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The Olympics epitomizes excellence in ideals in attitudes and in bodies. My guest Michele Cameron was Gold Medalist 1988 Seoul Synchronized Pairs and originally I wanted an insider's view on "So how much sex does go on at the Olympic Village?"  Michelle's comment she didn't know she swam on the last day so was so focused she never even saw other athletes.  Then I realized I wanted Michelle to share her story and how that Olympic passion and burn has fueled and been transformed into the drive behind creating her company Gold Medal Inspirations and her children's foundation, "A Gift of Love."  We'll talk about the ups and downs and how the darkest often is just before a break through.    Married to fellow Olympian Al Coulter and mom of four terrific children.  www.goldmedalinspirations.com 

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Canadian Gold Medalist, overcoming adversity, sex

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