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Minister Diane Jones was born in Sacramento, CA into a military family. Her father was in the United States Air Force so she could accurately be called an Air Force Brat. Her early childhood years included traveling to places like Germany and the Philippine Islands exposing her early to different cultures. In her pre adolescent years, the family and life she knew was destroyed by Alcoholism and Mental Illness which lead to her being emotionally, physically and sexually abused by her parents. These abuses lead to her being placed in Foster Care until the age of eighteen.

In spite of the trauma of her early years and even more trauma in later years, she went on to become a successful wife, mother, Registered Nurse and Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Who can find a virtuous woman? That is what she strives to be. She is a woman in love. There is nothing in her household that is more important than her husband. He can trust her. They are a team. She loves to create, contribute and beautify.

Minister Diane accepted the call to Ministry and was ordained in December of 1999. The Lord told her not to let any one label or limit her in doing his work, "You are a minister because I want you to do whatever I need you to do". This directive has allowed her to serve as a Nurse, Foster Parent, Praise and Worship Leader, Preacher, Teacher, Counselor and Prophetess. Together with her husband she currently serves the Body of Christ through their home based ministry "Equipping the Saints Minitries". Her greatest passions include outreach as an Assistant/ Volunteer with her husband who coaches Men's Basketball for the USAF and ministry through the sharing of her personal testimony and first book "The Story of Me". Since her first book, Diane has released Overcoming Sexual Abuse by Minister Jones (Inspired by the Holy Spirit) in which she shares insights about what sexual abuse is and how to overcome it and her latest autobiography The Story of Me a Black Nurse in which she deals with the issue and tramas caused by racism.

Minister Diane's education consist of her life experiences including nursing training, a Bachelors in Theology and most credibly, attendance in the School of the Holy Spirit who is the greatest of all teachers. She currently resides in Maryland with her wonderful husband, friend and companion Minister Chris.

For speaking engagements/Book signings/ Music Ministry contact Minister Diane @ For Book information go to: Jones/The Story of Me, The Story of Me A Black Nurse and Overcoming Sexual Abuse.

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He's Coming Back. Who's Coming Back 4-21-14

Tonight's show is an Encore presentation in honor of Palm Sunday, Passover and Resurrection Day.


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One Week

Palm Sunday, Passover & Resurrection Day

Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey.  The crowds cheered for him and praised him, laying palm branches at his feet for he had done many great miracles in the region. He healed the sick, cast out devils, thus delivering many from torment and affliction and preached salvation.

It is beleived, between Wednesday and Thursday at sundown Jesus sat down to celebrate Passover with his disciples.

Passover was a live and vibrant time of year.  Spring was in the air. All things became new and Passover commemorated glorious, miraculous events when God the Father The Great "I AM" defeated the Egyptians and their armies who'd enslaved and oppressed the children of Israel for hundreds of years in the past. As a sign that they believed God and as a symbol of what would be, God commanded the Israelis to slay a lamb and paint the doorpost of their homes with the lambs blood. Obeying Gods command provided protection during the final plague of death that came to the Egyptians who despised God and oppressed his people. The Lord God promised, when I see the blood, I will pass over you so the plague will not destroy you. It was during the dreadful, frightful night of the plague that God instituted the Feast of the Passover.  It would be a reminder for years to come of Gods awesome love, forgiveness, power and ability to restore. Just as the lamb was slain during that first pass over night, the Lamb of God was about to be slain.

During the Lords celebration of Passover, he revealed to those present, the time had come for him to be betrayed, for him to fulfill his mission, that he would be killed so others may live. As they struggled with this news, he let them know, through his death, they would live, others would live, have relationship with the Father again and that he would return from the dead, thus he would conquer death,Hell and the grave. Within hours he was betrayed by one of his own disciples. He was arrested and tortured. By Friday morning he was brutally slain as foretold by him and other prophets before him.

Once slain, Jesus left his natural body,descended into Hell, lead captivity captive, took the keys of Hell and the grave and freed all those that had died before him who belived in God. Oh death, where is your sting? Oh grave, where is your victory?

On the third day, Jesus re-entered his body and was Resurrected.  He miraculously came back to life. He revealed his self to many people, including his disciples and let them know he'd completed his mission.

What a conqueror, what a victory! There's nobody like him! In one weeks time he was celebrated, betrayed and was slain, Yet he CONQUERED ALL.

Palm Sunday 4/13/14.....Passover began 4/14/14.....Resurrection Day 4/20/14.....Passover ends 4/22/14







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A Book Reading of The Story of Me 04-07-14


A Biblical perspective about children being born out of marriage, the "Bathroom Bill" which will allow males to use female bathroom facilities, the rise in the occurance of sexual assaults in the military armed forces followed by a book reading from The Story of Me by Diane Jones

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This week on our program 03-24-14

Monday 3-24-14

Fasting & Praying:

We are calling women of God to join us in fasting and praying so we may see breakthrough in major areas of our personal lives and ministries. The Fast began today and will continue thru to Wednesday 3-26-14. Fast and pray as the Lord leads.

Tonight's Special Guest:

Dr. Johnnie McFadden will be our returning guest. We will be discussing the importance of Forgiveness as it relates to deliverance (being set free) from the strong hold that trauma can cause in ones life.


To Donate: If you believe in the work we are doing,feel free to support the work. To donate see our PayPal button on this show page

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A Time of Refreshing

3-22-14 A Time of Refreshing

You are invited to join our Women's Conference Call for a time of refreshing.  This call has been established to support and encourage women we know are dealing with struggles of some kind.

Please join us Saturday 3-22-14 @ 9AM EST by calling 424-203-8400 Access Code 26305#

3-24-14 thru 3-26-14 Fasting and Prayer

I am calling women of God to fast on these days. Several women have called who are experiencing great trials and need help. Please Join us to fast and pray for their breakthrough


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I'm Not The Same Woman I Used To Be I'm Free is an out reach of Equipping The Saints Ministries Inc. ETS is a a non-profit/non 501c3  organization. Funds will be used to keep this program on the air unless otherwise directed.