About Us

Magically creating quality podcasts since 2007

TogiNet got in on the ground floor of podcasting over 14 years ago, launching as an internet radio and podcasting platform before podcasts were commonplace. Since our inception we have worked with countless professionals creating audio content for business, entrepreneurship, marketing, and entertainment.

Our podcast production wizards

Over the years we've produced many thousands of hours of original content and truly enjoy working with our talented podcasters, helping them reach their audience and amplify their voice.

Our expertly trained production wizards have the experience, skills, and magic to make any podcaster sound amazing.

We are a boutique podcast production company

Hands-on customer service and a commitment to high quality audio production is what gets us up in the morning. We strive to bring one-on-one professional care to each of our hosts during every audio production. We don't trust robots, so you will always have a real audio professional a short phone call or email away.

Our Core Values

As a veteran owned business we believe in service to our community and we give back where we can. Working with charities ranging from childhood cancer research, autism advocacy, veteran organizations, and military family support, we supply a platform to give voice to these groups.

We believe in the free and open exchange of ideas. This brings us hosts from all facets of society and culture. Our platform is a soapbox to speak your mind, if you have something to say we're here to help you say it!