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Stuart Gethner “How to use the Joint Venture Strategy to Get Started in Real Estate”

Posted from: Your Future is Now

Stuart Gethner https://stuartgethner.com

Bill Heinrich filled in for "Dandy Don" Mcgrath who had to host the Webinar Series "Messages of Inspiration, Hope & Support". These are recorded at https://speakerspathway.com/category/messages-of-inspiration-hope-and-support

Stuart Gethner was our guest today and answered a lot of interesting questions in regards to Real Estate.

Did you know the richest people in the world have seven different streams of income?

There are dozens in the Forbes 400 that got rich through real estate.  And everyone has to start somewhere. The principals of investing in real estate transcend time. Only the markets, décor, neighborhoods and prices change.

If you're interested in learning more here's some of the things what we covered:

*The four strategies on real estate investing.
*How to find properties in today's market
*Types ... Click the link below to read more.
Link to Article

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