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Sometimes ‘stuff' just happens; we go through financial crisis, get stuck in boring jobs, bad relationships, addictive patterns, or just stagnate while we're waiting for something, or worse, someone, to come along and ‘save' us. And so we ask ourselves the same questions over and over again:
• Is this all there is?
• Why is this happening to me?
• Why am I always broke?
• How am I going to survive this mess?
• Why am I stuck in this rut?
• I have a good job, great family, plenty of money - so why am I not happy?
• Why does the same problem keep re-occurring in my life?

Through the combination of a wealth of metaphysical knowledge, a wisdom that can only be found through experience, and her amazing ability as an intuitive, Geraldine brings to you the secrets of her magical journey of healing = emotionally, spiritually and financially.

During the Show, Nature Spirits Speak, you have the opportunity to call, and have Geraldine give you a quick reading from Nature Spirit, which may help you understand what is holding you back from achieving your dreams.

Finding Love in All the Right Places

Finding Love in All the Right Places

Today’s Note to Self ~Remember today, when we discover the secret of loving self, we have discovered the secret to attracting the magical everlasting love of another ~


Finding that wonderful partner to share our lives with can be quite a tricky thing … People tell me it is so much harder these days compared to when I was young and dreaming of finding the perfect man with whom to share my life. Well, I know there will be lots of people who may say I don’t know what I am talking about, but I would have to disagree!
Yes, times have definitely changed, and people do not meet in the same way as they once did … or do they? Where to start? Manifesting love is the same as manifesting anything else we want in our lives, except for one rather big exception! Finding love in all the right places takes going on a journey of self discovery. If you are not prepared to do this, then you will continue to find love in all the wrong places and be left wondering why.

On this week's Nature Spirits Speak we are going to be discussing the secrets to finding our perfect love, and then keeping it! I am going to share with you the steps to find that beautiful soul who is also looking for you – whether that be male or female?

Once you find that perfect relationship, it is time to look at how you are going to ensure it lasts a lifetime. This is really quite simple if you follow what I call the 6 L's!  Find out how these MUST do's will have you living happily ever after!

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Building Beautiful Relationships

Dragonflies & Building Beautiful Relationships

What have Dragonflies & Building Beautiful Relationships got to do with each other? Well, on Nature Spirits Speak Radio this week, we are going to find out!
By understanding the symbolism of a dragonfly, believe it or not, we come to understand the essence of a woman,which helps us to build a wonderful relationship with the men in our lives.
On this week's show I have a beautiful guest Adele Green, who has so much fabulous information to share with us about the essence of a woman and how women can build amazing relationships with men. Adele has quite a story to tell … a story which will inspire and challenge each of us within our own relationships. Adele and I will be discussing;
•    What exactly is ‘The essence of a Woman’?
•    What does it really mean when a woman says that she doesn’t feel seen or heard?
•    What are the secrets to becoming the woman who accepts the magnificence that lies within?
•    Great tips to help women out there in the world today who may be struggling with being heard as the magnificent woman that she is?

My Guest Adele Green: is a freelance writer, self-help blogger and a poet since 2007.  She writes for traditional and onine media. 
Her first solo book Can You See Me Naked?” Grow In A Conscious Relationship written especially for men about women, was published in 2013.
Adelé founded her coaching and kinesiology private practice in 2007 when she qualified as a Associate Certified Meta-Coach with the International Institute of Neuro-Semantics, and obtained various additional qualifications since (NLP, PSI, IH). She Specialised in personal deveopment for women, which lead to developing and implementing personal development workshops. In 2013 she was a founding member in launching, designing and implementing a gender mainstreaming transformational program and movement.
Adele is currently happily married and in love with her boys. She has been widowed at 27 and divorced at 40. Adele has appeared on the radio and national TV in her work capacity and travelled to Peru (2009) and Hawaii (2010) to find herself, leaving her life behind. She is passionate about helping men and women transform and believes it can be done inside relationships.

To contact Adele:


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Stop Doing what is Not Serving You!

Stop Doing what is Not Serving You!

I want to say up front that today’s show is going to be quite challenging for many of us … but if we wish to move forward with our lives and create those dreams we have been longing for and working towards, then actually taking action on what I share with you today is critical! So many times in our lives we see repeated patterns of things that we really want to say goodbye too … but instead, we sit and say to ourselves, why is does this keep happening, or why am I drawing these experiences or people into my life over and over again? There must be something I can do to get off this merry-go-round that takes me back to the same old same old!!! The same negative relationships, the same health issues, the same career path, the same negative experiences!
Some people say that it is part of our life journey to go through what we see as negative experiences … but I say, do we have to experience them over and over again?
I mean to say, not sure about you, but once is enough for me, and I don’t need to go back and do it all again thank you very much! So what can we do about this? The trick is, to find out what our emotional needs are, and then learn to fulfil these needs in far more positive ways.
On today's show we will look at:

  • what are our emotional needs
  • how we feed our emotional needs
  • how we recognise that we are fulfilling an emotional need in a not so positive way
  • the steps we can take to turn things around and fulfil our emotional needs in positive ways on a daily basis.

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Be Empowered to Create Change

Be Empowered to Create Change

Can we really create change when sitting in the depths of despair not knowing how we are going to get through the day let alone the next week or month or year? The answer is a resounding YES! How do we accomplish this? By exploring every possible avenue available to us, and finding the method of healing that empowers us to move beyond our challenges and struggles and into a new and exciting way of life.
Yes, life is full of challenges and one who knows this from first-hand experience is my guest for today … Ellie Peterson! Ellie has an amazing story to tell, and the most wonderful, unique method of healing which has empowered many to create the changes they wished to see in their lives. I can’t wait for you to hear all that Ellie has to share with us … something quite different! Not going to give you any more clues … you will just have to wait for Ellie to explain! WooHoo!

My Guest: Ellie Peterson ...

Ellie knows how it feels to be broken by life's challenges.  Overwhelmed with loss and lack, unhealthy habits and her most devastating enemies of fear, anger and self pity, she reminds you that life is for you.  Yes life is for us.   The healing journey to a life filled with peace, joy and abundance is worth the effort. 
She has taught thousands of people how to enjoy their lives more fully.  Because her personal practice has spanned more than 30 years, she now shares her well-being insights with others.
Now in her late 50's she is living life beyond her wildest dreams. By using Meditative Movements she has quit smoking, maintains a healthy weight, appreciates her body, has inner peace, and loves being alive. She has remarried, enjoys relationships with her children and five grandchildren. Life is joyful, loving and abundant. 
She is author of Ellie’s Meditative Yoga eBook, Empowering Energy book, Meditative Movement guidebook and creator of Power of Positive Aerobics DVD.  She lives in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

To connect with Ellie:   or  Facebook Page

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How to Deal with Emotional Abuse

How to Deal with Emotional Abuse

In our changing world, life for many is becoming more challenging than ever before! The sad reality is that the way people are coping with the stresses of life is by hitting out those around them … not necessarily with physical abuse, but in a way that can quite often have much greater long term negative effects. I am referring to emotional abuse which has become rife in all age groups. and in so many personal and work place relationships.
Our guest today is an expert in helping those affected by emotional abuse to stand in their power and, as she says, ‘Choose to be Incredible’! Victoria Rei not only has a wonderful story to tell, but is also here today to assist anyone who may be the victim of emotional abuse, by sharing winning strategies that will help them to take back their power. Feeling trapped or bullied can be truly debilitating, and a feeling that we do not have to accept for our life. We all deserve to be happy and confidently living our Truth.

My Guest Victoria Rei:

Victoria says, “Although, long ago, I left behind my childhood of abuse from a mentally ill mother, I am led to share my story to encourage others to choose and find a path to wellbeing – with inspiration, and resources- No Matter What! My passion is to grow confidence of others to choose a life of wellbeing, in spite of intense hardships, with reminders of the successes for themselves, when they do.” Victoria is the author of the book-  “ CHOOSE To Be Incredible , Get More from Life and Make Shift Happen”

To Contact Victoria:

To Purchase Victoria's Book:

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As an ordained Minister of the International Metaphysical Ministry: Geraldine has a Doctorate in Metaphysics and teaches easy, practical, everyday metaphysics – what it means, how it impacts your life, and what you can do every day to move towards your dream. 

As an Intuitive Geraldine connects with the profound wisdom of Nature Spirits and, through her readings, provides her clients with valuable insights and the practical steps needed to overcome the everyday challenges and struggles of life.

As an author: Geraldine has published two books ... along with her husband Bill Teggelove, she wrote the International bestselling book Beyond Broke – Recover and Flourish from Financial Meltdown - a guide for wealth management employing the powerful law of attraction, and Today's Note to Self - Nature's secrets to living an extraordinary life, which is a daily guide outlining the practical steps for living a life of prosperity.

As a songwriter and singer: Geraldine has released three albums of songs especially written to assist with the healing of emotional issues.

As a Keynote Speaker: Geraldine shares the wisdom of her journey from riches to rags and back to riches. Her style is entertaining, humorous and inspiring, and her words relay a message of hope.



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