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All through-out the history of the human race, we have told stories, these stories were passed on through our voices.

Before we were able to write, we spoke our languages into existence. It was our need to identify what was around us… food, water, fire, shelter, that lead us to manifest words. It was when we organized one word with another that we started to communicate.  

We told stories about our adventures, our great hunts. The beauty of a new valley upstream, the safety of a bigger cave, the danger while walking to the new spring. Eventually we talked about how we felt… about yesterday. What were “we” going to do today, what were we going to explore tomorrow.

Over time our voices created change. We could left people up and we could hold nations down. We could even inspire new nations.

Yes, voices have power.

“Give me Liberty, or give me Death!” — 
Patrick Henry 1775

Voices can influence.

“I have a dream…” — Martin Luther King Jr. 1963

And it is through a few chosen words that transported people into a different state of mind.

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”
  — Ronald Reagan - 1978

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Angel Marie Monachelli Shine ON! Movement

Posted from: Your Future is Now


Angel Marie Monachelli  www.angelmarieshines.com 

Angel Marie shared with the audience HOW the Shine On! Movement began from its roots to WHERE it has taken her today.

But her journey began with being diagnosed with Dyslexia. In her childhood days, there was much ignorance about Dyslexia.

Many of the ignorant and undereducated of that day thought it was directly related to intelligence. But nothing could be further from the truth. Especially when you consider the highly intelligent people on the list of famous people with Dyslexia.

Here is a brief list of a few... Albert Einstein...Richard Branson....Cher...Stephen J Cannell....Leonardo da Vinci...Thomas Edison....Anthony Hopkins...Steve Jobs...Jay Leno...Steve McQueen....Nikola Tesla...just to name a few. The list is quite extensive.

Certainly no one would consider Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla or Steve Jobs to be lacking in intelligence. But there was a time, ignorance like this existed.

Angel Marie's main Message was a message of Inspiration from the standpoint...I may have Dyslexia...But Dyslexia does NOT have me.

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