TogiNet is an Internet Radio and Podcasting Group.

Toginet Radio started 16 years ago as an "Internet Radio" streaming service. "TOGI" was an acronym formed by The Owners Group Incorporated. This group evolved, transformed, and changed over time, and the acronym faded away, but our Internet footprint has not.

This was taking place before anyone had heard of the term Podcast. But, the words "Internet Radio" translated very well... people simply understood this was radio streaming through the internet! That was easy.

Fast forward, and now the word Podcasting is taking over traditional radio. It has what people are digesting today, every day, hour by hour, it is "becoming" normal and mainstream. Podcasting is how people are dialing into what they want to listen too. And they want to consume good information when they want it, on their own schedule, not spoon feed to them at a set time.

Here is the point, if you are 40 years and older, you understand the terms "Internet Radio"!

If you are younger than 40ish, maybe even 35ish, then the word is Podcasting!

So NOW you understand why we had the word Radio in our name.

But, a radio network is where we started, it's the kind of customer service we provide, and the attention to detail we strive for. You see, we provide a personal producer / engineer for each person that has a show with us, we call them "hosts." The producer will call the host before the show starts to make sure everything's set correctly, they will call the guest, and then monitor the show as it is running. If anything happens, the producer is available to clean things up whenever possible.

This service is based on our desire to provide the best audio quality and content available. Why? Because we see each host as a professional with a message that can make a difference in our world.

You see, our positioning line is...

"Changing the World ONE Voice at a Time."

If you are interested in learning more about how we "DO" Podcasting, or hosting your own Internet Radio show, please call our office at 903-787-5880 and ask for Scott Frazier.

If you are interested in listening to one of our great shows, go to the link above named "SHOWS" and you can search our lists of "Radio Shows" or "Podcasts".