Carrie for many years and we just love to leave blog comments for each other...besides being an awesome designer, she writes a rockin blog! Website - Blog: APQ Bio - CLICK here for the project we chat about on the show last interview on Monday 1st of March 2010 - ****************** Guest -Jennifer Keltner, the Executive Editor of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine, will be on to chat with me about this exciting new partnership and all the fun things we have in store for American Patchwork & Quilting Radio! Website -