How do I listen live?

  • Find the TogiNet logo at the top of your screen. 
  • Directly below you will see "Live On Air" with a play button to the right.  Click on that. 
  • A small player window will pop up.  Click the play button in the bottom left corner and enjoy!

Can I call in to a live recording?

  • Yes, you can call in with questions and even be on air with a host!
  • Make sure your show is on the schedule and airing live at the time by consulting the Schedule page found in the top navigation bar. (Note: not all hosts record during their scheduled hour, some record in advance and we air the recording during their block)
  • Call 903-787-5887 and a TogiNet producer will answer, if the guest is taking call-ins, we will put you on air at their request!

How can I get on the Live Chat Room?

  • In the top navigation bar you'll find "Togi Chat". Click on that.
  • Another window will pop up. Simply type in your name or nickname and hit Login. (Make sure to leave the password box empty!)  And Tada!!  You have joined the room!  Just remember to play nice!

How can I contact a Host?

  • Each show page will have various ways to contact the host, TogiNet does not supply host contact info but reccomends you visit their show page to find the info.