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Thursday 15th of November 2018
Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing
A critical component of dealing with the book overwhelm is creating a spending plan—both for time and money—for book marketing and social media engagement. As an author: -learning about what moves books; -what trigger points allow an author to soar above “like” books; -what the sweet spot of book marketing is leads to success. Another excellent and insight AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast for author and book success with host and The Book Shepherd Judith Briles and Amy Collins.
Childhood Cancer Talk Radio
Donna Speckhard brings us a sneak-peek of the upcoming docuseries "The Promise" chronicling the experiences of children with cancer and their families and shedding light on important issues that affect us all in the childhood cancer community. The lack of viable solutions for them poses the question, why it is that we must fight so hard for awareness of their suffering, and to justify greater investment into cures for our children? The lack of solutions for children with cancer makes this road extremely difficult for families to travel, with their lives forever changed, and nothing certain. Visit the unseen world through which families must forge new paths on the journey to survival for their children, and a better future for those yet to be diagnosed. The prologue with "Elizabeth's Story" is available for viewing on the series website, at The series is currently in production.
Wednesday 14th of November 2018
Harvesting Happiness
In this episode you will learn about: • Dopamine’s role in desire • The ADD/ADHD connection to addiction • How one city handles the crisis of substance abuse • The role of human suffering in addiction
God Is Bigger Than A Juice Box . . When I first became a mom, my number one goal apart from keeping my child alive was SLEEP. It's all I could think about. It became more important than eating or pretty much anything else. SLEEP was the goal. Then when I popped out another child and started to manage two little hearts and minds and wild hands and bodies, my goal was to get some QUIET time. I just needed QUIET. Then came baby #3 and believe it or not, I started to get the hang of getting all the SLEEP and all the quiet. . . Listen in as Becca shares her "God is begged than a juice box story!"…/god-is-bigger-than-a-juice-boxpress/
Tuesday 13th of November 2018
Geraldine Teggelove Live
Listen in to guest Julie Flippin explain why building your business from the 'inside out' is the MOST IMPORTANT thing.
Military Network Radio
Linda Kreter and Military Network Radio brings the stories of Courtenay Nold, Navy veteran and her journey toward understanding and accessing PTSD resources. A very strong leader and naval officer, she found herself rocked by her combat experiences and sought answers to include but go beyond Rx medications. Her journey included writing about the many experiences of fellow trauma survivors and brought peace. Her book, War on PTSD is a positive, resource filled, veteran-centric series of chapters for vets and their families seeking help for invisible injuries. Also on iTunes, and on Everyone serves and together we make a difference!
Wise Health For Women Radio
Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio bring you a fascinating discussion today with guest Katie Cox. Writing her dissertation on the depiction of post-9/11 national security in Marvel's Iron Man film trilogy, Katie taps into American culture - including our deepest hopes, fears, and vulnerabilities. Can Super Heroes help us in a crisis? Yes, and our discussion may also prompt your family to tackle challenging topics in a safe, familiar, entertaining way. Also on iTunes and more at Helping Women Thrive!
Monday 12th of November 2018
Fireside Talk Radio
In this episode, Cathy and Co-host Anna Krafve Pierce brainstorm a gazillion ideas that will make your life easier for Thanksgiving, especially if you're entertaining toddlers. Cathy revels all the fun ideas she has for her own grands. Anna shares stories. Did she really just compare the family to squirrels because they chatter so much when they're together?! She and her mom brainstorm the best ways to have fun on the cheap. If your family has a, ahem, variety of personality types, you'll love the attitude and ideas of these two hilarious women.
Ghost Chronicles International
Ron and Steve discuss the first world war, collecting data when investigating, and more. Also included is a new Episode of the Teller of Curious Tales.
Ghost Chronicles
Roxie Zwicker joins Anne and Ron to discuss her ghost tours, The Woodland Alchemy, cemeteries and more!
Sunday 11th of November 2018
Cynthia Rowland is the creator of Facial Magic, the revolutionary, facial exercise system and the innovative, easy-to-use Luscious Lips pump that restores youthful fullness to your lips in just seconds. Cynthia is also the founder and president of Rejenuve, Inc., a company dedicated to providing men and women highly effective anti-aging products. Cynthia has discovered "The Facial Fountain of Youth."
Fireside Talk Radio
Anna Krafve Pierce joins Cathy as co-host in this high energy, surprise announcement episode. Yep, they planned to talk about how to make a Thanksgiving Kit, but instead, Cathy's amazing tech genius, Roy Bryan, whispered the news moments before the show that we've hit TWO MILLION downloads since we began a year ago. So, Cathy and her creative, artist daughter went on air in full surprise mode. Naturally, the tone was set for full out fun (which, by the way, often happens whenever Anna is around)! If you want some Thanksgiving inspiration, you'll love the laughter and Thanksgiving memories Anna inspires!
Military Mom Talk Radio
Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd of Military Mom Talk Radio speak with Dr. Mark Borg one of the authors of Relationship Sanity.People in resilient relationships are co-owners, experience reciprocity, and are better prepared to meet challenges authentically and effectively. In this sequel to the best-selling Irrelationship, the authors use examples from their clinical practice to review the concept of irrelationship and expand the DREAM Sequence, a tool used by affected couples to address perennial relationship issues. By mutually and mindfully viewing the relationship as a third entity, separate from each individual, couples will learn how to live in and with the ambiguity of empathy, intimacy, vulnerability, and emotional investment and view relationship sanity as a deliberate and joyful undertaking to maintain and deepen connection. Listen for 15% off on Thirdlove Bras. Also on Itunes.
Success Profiles Radio
Loral Langemeier was my guest for the 300th episode of Success Profiles Radio. She is a multiple time best selling author and is the CEO and Founder of Live Out Loud, Inc. We discussed how she helps her clients become millionaires in 3-5 years, recommendations she has for people who are starting their wealth-building journey, and why mindset is a critical starting place. We also discussed why "YES energy" is critical to financial success, what we need to do to make sure we are building wealth the right way, and why not all debt is bad. In addition, we discussed the future of investing in emerging industries such as cryptocurrency, cannabis, and blockchain, the importance of having the right team around you, and what millionaires do NOT invest in. Finally, we discussed her Off Wall Street Assets workshops, as well as helping your kids get off to a great start in their own wealth-building journey. You can download and subscribe to the show on iTunes. You can also listen to any previous episode at