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Marty Haggard... A Tribute To Merle Haggard,

Posted from: Your Future is Now

Marty Haggard Shares His Dad's Life 

On today's show we were honored to have Mr. Marty Haggard as our guest on "Your Future Is Now". We also were joined by Donna Guinouard, a great friend of the show and a HUGE Merle Haggard Fan!!! Mr. Bill Heinrich was with us and could only listen in due to internet issues. Bill stated he loved listening to the live broadcast. We understand Bill, you are still very special to the show.

Website: https://martyhaggard.com

Shows: https://martyhaggard.com/shows

Podcasts: https://martyhaggard.com/new-podcast-show

Originally, we thought about Marty sharing the stories of four songs and then we were planning to play the songs mentioned on the show. But right before we go live, Marty stated that he believed ... Click the link below to read more.
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