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Thursday 25th of April 2019
Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing
Get ready for a boatload of insights and ahas in this AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast with Heather Daleccia, Pinterst expert and host and The Book Shepherd, Judith Briles. Loved the tip for your Pinterest profiles (my add: do it for ALL of yours)—add a hashtag to your key word for SEO pop. You will get tips on what to use from the “free” and “paid” adds; -what the most common mistakes are and how to avoid them; -the 3 most important things authors should be doing now; -how to come up with a series of themes that will become a no-brainer going forward to posting; -what the secret sauce is for building visibility and success; -why you should be adding at least one hashtag to every board; -and so much more. All this via @JudithBriles @AuthorYOU @MyBook Shepherd’s new podcast on Your Guide to #Book #Publishing—thank you Heather!:
Wednesday 24th of April 2019
Harvesting Happiness
In this episode you will learn about: •Drawing from your core intelligence •Stripping away long-held beliefs •What science says about the heart connection •The role of intuition in emotional intelligence
Monday 22nd of April 2019
Join Joyce Buford on Secondwind, With guest Gail Johnson! Has your career hit a detour and you are at a point where you are ready to move up? Don't miss out on this episode!
Ghost Chronicles International
Author and Trance Medium Maureen Wood join Steve and Ron to discuss what it is like being a trance medium and her time with the New England Ghost Project
Sunday 21st of April 2019
Xlibris On Air
Xlibris on Air! Radio Show order of interviews: Noon-1:00 PM EST 1. “Flagstaff's Forgotten Cowgirl: The Journals of Lizzie Hoffman”; by JK Hoffman 2. “Quotes: Humbled but Eloquent”; by Winifred Lee Richardson 3. “Where is Pete?”; by Judith G Abernethy
Indie Book Publishing
Indie Book Publishing order of interviews for the show: 5:00-6:00 PM EST 1. “In the Silver Maple Tree: The Adventures of an Impetuous Young Girl Captivated by God”; by Ginger Lawrence 2. “Genesis: A Modern Day Midrash”; by Judith Folse
Highroad to Humanity
Dr. Joe Gallenberger is a clinical psychologist with 30 years experience He is in demand internationally as a psychokinesis workshop provider. he is a senior trainer at the Monroe Institute and created its highly successful MC2 Program. Joe shares his personal experience with suicide inn his family and how mediation and channeled conversation with sprits guides tell us what happens after we go to heaven.
Saturday 20th of April 2019
Success Profiles Radio
Andrew Steel was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He is the star of the new movie "Wish Man", which is about the life of Frank Shankwitz who started the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Previous roles included a stint on Days Of Our Lives and some shows on Australian television. He is also the Founder and President of Flicks4Change, which is dedicated to creating social change through socially conscious films. We discussed how he got the lead role in Wish Man, preparation for the role, the importance of accepting feedback, what life was like behind the scenes, what he learned from other actors on the set, and what the promotional schedule is like now that the movie is set to release very soon. In addition, we discussed how he wants to change the conversation about social change through Flicks4Change, how people can support their mission, and a scriptwriting contest that they are sponsoring. We also discussed the importance of having a great support system and winning the mindset game every day. We talked about so much more on the show. You can download the show on iTunes. You can also listen at
Friday 19th of April 2019
Your Future is Now
Dustin Mathews was our special guest today and Dustin is the Co-Founder and Chief Education Officer of He shared many details about how ANYONE with the Right Mindset & Skills, Can Build Wealth in their lives. Dustin is also the Host of “Get WealthFit! podcasts. On his podcasts, Dustin gets ‘inside the minds’ of Top Investors & Entrepreneurs like Robert Kiyosaki of ‘Rich Dad’, Racing Legend Danica Patrick, Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, Marquis Jets’ Founder Jesse Itzler, 7x Olympic Medalist Shannon Miller, Seal Team 6 Leader Rob O’Neill…(Seal Team 6 are known for taking out Osama bin Laden) and many others. Today Dustin’s message was centered on building WEALTH in your life, and it’s not just about money, but living a Wealthy Lifestyle. Too many people after graduating from school get left with ‘eyeballs of debt’…and how short they are on the ‘skills’ needed to build and grow active income, how to invest in passive income and building REAL Life - Term Wealth. When it comes to personal finance, most schools never teach how to balance a checkbook, or how to invest or build a financial strategy. Sure, Wealth is having enough money to live on; however wealth means to live a lifestyle to spend more time with your family and to be able to give back and be a blessing to others. Once you make the decision to change your life to create wealth; you’ve got to consistently ‘Train Your Brain’, it won’t happen overnight or in a week or two. You must plan and commit to a strategy dedicated to YOUR desired result. Open your mind to new ideas, look for ways and people that can help YOU along your Pathway to Success. It’s going to take effort. Along your pathway, you got to slow down, take a deep breath and relax; but keep focused on YOUR desired results to live the Life YOU want to create. Don’t let hysteria or hype distract you or let this negative things put your mind in a whirlwind. You will get lost, you will get confused and you will STOP trying to Live YOUR Dream!! Write out your PLAN!!! Envision what it is that YOU want to do and not what others do or tell you to do. Set a DATE to accomplish your goal. Bottom Line: Live Life On YOUR Terms! FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! B have….a guide to help you determine ’What do you want your life to look like 10 years from today. Go to …go to the Contact tab and ask Don to send YOU this valuable guide. FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! Dustin is offering his ‘Wealth Building 101 Course’ that shows YOU how to get out of debt, BOOST your active income and start investing in passive income. Tools and Resources are available to help YOU envision that Pathway to Wealth. Simple businesses that YOU can start TODAY!!! To receive YOURS FREE…email Dustin…
Thursday 18th of April 2019
Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing
The key to author success is becoming a more productive writer. That meas more books come along; books that build the author platform and create "influence". Joining host Judith Briles The Book Shepherd is Dianna Booher, author of 48 books that have sold in excess of 4 million copies and is named as one of the op 200 Most Influential Authors in the World. Your takeaways include: -How to draft a book in 7 to 10 days. -How to eliminate time wasters. -How to grow your platform. -How to plan your entire year to accommodate all phases of writing projects. -How to get your writing super organized. And of course, much more. Join Judith for another excellent podcast on AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing
Christian Living That Counts
Christian Living That Counts- order of interviews: 6:00 - 7:00PM EST 1. “Whatsoever You Do Will Prosper: A Guide for Miraculous Prayer” by D.W.Williams II 2. “I Know I Got Issues, I Just Wish Somebody Had Told Me-A Long Time Ago…” by Darryl Jordan 3. "Holy Things, Holy Actions, Holy Places” by Martha Isaac
Childhood Cancer Talk Radio
According the the Genomics Institute, 84% of dog DNA has human counterparts, so we suffer many of the same diseases, including most cancers. Dogs have a higher incidence of certain tumors which are considered rare in children. By studying these tumor types in dogs, we can learn a great deal about these devastating cancers, while also helping canines to beat their cancers. Our first guest is Dr. Bernard Seguin DVM, surgical oncologist and Associate Professor of Surgical Oncology at Colorado State University with a focus on osteosarcomas and limb-sparing surgery. He shares with us the high rate of cancer incidence in our canine friends, and how the specialized research for dogs is helpful to pediatric oncology. Ulrike Szalay, President of Canines 'n Kids Foundation in Virginia joins us during part II to share about her passion for translational research, and the shared unmet need of adequate research activity and funding for both pediatric and canine cancers.