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Monday 21st of July 2014
Richard Geschke and co-author Robert A. Toto narrate the stories and the experiences of what junior army officers faced as citizen soldiers during pre-voluntary military service from 1969 - 1972. This memoir provides and inside view of the military on the training fields of the Cold War in West Germany and on the combat fields of Vietnam. It presents a poignant and detailed drawing of what junior officers contended with during these turbulent times in American history.
Monday 14th of July 2014
Deb Boulanger is the Whole Life Coach for busy women over 40 who want more out of life from the food they eat, the love they get, and the work they do. Healthy eating, mindful of physical health and focus on easing stress in our daily lives.
Monday 7th of July 2014
Stephen Boyd, veteran correspondent, interviews WW2 veteran Roger Paris, now age 94, recollecting his years with the USMC as gunnery sgt. Paris recalls his time active duty, then shares his experiences with the VA and as a guest of Honor Flight.
Monday 30th of June 2014
Anita Brikman joined NHPCO in September of 2013 as the senior vice president of strategic communication and spokesperson for the national organization. NHPCO represents 1,600 hospice and palliative care providers with 3,400 locations across the United States, and more than 60,000 individual members. NHPCO's affiliates, the National Hospice Foundation and Hospice Action Network, promote access to this end-of-life benefit and advocate to lawmakers and regulators about its vital importance to patients and families.
Monday 23rd of June 2014
Dr. Kevin Hull, PH.D. Clinical Counseling, is the founder of Hull & Associates, P.A., a private practice specializing in working with children, adolescents, and families. He is the author of Computer/Video Games as a Play Therapy Tool in Reducing Emotional Disturbances in Children, Play Therapy and Asperger’s Syndrome: Helping Children and Adolescents Connect, Grow, and Heal through the Art of Play, and Bridge Building: Creating Connection and Relationships between Parents and Children/Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum.
Monday 16th of June 2014
Graciela Tiscareño-Sato is a bilingual sought-after speaker and Chief Creative Officer of Gracefully Global Group LLC, the premiere, award-winning publishing and marketing firm for Latino innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership stories. She's the bestselling author of "Latinnovating: Green American Jobs and the Latinos Creating Them." This is the first volume (of a planned series) showcasing Latino-led innovation in the green economy. In July 2013, she published her 1st children's picture book (of planned series), "Good Night Captain Mama." This is 1st bilingual book teaching young children why mommies wear military uniforms; it's been named a finalist in the "Best Educational Children's Book - Bilingual" category in 2014 International Latino Books Awards.
Monday 2nd of June 2014
Blythe Lipman offers travel tips for parents with little ones as summer approaches. Author Dr. Larry Enders shares details about his book Surviving Serendipity, and Dr. Suzanne Phillips discusses how to keep a long distance relationship strong.
Monday 26th of May 2014
Military Mom Talk Radio honors those who have served our nation. Music by David Ball and Faith Hill. Interviews with Richard Geschke, author of In Our Duffle Bags and Shadows of Combat, and Judy Brizendine, author of Stunned With Grief.
Monday 19th of May 2014
Maryam Webster is is a popular San Francisco, California area inspirational speaker, best selling self-help author, energy psychologist, coach and trainer. She helps people with extreme challenges, and the Experts who help evolve others - coaches, therapists, teachers, medical personnel & entrepreneurs - to "Do the Impossible". Jackie Silver discuses foods that help us reduce stress, thus keep us "aging backwards".
Monday 28th of April 2014
Jody Bremer is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. She received her Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology with Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University, Summa Cum Laude in 2004. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University, Magna Cum Laude. Since embarking on her career, Jody has worked with the Irvine School District as a school therapist, concentrating on working with children and families who are suffering from life changes (divorce, death, etc.) and those with Asperger's Syndrome or other socially challenging needs or skills training
Monday 21st of April 2014
Jeff Worthington shares the importance of preserving the stories of WW2 veterans in the iHistory Project. Marcella Stretch talks about support to military families through PODS Facebook Group. Debbie Gregory explains the valuable resources available through
Monday 7th of April 2014
Deb Boulanger is the Whole Life Coach for busy women over 40 who want more out of life from the food they eat, the love they get, and the work they do. She came to this work after her own transformational journey at 53 years old when she left a 26-year marriage and a 25-year corporate career. Her batteries were drained, adrenals were shot and passion had long faded. Through a three-year transformational journey, Deb learned how to nurture and tune her body as well as her soul. She re-evaluated her career, her relationships, her finances and created a renewed connection to her source. She discovered what it takes to truly be happy in this life - without selfishness or sacrifice - and now she shares this same formula with others. Today Deb is a sought after coach and mentor who leads other businesswomen on her 6-stage transformational journey and it all starts with food. She's a certified health coach and runs the very successful program called Feeding Your Freedom and she works with dozens of women each year through her private coaching practice.
Monday 31st of March 2014
Stephen Boyd served on active duty in the US Army from 1967 to 1970. He served in Korea in 1968 and Viet Nam from 1969 to 1970. He has numerous awards and decorations for his military service. This week Stephen continues his interviews with veterans and also brings us information about veteran cemeteries that families may not realize or know. Thomas Van Hees is a veterans’ advocate helping veterans obtain compensation from the VA for their service-connected health issues. These awards and denials led to writing a book specifically targeted towards veterans who may be seeking compensation from the VA mainly because Thomas did not want veterans having to go through what he did when seeking compensation from the VA. “Disability Compensation The Veterans Guide” was the outcome of his first book in a series of three books. “Disability Compensation The Veterans Guide” was submitted to the Military Writers’ Society of America for review and was entered in their awards contest in 2011. Thomas currently has six books published, two of which were released this last November. “Unheralded Heroes” has been submitted to MWSA for review and is also entered in the coming awards contest. “The Gulf Wars Veterans Guide to Disability Compensation” has not yet been submitted but may be in the immediate future. All of Thomas’ books appear on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Publish America, Blue water Press and the MWSA websites.
Monday 24th of March 2014
The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) is the largest nonprofit membership organization representing hospice and palliative care programs and professionals in the US. They are committed to improving end of life care and expanding access to hospice care with the goal of profoundly enhancing quality of life for people dying in America and their loved ones. Thomas Van Hess is a veterans’ advocate helping veterans obtain compensation from the VA for their service-connected health issues. He has gone through the compensation process many years ago filing some fifteen claims for his own disabilities, and with each award and denial of claims learned valuable information especially through the claim denials. These awards and denials led to writing a book specifically targeted towards veterans who may be seeking compensation from the VA mainly because Thomas did not want veterans having to go through what he did when seeking compensation from the VA. “Disability Compensation The Veterans Guide” was the outcome of his first book in a series of three books. Thomas currently has six books published, two of which were released this last November. “Unheralded Heroes” has been submitted to MWSA for review and is also entered in the coming awards contest. “The Gulf Wars Veterans Guide to Disability Compensation” has not yet been submitted but may be in the immediate future. All of Thomas’ books appear on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Publish America, Blue water Press and the MWSA websites.
Monday 17th of March 2014
Stunned By Grief book and journal gently guide you through the chaos of grief in a personal, revealing, and practical way. Readers have discovered a source of sanity, solutions, validation, and life-changing support in Stunned By Grief.
Monday 10th of March 2014
In In Our Duffel Bags, authors Richard Geschke and Robert A. Toto narrate the stories and the experiences of what junior army officers faced as citizen soldiers during pre-voluntary military service from 1969 – 1972.This memoir provides and inside view of the military on the training fields of hte Cold War in West Germany and on the combat fields of Vietnam. It presents a poignant and detailed drawing of what junior officers contended with during these turbulent times in American history.
Monday 24th of February 2014
Richard Fox and Shining Service Worldwide founder Linda Franklin. Upon graduation from the United States Military Academy at West Point, Richard Fox began his decade-long service in the US Army as a Field Artillery and Military Intelligence officer. During that time, he served two fifteen-month tours in Iraq and was awarded the Combat Action Badge, the Bronze Star, and a Presidential Unit Citation. Drawing upon his personal experiences, Fox infuses authentic details regarding the people, customs, languages, and ever-present threat of death that US Soldiers encountered while serving in the Iraq War. He lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona, with his incredible wife and two-year-old son, an amazing child bent on anarchy. Linda Franklin created Shining Service Worldwide™ in November 2010. She says, “it was destiny” The whole idea started to germinate when women serving in Afghanistan emailed her saying that they read The Real Cougar Woman™ blog every day and how powerful they felt when they did. They called themselves “The Combat Cougars” and they just wanted to say thank you for the valuable information she was providing them. From that fateful day to this Linda has been committed helping all women connected to military service. Their sacrifices are many and appreciation shows has been limited. Like many women, they have fallen through the cracks. Every time Linda talks to these fabulous women, the warmth and love they show is beyond anything she could ever imagine. Their stories, their courage and their dedication is beyond anything she has ever been a part of. When Linda met the women at United Veterans Beacon House, who were homeless vets, she couldn’t understand how that could happen. Frank Amalfitano, President and CEO of Beacon House shared his knowledge and experience with her and then invited her to become a special project under the Beacon House not-for-profit umbrella. It’s a solid partnership with a common goal. This is the beginning of a long journey. Linda is dedicated to this cause and is constantly amazed by the big hearts who want to help her in her mission to help. Military Mom Talk Radio is co-hosted by Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd, hosted by Toginet Radio and powered by Motherhood Incorporated. Military Mom Talk Radio supports and helps bring information to the families, moms and wives of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard and is dedicated to serving our friends and family in the Armed Service. We are proud supporters and members of the Military Writers Society of America as well as proud supporters of Operation Gratitude, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS),Shining Service Worldwide, Fisher House and the Girl Scouts of the USA and Boy Scouts of America.
Monday 17th of February 2014
Dawn Zebuhr, US Army Helicopter pilot flew Hueys and Blackhawks in Somalia and South Korea. Dawn shares her perspective being a woman in a fairly male-dominated job in the military, and how these experiences have benefited her now in civilian life.
Monday 10th of February 2014
Suzanne Phillips, psychologist, discusses the struggles we have with perfection. When to strive and when to survive on reality. Tips on being flexible, especially with a military lifestyle.
Monday 3rd of February 2014
Blythe shares some very helpful tips on easing the stress of being a first time parent, and the struggles all parents feel when your child progresses into a new developmental stage.
Monday 27th of January 2014
Jody talks today about the challenges of separation, strengthening a relationship during deployment, easing the struggles of separation, or finding a new path if you are suddenly on your own. It's also difficult to rekindle your relationship when reunited unless you are prepared.
Monday 20th of January 2014
Linda Maloney, author of Military Fly Moms, Karen Jeffries of Veterans Moving Forward, and a feature of the women pilots of WW2, WASPS.
Tuesday 14th of January 2014
Author Kathleen Rodgers is ready to launch her new book Johnnie Come Lately. Stephen Boyd begins his series as veteran correspondent interviewing Ryan Poirier, Cpl. USMC
Monday 6th of January 2014
Todays show brings health and wellness tips from Jackie Silver of Aging Backwards a featured regular on
Monday 16th of December 2013
Military Mom Talk Radio with Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd welcome Dr. Mary Beth Williams, author of the PTSD Workbook, Life after Trauma: A Workbook for Healing. Monday December 16, 2013 at 2pm PST on
Monday 9th of December 2013
Monday 2nd of December 2013
Jackie Silver is Aging Backwards and she shares her secrets, tips and shortcuts in her books, on her website,, on TV and radio, in print and in person. Jody Bremer discusses the difficulties of separation during the holidays. Marcella Stretch is the founder of the Facebook Group, Parents of Deployed Servicemembers.
Monday 11th of November 2013
In 1942, the Women's Flying Training Detachment (WFTD) and the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS) were the pioneering organizations of civilian female pilots, employed to fly military aircraft under the direction of the United States Army Air Forces during World War II. They served under the acronym WASPS - The Women Airforce Service Pilots. Also on the show, a segment of a show we featured Michael D. "Moon" Mullins, author of Out of the Mist, Memories of War.
Monday 4th of November 2013
The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization Director Gwynn Sullivan is committed to improving end of life care and expanding access to hospice care with the goal of profoundly enhancing quality of life for people dying in America and their loved ones. Veteran Correspondent Stephen Boyd offers updates on benefits that vets should be looking in to.
Monday 21st of October 2013
Dr. Suzanne discusses the dynamics of men vs. women in relation to how they handle stress, challenges, and conflict.
Monday 14th of October 2013
Dr. Jody Bremer, family therapist, visits again to continue her discussion about being comfortable seeking out a therapist, the benefits of visiting a therapist, and why it may be the best choice for you! Jody appreciates all she has in life: “I have experienced a vast array of life’s challenges, including a life-threatening childhood illness, a stint as a Marine Corps wife, mother to two fabulous children who, thankfully, are well into and almost past their teen years, and completing my Master’s Degree a full 20 years after graduating from high school.
Monday 7th of October 2013
Military Mom Talk Radio hosted by Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd welcome Judy Brizendine, author of Stunned By Grief, and Deb Boulanger of Feeding Your Freedom, October 7
Monday 30th of September 2013
Mark John Williams, author of Selling On The Edge, is finding success by developing your unique strengths, discovering your passions. Rachel Crawford founder of Teamotions; teas blended with adaptogen herbs to support emotional wellness and healing. David Kiplinger of USA Cares offers support to military families post 9-11.
Monday 23rd of September 2013
HARDLY BROKEN is the true story of radical intimacy transformation that women and men can learn from and apply, no matter how “broken” their current relationship. Michael RusserBeginning in September of 2011 Michael Russer began a year-long personal transformation that included a diagnosis of prostate cancer, radical prostatectomy, follow up intensive radiation treatments and full blown impotence. He considers his resulting impotence to be one of the biggest blessings in his life. It is because of his impotence that he and his partner discovered an entirely new approach to experiencing levels of emotional and physical intimacy that far exceeds anything either experienced prior to when things were working “correctly”. It is his personal mission in life to serve other couples who struggle with emotional and physical intimacy due to ED, impotence or simply because they have lost their “spark” and use his communications skills to share what he has learned worldwide. Prior to this phase of his life, Michael was a highly regarded international speaker and author about technology. His media experience includes keynotes, radio and TV interviews, videos, articles for national publications and voice overs.
Monday 16th of September 2013
Military Mom Talk Radio hosted by Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd welcome Paula Domenici, Keith Armstrong, and Suzanne Best – co-authors of Courage After Fire for Parents of Service Members and Dwight Zimmerman of the Military Writers Society of America
Monday 9th of September 2013
Dr. Kevin Hull discusses ways to help families understand life with a child on the spectrum. Jeff Worthington shares info about the iHistory World War 2 video contest.
Monday 19th of August 2013
Blythe Lipman, host of Baby and Toddler Instructions on Toginet, shares info about finding the right daycare. Lisa Detres brings us strength and faith, and the benefit of grandparents helping the families who are deployed.
Monday 12th of August 2013
Lillie Leonardi retired from the law enforcement profession and now endeavors to pursue her lifetime passion for writing. During her work at the crash site of Flight 93, surrounding the fateful events of September 11th, Leonardi is forced to confront her connection to the divine-something she has struggled with since her youth. Dr. Jody Bremer, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, returns to Military Mom Talk Radio to further discuss reintegration, relationships, and the value of family involvement to launch life after military service.
Monday 5th of August 2013
Lori Bell shares info from National Assoc. of Military Moms and Spouses, Marcella Stretch talks about networking and supporting families while loved ones are deployed, and Judi Brizandine tells of her book, Stunned by Grief, along with the accompanying journal.
Monday 29th of July 2013
Military Mom Talk Radio with Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd welcomes Dr. Suzanne Phillips and author Dr. Lawrence Enders
Monday 22nd of July 2013
Dr. Kevin Leman is an internationally known psychologist, humorist, and New York Times bestselling author of Have a New Kid by Friday. Dr. Leman is the author of over 40 books, including The Birth Order Book, Making Children Mind without Losing Yours, Have a New Husband by Friday, and Have a New Teenager by Friday. As a radio and television personality, and speaker, Dr. Leman has taught and entertained audiences worldwide with his wit and commonsense psychology. The doctor has made house calls for hundreds of radio and television programs, including Fox & Friends, The View, Today, Oprah, Janet Parshall’s In the Marketplace, LIFE Today with James Robison, The Early Show, CNN’s American Morning, Dr. Bill Bennett’s Morning in America, and Focus on the Family. Dr. Leman has also served as a contributing family psychologist to Good Morning America. Dr. Leman and his wife, Sande, live in Tucson, Arizona. They have five children and two grandchildren.
Monday 15th of July 2013
Rick's books have expanded his work to include influencing the whole family, with life-changing insights for men and women on parenting, marriage, and personal growth. Shining Service Worldwide™ is a charitable organization that supports the women who are an integral part of the military community. Our goal is their successful re-integration to civilian life. Too often women in the military community fall through the cracks and don’t get the attention they deserve, or more importantly, they need. We want to help provide those resources.
Monday 8th of July 2013
Dr. Bill Harley, Clinical Psychologist, has some of the best ways to overcome marital conflicts and some of the quickest ways to restore love. Suzy Manning has lived into her description at birth from her parents – “tiny, but mighty”. For over 30 years, she has dedicated her life to transforming women’s lives. She believes that life is a journey of personal evolution.
Monday 1st of July 2013
Debbie Gregory of Military Connection and founder of VAMBOA discusses opportunities all military families and veterans should know of.
Thursday 27th of June 2013
Military Mom Talk Radio welcomes Dwight Zimmerman, MWSA, Steve Repak, author Dollars & Uncommon Sense, Basic Training for your Money, and Victoria Smith of Happy Family Organic Superfoods,
Monday 17th of June 2013
Military Mom Talk Radio welcomes Dr. Kelly Orr and Marshele Waddell, authors of Wounded Warrior, Wounded Home, Lisa Detres and Women of Faith, and health and vitality coach, Autumn Arnold, June 17
Monday 10th of June 2013
Marcella Stretch from Parents of Deployed Service Members Facebook group, also known as PODS, and Daniel Saynuk, author of children's book about Guide Dogs, June 10
Monday 3rd of June 2013
Missing Max is a compelling story of one mother's journey as she recalls the extraordinary events surrounding the death of her Marine son, Corporal Max W. Donahue, who was killed in Afghanistan in August, 2010. Walking the Tiger's Path: A Soldier's Spiritual Journey in Iraq puts you on the ground with National Guardsman Paul M. Kendel as he faces roadside bombs, ambush, and potential suicide bombers while patrolling the "Triangle of Death" outside Baghdad in 2005. Jerry Clark shares why being properly positioned on LinkedIn is important to your job hunt and how you can take control of getting back to work faster.
Monday 20th of May 2013
Autumm Arnold talks about the power of protein. Kristin Ayyer shares her children's book Countdown till Daddy Comes Home. Tom Young is the author of three novels set in the Afghanistan War: The Mullah's Storm, Silent Enemy, and The Renegades.
Monday 13th of May 2013
Dr. Jody Bremer, family therapist, visits again to continue her discussion about being comfortable seeking out a therapist, the benefits of visiting a therapist, and why it may be the best choice for you! This discussion included the family dynamic when their military loved one is being deployed. Stephen Boyd discusses veteran benefits and navigating the VA system.
Monday 6th of May 2013
In Glimpses of Heaven, retired hospice nurse Trudy Harris offered an intimate look at the final days and moments of terminally ill and dying people. Founded by two Army Rangers, the company developed technology to validate military affiliation online in order to empower brands to honor military service through online discounts without fear of fraud. The site has attracted over 80,000 users in five markets since commencing operations in May 2011.
Monday 29th of April 2013
Alia Reese, author of children's hands-on book about dad or mom who is a Marine. Bonnie Latino author of Your Gift To Me, a gripping military love story. Kay Putnam is the founder of the website Successful Military Wife, empowering all spouses to find their career path wherever the military takes them.
Monday 22nd of April 2013
Leland Shanle, author of Project Seven Alpha, World War 2 flights by American Airline pilots. kelly bulkeley talks about children's dreams and nightmares
Monday 8th of April 2013
Lisa Detres talks about faith and prayer to help through deployment. Frank Amalfitano represents Beacon House.
Monday 1st of April 2013
Janet Rebhan, author of Finding Tranquility Base, a moving coming of age story about finding inner peace and fulfillment in the face of heartbreak and loss.
Monday 25th of March 2013
Autumn Arnold talks about healthy eating. Barbara Allen is the author of Front Toward Enemy, detailing her husband's death. Mike Guardia, author of Shadow Commander, detailing the career of Cmdr. Donald Blackburn.
Monday 18th of March 2013
Searching for Lincoln's Ghost is a coming of age story set in the mid 1960s. A Passel of Hate is an indepth look at those individuals and families involved in the American Revolutionary War. Forever Growing-A Journey of Trust shows us the author's individual triumph and reflection on her purpose in life.
Monday 4th of March 2013
Dr. Phillips takes a look at Just How Much We Worry - Strategies for Winding it Down. We all worry, we all have stress. Suzanne helps us face it, identify it, and keep from being overwhelmed by it. Stephen Boyd talks to us about navigating the VA system and reasons why it's important to get into the system.
Monday 25th of February 2013
Blythe Lipman has helped new and expectant parents gain the confidence they need to enjoy and care for their little miracles. There are hundreds of "tips and tricks" to get baby to do what you want - tips you've never thought of in Blythe's book, "More Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions!" Melissa Bowersock is an eclectic writer who recently published a book about her aunt who was a nurse in WW2 and a prisoner of war. Her tale is described in Marcia Gates: Angel of Bataan.
Monday 18th of February 2013
Driven by the immediate benefit to basic modifications to her daily lifestyle and eating habits, Autumn is challinging others to move forward to better health. Linda Jefferson created a national network of GoArmyHomes Websites to help military families through the rigors of finding housing when relocating to a new Duty Station. As a seasoned REALTOR®, Linda knows from a very personal level, the pressures and problems facing our soldiers and their families, especially when it comes to finding immediate, affordable and comfortable housing. Dr. Kevin Hull, PH.D. Clinical Counseling, is the founder of Hull & Associates, P.A., a private practice specializing in working with children, adolescents, and families
Monday 11th of February 2013
Suzy Manning has dedicated her life to transforming women's lives. She believes that life is a journey of personal evolution. Every day we have choice to ask powerful questions to overcome limiting beliefs to create the life we deserve. Lisa Detres is a pastor's wife, writer, and mother of four children who works as an author in Oregon. She is currently writing her first book which deals with helping women get closer to God.
Monday 4th of February 2013
Dr Bremer addressed managing relationships and how to keep those bonds strong during stress, separation, or even after reintegration. Also, "FAHIM SPEAKS: A Warrior-Actor's Odyssey from Afghanistan to Hollywood and Back," co-authored by Professor Moffett and Fahim Fazli, an interpreter Moffett met in Afghanistan.
Monday 28th of January 2013
Marcella Stretch is president of the facebook networking group Parents of Deployed Service Members. Their next initiative is Valentine Day messages. Steve Boyd joins Military Mom Talk Radio to talk about the resources and benefits of the Veteran Administration and associated medical facilities.
Monday 21st of January 2013
Dr. Phillips discusses Emotional Challenges of the Sandwich Generation' in light of deployment when there is a single parent dealing with children. There is a mixed blessing of needing to depend on parents for the care of your children as well as the complicated aspects of that period of time. Mindy Ferris and Brittney Wholihan discuss their business, Luhse Tea, the health benefits and cultural influences of tea
Monday 14th of January 2013
Author Donna Lyons brings us 12 Army Wives Give the Best Advice They Never Got is truly an unprecedented look into the lives of 12 real Army wives, including the wives of generals, wounded warriors, dual Army career families and isolated moms. Autumn Arnold returns this year helping us focus on a healthy plan of action for 2013.
Monday 7th of January 2013
Carol Stratton, author of Changing Zip Codes with advice for those moving to new communities, Star Johnson, director of the DC Womens Theater Group with their next production featuring military wives. Dwight Zimmerman. president of Military Writer's Society of America with advice for budding authors.
Wednesday 19th of December 2012
Sharing love and joy this holiday season! Merry Christmas from Military Mom Talk Radio. We are keeping all our troops in our thoughts and prayers this day and always.
Monday 17th of December 2012
Something for everyone on your gift giving list. Military Fly Moms ~ Sharing Memories, Building Legacies, Inspiring Hope, a biographical collection by Linda Maloney of the inspiring true stories and photographs of seventy women who shared the same two dreams-becoming aviators in the military, and being moms. Margaret Brown shares That Time, That Place, That War: Vietnam. A collection of vernacular specific to the Vietnam era. Dwight Jon Zimmerman shared interesting info about his recent book co-authored with Bill O'Reilly, Lincoln's Last Days.
Monday 10th of December 2012
Tracey Cramer-Kelly discusses her diverse background and how it enriches her writing, specific to her second book, True Surrender. Marcella Stretch talks about Parents of Deployed Service Members and supporting each other during deployment at the holiday season. Debbie Gregory describes the benefits of the Military Skills Translator on
Monday 3rd of December 2012
Adam Stacy described the benefits of CollegiateZone, a college prep and career readiness resource, and within this network, VetQuest providing these service for reintegrating veterans. Gina Sclafani has a blog, meaning it's time America stop putting material things foremost in their lives and remembering the sacrifices of our military heroes.
Monday 12th of November 2012
Margaret Brown is the author of That Time, That Place, That War: Vietnam. This is a glossary of terms, poems, and photos that evolved while teaching an honors program and the Vietnam Veterans of America guest speakers. Author Dwight Jon Zimmerman is the new president of the Military Writers Society of America and shared the back story of his most recent book, Lincoln's Last Days; a collaboration and young readers' adaptation of Bill O'Reilly's book, Killing Lincoln.
Monday 29th of October 2012
Dr. Jody Bremer, family therapist discusses the challenges of loneliness and depression during separations. Autumn Arnold shares health and exercise in relation to our mental health, and Marcella Stretch of Parents of Deployed Service Members shares their upcoming PODS Appreciation Day.
Monday 22nd of October 2012
Sue Pollard shared information about the mission of Operation Gratitude and sending much appreciated packages to deployed troops. She is also a Blue Star and a Gold Star mother, and shares her sons' service. Debbie Gregory is founder of VAMBOA - Veterans and Military Business Owners Association and, both invaluable resources to all veterans and military families.
Monday 15th of October 2012
Veterans Moving Forward is committed to transforming the lives of physically and mentally challenged veterans, helping them assimilate into society and lead productive and fulfilling lives. Veterans Moving Forward has a unique plan to serve this deserving community – to provide “service” dogs to those who have served our country and who are now in need. Horses4Heroes serves all active duty military personnel, veterans, First Responders and their families. Their growing national network of 190 kid-friendly, family friendly equestrian facilities in 43 states plus Canada provide affordable (sometimes free) recreational, instructional and health & wellness programs for all ages, all riding levels and all disciplines. General Sarge's mission has grown beyond the Jeffrey's living room to a website serving hundreds of military families. Weekly and monthly salutes go out to honor military children, the Gift-A-Bear Campaign including the Fallen Hero Bear and Deployment Bear Mascot programs. Operation B.E.A.R. recruits individuals, businesses and organizations to Bring Encouragement And Recognition as sponsors. Additionally, General Sarge's Families First Campaign partners with the Fresh Wind Ministries to help offset the traveling expense to a family member so they are able to attend the graduation of their troop from Basic Training.
Monday 8th of October 2012
Dr. Suzanne Phillips joins us again to talk about filling separation time with quality activities with purpose. Finding purpose eases our hearts, and bridges a separation or even a loss. Additionally the conversation covers why couples disagree about time - how one or the other needs to use their time.
Monday 1st of October 2012
Lori Bell of the National Association of Military Moms and Spouses talks about their upcoming Boost Camp, Steve Appelbaum shares the many benefits of a career in animal care, and Dwight Jon Zimmerman begins his tenure as president of the Military Writers Society of America and talks about finding a creative way to share historic events.
Monday 24th of September 2012
Debbie Gregory joined us for updates on new fields of study that benefit our military families and children. Joyce Faulkner is the outgoing president of Military Writers Society and shares some of the highlights of the year. Autumn Arnold brings us good tips on staying healthy during the upcoming holidays.
Monday 17th of September 2012
Emma Donnelly, author of The Reminder Book, discusses the challenges that people with cognitive decline and traumatic brain injury face, and the comfort that simple affirmations can be such as those found in The Reminder Book.
Monday 10th of September 2012
Business coach Bubba Mills talks about preparing for your next career after you complete your military service. Author Janie DeVos' Janie's stories teach gentle lessons about love, tolerance and acceptance and appreciation of people's differences, and recognizing the special gifts that each one of us possesses. Joyce Faulkner of Military Writers Society of America returns to talk about bringing the story out of you - everyone has a story.
Monday 3rd of September 2012
Celebrate Labor Day with Sandra and Robin as we share music that has great messages for all who work for our country's freedom.
Monday 27th of August 2012
Brenda Garth shares the support of her group across all branches of the military. Marcella Stretch shares information of PODS' birthday initiatives - every deployed troop should be remembered on their birthday. Autumn Arnold helps us keep focused on our health - even when we're trying to buy snacks for our kids who are going back to school.
Monday 20th of August 2012
Military Mom Talk Radio expressed their condolences to the family of PFC Michael DeMarsico, killed in Afghanistan last week. Joining the show was Debbie Gregory speaking of the resources available at both and veterans' business group Also on the show was Linda Jefferson from GoArmyHomes addressing the challenges and resources they offer to assist families facing a PCS relocation.
Monday 13th of August 2012
Suzanne Phillips is a licensed Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, Diplomat in Group Psychology, Certified Group Therapist and Fellow in the American Group Psychotherapy Association.She has published nationally and internationally on trauma, couples, uniformed services, bereavement, relationship addiction, etc. Suzanne is author of three books and over twenty articles. Most recently she co-authored, HEALING TOGETHER: A Couple’s Guide to Coping with Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress. Author Bob Doerr specialized in criminal investigations and counterintelligence gaining significant insight to the worlds of crime, espionage and terrorism in the U.S. Air Force. This background helped develop the fictional plots and characters in his books. ANOTHER COLORADO KILL is the fourth book Doerr has released in the Jim West mystery/thriller series.
Monday 6th of August 2012
Bubba Mills of Corcoran Consulting and Coaching will discuss the pros and cons of entrepreneurship and the challenges small business owners face today. Col. Tim Marsano of the Idaho National Guard, is the acting military media liaison for the family of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, prisoner of war since June of 2009. Col. Marsano will brief us on challenges families face when their troop is missing in action, and additionally what the role of liaison means. Joyce Faulkner returns this week with another segment of our series, Authors' Corner. Joyce's series on Military Mom Talk Radio encourages everyone to look for the story inside them... and write it! Every story is important!
Monday 30th of July 2012
Bob Calvert, founder and host of the Talking With Heroes Talk Show Program strives to honor and support the military and their families by sharing the untold stories of the work the military provides worldwide. Marcella Stretch from Parents of Deployed Service Members shares how their group networks to support military families. Autumn Arnold shares her point of view with regard to fitness, and finding the time to be more healthy while being a busy single mother.
Monday 23rd of July 2012
Dr. Jody Bremer returns, this time discussing the effects deployment has on the siblings of the troop, and resources for support for the whole family. Live on Toginet every Monday, 5 pm eastern, 2 pm pacific.
Monday 16th of July 2012
Marcella Stretch of PODS co-hosts with Robin. Debbie Gregory discusses veteran business owner opportunities. John Rothdiener shares his new book, The Quest for Forgiveness, and Robin introduces Kristen Boyd, military wife of 18 years and followed her husband to his various station points. Live on Toginet every Monday, 5 pm eastern, 2 pm pacific.
Monday 9th of July 2012
Terri Sloane discusses the high rate of divorce among military families and working through the process. Author John Nevola shares details of his new book The Last Jump.
Monday 2nd of July 2012
Harry Liebowitz,founder of the World of Children Award , celebrating and honoring individuals to advocate and change the lives of children around the globe. Harry now devotes all his time to running the World of Children Award – serving as Board Chair and visiting the World of Children Award’s Honorees. Joyce Faulkner returns this week with another segment of our series, Authors’ Corner. Her goal is to help veterans record their piece of history — for themselves, their families, their communities — and our country. Live on
Monday 25th of June 2012
Autumn Arnold discusses finding the strength to become more fit while being a single mom. Marcella Stretch of Parents of Deployed Service Members discusses her new concept of matching "Battle Parents" to support each other with children serving similarly, and Joyce Faulkner shares the news of her new book, Windshift.
Monday 18th of June 2012
Dr. Jody Bremer returns to discuss more about family challenges with respect to military life, and Jennifer Berman discusses employment challenges when reintegrating to civilian life and the possibilities that real estate might provide. Live on
Monday 11th of June 2012
Marcella is the founder of Parents of Deployed Service members Facebook Support Group also known as PODS. PODS provides support to other parents going thru the uncertainty of deployment by sharing information that would make their experience a little smoother. Norma Stratton established Real Estate for Women by Women, and is a guide for all women making financial or investment decisions.
Monday 4th of June 2012
Candi Wingate is an award winning nationally recognized child care expert. She has been a nanny, owned a nanny agency, started three online nanny databases, authored “100 Tips for Nannies & Families” and “The Nanny Factor: A Parent’s Guide to Finding the Right Nanny for Your Family,” plus is a wife and mother of two. So when it comes to the nanny industry, she is your expert. Allison Mewes is a proud wife of an Army soldier. Her experiences as a newlywed entering the Army lifestyle, along with the humorous things that happened along the way, inspired her to help other military spouses and significant others make the transition into Army life with her new book Intro to Army Life.
Monday 28th of May 2012
Memorial Day tribute includes Lori Bell from, author Nancy Kennedy shares her compilation from military chaplains, music by Dani Vitani, David Bell, Kevin Costner, Rushlow Harris, and Billy Ray Cyrus.
Monday 21st of May 2012
Linda Maloney, author of Military Fly Moms ~ Sharing Memories, Building Legacies, Inspiring Hope, a biographical collection of the inspiring true stories and photographs of seventy women who shared the same two dreams—becoming aviators in the military, and being moms. Maloney is a retired military aviator and officer and a recipient of numerous military awards. Sally Johnson, RN, talks of her labors of love making quilts for her VA hospital and Wounded Warriors. Dana Whitehead, manager for country singer Dani Vitany, talks of the inception of G.I. Girls - a salute to the women who serve in the military. The show started with Ann-Marie Miller, GS Leader, whose troop participated in making care packages for Moore Mart, an east coast non-profit distributor to military personnel overseas.
Monday 14th of May 2012
Debbie Gregory discusses the benefits of veteran-owned businesses and her organization Bob Corcoran discusses the ability to bring skills from your military career into your civilian career. Mindset and attitude are the key to success.
Monday 7th of May 2012
National Association of Military Moms and Spouses is the only network of its kind that brings thousands moms of service members and spouses together in one fun, supportive online community.'s upcoming event expresses appreciation for military spouses who often must endure months apart from their loved ones, uprooted lives, and the general uncertainty that comes with being the spouse of a military member. Joyce Faulkner returns this week with another segment of our series, Authors' Corner.
Monday 30th of April 2012
Michael J. Russer continues his series with Military Mom Talk Radio regarding "Change". Chris Kerney of shares their suite of services that help companies nationwide connect with Military Veterans. Nancy is the author of Miracles and Moments of Grace which brings together fifty heartfelt and inspiring first-person stories from our nation's military chaplains.
Monday 23rd of April 2012
Shining Service Worldwide’s mission is to show appreciation and support to women currently serving in the military, military vets and military spouses. Suzie Manning's personal intent is to empower women to own their magnificence, to ignite their dreams, and to illuminate their beauty, power, wisdom, and leadership in their Sizzzl years of 50+. Valerie Maine is a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at Antioch University New England. Her research focuses on the experience of couples coping with post-deployment and post-combat adjustment issues.
Monday 16th of April 2012
Dr. Jody Bremer continues to enlighten us on the benefits of counciling, giving us strength and the ability to look ahead, not back. "Eddie and Bingo" is the story of Eddie, who enlisted in the U.S Navy as a combat photographer. He was assigned to an aircraft carrier where he found a lost puppy on the enormous flight deck. Meditec enables military spouses to attend school from the comfort of their own homes and offers the flexibility of choosing their own schedules.
Monday 9th of April 2012
Fuzzy Manning is the Founder & CEO of PTS Treatment and the creator of Integrative Trauma Care. Dr. Kelly A. Blasko is Project Manager and Lead Psychologist for the Pajama Program, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, provides new new pajamas and new books to children in need, many who are waiting and hoping to be adopted.
Monday 2nd of April 2012
Dr. Jody Bremer gives us insight on endurance, strength and the ability to look ahead, not back, and that counseling is a good thing. Michael "Moon" Mullins is the author of a book, Out of the Mist - Memories of War, a collection of memories from veterans of all wars. Joyce Faulkner shares tips on bringing our stories from concept to print.
Monday 26th of March 2012
Michael Russer continues his series from the Live Outrageously movement, focusing on change. Candace George Thompson shares her soon to be published book about her parents, a military life starting in 1941. Jack Woodville London discusses his love of World War 2 history and the first two books of his trilogy, French Letters.
Monday 19th of March 2012
Linda Franklin of Shining Service Worldwide talks about the need for transition homes for women veterans during reintegration. Donna Lewis shares her Competitive Zen book. Music by Mary Lee, Jeff Senour, and Alyssa Gettis
Monday 12th of March 2012
Dr. Jody Bremer gives us insight on endurance, strength and the ability to look ahead, not back. Linda Jefferson shares how GoArmyHomes can support military families in their PCS moves. Debbie Gregory offers a wealth of information and resources to military families on her website
Monday 5th of March 2012
Janine Wilburn brings us information about Touch-Nology and staying in touch with deployed troops. Nicole Germain discusses an upcoming event for military wives. Joyce Faulkner discusses the potential we all have to author our thoughts and our inner stories.
Monday 27th of February 2012
Michael J. Russer is an author, coach and speaker for the Live Outrageously movement. He is going to help military families navigate through change, transition and adjusting to a new normal. Linda Franklin is visiting Military Mom Talk Radio this week to share new initiatives on the horizon for Shining Service Worldwide, specifically for transitioning women veterans. Randy Mixter is the author of Letters From Long Binh: Memoirs of a Military Policeman in Vietnam, based on the letters he wrote home to his wife while an MP in Vietnam.
Monday 20th of February 2012
Lori Bell is founder and president of National Association of Military Moms and Spouses, the only network of its kind that brings thousands moms of service members and spouses together in one fun, supportive online community. Authors Ken Farmer and Ben Steinke share their newest novel, Black Eagle Force. Janie Smith is the author of HOPE Beyond Trauma . . . a mother’s journey, and founder of the organization of the same name.
Monday 13th of February 2012
Lynette Lovelace, founder of Lifetherapy, aims to encompass the various experiences of life (such as love, hardship, glory, serenity) while arousing the senses and allowing an escape from everyday life. The Scripture-based prayers in Donna Mull’s A Prayer Journey Through Deployment will speak to anyone's heart with words of encouragement. Leila Levinson is the author of award winning Gated Grief: The Daughter of a GI Concentration Camp Liberator Discovers a Legacy of Trauma.
Monday 6th of February 2012
Lisa Detres, a pastor's wife, discusses women and faith. Author Mary Lee shares her recent story for children, When Grandma's False Teeth Fly, and Joyce Faulkner presents her continuing Writer's Corner series, featuring Leila Levinson.
Monday 30th of January 2012
Author Sandra Linhart shares her latest children's books, Daddy's Boots and Momma's Boots. John Gorman discusses the US Constitution and its relevance still today. Michael Russer bring light to the process of transitioning jobs.
Monday 23rd of January 2012
Carol Schultz Vento shares the story of her book The HIdden Legacy of World War II, Stephen Brown discusses his new book 'Sweeps, and Michael Russer gives an update on the services offered by Go Army Homes and their upcoming cook/military life book.
Monday 16th of January 2012
ClearedJobs.Net is a veteran owned company serving the job search and recruiting needs of the security cleared community. Author Robyn Roche-Paull discusses her award-winning book, Breastfeeding In Combat Boots, and Jeff Senour shares the CTS Freedom Rock Experience including clips of songs from his tour.
Monday 9th of January 2012
Cellar Angels connects small and family run wineries to a larger audience, and provides assistance to a select group of charities. "The Lady Gangster" is the first-hand account of the USS Fuller, an attack transport ship and its courageous crew of “Chicago Boys” who transformed from wide-eyed new recruits to weathered “Old Salts” braving enemy attacks while delivering troops and supplies during many of the toughest battles waged in the South Pacific during World War II.
Monday 2nd of January 2012
Joyce Faulkner is president of the Military Writers Society of America. Her recent book In The Shadow of Suribachi, she retells stories inspired by her father of WWII and Iwo Jima. Kathleen Rodgers, member of MWSA, discusses her recent book, The Final Salute, a story about the life of and living with a fighter pilot.
Monday 12th of December 2011
Suzy Manning of helps women become empowered and build their inner strength. Also on the show are Abby Desharnais and Tracey Crain, members of the Manchester NH Central High Marching Band who were invited to perform at the Pearl Harbor 70th anniversary Rememberance Event.
Monday 5th of December 2011
The mission of the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community in which the campaign is conducted.
Monday 28th of November 2011
Focus on alternative modality for PTS Treatment. Fuzzy Manning is: International speaker & Clinician on PTS Alternative Therapy • Navy veteran who served during Vietnam • Medical Intuitive and Urban Shaman with over 30 years experience • Studied & practiced Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Aboriginal Medicine for over 30 years • Energy & Integrative Medicine that I learned in 28 countries over 35 years • Shiatsu Master for over 30 years
Monday 21st of November 2011
Operation G.I. Jane is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting deployed, single mothers in the U.S. military by providing five compassionate services: 1 communication with their children via webcam technology 2 airfare for much-needed visits home 3 necessities kits for both mother and child 4 healing therapy 5 career transitioning Military Children's Charity exists to enrich the lives of American Service member’s children. Given the reality of multiple military engagements, and several years of economic uncertainty, M.C.C. recognizes that a disproportionate share of this burden has fallen on the shoulders of American Service Member’s families. American Military Children deserve to be appreciated and publicly recognized for their countless personal sacrifices on behalf of our nation too.
Monday 14th of November 2011
International speaker & Clinician on PTS Alternative Therapy • Navy veteran who served during Vietnam • Medical Intuitive and Urban Shaman with over 30 years experience • Studied & practiced Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Aboriginal Medicine for over 30 years • Energy & Integrative Medicine that I learned in 28 countries over 35 years • Shiatsu Master for over 30 years
Monday 7th of November 2011
Liz Moore of Go Army Homes and Liz Moore and Associates, providing real estate options to military families, especially with the unique challenges of PCS moves.
Monday 31st of October 2011
Monday 24th of October 2011
Monday 17th of October 2011 is all about bringing magic into women's everyday lives. It is a blog where they celebrate everyone's inner princess. is a place you go to be listened to and appreciated for all of things you do and are! It is about uncovering, discovering and experiencing the magic in everyday life; as well as sharing about the occasional frog that no amount of kissing will turn into a prince.
Monday 10th of October 2011
Monday 3rd of October 2011
As the President & CEO and spokesperson for Coggins International, Jane can be heard across the nation from radio to television, in print and in person, sharing her knowledge in the field of energy and fuels automation. Not one to sit behind a desk for too long, Jane puts her 'boots on the ground' in all parts of the world, from Afghanistan to Australia, always maintaining a face-to-face relationship with the customer and the mission. This sense of adventure compels her to take calculated risks in business and in life, making even the impossible a reality. Operation G.I. Jane is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting single mothers in the U.S. military by providing five compassionate services: communication with their children via webcam technology, airfare for much-needed visits home, necessities kits for both mother and child, healing therapy career transitioning. For more information visit
Monday 26th of September 2011
Michael J. Russer, CEO of RUSSER Communications and Managing Director for GoArmyHomes LLC is an international speaker, author and columnist about doing business online and virtual outsourcing. He is co-author (along with Christine Durst and Michael Haaren of StaffCentrix) of “Transform Your Business Using Virtual Assistants”, the first book on virtual assistants for the real estate industry.
Monday 19th of September 2011
We welcome back Pastor Dave Macer who has done blessings for our troops over the holidays and today he talks about the use of faith in helping families get through deployment. This is a vital show for anyone with children who are struggling with a parent of family member on deployment
Monday 5th of September 2011
Celebrating Labor Day, Sandra and Robin share some of their favorite tunes that share our American Pride.
Monday 29th of August 2011
Military Children's Charity provides gifts and recognition to all children of military personnel. Debbie Nichols is also the author of Deployed: Grandparents Being Grandparents.
Monday 22nd of August 2011
Join Sandra and Robin as they welcome Lisa Cypers Kamen to Military Mom Talk Radio. Filmmaker, speaker, author, coach, and now radio talk host on Toginet, Lisa has developed a specialized Harvesting Happiness program for returning military personnel and their families experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and difficulties reintegrating back to civilian life. The integrated curriculum uses a stigma free multidisciplinary approach to assist soldiers and their loved ones heal to heal the traumas of war and reawaken happiness in their hearts. Harvesting Happiness for Heroes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to stigma-free assistance of Military Personnel and their loved ones facing challenges with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and other post-deployment reintegration issues. Harvesting Happiness for Heroes offers one-on-one services, mini-workshops, and retreats to address the whole person: mind, body, and emotions. This results in a calmer mind, better physical health and reinforces emotional support. Lisa's program Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio airs live every Wednesday at 9 am pst. on the Toginet network. Learn more about her program at
Monday 15th of August 2011
Mr. Koby J. Langley is the senior adviser for strategic planning and outreach in the Office of Wounded Warrior Care and Transition Policy. In that role, he is responsible for the development of strategic plans related to wounded, ill, injured and transitioning service members and interagency and public/private collaboration.
Monday 8th of August 2011
Lisa Detres is a pastor's wife, writer, and mother of four children. Her oldest son, Augustin, is currently serving in the Army and is stationed at Fort Drum, New York. She is currently writing her first which deals with helping women get closer to God.
Monday 1st of August 2011
United States Army Veteran, entrepreneur/business owner, budding author, public relations/marketing consultant, college graduate, recently widowed, a recovering alcoholic and soon-to-be radio talk show host of the new show “Daily Dialogue with Doris.”
Monday 25th of July 2011
As you plan your summer vacations and pack a few good books in your beach bag, be sure to include books by these wonderful authors: Pat Brisson, "Sometimes We Were Brave", Commander Sheri Snively, "Heaven In The Midst of Hell", and Rita Cosby's riveting story of her father in "Quiet Hero".
Monday 18th of July 2011
Raquel Thiebes has been blogging about military life and everything that goes with it since 2007. Whether you want to know it or not, she’ll tell you about it! She was an Army brat growing up, was a soldier herself and married into the military. She won’t tell you her exact age but suffice it to say that she has 40+ years of experience with all things Army. Find her blog at
Monday 11th of July 2011
Sheri Snively, who served as a chaplain with the U.S. Navy, has crafted a vivid, unsettling, and ultimately hopeful personal account of the effects of the Iraq war on soldiers and civilians in Heaven in the Midst of Hell. As she served with the Marines working amid the boredom, tension, and seemingly meaningless carnage at a trauma hospital between Ramadi and Fallujah, Commander Snively experienced firsthand the grim reality of combat. As she recounts the way she and the soldiers around her experience war, she negotiates a compassionate path to healing—marked not by formulaic answers, but by an open and questioning spirit. Visit
Saturday 2nd of July 2011
Join Sandra and Robin for an all American musical tribute.
Monday 27th of June 2011
CandaceSandy and her co-author Dawn Marie Daniels felt compelled to publish the stories of women grappled with day-to-day issues in Souls of My Sisters: Black Women Break Their Silence, Tell Their Stories, and Heal Their Spirits, a compilation of true life experiences of women of color. In Souls of My Sisters, women from all walks of life candidly reveal how they overcame challenges just like those faced by women every day.
Monday 20th of June 2011
Kathleen Facon, partnership branch chief and Charlie Toth, Deputy Director, of Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA)join Sandra and Robin to share valuable information about education facilities for our military families around the world.
Monday 13th of June 2011
Rita Cosby's book Quite Hero details the story of her father, Ryszard Kossobudzki, a Polish Resistance fighter during World War II, who was badly wounded, captured by the Nazis, held in a POW camp, escaped and ultimately rescued by American military forces after retrieving handwritten directions-to-freedom wrapped in a chocolate bar and dropped to Kossobudzki and his comrades by a U.S. Army Air Forces pilot. For more information visit
Monday 30th of May 2011
Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd have prepared an encore presentation of past episodes of Military Mom Talk Radio in honor of Memorial Day. Featured are Betsy Beard of, Andi Grant of, Tish Stropes of and authors Melissa Seligman and Chris Piper, A Heart Apart and The Day He Left For Iraq. Visit
Monday 23rd of May 2011
Jody Bremer is the author of the book, LOOKING FOR THAT LAST FIRST DATE: An Insider's Guide to Dating After Divorce. Stories, advice, and confirmation that you're not alone. Visit for more information about the book and Jody's insight.
Monday 16th of May 2011
Penny Monetti is author of Called To Serve, a book about military life, being a military spouse, communication before during and after deployment. Linda Franklin is founder of The Real Cougar Woman, a motivational speaker giving women confidence to be their best in Health, Beauty, Relationships, Finance and Spirituality. Her Combat Cougars Bracelet is available through her website and supports women in the military and transitional help for homeless veterans.
Monday 9th of May 2011
Debbie Gregory of pays a return visit to discuss the many resources of her website, and particularly focuses on the education benefit to veterans that spouses can be eligible for as well.
Monday 25th of April 2011
May is Military Appreciation Month, and with that in mind, Sandra and Robin share resources, interesting events coming up and ways to remember our military families and those dedicating service to our country. For more information, visit
Monday 18th of April 2011
Josh is a strong advocate for his clients and believes the only way for individuals to receive independent, analytical, and unbiased financial advice is with a fee-only advisor that does not work on commission or sell financial products. Having served with the US Air Force, Josh understands some of the unique financial challenges military families may face. Visit Josh at
Monday 11th of April 2011
Jody received a special certification and verification from the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists in Working with Military and Their Families In Private Practice. Servicemen from the Marines, Navy, Army and Air Force are a significant specialty, allowing her to provide personalized care for all of the military members and their families struggling with the specific hardships the military incurs, such as long-term separations, deployments, and PTSD
Monday 4th of April 2011
Sandra and Robin talk about Robin's daughter's wedding, and the ladies greet her daughter's new mother-in-law, Donna Poirier, a Marine military mom. Guest Fuzzy Manning joins the show to discuss his alternative methodology to treat PST. Visit Fuzzy at
Monday 28th of March 2011
Liz Moore from Go Army Homes joins Sandra and Robin to discuss PCS moves along with the advantages of using realtors who specialize in military relocations.
Monday 21st of March 2011
Tish Stropes joins Sandra and Robin to detail the network of houses adjoining major military hospitals for families of loved ones who are ill or recovering. Families receive room and board, easy access to the hospital, a place for loved ones to leave the hospital for a short time to visit with family, and an environment with others experiencing similar situations. Please visit to learn more of their services and how you can help support their mission.
Monday 14th of March 2011
Sandra and Robin are joined by Sherri L. Brown, Senior Vice President for Service to the Armed Forces for the American Red Cross. We always think of giving blood to the Red Cross, but the organization serves Americans in countless other ways. Find out how you can support the Red Cross by visiting
Monday 7th of March 2011
Sandra and Robin welcome Andi Grant, founder of Give2TheTroops®. Andi began the organization in 2002 when her husband, U.S Marine Sgt. Brian Grant was called for Operation Iraqi Freedom. The organization sends supplies to troops - anything from board games to golf clubs, exercise equipment or microwaves. Discover how you can help support our troops by visiting
Monday 28th of February 2011
Debbie Gregory joins Sandra and Robin to discuss more of the wealth of resources on Added resources include Veteran and Military Business Owners Association and the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. For more information, visit
Monday 14th of February 2011
Author Pat Brisson joins Sandra and Robin to talk about one of her recent books, Sometimes We Were Brave. This children's book telling the story of Jerome whose mother is a deployed soldier. For more information, visit
Monday 7th of February 2011
Betsy Beard, a surviving mom of SPC Bradley Beard, killed in action in Iraq, is now the editor for the national quarterly TAPS Magazine, facilitates bereavement workshops, and has written a children's book, Klinger, A Story of Honor and Hope. For more information, visit
Monday 31st of January 2011
A Dollar To Care is a non-profit organization that provides support to military families whose soldier has been incarcerated. Not condoning criminal behavior, the organization is not judging the circumstances behind the incarceration, but to help the families who are suffering the consequences of the long ordeal. Visit for more information.
Monday 24th of January 2011
Film producer Jeff Worthington joins Sandra and Robin to update everyone on the iHistory Project WW2 Project. Open to teens, ages 12-18, the iHistory Project invites students to create a video interviewing a World War 2 veteran. Videos will be submitted to the YouTube contest channel, and winning videos could be included in an upcoming documentary being produced by Jeff. For more information, visit
Monday 17th of January 2011
This week, Sandra’s and Robin’s guest is Debbie Gregory of Debbie has compiled an all-inclusive website packed with resources for all military personnel, veterans, and military families. serves a gambit of needs and directs military families to answers otherwise difficult to find. The site is dynamic in that information is always being updated and added to. For more information visit
Monday 10th of January 2011
Sandra and Robin welcomed Melissa Seligman and Chris Piper who have recently collaborated on a children’s book titled A Heart Apart. The book offers military children a vehicle to express their feelings and emotions stemming from a family member being deployed. Melissa also authored a very hear-felt book titled The Day After He Left for Iraq. For details on both ladies, their mission, and their books, visit To order A Heart Apart, visit
Monday 3rd of January 2011
Sandra and Tina welcome Sue Lynch from There & Back Again, a re-integration program for combat veterans. Because of their combat service abroad, many veterans return home with a myriad of complex emotional issues, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). TABA offers a structured program of yoga, meditation and alternative approaches to healing the whole body to help veterans transition back to their lives stateside. Their objective is teach veterans how to use breath awareness, meditation and yoga to manage their symptoms of PTSD, to improve their relationships with loved ones, to begin to fully participate in their lives, and to give back to their fellow veterans through TABA’s Train the Trainer program. Tina’s husband Richard joined the discussion, sharing some of his challenges when he returned home. As a certified yoga instructor, Sue demonstrated with Richard’s help some program components that have been successful and helpful to the program participants. For more infomraiton, visit
Monday 13th of December 2010
Military Mom Talk Radio is proud to present Higher Ground to its listeners. Higher Ground is an adaptive sports and recreation program serving Veterans with injuries. Hosted in the beautiful mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho, and on the pristine beaches of La Jolla, California, the facility offers most any interests. Higher Ground specialize in serving Veterans with traumatic brain injuries, blindness, visual impairment, PTSD, spinal cord injuries, amputations, and severe burns. It is all completely free for the veteran and spouse to attend! For more information, or how to apply for a program, visit
Monday 6th of December 2010
Sandra and Tina welcome Allessandra Kellerman, founder of Homefront Hugs – an organization dedicated to providing support and comfort to service members, veterans and their families. A national non-profit organization with over 10,000 active members and 50,000 members in all, Homefront Hugs brings a touch of home to soldiers serving all over the world with programs such as Operation Healing Angel, Homefront Welcome Home Hugs, Homefront Hugs for Kids, and Homefront Hugs Hero Adoption. For more information about Homefront Hugs’ services, visit
Monday 29th of November 2010
Host Sandra Beck and guest host Robin Boyd welcome Lisa Cypers Kamen to Military Mom Talk Radio for an information-packed hour discussing Lisa’s new program Harvesting Happiness for Heroes. This seminar is aimed to support post-deployment military personnel and their families experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and civilian life reintegration challenges. The discussion covers signs and symptoms of PTSD and TBI, and realizing the importance of addressing these symptoms to begin the process of healing. Lisa’s program uses a stigma-free multidisciplinary approach to assist soldiers and their loved ones heal to heal the traumas of war and reawaken happiness in their hearts. For more information visit
Monday 22nd of November 2010
Sandra and Tina host a jam-packed show, featuring guest Janine Wilburn of Touch-Nology, whose company offers pre-assembled correspondence kits, journals, cards and more to keep deployed troops and their families in touch. The show also includes children’s Thanksgiving greetings to soldiers read by Max Beck Levin, Hannah Holly and Cailin Casas, and a visit from Pastor Dave Macer of Shepherd of the Hills – Antelope Valley, who delivers a prayer of Thanksgiving.
Monday 15th of November 2010
Sandra and Tina are joined by Rick Swanson, segment producer for Military Mom Talk Radio to welcome guest Michael Russer of Go Army Homes, helping military families through the rigors of finding housing when relocating to a new Duty Station. For more information, visit
Monday 8th of November 2010
Host Tina Gonzales is back with Sandra Beck to welcome guest Debbie Gregory, founder of, one of the most popular websites on the Internet for active military, veterans and their families. It is referred to as “The Go To Site” for jobs, benefits, news, and information regarding resources and benefits. For more information, visit
Monday 1st of November 2010
Hosts Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd welcome June Walbert, financial planning expert, Lt. Col. in the Army Reserve, and single mom who shares great insight in giving our kids a sound start in understanding money and financial goals. June is a certified financial planner with USAA,
Monday 25th of October 2010
“Because Kids Don’t Come With Manuals” author Tina Nocera joins host Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd for an enlightening discussion about dilemmas parents face and the remarkable website Tina has developed, Experts are on-call to help parents answer any question they are struggling with.
Monday 18th of October 2010
Host Sandra Beck and guest host Robin Boyd share a very informative conversation with Marty Martin of Operation Gratitude, a non-profit organization that provides care packages to troops. Donations are always needed, pitch in to help assemble packages, or contact with the name of a loved one who would appreciate being a recipient.
Monday 11th of October 2010
Host Sandra Beck and guest host Robin Boyd welcomed Amanda Devoe of Uproar Communications , organizer of the Veterans Day Celebration at Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For more information on the event, visit Contact Amanda at
Friday 3rd of September 2010
Co-host Robin Boyd presents an all-music tribute for Labor Day. Enjoy some favorites that express our American Pride.
Monday 30th of August 2010
Guests Erin Ferucci and Dr. Silene Young join Sandra and Tina. Celebrity life style designer Erin Ferucci brings us ways to brighten our homes no matter where home is at the moment. Dr. Young discusses pet insurance and the benefits of this for military pet owners.
Monday 23rd of August 2010
Guest Beth Russell from Freedom Dogs joins Sandra and Tina to talk more about the service dogs and their importance to our returning troops’ needs. For more information visit
Tuesday 17th of August 2010
Guest host Robin Boyd joins Tina to continue their focus on the Army National Guard by welcoming Dawn Gagnon, volunteer for the NH Army National Guard. Dawn brings us more information about family resources and balancing family life while one’s spouse is deployed.
Monday 9th of August 2010
Guest host Robin Boyd and Tina Gonzales welcome DeeDee Rice, volunteer for the New Hampshire Army National Guard, shares information regarding the National Guard Family Program and its outreach to military families.
Monday 2nd of August 2010
Guest Janine Wilbur of Touch-Nology joins Sandra and Tina. Janine’s company creates kits to help families stay in touch with their loved ones while they are deployed, and give troops a quick way to keep journals and send notes back home.
Tuesday 27th of July 2010
Sandra and Tina welcome Lauren Flaim, entrepreneur salon owner. At 21 years old, Lauren Flaim is an enthusiastic former teen mom and current business owner of the newly opened Salon Amore in Suffolk, VA. With the success of her salon opening only four months ago, Lauren has become an inspiration to teen moms everywhere.
Monday 19th of July 2010
Sandra and Tina welcom guest Beth Russell, director of the Freedom Service Dog program, . Trainer Patty Mix and program participant Richard Gonzales join the discussion. Freedom Dogs provides Specialty Service Dogs to wounded military heroes at no cost to them. All expenses incurred in the training and health of these very special dogs is covered by Freedom Dogs. The two year customized training of Specialty Service Dogs is quite tedious, time consuming, and costs almost twice that of training a regular service dog. That said, these dogs are just that very special dogs. Through the end of July, Pepsi is taking votes for nominees for a $250,000 grant. To vote for Freedom Dogs, visit
Tuesday 13th of July 2010
Today's guest, Elaine Wilson, editor and writer for the Defense Department’s American Forces Press Service, launched the “Family Matters” blog in August 2009 to provide resources and support to military families, as well as to encourage a dialogue on topics ranging from deployments and separations to the challenges of everyday life. (
Tuesday 29th of June 2010
Director/Producer Jeffrey Worthington is currently coordinating the “iHistory Project: WWII,” a national YouTube competition for high school students ( Students are encouraged to interview a WW2 veteran and submit their film to the project.
Tuesday 22nd of June 2010
Sandra and Tina welcome guest Jacey Eckhart, nationally syndicated columnist. Jacey is a military life consultant and nationally syndicated military columnist. For more about Jacey and her work, visit
Tuesday 15th of June 2010
Sandra and Tina welcome guest Andi Hurley, founder of hosted by Andi’s blogs share the daily grind of being a military spouse, helping families network, cope, and have resources for anything that military families face
Tuesday 8th of June 2010
Sandra Beck and Tina Gonzales are hosts to guest Jody Bremer, marriage and family therapist, discusses the basis of her new book Looking For That Last First Date, available at, as well as her approach to counseling. Tina’s husband Richard also brings information about freedom dogs. For more information, visit
Wednesday 26th of May 2010
Sandra and Tina welcome guest Suzann Sladcik Wilson, artist, bead sculptor and owner of Suzann's beaded creations are being featured in national publications, and recently created a limited edition bracelet where proceeds benefit Step out To Fight Diabetes.
Tuesday 18th of May 2010
Sandra and Tina welcome guest Linda Kagan, inventor and owner of the device TravelStix. Visit About the size of a business card, TravelStix contain medical forms and information for you and your family to have available when traveling. Great for caretakers and military families who need to relocate frequently.
Tuesday 11th of May 2010
Sandra and Tina interview Doug Stebleton, producer of the documentary Mother Of Normandy. Visit
Monday 3rd of May 2010
Sandra and Tina welcome guest Lisa Cypers Kamen to discuss the art of Harvesting Happiness. Lisa now hosts Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio on Toginet. Visit
Tuesday 27th of April 2010
Sandra Beck and Tina Gonzales continue to interview guest Michael Hoffman regarding valuable resources to military personnel and families.
Tuesday 20th of April 2010
Sandra and Tina's guest is Michael Hoffman, Recovery Care Coordinator, USMC, Camp Pendleton, CA.
Wednesday 14th of April 2010
Sandra and Tina launch their new show on Toginet with guest Ollie Smith, Executive Deputy Director NACCRRA. Visit