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11-29-17 Baby and Toddlr Instructions Welcomes Connie Gruning from and Hair Colorist Extraordinaire, Jesse Fortin

Connie Gruning from PeanutButterandWhine will be telling us "What's Hot and What's Hot" in December.

Connie, Alice, and Blythe

Jesse Fortin will be talking about the holidays, looking and feeling your best, choosing the perfect hair stylist and colorist and so much more.

Host, Blythe Lipman, will share her latest news, Parenting Advice, and child product recall info.


My name is Jesse Fortin I've been a hairstylist and hair color specialist for close to 16 years I   also  am an educator for Goldwell professional haircare for the past 10 years. My mission in beauty is to provide not only the best service I can but also to build loyal friendships with all I have the pleasure serving. My specialty is ... Click the link below to read more.
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9-17-2017 How to Refresh Your Brain
07/23/17 - How To Be Free From All Emotional Blocks And Fears

Benjamin is husband and foster father of 3, he is pursuing PhD in Organizational Psychology. Find more of what he says.... 
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