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Many years ago I decided to travel to America. It was to be a short visit; a fortnight at the most. Australia had always been at the top of my list of places to visit but opportunity landed me at DFW airport toting one tiny suitcase and a snazzy duffel leaving my parents wondering what they were going to tell the neighbours about my sudden departure.  A handsome Texan, complete with Hawaiian shirt, had fallen in love with me at Victoria station in London and sent me an invitation with a plane ticket, to visit his home in Dallas while he was between rock and roll tours. 'Nothing ventured nothing gained,' I thought as I made my way through customs and into his waiting arms.

Twenty-a-lot years later I am an empty nester with a story, lots of stories in fact!   I am homeless an orphan and have moved back in with Blue Eued Cowboy's Mum to be precise.  

Australia is still on my bucket list though I've made a few friends there through my show.  

My life in Texas has seen me raise four grown children now aged 28-22 who were my guinea pigs when I accidentally stumbled into the world of homeschooling. They willingly acquiesced for the fifteen-year lifespan of Wildflower Academy, the fancy name I affixed to my one room schoolhouse.

I became the mother of the year for allowing: snakes to co-habit with us and shed their skins in my bath-tub; raccoons to learn how to swim in our pool; baby squirrels to be bottle fed every three hours and abandoned opossums to cling upside down from my hands by their tails. 

With looming empty nest my Gent and I packed our bags and headed to London for a fashionable Gap Year.  We learned how to live as a couple having only ever had children on our minds and we found that we really rather liked it and are still mad about each other!

After returning to America, ousting our sons from our house, planning a wedding and selling our family home of 28 years we returned to my fair shores and sold the London flat.  

Hence the move back in with wait on God to let us in on His plan for the rest of our lives.

When I'm not rushing around volunteering and walking in ancient woodlands, or around a Hideaway Lake in East Texas, I enjoy reading and thinking.  I write a personal blog, a Radio Show blog and guest write for Vibrant Nation.  I am the host of The Sociable Homeschooler on Toginet Radio.  


My gallant Texan and I share dinner dates at home each weekend, we reckon that our food is infinitely better than anything a local restaurant can set before us. We have the added fun of tasting while we cook, chopping veggies side by side, creating sauces and indulging in wickedly funny conversation. 

Who knows what this next year will bring? Tune in to my show, The Sociable Homeschooler, Fridays at 12 noon CT or 6pm GMT, to find out, first hand!  

"He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with his love, He will rejoice over you with singing"  (Zephaniah 3:17)

1.30.2015 Bombs & Books in Beirut: Linda Sacco



On my show today I'm talking about squirrels in our chimney, stereotyping, turning 18 again with my youngest why I started homeschooling and more on language in America and how I'm having to find synonyms in order to make myself understood.

This week my guest is Linda Sacco who traveled with her husband to war torn Beirut, Lebanon in the 1970’s and decided it was safer to homeschool her children in their house in the hills than to send them to school where they could get caught on the street in crossfire or stranded by a curfew. They experienced mortar fire and shelling but Linda was able to continue her children’s education despite several evacuations.

I will also close the show with my scouse friend so click below and listen!



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01.23.2015 Homeschooling Really is a Circus: Bev Abderahman


This is my very first show and I talk about the McNenys in Garland and how well known we are.  You’ll also find out about how I got my very own Radio Show, our involvement in the community theatre and how my English accent trips me up whenever I ask for a glass of water especially in a drive through. 

My first guest is a former circus performer and homeschooling mother of three, Bev Abderrahman. Bev talks about her days as a trapeze artist with the Shriners, how she met her acrobatic husband, and kept her growing family together by educating them on the road with elephants, lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

I will also have a special guest pop in at the end so you'll have to listen and hear her brilliant accent!  In the words of the ringmaster’s welcoming speech, Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all Ages, join me this Friday at 12 noon Central for the greatest show on earth the circus is about to begin!   

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01.16.2015 Earth Ship Radio: Ian McNeny and Parentals


This week my son, Ian McNeny, joins me and asks all the questions!  He visited us for Christmas and brought his podcasting equipment with him to record with friends and chat with my blue-eyed cowboy and me about homeschooling.  

The result was perfect for a show on my show as well as his so we’re sharing!   You will soon be able to find the full conversation at an Earth Ship Radio broadcast on the ElfTree Podcast Network.  

Ian is a graduate of Wild Flower Academy and Collin College in Plano where he transferred well over 60 credits to enter as a Junior at the College of Santa Fe where he worked hard for two years and completed his BA in Film Production.  He has freelanced as an assistant editor at Reel FX Creative Studios (an animation company) an editor at Tocrok Productions and the Dailies Assistant forDALLAS on TNT.  He recently moved to California where he works for MTI Film and runs The ElfTree Podcast Network.  He is Owner and Executive Producer for his own company, McCook Media and has made a pilot for a potential TV series, which he is shopping in L.A.   Ian specializes in story and narrative film/video editing, Live Event editing and story and narrative screenwriting.  
Tune in this Friday at 12 noon CT and hear my Texan and me tell the back story behind our decision to homeschool.  Bring your tea and Prepare to Enter the ElfTree.



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01.09.2015 Why is Unique Sometimes a Challenge?: Shannah Godfrey


Joining me this week is returning guest Shannah Godfrey, author of a successful phonics method, a scientist who has succeeded in a man’s world and a Mum who brought up and homeschool 14 children!

Today we are going to be talking about some of the struggles she had while raising young people to be contributing members of society.  We will be exploring the tendency we all have to compare ourselves to others, and pick her brains about her experience dealing with addiction and children with unique personalities who want to express themselves, their way!

Shannah is a strong advocate for direct instruction but does not believe in pushing a child until he or she is ready even if it takes him into middle age!  You may need something stronger than tea to get you through this one so treat yourself to a slice of cake a deep cleansing breath and tune in this Friday at 12 noon Central.


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01.02.2015 Diospi Suyana Debt Free: Dr. Klaus-Dieter John


I am delighted to have on my show today, German Doctor Klaus-Dieter John to talk about Diospi Suyana, a hospital in the Peruvian Andes, that he and his wife, Martina, envisioned many years ago.  Their story is filled with God incidents, faith and tenacity since not everyone thought the same way they did.

My friend Marcia Washburn introduced us and Dr. Klaus has found time in his very busy schedule to talk to me about the work he and Martina, are doing in the isolated villages of Peru where over 10 million people live.  Together they shared a vision to serve some of the poorest and most neglected people in South America. They are both qualified in surgery and pediatrics and were inspired to take on the task of raising huge sums of money and building not just a health centre but a fully equipped hospital.

The story of their journey from the original dream to completion is littered with miracles and chronicled in the book 'I Have Seen God',  which tells the story of the Diospi Suyana hospital serving the Peruvian Indians. Join me this Friday at 12 noon Central and hear this remarkable story of an answer to Christ’s call.

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