Sunday 9th of August 2020
Author Voices On Air Australasia
Author Voices on Australasia order of interviews for the show: 3:00-4:00 AM EST (5-6 PM AEST) 1. “Galloping and Hurdles: The Extraordinary Tale of a Wuhan Girl”; by Hua Li 2. “The Amazing Adventures of Scarlett: Scarlett the Hero of Henwood Grove”; by Poppa
Xlibris On Air
Xlibris on Air! Radio Show order of interviews: Noon-1:00 PM EST 1. “WE are the Wackadoodle's: It's Nice to be Kind”; by T.A. Duggan 2. “S413”; by Saniyah Chish 3. “The Life and Journeys of a Dabizi”; by Albert Riley
Saturday 8th of August 2020
Christian Living That Counts
Christian Living That Counts- order of interviews: Sundays at 10:00 - 11:00AM EST 1. “Edifying the Body of Christ” by Brenda Johnson 2. “I am God, I am Jesus, I am Allah, the Truth Will Set You Free” by Jeff Olson 3. “A Revelation of Life Endeavors: Gangs for Jesus” by Thomas Rembert Jr
Friday 7th of August 2020
Your Future is Now
Tamra Blankenship joined Bill Heinrich and Jim Grant on the show today. Tamra’s first appearance on our show was on August 8, 2019. This show became the highest rated show for 2019 due to greatly surpassing all of the other shows in popularity and number of downloads. Tamra’s topic was “Stress During COVID-19”. During the broadcast, many topics were discussed, from WHY it is important to wear a mask, even IF you don’t YOU really need to, to how to deal with Stress and Anxiety. Tamra is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NY as a Holistic Health Coach(CHHC), Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP), Yoga Instructor (CYT), Hypnotherapist (CHT) and has also served as a Deacon and studied Tibetan philosophy. Tamra is a Relationship Communication Specialist. Tamra Blankenship International has created countless workshops and programs including The Re-Ignite Your Passion Program, The Whole-Body Transformation Program, Conquering Anxiety Program, Tuesday’s with Tamra Radio/Podcast show, and a YouTube Channel. Living and coping with FEAR was discussed at great length. In addition, the attitude we should have towards others. Too many times, we get caught up in all of the negative things going on around us and we let that vibrate through us and pass it on to others. Bill pointed out there are only two major emotions, LOVE and FEAR. If we are focused on the FEAR in our lives, we are always coming from a position of NEED. On the other hand, if we are focused on LOVE we are coming from a position of abundance. Tamra shared a lot of insight on how to deal with the stress and the anxiety we all experience in life. Fear is a sign that something is wrong or lacking in your life. Speakers Pathway Coalition is the 'official' home of the "Six Minute Webinar"...for more information...please go to 
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Thursday 6th of August 2020
Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing
If you want to create a “lasting” Amazon bestseller, Dr. Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd reveals her 21 steps to make it happen to snag all of Amazon’s categories that you are in. -when to start the planning -how to use social media -what ads should you do -how to choose Amazon categories -how to do it for mini bucks -websites for tools to grab -the #1 thing not to do Get ready to write pages of notes. This is the program that Judith does for her clients. Tune into the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast.
Wednesday 5th of August 2020
Childhood Cancer Talk Radio
Today’s show is a special tribute to the superhero advocates in the childhood cancer community, those concerned citizens among us who never draw attention to themselves but serve to help children with cancer in a variety of capacities, but one aspect of their lives which we are recognizing today is that each is acting out of empathy and compassion without having had one of their own children affected by cancer. We have today the opportunity to meet the mild-mannered alter-egos behind this super-power of three concerned-citizen advocates for children with cancer: Ginger Diamond, a retired nurse from Douglas, GA; Paul Miller joins us from Littleton, CO, who has been in corporate America for many years, and Kristopher Murdock, a music teacher and substitute elementary school teacher, also with a ministry of drama and music, from Frederickstown, Missouri.
Harvesting Happiness
When asked about money most people in the U.S. have a negative view of the role it plays in their lives. And, while everyone says they want to be rich, many people have never read a book or taken a class on how to attract or grow wealth. With predatory lending and unprecedented debt at an all-time high, transforming your relationship with money just might be the key to finding financial success. To discover the connection between money and happiness, Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks to two financial experts about the positive aspects of wealth. Ken Honda shares the Japanese concept of happy money from his book, Happy Money and Remit Sethi discusses strategies on how to grow what you already have from the second edition of his book, I Will Teach You to Be Rich.
Tuesday 4th of August 2020
In Your Head with Leigh Richardson
Leigh Richardson of The Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head with Leigh Richardson speaks with J.M. DeBord, "RadOwl", who teaches us how easy it is to understand and interpret our dreams. Leigh Richardson is also the author of Brain on Game On, available at Amazon and on The Brain Performance Center is located in Dallas, Texas and can be reached at 214-329-9017. Also on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, iHeart Radio and Stitcher.d abuse.
Fireside Talk Radio
“I didn’t expect it would be so hard,” Brooke Frick says. Then she and Cathy break into giddy laughter. You can see why we love this author and mother of five. Motherhood is one thing. Motherhood times five? Oh, my! As Brooke shares, you may notice a pattern of encouragement. She loves to talk about how to depend on God's strength when we feel weak. If life is feeling like a drudge, Brooke's humor and honesty may be just the boost you need! Don't miss a chance to laugh along with these two fun women!
In this episode of SecondWind With Joyce, my guest Robert MacPhee shares why he believes it is absolutely possible for you to quickly and easily create lasting change and get the results you want in your business and life by learning to make Excellent Decisions. Robert MacPhee is a speaker, author, coach, Consultant and facilitator of change. He is the author of “Manifesting for Non-Gurus” and the creator of “Excellent Decisions” Leadership Program. Robert helps people understand how to deal effectively with change and show them how to make decisions based on their visions, values and value rather than all of the stress and pressure they are under. He is the former Director of Training for Jack Canfield the Co-Creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series and the author of the book “The Success Principles”. Robert is also a Founding Member of Transformational Leadership Council and Co-Founder of Southern California Association of Transformational Leaders-- two groups of the world’s leading authorities in personal and professional development.
Highroad to Humanity
Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer is a world-renowned fourth-generation psychic medium who specializes in communication with spirits. He is an Oxford-educated attorney and v=certified mediator licensed to practice law in Florida; Washington DC; and before the United States Supreme Court. He has also studied mediumship at the prestigious Author Findley College for the Advancement of Psychic Science. Mark appears worldwide on radio and TV as a psychic medium, legal analyst in high-profile murder cases, and as a paranormal expert. He regularly appears on ABC,CBS,NBC, Fox Television, Coast to Coast AM, Darkness Radio,Fox News Talk, CBS Radio and Sirius SM Radio. Visit Marks Website for a Psychic Reading, If you mention, High Road to Humanity he will give you a reduced fee.
Monday 3rd of August 2020
We are living in a time where there is no stress. A stress – Free - Zone! No anxiety. We all feel like we’re in control of our lives. Total control! No health stress No economic stress. No emotional stress. No political stress. We are all happily waiting for our vaccines - wearing our mask and excited to vote for our next president! OK, maybe not so much. The majority of us are experiencing some form of extreme stress- So, where does the stress come from? From YOU. Today - we are inviting you to sit around the table with us as we unveil our mask and chat about “Masking it.” What are you masking today? Let’s take off the mask. Let’s get real!
Sparking Wholeness
Anne Tucker is the creator of Business Energetics and the Authentic Expression test. Her work is designed to help you see and understand your creative purpose, and to express it through your work so that you not only feel fulfilled, seen, and appreciated, but you also unlock the success you're capable of. Anne is helping to redefine business for a spiritual age, where the work we do becomes a conscious pathway to our own spiritual development. Her book, Undoubtedly Awesome, uses the Authentic Expression test to show you how to experience less doubt in your life. We discuss decision-making and doubt and how it adds friction. Other key topics include: - the Authentic Expression test - how it is different from a standard personality test - how this test benefits decision-making - how knowing your soul type can impact your work, your relationships, and the doubt you experience - what the different soul types are and how they show up in our lives - how Business Energetics can improve collaboration Find out more about Anne’s work and take the free soul type quiz on
Success Profiles Radio
Steve Cederquist was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He is a regular cast member on HGTV's "Flip Or Flop" and does renovations on the houses featured on the show. In June, he launched his new book "Get Out Alive: Surviving And Thriving After Drugs, Guns, Gangs, Dysfunction, And Crazy". We discussed recognizing an addictive personality and making changes, creating and uncreating our own drama, the importance of gratitude, setting boundaries around what we will and not allow in our lives, and the impact of writing your own eulogy. In addition, we discussed how he got his role on "Flip Or Flop", how much of it is real versus staged for television, handling being recognized, advice for first time house-flippers, and his view of the housing market in this economy. We talked about so much more on the show. You can subscribe on iTunes or listen to any episode at
Im Not The Same Woman I Used To Be Im Free
The Patriots in the Bible had to endure. Jesus had to endure the cross. His disciples endured, most unto death. As circumstances get tougher and times more perilous, God's people must Endure. Our works will be tried by fire and proved.
Sunday 2nd of August 2020
Author Talk
Xlibris on Air! Radio Show order of interviews: Noon-1:00 PM EST 1. “The Tipper Chronicles: A Memoir of Our Beloved Corgi”; by Hollis Williams 2. “The Arrangement”; by Wayne McFall