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Friday 23rd of June 2017
Lit Up
Angela Breidenbach interviews new author Mary A. Mills to help answer her questions on building a platform, getting an agent, and publisher as well as the option of going indie. Also on iTunes
Thursday 22nd of June 2017
Motherhood Talk Radio
Sandra Beck of Motherhood Talk Radio explores self-control and what it looks like and how it can help you. Also on Itunes.
Coach Talk Radio
Sandra Beck of Coach Talk Radio explores the traditional publishing houses and what rejection of your manuscript really means. Also on Itunes.
What emotion does the word, "change" evoke within you? How do you approach change on a personal and professional level? There is growing capacity to stay deeply and meaningfully engaged in an ongoing journey of joining God on God's mission in a rapidly changing world. As that journey unfolds, churches/organizations will have to reinvent themselves over and over. There is a lot of hope to be found when you have confidence you have the tools to change (reinvent yourself) as your context changes. Learning Change: Congregational Transformation Fueled by Personal, authors Jim Herrington and Trisha Taylor share the stories of church leaders who were able to transform their congregations by first making changes in their own lives. Our guest this week is Trisha Taylor and she shares insights, best practices and provides tools to learn about change for transformation.
What Congress and the Media Wont Tell You
Childhood Cancer Talk Radio
“Eight years ago, a 15 month-old little boy with platinum blond ringlets and bright blue eyes was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer that results in around 255 deaths/year in the United States. Based on the size, location and maturity of his tumor, the toddler had less than 50% chance to live long enough to attend kindergarten… Unlike most parents of children newly diagnosed with cancer, these parents were armed with decades of knowledge and experience in working with very same drugs that their son would receive intravenously. They knew about genetic markers and how these markers could predict their son’s prognosis and response to these drugs. Even though the biopsy indicated the child’s cancer was extremely aggressive, a genetic marker suggested otherwise; today he is a 13 year-old with no evidence of disease…” The Nicholas Conor Institute was founded out of the parents sheer frustration of knowing that existing technology and academic discoveries are not being further developed to save the lives of other children with cancer. Beth Anne Baber, CEO, joins us to share her son's story and to discuss this incessant and gnawing motivation for many parent-advocates: Why are existing technology and academic discoveries not being further developed for our children, adolescents and young adults? The answers are clear, and with increased activism and awareness of the realities so many children and their families are expected to endure, the solutions are visibly on the horizon for the childhood cancer community.
Wednesday 21st of June 2017
Harvesting Happiness
Original Air Date June 21, 2017 During this week's radio show you will learn about: Using sound as a guideline for proper cutting & cooking techniques What everyone needs to know about selecting vegetables The science of selecting and preparing meat Vegetable butchery 101
Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing
What author wouldn't want to have a platform for expertise? Today's edition of AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing is all about using LinkedIn. An ideal launch for huge growth for the nonfiction author. The Book Shepherd and host Judith Briles will get a variety of tips, including: -How to create a stellar profile that hooks visitors. -How to add a variety of items to soar your expertise presence. -What tools you need to have. -How to set up a Group and expand your base. -And, of course, so much more. Join book publishing expert and The Book Shepherd Judith Briles for another excellent edition of AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing.
Tuesday 20th of June 2017
Wise Health For Women Radio
Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio presents "Closet Overwhelm & How to Tame It!" with wardrobe consultant and personal stylist, Diane Pollack. We don't all have Sex and the City closets, and knowing how to shift thinking about clutter, tips to reduce the items you no longer wear, and how to keep the staples while refining your style or stabilizing weight. Rid yourself of Closet Paralysis and enjoy the clothes you can now find! More at, iTunes, and produced by Beck Multimedia. Helping Women Thrive!
Dynamic Women Talk Radio
Sandra Beck and Linda Kreter present today's round table discussion on the topic of Doubt. Guests Cynthia Rowland, Kimberly Rinaldi, Lou Paget, Tosombra Kimes, and Ali Katz discuss personal doubt moments, how they master them, and why some situations still cause fluster today. Self-sabotage with relationships, underestimating abilities, and fear and perfectionism are discussed with great insights. More at, iTunes, and produced by Beck Multimedia.
Are you letting your self-judgment of yourself stand in the way of you succeeding? Do you realize that if we judge ourselves so negatively, other people will sense that and judge us too? Today's show will teach you how to take control of your life and how to dominate your own success. Are you a business owner? My guest, Dana Pharant, will share with you her personal testimony and how she was facing bankruptcy of a million dollar business that she had built. ALSO AVAILABLE ON ITUNES!
Military Network Radio
Linda Kreter and Military Network Radio with Co-host Les Davis presents: "PTSD and Children". Our tagline is is everyone serves, and that's especially true when it comes to secondary and intergenerational PTSD. Guest Paul Watson, Chief Health & Research Advisor of Hero Missions shares what the research tells us, how secondary PTSD manifests in different aged children, and the many services that are needed, but are not always available. Opening channels of communication, community involvement, school knowledge, and mostly, caring awareness will make a difference for the youngest of our military families. Also on iTunes, and more on
Chained No More
Judy Dippel, author of "Breaking the Grip of Postpartum Depression" tackles this emotional and disturbing topic. She suffered from postpartum depression herself and shares her story. Judy shares the differences between "baby blues" and postpartum depression. She also gives stats, the symptoms, the emotional baggage from it, treatment and diagnosis, and also gives practical tools for the mother as well as family members. Excellent resource!
Monday 19th of June 2017
Military Mom Talk Radio
Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd of Military Mom Talk Radio visit with NYC Yoga Instructor Judy Rosquete who specializes in back and neck issues that plague most of us lugging around groceries, sleepy children, backpacks and totes as well as sitting at our desks or on our electronic devices. Listen for a special offer from Madison Reed. Also on Itunes.
Tyler Chamber Radio
1. SPORTyler – Cindy Smoak, Vice President 2. Outreach Health Services – Jeff Humber, Director of Private Pay Services & Timothy Garland, Private Pay Program Manager 3. Discovery Science Place – Chris Rasure, Executive Director 4. McKinzie Chiropractic & Nutrition – Dr. Lonny McKinzie, Owner 5. Salvation Army Tyler – Lindsey Galabeas, Community & Public Relations Coordinator
Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin of Powered Up Talk Radio speak with Judy Rosquete about the Power of Meditation and Yoga. Listen for a great offer from TalkSpace. Also on Itunes.
WakeUP We The People
American Patchwork and Quilting Radio
Erin Schlosser found her calling as a teacher early on, and mixed with design background.. we are the lucky winners of her talent! We talk about home sewing, fabric content, and that trying something you think is 'hard' might not really be hard at all! --------------- Have you wondered what the difference is between types of quilt shows? Local guilds, Regional or National shows? Linda and I tell you what goes on at all of these types of shows and why they are all great to experience! Plus you can meet Linda and take a workshop from her in Grand Rapids in August! -------------------- My friend Kim Niedzwiecki from GoGoKim has been fussy cutting fabrics for projects for a long time. We take the 2nd half of the show to talk about that process, I tell you about my biggest Fail at it (oi!) and she explains how starch IS your friend. ---------- visit American Patchwork & Quilting at Facebook - Visit host Pat Sloan at
Passing 50
Cathy Krafve joins Robin Boyd on Passing 50 to share strategies on helping elders in your family. If elders live with you in a multi-generational household, there's some adjustments to make, but there is love and joy that comes with it, too.
Success Profiles Radio
Rachel Karu was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. She is the author of the book "Stepping Into More: Lessons From A Recovering Perfectionist". We talked about how perfectionism serves us, and does not serve us. We also discussed how to strike a balance between competing and collaborating when perfectionism is a big part of our lives. In addition, we discussed why we can feel disconnected from passion and how having a solid values alignment can play a vital role in defining it. We also talked about setting boundaries and knowing when it is appropriate to say YES or NO. Other topics included defining purpose, the relationship between curiosity and success, honoring your priorities while still being in service to others, why we procrastinate, the importance of forgiveness, and why we sometimes fear feedback. We discussed these topics and so much more during the show. You can download and subscribe to Success Profiles Radio for free on iTunes. You can also listen to any episode at
Im Not The Same Woman I Used To Be Im Free
Diane and Teresa Riddick continue their fight and efforts to combat homelessness in the Nations Capital.