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Many years ago I decided to travel to America. It was to be a short visit; a fortnight at the most. Australia had always been at the top of my list of places to visit but opportunity landed me at DFW airport toting one tiny suitcase and a snazzy duffel leaving my parents wondering what they were going to tell the neighbours about my sudden departure.  A handsome Texan, complete with Hawaiian shirt, had fallen in love with me at Victoria station in London and sent me an invitation with a plane ticket, to visit his home in Dallas while he was between rock and roll tours. 'Nothing ventured nothing gained,' I thought as I made my way through customs and into his waiting arms.

Twenty-a-lot years later I am an empty nester with a story, lots of stories in fact!   I am homeless an orphan and have moved back in with Blue Eued Cowboy's Mum to be precise.  

Australia is still on my bucket list though I've made a few friends there through my show.  

My life in Texas has seen me raise four grown children now aged 28-22 who were my guinea pigs when I accidentally stumbled into the world of homeschooling. They willingly acquiesced for the fifteen-year lifespan of Wildflower Academy, the fancy name I affixed to my one room schoolhouse.

I became the mother of the year for allowing: snakes to co-habit with us and shed their skins in my bath-tub; raccoons to learn how to swim in our pool; baby squirrels to be bottle fed every three hours and abandoned opossums to cling upside down from my hands by their tails. 

With looming empty nest my Gent and I packed our bags and headed to London for a fashionable Gap Year.  We learned how to live as a couple having only ever had children on our minds and we found that we really rather liked it and are still mad about each other!

After returning to America, ousting our sons from our house, planning a wedding and selling our family home of 28 years we returned to my fair shores and sold the London flat.  

Hence the move back in with wait on God to let us in on His plan for the rest of our lives.

When I'm not rushing around volunteering and walking in ancient woodlands, or around a Hideaway Lake in East Texas, I enjoy reading and thinking.  I write a personal blog, a Radio Show blog and guest write for Vibrant Nation.  I am the host of The Sociable Homeschooler on Toginet Radio.  


My gallant Texan and I share dinner dates at home each weekend, we reckon that our food is infinitely better than anything a local restaurant can set before us. We have the added fun of tasting while we cook, chopping veggies side by side, creating sauces and indulging in wickedly funny conversation. 

Who knows what this next year will bring? Tune in to my show, The Sociable Homeschooler, Fridays at 12 noon CT or 6pm GMT, to find out, first hand!  

"He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with his love, He will rejoice over you with singing"  (Zephaniah 3:17)

Discovering the Artist Within: Lori Lane


I am delighted to be welcoming as my guest this week Lori Lane, a homeschool veteran of 20 years and a Mum after my own heart!  Lori and her husband John have four sons ranging in age from 16 to 29.  Their three oldest sons, John Michael, Jeremy, and Jordan are all homeschool graduates.

Lori has a degree in Piano Performance and has won competitions, spoken at the National Music Teacher’s Convention and served on the panel for two National KTV Video conferences for private music educators across the country.

Lori is former director of Southside Private Musicians and Lane Music Development Centers in Greenville, SC, she has directed and produced many children’s choirs and stage productions including Fiddler on the Roof Jr., and Music Man Jr, The Diary of Anne Frank, Fabulous Fable Factory, Our Town, and My Fair Lady.

In the fall of 2000, Lori began the Artios Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts as an advanced level arts program for high school students. That program has now grown to include Artios Academy of Arts and History, Artios Preparatory, and Artios Conservatory.

In 2011, the Artios Academies of Littleton opened under Lori’s leadership. Lori now serves as Executive Director of Artios Academies overseeing and consulting with Artios Academy locations around the country.

Lori, her husband, John, and youngest son reside in Colorado where Lori enjoys horseback riding, hiking, and skiing. That is, when she takes a minute away from developing courses, designing curriculum, speaking and writing for various websites and publications, as well as directing productions of the local community theater.  I told you was a woman after my own heart!

Oh…and of course homeschooling Jared, her last of four.  Bring a lovely cup of tea and join me on Friday at 12 noon CT to find out more about this busy woman and her Artios Academies.


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How Homeschooling Changed Us: Larry McNeny



This week I’m talking to my blue eyed cowboy who has agreed to join us for a cuppa.

His real name is Larry McNeny and he toured the world with famous musicians ensuring they were in the right place, on stage, at the right time, not an easy task sometimes.  Larry worked with Stigwood. a management company, and toured with such greats as, Eric Clapton, The BeeGees, Three Dog Night, Firehouse, and Marvin Hamlisch, Linda Rondstat and the Pittsburg symphony.  He personally managed Andy Gibb and an artist and sculptor, whom he always refers to as, "quite famous."

Larry shared the homescholing years with me whenever he wasn’t out on the road as a Tour Manager for any number of impressive bands. His glamourous life got the children’s interest a whole lot quicker than anything I was trying to do with them!

Today we are going to be talking about homeschooling, empty nest, living here in Florida and how we have been affected by homeschooling.

Visit to learn more about one of Larry’s latest projects.

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Reasonable Faith: Dr. Jay L. Wile



My guest this week is Dr. Jay L. Wile best known in the homeschooling circles for his award-winning “Exploring Creation With…” series of science textbooks.

Dr. Wile holds an earned Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry and a B.S. in chemistry, both from the University of Rochester.  He has won several awards for excellence in teaching and has presented lectures on the topics of Nuclear Chemistry, Christian Apologetics, Homeschooling, and Creation vs. Evolution.

Dr. Wile and his wife of more than 25 years, Kathleen, homeschooled their daughter, Dawn, from the time they adopted her until she graduated high school.

Our family particularly enjoyed Dr. Wile’s book, Reasonable Faith the Scientific Case for Christianity, which we first read at the breakfast table in preparation for our herpetologist son’s entry onto a secular college campus.  We had been fore-warned that we risked our children’s souls by sending them to non-Christian college campuses; furthermore we were also warned by our priest that certain career choices were not considered good Christian choices, especially the science career our youngest son was embarking upon.  On finishing Dr. Wile’s admirable little book my son was so impressed by the truths contained therein he cited it in a paper, written for one of his science college professors.  The result was a request, from his professor,(hear his side of the story!) for the book and we’ve been giving copies of it away ever since!  Join me with your tea this Friday when Dr. Wile and I will be talking about fathers in the homeschool and other interesting topics that are bound to crop up!

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The Homeschooling Doctor: Dr. Terri Fites


With me today to help further dispel the stereotype of homeschoolers is Dr. Terri Fites who realized that she could not serve two masters, medicine and family.  She made the right choice and left her beloved medical career behind (sort of) to become a most loved full-time, stay-at-home, homeschooling mom.

Married for 17 years to her high school sweetheart, also a physician, who fully respects and encourages her decision (since he knew he wasn’t up to the task), Terri educates their three daughters.  She graduated first with her pharmacy degree from St. Louis College of Pharmacy, then with her medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine and spent her resident years training in family medicine in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Through the shedding of multiple, minor ailments and over a dozen prescription medicines in her family, she has become convinced of the remarkable role of nutrition and environment in health and shares what she has learned on her very humble blog, The Homeschooling Doctor (The HSD).

Terri firmly believes that when she made the choice to have children, she made the choice to do what it takes to bring them up emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and physically healthy, and although she left a medical career behind, God granted her a new outlet to serve and help others, including her family.

Bring your tea and join us this Friday when we will be talking about Dr. Terri Fites' career and how homeschooling has changed her view of medicine.

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Bro-Mates: Ian & Malia McNeny


This week my oldest and youngest children are joining me to talk about how they managed to live together and make it work…really well!

They are both graduates of Wild Flower Academy and Collin College in Plano, Texas.

Ian wanted me to do college with him but ended up going to the College of Santa Fe for two years to complete his BA in Film Production.  He has worked as a free lance assistant editor at Reel FX which is a post production house, he has been an editor at Tocroc and the Dailies Assistant at Dallas that aired on TNT.  He is Executive Producer for his own company, McCook Media.  Ian specializes in story and narrative film/video editing, Live Event editing and story and narrative screenwriting.  The best place to find him on-line is LinkedIn.

Malia spent a year in London at a Performing Arts School then danced on a cruise ship for three months before returning to Dallas last year, homeless because we’d sold the family homestead.  She moved in with her oldest brother, Ian, and together they lived the perfect Ross and Monica life as the brother and sister stars of their favourite show, Friends!  The best place to find her on-line is Facebook.

Bring your tea and tune in this Friday, July 4th at 12noon CT to hear how siblings really can live together as Bro-Mates!

I'll also be engaging you with the latest and greatest from the household of the McNenys where we are half way through our house sitting assignment in Florida, have septic tank problems, power outages that change our schedules, writing that works...sometimes and avocados galore!  Are you ready?

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