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Sometimes ‘stuff' just happens; we go through financial crisis, get stuck in boring jobs, bad relationships, addictive patterns, or just stagnate while we're waiting for something, or worse, someone, to come along and ‘save' us. And so we ask ourselves the same questions over and over again:
• Is this all there is?
• Why is this happening to me?
• Why am I always broke?
• How am I going to survive this mess?
• Why am I stuck in this rut?
• I have a good job, great family, plenty of money - so why am I not happy?
• Why does the same problem keep re-occurring in my life?

Through the combination of a wealth of metaphysical knowledge, a wisdom that can only be found through experience, and her amazing ability as an intuitive, Geraldine brings to you the secrets of her magical journey of healing = emotionally, spiritually and financially.

During the Show, Nature Spirits Speak, you have the opportunity to call, and have Geraldine give you a quick reading from Nature Spirit, which may help you understand what is holding you back from achieving your dreams.

Is Giving Up an Option or Can We Really Find Happiness

Is Giving Up an Option ... or can we really Find Happiness After Loss?

Well, the answer to this question is definitely YES and YES! How can it be anything but yes, as we all have the power to choose the path we walk in this life-time – we all have free will! For some in our communities, giving up is not an option and they continue to persevere no matter what! But sadly for others it means giving up on life and on ever finding happiness. Now, there can be any number of emotions that people experience when losing someone close to them … sadness, anger, a feeling of betrayal, and often helplessness. Is it possible to find our way through these emotions?

On this week’s show I have a beautiful guest Lois McCulloch who is not only finding her own happiness, but is also inspiring so many others do the same!  As you will discover during our discussion around finding happiness, Lois is a lady with a wealth of wisdom. Lois speaks from personal experience as we discuss that finding happiness from a place of the deepest grief may be very challenging ... but always possible if we choose to do so!

My Guest: Lois McCullough is the Founder and CEO of WOW For Now, and host of the upcoming global tele-summit: The Art of Happiness after Loss. 
As a woman and mother of two school-aged boys, she does what other women and mothers do every day.  The difference for Lois is that she is also a young widow; her husband passed away from cancer in 2008 when she was only 43 years’ old.
After coming to terms with her new family situation and the emotional roller coaster ride of grief, there came a time when she was ”over” getting over it and decided it was time to forge ahead and create her new life.

Her passion to help others around the world has now lead to the creation of The Art of Happiness after Loss Summit — a free online event where Lois brings together 21 experts to share their knowledge and wisdom of healthy recovery after loss, so that others can also live a life of energy, fulfilment, happiness and joy.

To Contact Lois: or email Lois at

For more information on the Summit: Please click ... TheArtOfHappinessAfterLossSummit

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Finding Your Uniqueness & the Courage to Live It

Finding Your Uniqueness & the Courage to Live It

So often I hear from clients … “if I knew what my uniqueness was, I would be happy to live it … but I don’t!” Well, I have to be lovingly blunt here and say, yes, everyone knows his or her uniqueness, but they have pushed it aside or under for so long that they have come to believe that it no longer exists. Or, they have been put down or made to feel less than they are for such a long time, that to even think about their uniqueness is virtually impossible! It is so sad to see someone who just cannot even contemplate the idea that may have something very special to offer this world … yes, self esteem and self worth seem to be taking quite a beating in our society today!
On this week's Nature Spirits Speak I hope that you begin to see that you can find that unique YOU, and find the courage to live the real YOU! Believe me, the benefits are truly amazing and well worth the effort!

Listen in to discover the 5 simple steps that will have you stepping into your uniqueness and flying through life in the most magical ways! Yes, today could be the beginning of a brand new magnificent you ... are you ready for the ride of YOUR life?

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The Secrets to Successful Writing

The Secrets to Successful Writing

So you have a fabulous idea for a book, or you have had the urge to write for a very long time but you just haven’t been able to get started. Maybe people have said to you …”You should write your story, or should write your memoirs, or whatever it may be” … and you think to yourself, that’s all well and good, but where do you begin?
Perhaps you are one of those beautiful people who have great plans but just can’t seem to put pen to paper to get things started … and you are just not sure why! I hear so many people say, I have been thinking about writing a book, but I just never seem to get around to it! So you keep promising yourself that you will write someday ... not sure when … when I get time! My question to all of these beautiful souls is, “What is the real reason why you are putting it off?”

My next question is … how will you feel if you don’t write that book or whatever it is that you have been promising to do for years. Will you be one of those who, in their last few years on this planet, are telling everyone how disappointed they are that they never achieved their dream?

So what is the big secret to becoming a successful writer? This is the million dollar question!!! I am sure that what I share with you today will assist you to become not only a writer, but a successful one!

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The Wisdom of Totem Animals

The Wisdom of Totem Animals

Animals are the most wonderful teachers and guides. The wise of our society have always taught that the key to understanding how our Universe works is to create a relationship with all in Nature. For many, the best way to begin creating this connection is through animals. We all know only too well the language of our pets – dogs, cats, horses, pigs, mice, birds, etc, etc. We understand their unique language and we learn to listen to this. Well, guess what? All creatures have a language, and as we study the animals that come into our lives, we expand our knowledge and understanding of how this Universe operates! Great way to go!

How can animals possibly have a wisdom that is greater than humans … please remember that animals don’t have the hang-ups or the negative perceptions and beliefs that we seem to love to hold onto and carry through our lives. They live in total harmony with all that surrounds them, and are happy to allow life to unfold in beautiful and natural ways. Each of them accept their uniqueness. Each listen to the guidance given by Mother Nature and happily follow the path laid out for them. Each are filled with the same Universal energy that flows through all things. Is it any wonder that animals have a wisdom to share that can assist all who listen to their guidance?

Today, we will be discussing how you can discover your Animal Totems!

For more information around the Spirit in Nature:


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A Mother's Greatest Heartache

A Mother's Greatest Heartache!

On this week's Nature Spirits Speak, we are going to be discussing how Mother's cope after having been forced to give up their child for adoption. Do they ever really heal this enormous hole in their heart, or do they just push the loss down deep inside with the hope that one day it might mend?
Well this week, I am going to be chatting with one such mother, Barbara D Hayward, and finding out how she has managed to bear her greatest heartache, and how it has impacted on her life. This is one story you really do not want to miss ... truly heart warming and inspirational.

My Guest: Barbara D. Hayward is a Story Teller, a Practical Mystic, Spiritual AdvisorClairvoyant/Medium and Author.

Barbara was a student of Krystal McMahon in 1984. It was a few years later in New Zealand that she found herself working as a practicing Medium Clairvoyant which then lead to her hosting her very own Radio Clairvoyant hour on a well know national station.

Barbara is a published author in two books and has written her memoirs, not only about her adventures as a Spiritual Advisor, but also about her real life story - Barbara is a part of the Apology to the Stolen White Generation that was publically given on March 21st 2013. Her book, Letters from Grandma, is expected to be published in 2014.

With her 30 years of spiritual training, her wealth of wisdom and knowledge gathered from her personal journey through life, and her talent as a medium/clairvoyant, Barbara now offers her services to those looking for greater success through readings, mentoring and coaching.
To Contact Barbara:    

Or email:

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As an ordained Minister of the International Metaphysical Ministry: Geraldine has a Doctorate in Metaphysics and teaches easy, practical, everyday metaphysics – what it means, how it impacts your life, and what you can do every day to move towards your dream. 

As an Intuitive Geraldine connects with the profound wisdom of Nature Spirits and, through her readings, provides her clients with valuable insights and the practical steps needed to overcome the everyday challenges and struggles of life.

As an author: Geraldine has published two books ... along with her husband Bill Teggelove, she wrote the International bestselling book Beyond Broke – Recover and Flourish from Financial Meltdown - a guide for wealth management employing the powerful law of attraction, and Today's Note to Self - Nature's secrets to living an extraordinary life, which is a daily guide outlining the practical steps for living a life of prosperity.

As a songwriter and singer: Geraldine has released three albums of songs especially written to assist with the healing of emotional issues.

As a Keynote Speaker: Geraldine shares the wisdom of her journey from riches to rags and back to riches. Her style is entertaining, humorous and inspiring, and her words relay a message of hope.



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