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Marla Tabaka

Join us every Monday at 2pm ET. When you tune into The Million Dollar Mindset with Marla Tabaka, you will hear powerful and inspiring stories, learn proven tips and tricks to building a successful business, and unlock the secrets to creating a happier, more balanced life through abundant thinking and attraction power.

Marla's guests are success-minded individuals who have attained the things that are most important to them in life and business. Marla and her guests credit their success to positive thought and taking inspired action. They are ready to share their insights, secrets, and dreams with you!

Marla invites you to call into the show if you are "stuck" in some area of your life and business. Benefit years of experience and know how so that you can break through your barriers and achieve what's important to you!

About Marla:

Marla is a business coach and advisor for entrepreneurs around the world. She guides her clients toward outstanding success in business AND helps them to rediscover themselves in the process; many have reached a million dollars in annual revenues - and beyond!

Visualization, E-Myth Mastery Coaching, EFT Tapping, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), and Law of Attraction techniques are among Marla’s favorite tools. These are the foundation for her innovative coaching techniques designed to help her clients explore, discover, and live their best life. 

Marla Tabaka Coaching offers one-to-one coaching for entrepreneurs who have a great business model in place and who know that the sky is the limit! For solopreneurs with a smaller business, or start ups, Marla also offers affordable group coaching. Learn more about coaching with Marla.

Mastering Video Marketing with Paul Hayes - 9-22-14

Paul HayesOnline video is the biggest development in marketing since the start of the web, and there’s not one business that can’t benefit from it. Yet so many business owners avoid the use of video because it feels complicated and perhaps even intimidating.Master Video Marketing Today

This week’s Million Dollar Mindset broadcast will set you on the path to mastering video marketing. Your host, business coach and Inc. columnist Marla Tabaka, will be joined by author Paul Hayes. Paul has over 20 years experience connecting with massive audiences on TV and radio in the UK, Middle East and North America and is the author of Master Video Marketing Today.

From building trust and rapport with your audience to lighting and framing, you’ll learn the basics to begin video content that will get you noticed!


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One Simple Thing That Make You Hugely Successful - 9-15-14

The Vision Beyond the Vision

Measuring success in monetary terms can keep you broke. Search for the real passion that drives you, and the money will follow. Today's Million Dollar Mindset show contains the secret to huge success and happiness.

Business coach, Marla Tabaka, has worked with outrageously successful entrepreneurs--and those who are not. You'll learn what makes the difference and won't believe how simple it really can be. She calls it The Vision Beyond the Vision, it all starts with your "why". Marla will share stories of how her clients have gone from running a struggling business to discovering a passion that helped them grow into the millions. You'll learn the steps and how to make it happen in your life too!

Visit Marla at to see the highlight version of this podcast.

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How to Become a Highly Paid Expert with Debbie Allen, 9-8-14

Debbie Allen


Prospects aren't as loyal as they used to be. Competition is beyond fierce in today's marketplace. How do you get prospects' attention when they are often swayed by price rather than quality?

Author and brand strategist Debbie Allen says the key is education-based marketing. Debbie teaches her clients how to position themselves as the go-to authority in their industries and she's here to share her insights on
The Highly Paid ExpertThe Million Dollar Mindset.

Having started and sold numerous million-dollar companies, Debbie now mentors and coaches clients globally to build their expertise, brand strategically, dominate  online, and create hours of video to help share knowledge and become superheroes in their own niches.  

Join your host, success coach Marla Tabaka, as she speaks in-depth with Debbie about the approach she shares with clients and in her book, THE HIGHLY PAID EXPERT: Turn Your Passion, Skills, and Talents Into a Lucrative Career by Becoming the Go-To Authority in Your Industry (Career Press, July 2014).


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7 Devastating Start up Mistakes to Avoid, 8-18-14

Mistakes to Avoid

The number of new businesses launched each year is steadily growing, yet the five-year survival rate is dismal. With twelve years of coaching entrepreneurs under her belt, business coach Marla Tabaka can confidently say that many of these failures can be avoided.

Today, Marla will share the top 7 startup blunders she witnesses in small business, especially start ups, over and over again. Avoid them and you may also avoid ending up as just another sad statistic.

Visit Marla at to see the highlight version of this podcast.


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How Kindness Will Help You and Your Business Grow, 8-11-14

Be kind


Random acts of kindness may seem like little "feel good" events, but did you know that paying it forward in acts of kindness has an affect on your health, mindset, and even your business?

In this week's show your host, business coach, Marla Tabaka, will share insights, research, and lots of ideas about how you can unearth your kindest self and see the benefits ten-fold. Sure, it's about others, but why not accept that paying it forward eventually comes back around?

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