Tuesday 2nd of June 2020
Wise Health For Women Radio
Linda Kreter and Susie Reece with WiseHealth for Women Radio bring you Episode 8 in our Grief and Loss series. People are often afraid of grief, and yet loss is an important concept to understand. Words fail. Loneliness, absence, complex emotions, stress -- how much can you live with? To support others, presence and sitting with someone can matter, because words are not always there... More on www.WiseHealthForWomenRadio.com and iTunes. Helping Women Thrive
Thursday 28th of May 2020
Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing
Do you have a book or one that is due out in the next six months? Are you speaking about the topic of the book to audiences … right now? And if no, why not? When you speak, you change lives … to sell truckloads of books … make money … go places you never thought you would … make a difference … and have fun. Host Dr. Judith Briles keeps the mic for the entire session and walks listeners through key components of herbook: How to Create a $1,000,000 Speech, that has won 9 national book awards. She’s done it and believes that you can too. Did you know that the fear of public speaking is known as glossophobia? And that over 74% of the public suffers from it? And, did you know that for authors, speaking is the #1 way sell thousands of books? Tune to the latest edition of the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast: #toastmasters #authors #bookmarketing #publicspeaking
Wednesday 27th of May 2020
Harvesting Happiness
Tuesday 26th of May 2020
Forgiving the Unforgivable - When her father killed her mother and married her aunt one month later, Brenda Adelman thought she would never be able to get over feeling damaged, depressed, and stuck in shame. Tune in to hear her amazing story of forgiving the unforgivable, finding self-forgiveness and healing through creative self-expression and story-telling. https://joycebufordempowers.com/Brenda-Adelman
Ghost Chronicles International
Steve and Ron speak with Helen Parsons the psychic slayer who has been investigating the paranormal since she was 4 years of age. This out spoken young lady discusses her experiences and beliefs. Why has she received the nickname "The Psychic Slayer"? Tune in and find out...
Ghost Chronicles
Anne and Ron are joined by John and Patti Basiliere of the haunted Black Swan Inn. They discuss the history of the place as well as theirs and others experiences there.
Monday 25th of May 2020
Success Profiles Radio
Dr. Marina Bruni was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. She is the author of the upcoming book "The Power Of Choice" and is featured in the new movie "How Thoughts Become Things". She is also a lawyer with over 20 years experience in the financial services industry, and is a licensed NLP practitioner. We talked about how we can program our brains for the things we really want, how she sets up her day for success, and the importance of having a positive mindset. In addition, we talked about where stress comes from, the best strategies for dealing with it, and how we can raise our energy. Finally, we talked about the role of gratitude in the creative process, why some people have a negative view of money, and the biggest risk she has taken in her business. To hear the whole episode, you can subscribe on iTunes. You can also hear it here: https://toginet.com/shows/successprofilesradio
Harvesting Happiness
Sparking Wholeness
Dr. Amelia Villagomez is an integrative psychiatrist at Progressive Psychiatry in Fort Worth, Texas. In this interview, Dr Villagomez addresses the top mental health concerns during this pandemic and its aftermath. She shares how the abundance of information may be negatively impacting us, as well as the trauma resulting with the current season. We discuss sleep strategies, meditation, positive self talk, the gut-brain connection, the importance of whole food nutrition in brain health, along with the importance of PLAY in our daily lives. Resources discussed during podcast:  Integrative Strategies (including nutraceuticals)  published by the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1550830720301130?via%3Dihub CMBM online groups: https://cmbm.org/onlinegroup/ Guided Imagery: By Belleruth Naparstek https://thrive.kaiserpermanente.org/thrive-together/live-well/relax-your-mind-and-body-with-podcasts-and-feel-stress-melt-away SAMHSA Phases of a Disaster : https://www.samhsa.gov/dtac/recovering-disasters/phases-disaster
Military Mom Talk Radio
Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd of Military Mom Talk Radio speak with Amanda Lambert and Leslie Eckford, experts in Senior Care and Senior Living. Also on Itunes. Engage your brain with fun puzzles and collect tons of cute characters. Trust me, with over 100 million downloads, this 5-star rated mobile puzzle game is a must play! Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play.
Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin of Powered Up Talk Radio speak with Leigh Richardson, owner of the Dallas based The Brain Performance Center about the differences between mental health and brain health and what you can do about enhancing both and getting them to work together. Engage your brain with fun puzzles and collect tons of cute characters. Trust me, with over 100 million downloads, this 5-star rated mobile puzzle game is a must play! Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play.
Coach Talk Radio
Sandra Beck of Coach Talk Radio speaks with Tina Thrussell, co-founder of Best UCan Inc, and the Shin Dao Institute about creating a calm, peaceful and productive environment for your personal and professional success. Engage your brain with fun puzzles and collect tons of cute characters. Trust me, with over 100 million downloads, this 5-star rated mobile puzzle game is a must play! Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play.
Highroad to Humanity
Sheri Jewel is a certified medium who has been practicing for many Years. She has studied and refined her skills extensively with the direction of James Van Praagh, John Holland, Janet Nohavec, and other well versed leaders in the industry. Through contact with the spirit world and the Archangels, Sherri delivers in-depth and valuable messages to her clients. Sheri's shares her story and many of her extraordinary experiences with the Angels and Jesus with the audience. Thanks Sheri for coming on the show.
Friday 22nd of May 2020
Your Future is Now
Analyn Scott was our guest today on the program. She is a lady with a passion and a purpose. Analyn has always been one who thinks and operates outside of the box, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that after being given a huge vision to impact millions of lives, that she would discover unconventional methods to change the trajectory of kidney disease…not just to save her husband’s life, but to touch, empower and save millions more.   Analyn's husband Raymond suffered kidney failure 22 years ago. He was only 29 years of age, had just started dating a younger Analyn and figured she would be gone when she heard of his health problems and the issues he now faced. But little did he know that Analyn was a strong, stand by her man kind of woman. And little did he know then, how important and how valuable she would be as she became the love of his life as his wife, partner, nurse and best friend. One of the most exciting new things Analyn shared with the audience was Bio Artificial Kidney being developed through a partnership between UCSF & Vanderbilt University.  It’s printed with a 3D printer, eliminates the need for any anti-rejection medications and is currently in clinical trials.  More information available on Facebook @TheKidneyProject Also during the broadcast, Analyn discussed in detail several of the key points she made below. 1) Importance of staying true to your vision - it was given to you for a reason, and you have the capacity and ability to handle it.   2) If you’re going to shatter the status quo you’re not going to do it by following the status quo 3) Keep following God’s bread crumbs, they will lead you down the right path and provide clues and solutions 4) Patience and perseverance are required whenever you’re taking a walk of faith   5) Your test becomes your testimony 6) At some point you have to pause and evaluate what you’ve gained through your journey, the solutions you're looking for may already be in your hands To get in touch with this High-Energy Lady...she gave several websites: https://1in9kidneychallenge.com And two new websites that will be up very soon; so please check back. www.breakthroughhealthsolutions.com & www.letyourlightshine.tv Bill Heinrich filled in for "Dandy Don" Mcgrath. Don had to host our the Daily Webinar Series "Messages of Inspiration, Hope & Support" sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. https://speakerspathway.com/category/messages-of-inspiration-hope-and-support Bill offered his FREE BOOK "Clarity Has No Story"...For YOUR FREE COPY... https://myfreebook.me "Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. Training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using StoryTelling. For more information and to receive YOUR FREE COMPLIMENTARY GIFTS ...just go to https://SpeakersPathway.com Thank YOU for Tuning In and Sharing!!! Have a Blessed Weekend, Jim Grant iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/your-future-is-now/id1459574690 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfyd0kYQUJcVN0YTSztLLw Podcasts: https://toginet.com/podcasts/yourfutureisnow/?s=yourfutureisnow Spotify: https://podcasters.spotify.com/podcast/5e16MgDl6IG8ExSfd6eCY4/overview
Thursday 21st of May 2020
Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing
Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd, takes a 2020 look at how Authors can use LinkedIN ... and why they should be. Joining her on the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast is marketing expert Debra Jason. You will learn how to get your profile 40 times more likely for a visitor to think "I want to know more ..." Start with- -soaring the browser search findability -how to maximize your Header -why you should add your phone number -discover the most costly mistakes -and of course, much more.