Monday 17th of May 2021
Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin of Powered Up Talk Radio speak with Judith Briles about her book When God Says NO: Revealing the YES When Adversity and Loss Are Present. Also available on itunes, apple podcasts, spotify, i heart radio, stitcher, google podcasts and spotify. Check out Best Fiends on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Have you experienced hurt, betrayal, fear, failure, critical illness, tragedy, or loss of a loved one? Have you asked or thought: “Why?” or lamented, “If only …” or “Why did this happen to me … to us?” If yes, When God Says NO is written for you. Broke and broken when two of her children died, multi-award-winning author Judith Briles had to start over … one step, one breath, one heartbeat at a time as she wove through her a life path littered with NO. Within her inspirational memoir, she reminds YOU that you are not alone when bad times surface. They will … they do
Thursday 13th of May 2021
Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing
Jane Wood, author of Schools: A Niche Market for Authors joins Dr. Judith Briles for a lively and informative hour of how to get your books into schools; who to contact; strategies to get schools to buy your books for all classrooms; along with tips to engage students from the get-go. You will take away: -What the most important criteria is when trying to market books to schools. -How to determine if a book reinforces a school’s curricula. -When it’s time to develop additional educational resources for a book. -Learn the two most important resources to contact at the schools. -Strategies on ways to make money selling to schools. -How to get classrooms to buy full sets of books. -How to make money three ways when working with schools. -Tips on developing presentations for students. -How to develop dynamic presentations for an author visit. -Identify book sales opportunities to education-related groups. Listen in to the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing latest podcast via the show’s podcast page or other platforms including iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play. Another excellent podcast with host Dr. Judith Briles on AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing.
Wednesday 12th of May 2021
Fireside Talk Radio
Waco's Harris Creek Church Marriage Pastor Scott Kedersha joins Cathy to tell his story. How do we foster wholehearted marriages in community? People always say marriage is hard work. But it's also a gift, according to Scott. You'll LOVE Scott's emphasis on the joy that comes from creating a wholehearted marriage. Don't miss the insight of this devoted husband and dad to four boys!
Harvesting Happiness
MD, Ph.D. & Julia Rucklidge Ph.D. Scientific research shows we can enjoy emotional freedom and dislodge ourselves from unrewarding habits. Becoming aware of where we find ourselves stuck and nourishing our bodies properly are the key elements to creating shifts in our lives. To understand what goes on under the human hood and how we can be our best selves, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two doctors who empower us with tools to take charge of our mental health beyond the therapist's couch and the prescription pad. Dr. Judson Brewer shares the three-step process for managing anxiety from his newest book, Unwinding Anxiety. And, Dr. Julia Rucklidge recounts the research that is the foundation for her book, The Better Brain, which centers around the micronutrients that balance our emotional and mental health
Eating disorders today have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Binge eating disorder is the most commonly occurring one in the United States. Many struggling with this can often feel isolated and alone, wondering why they can’t stop this horrific cycle. Due to these emotions of feeling judged or ashamed, they don’t ask for help. How do we start an open conversation? What are some steps to help those struggling and suffering? Listen in to David and Krista Dunham as they share their journey and transformation through this horrific disease.
Tuesday 11th of May 2021
Ghost Chronicles International
Steve and Ron discuss the tv show I'm Famous and Frightened! which Steve worked on.
Ghost Chronicles
Robert Oakes joins Ron and special co-host Maureen Wood to discuss his new book Ghosts of the Berkshires.
Monday 10th of May 2021
Sparking Wholeness
Dr. Robert Kiltz is a board-certified OB/GYN and reproductive endocrinologist, and Founder and Director of CNY Fertility, one of the largest and most dynamic fertility centers in the country, featured in the Wall Street Journal, Today Show, and CNBC for helping shape the future of fertility medicine. In this fascinating episode, we discuss how to merge intuition and ancestral wisdom with the latest science for fertility and overall health and well-being. Key Topics: - Myths and misconceptions of fertility - Difference in Western medicine and taking a holistic perspective - The impact of stress on our physiology - How food factors in and creates inflammation - Obesity is not the cause of disease; it’s a symptom - Plant toxins and a carnivore approach to health - How the glycobiome trumps the microbiome - Prejudice and bias in science - Dr. Kiltz’s new book, Live Your Best Life "Living Your Best Life: How to Think, Eat, and Connect your Way to a Better Flow" by Dr. Robert Kiltz is now available on Amazon or at For more information, visit Dr. Kiltz's website, or follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Get $100 off your first month of therapy with when you use the code sparkingwholeness.
Motherhood Talk Radio
Sandra Beck of Motherhood Talk Radio speaks with Canadian Pilates instructor who holds wellness retreats at the Canmore Pilates Studio in the heart of the Rockies. Set among tranquil trees, whispering winds and mystical mountains, our studio is located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies in Canmore, Alberta. Check out Best Fiends on the Apple App Store and Google Play and download the 5-star-rated puzzle game endorsed by the host. Also on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts I Heart Radio and GooglePlay.
Success Profiles Radio
Jill Lublin was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. She is the bestselling author of four books including Guerrilla Publicity with Jay Conrad Levinson. She teaches a virtual publicity course, helps authors create book deals, and helps businesses position themselves for more profitability and visibility in the marketplace. We talked about how she initially started in the music industry and got firsthand experience doing PR and promotions. This led to a career in publicity. We also discussed why a lot of people don't seek publicity, identifying great PR opportunities, helping people zone in on their message, and right/wrong ways to develop relationships with media. In addition, we discussed her philosophy of following up with media who don't respond right away, how she helps authors get book deals, why press releases are still important, and following up with outlets who pick them up. Finally, we talked about what the media loves and hates from a potential guest, and her Publicity Crash Course. We also had callers at the end of the show talk about how publicity has elevated their businesses. You can hear the show on iTunes or at
Highroad to Humanity
More and more UFO's are being reported and see daily as we grow closer to the time that the truth is revealed. Yes there is life on other planets and no we are not alone in this vast universe we live in. Joshua Shapiro, the Crystal Skull Explorer joins me to share his wisdom about the Galactics and UFO's and what he see for the future of humanity. To contact Joshua visit To book a session with Nancy or ask a question visit
Sunday 9th of May 2021
"Some One Needs To Tell The Truth;" by Michael J. Hall