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Marla's guests are success-minded individuals who have attained the things that are most important to them in life and business. Marla and her guests credit their success to positive thought and taking inspired action. They are ready to share their insights, secrets, and dreams with you!

Marla invites you to call into the show if you are "stuck" in some area of your life and business. Benefit years of experience and know how so that you can break through your barriers and achieve what's important to you!

About Marla:

Marla is a business coach and advisor for entrepreneurs around the world. She guides her clients toward outstanding success in business AND helps them to rediscover themselves in the process; many have reached a million dollars in annual revenues - and beyond!

Visualization, E-Myth Mastery Coaching, EFT Tapping, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), and Law of Attraction techniques are among Marla’s favorite tools. These are the foundation for her innovative coaching techniques designed to help her clients explore, discover, and live their best life. 

Marla Tabaka Coaching offers one-to-one coaching for entrepreneurs who have a great business model in place and who know that the sky is the limit! For solopreneurs with a smaller business, or start ups, Marla also offers affordable group coaching. Learn more about coaching with Marla.

5 Reasons to Make Friends With Your Competitors, 7-21-14

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Business owners often view their competitors as the enemy, but that's shortsighted.

It's time to stop viewing your competition as the enemy and use them as your catalyst to entrepreneurial brilliance. That's right. Instead of investing your precious energy into hating or envying your competitors use them to become the very best entrepreneur you can possibly be.

In today's Million Dollar Mindset broadcast your host, business coach Marla Tabaka will tell you exactly how the competition can help keep you in the lead.

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9 Choices You Will Later Regret, 7-14-14

Having regrets

"Hindsight is 20/20."  We've all used that phrase, but do you stop to think about what it really means?

Experience has the potential to be our very best teacher, and hindsight plays a vital role. Unfortunately, many people go through life just repeating the same old mistakes over and over again; they somehow miss the connection between hindsight and insight. 

When was the last time you actually stopped to evaluate your mistakes? In today's episode of The Million Dollar Mindset your host, busines coach Marla Tabaka, will share 9 things that people regret and how avoid having to say, "If I only knew then what I know now." These 9 little gems will take you into a future of 20/20 vision instead of a life of regrets.

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The Benefits and How to Behind Reducing Employee Stress, 7-07-14

Did you know that stress related health care and missed work are costing employers three hundred billion dollars a year? Heck, for a small business even three thousand dollars a year is a lot.  In fact, when work stress builds up, your team becomes less productive, emotionally disconnected, and they lose sleep. 

It's time to pay attention to your employees' stress levels, not just because it's costing you, but to show them you care.

Your host, small business expert and coach Marla Tabaka,  is going to share 10 free or inexpensive ways to help your team de-stress on the job. Learning more about these simple things may even help them develop healthy habits outside of work. 

And remember, healthy, happy employees will lower your stress level as well, so there are benefits all around!



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10 Rules of Productive Confrontation, 6-30-14


Not too many people enjoy confrontation. In fact, many fear it. Conflict avoidance is at the root of many a personal and professional disaster, so why don't we learn to take charge and plunge into those difficult conversations?

In this episode of Million Dollar Mindset your host, business coach Marla Tabaka, is going to share her 10 Rules to Productive Confrontation. Not only will discussions be easier, they will be more productive. Learn to get what you want and walk away feeling good about yourself and the situation.

Even those who shy away from talking about problems will find it easier to do with this great formula.

Is your business ready for a boost? Contact Marla to discuss how she can help you become profitable and happy.



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7 Powerful Questions to Cure Indecisiveness

Do you ever feel iike you're stuck in your persona world of indecisiveness? It's nice to know that we have options but when there are too many choices or decisions to make, or a real biggie comes along, entrepreneurs--or anyone for that matter-- can easily get stuck in the muck of it all.

Marla Tabaka has a set of powerful go-to questions that she credits for helping her make clear, sound decisions relating to small and life-altering events. Today, she is going to share her process with you. So pull out a pen and paper and get ready to turn your world around with smart decisions made with clarity and less stress!



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