The Sex of Fifty Shades AKA Positions and BDSM/KINK 101

The Sexual Positions of Fifty Shades - the best and how to make them yours. Anastaia and Christian are very active and you can get some juicy ideas from them.  Then my guest and colleague Emily Prior of the Center for Positive Sex will discuss the real Kink, BDSM lifestyle. 50 Shades got some things right and others not.  BDSM/KINK 101 FYI Ana and Christian never had a true 'scene', they played.  We'll discuss best resources, ideas, and techniques to get your kinky sex set and on its way for erotic power play.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Emily Prior

Lou Paget

Sex positions


Fifty Sex Positions


Kinky sex


shattering orgasms



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