The TogiNet Core Values

In 2002, The Owners Group, Incorporated (Togi-net) realized there was an opportunity to change the world. Back then, nine out of ten people had never heard the term podcasting, much less could explain or use the word correctly. But the founders, a group of civic-minded, giving-spirited and advocacy-forward men and women believed they could make a difference. In the words of Field of Dreams; "if we build it... they will listen."

By consistently delivering high-quality shows that elevate, validate, comfort and educate people, people did listen. They came from 17 countries as well as the United States. When the era changed into subscription-based, device-driven downloads, Toginet decided to keep their content free for the world. No fees. No required products. No particular operating system. Mp3 available to stream or download. We want our listeners to just listen.

We believe in order to change the world there has to be open doors and freedom. So every show is a direct download to every person and anyone can live-stream. The RSS feeds, which have multiple millions of subscribers, are free to people, groups, aggregators and other podcast companies.

Our content is limited because we don't want our educated and experienced hosts competing with each other so we chose our topics carefully and built a family. Many of our hosts have been here a decade or longer. We offer unique, high-quality programming that targets many of our cherished special interest groups from military families to families struggling with childhood cancer or autism.  Our small size and our thought leaders are what make us different. We are a specialized boutique agency in an era, of large, kitchen-soup media companies.

Our delivery and marketing have been slow and steady. Our loyal listener based continued to grow as many podcast companies came and went. In 2018, we achieved a company high of 4 million a month downloads.  We now enjoy a robust listenership both in streaming and downloads.  As we come upon our 20th year, we stay true to our original mission - keep it simple and keep it available.

We are not the newest. We don't put our dollars into tech this or shiny that. We deliver hope and help. We embody courage and honor.  We are Veteran Owned and Operated. We use our proceeds to support our Toginet working families, as well as groups like Operation Gratitude, Shining Service Worldwide, Jack's Angeles Foundation, Toys for Tots and countless other charities, churches, and men's & women's programs.