Tiffany York - Fixsation - New Couples Vibe

My guest Tiffany York Founder & CEO of Fixsation did what any great entrepreneur does, she saw a need in the couples' intimacy market and took immedaite action to create a solution.  She wanted a non-insertive vibe made with all the right componet parts that couples could use together during intercourse. Nothing to interrupt the connection, hands free no remotes just the two of them.  Voila - The FIXSATION was born.  Tiffany's dilemma was to address couple's reaching orgasm together.  Not from a performance place but from an enjoyment place.  Busy parents and working couples have their regular love making eclipsed by 'duites'.  The Fixsation is a UBS charged 1/2 inch thick ovoid disc shaped vibe, take your ring and index finger and make a slightly opn circle. Held in place by a very hot lace strap panty all you need to decide is which if the 5 vibe settings and the panty size.  You are your partner can fixate on the sensation with him on top, you on top or any position that brings you together.   

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