Sunday 20th of September 2020
Author Voices On Air Eurafrica
Author Voices on Air Eurafrica order of interviews for the show: 2:00-3:00AM EST 1. “From Hell to Redemption”; by Patricia Martens 2. “Little One's”; by Lori Cameron 3. “The Anagram”; by Emilia Paredes
IUniverse Radio order of interviews for show: 3:00-4:00PM EST 1. “The Communing Tree”; by Theresa Verboot 2. “Death by Your Own Device: A Philip Sarkis Mystery”; by Peter Kowey 3. “Learning to be Oneself”; by Mabel Moyano & Daniella Barbery
Xlibris On Air
Xlibris on Air! Radio Show order of interviews: Noon-1:00 PM EST 1. “Hopkins Pickering”; by Michael Sharma 2. “Hellion Horseman Road”; by Honest Chunk 3. “Quilt Whispers: Stitched Bonds of Experience, Inquiry, and Growth”; by Doris Diener
Friday 18th of September 2020
Your Future is Now
Christine (Chris) Patton was our guest today. Her topic was “THE ROAD TO RESILIENCE”. Chris has inspired many others to their true potential, guiding them to build foundational skills for personal effectiveness and resilience to handle all that their life presents. As a former specialist in insurance defense litigation, former Judge in the Small Claims Court of Ontario, and as a Mediator. She felt the extreme effects of unbridled stress. Those experiences catalyzed Chris to reclaim her own life. Her current practice as a Performance Coach, Professional Speaker, Author and HeartMath trainer. Her website: Her email: Chris share a lot of great information on Resilience being a key concept these days, especially with the added burden of a worldwide pandemic. She shared how we can “deal” with STRESS and the negative effects has on our minds, our hearts, our bodies and our lives. 

 One thing she hit on really got my attention and that was “subconscious programming”, how it was created and how it works in our everyday life. And how it can hinder us, and rob us of being the best we can be. Chris is associated and a trainer with the HeartMath Institute. She explained how the heart and mind are connected in a manner that your mental emotions can and does speed up your heart. But the good news is, there are ways to relax your mind and this benefits the heart. Speakers Pathway Coalition is the 'official' home of the "Six Minute Webinar"...for more information...please go to For information on our affiliate program

 Bill offered his FREE Ebook "Clarity Has No Story" For your copy: Bill is also the author of the “7 Levels of Truth” 
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Thursday 17th of September 2020
Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing
It's a mecca of graphics design that every author who is not a techie; not a designer can embrace. Joining Host Dr. Judith Briles is creative marketing lead for Book Brush--one of the slickest author tools to come along in a long time. -discover the amazing cover creator -discover how to create fun swag -discover the box creator -discover mock photos for posters It's a fast hour. You want this tool ... for sure. There's a free version and there's a fee. If you decide to step up your game, use Another fun and informative podcast with AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing.
Wednesday 16th of September 2020
Harvesting Happiness
On average, we make 35-36 thousand decisions every day. When we have a clear sense of purpose, we make better, conscious decisions that attract people, ideas, and resources to help move us forward and foster our success. Major factors that promote financial, emotional, and social wellbeing including curating the type of information we allow ourselves to take in and the people we surround ourselves with. If all we have to do is follow the rules to transform our lives, why are some of us still making mistakes? To take a closer look at why we do what we do, Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two authors who write about elements of human behavior. Skip Prichard is a humanitarian who generously gives of his time and shares his insights with those who want to succeed in life. He discusses his newest book, The Book of Mistakes. And, Robert Dilenschneider is a professional counselor to corporations, consumer groups, and news organizations. He shares stories of the people included in his book, Decisions: Practical Advice from 23 Men and Women Who Shaped the World.
Tuesday 15th of September 2020
Transitioning through a painful period often requires you to be vulnerable with others, and have faith in yourself. In this episode of SecondWind With Joyce, my guest Julia Schneider explains how we can use nature to feel at peace when dealing with these complex parts of healing. She stresses the importance of looking within yourself to find what is best for you, and how to use your hardships as motivation for the next step of your journey.
Ghost Chronicles International
Steve and Ron are joined by author, lecturer and investigator Linda Zimmerman for a lively discussion of UFO's, Ghosts, zombies, and more.
Ghost Chronicles
Marla Brooks joins Ron with special guest author, TV producer, and medium Victoria Gross.
Have you ever had a crisis of faith? Perhaps YOU are in a space right now feeling like doubt is squeezing the faith out of you. You are feeling overwhelmed, struggling with doubt and wondering where God is - in the daily. Maybe you are even doubting your Christian doctrine. TIPS: 1. What we listen to affects what we believe 2. Spend as much time as you can with people of faith. 3. Great books: The Reason For God , Making Sense of God by Timothy Keller. 4. The Case For Christ- Lee Strobels
Monday 14th of September 2020
Coach Talk Radio
Sandra Beck of Coach Talk Radio speaks with friend, business partner and coach, Erin Kerry about the formation of health adult friendships. Also available on itunes, apple podcasts, spotify, i heart radio, stitcher, google podcasts and spotify.
Motherhood Talk Radio
Sandra Beck of Motherhood Talk Radio speaks with Brian Andrews and Dr. Jeffrey Wilson about some of the best ways to eliminate uncertainty. Also on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, I Heart Radio and GooglePlay.
Back To Life Radio
Paul Fraser of Back to Life Radio speak about the Beasy Board with Chuck Brantman, whose father invented this unique product, that helps people all over the world become more independent. Sponsored in part by Also available on Itunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, I Heart Radio and Stitcher.
Military Mom Talk Radio
Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd of Military Mom Talk Radio speaks with Tamra Blankenship about the best ways to organize your day, your week and your life. Also on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, I Heart Radio and GooglePlay.
Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin of Powered Up Talk Radio speaks with Peter Smith about Past Lives and Holographic Healing with quantum consciousness .Listen for a great offer from to get $75 toward boosting your first job post. Also on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, I Heart Radio and GooglePlay.
Success Profiles Radio
This week's show is a special episode which features a brand new podcast called The Passion Economy. The show is hosted by Planet Money creator, Adam Davidson, who sits down with people who’ve channeled their unique passions and interests into successful businesses. Adam writes for the New Yorker and spent years covering stories that showed the darker and sadder side of our economy. His new show, The Passion Economy, focuses on more optimistic topics, specifically, he talks to people who pivoted from a bad situation and turned it into something much better, very similar to what my own show Success Profiles Radio is about. In this episode, Adam speaks to Damali Peterman, who channels her passion for conflict resolution into a successful business. Her passion for law, language, mediation, conflict resolution, and jujitsu resulted in her forming Damali Law, where she works as a lawyer, mediator, and educator. Meanwhile, you can hear more of Success Profiles Radio on iTunes, and at
Sunday 13th of September 2020
Make It Happen
If you're an author, speaker, expert or business owner, the kinds of content you create for you blog, social media and your marketing matter. In this minicast, Michelle shares a new way to look at your content that will deliver the kind of results that you want with your audiences.
Sparking Wholeness
Dr. Uma Naidoo is a board certified psychiatrist, professional chef, and nutrition specialist. She is the director of Nutritional and Lifestyle Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital and also on faculty at Harvard Medical School. In this fascinating episode, we discuss her exciting new book, This Is Your Brain On Food. Other key topics include her journey as a psychiatrist and professional chef, how what we eat affects our brain, the origin of the gut/brain connection, the rise of mental health concerns, food to avoid for mental well-being, inflammatory foods, orthorexia and food obsession, how to add more diversity in your diet, along with the impact of caffeine and alcohol on mental health. Learn more about Dr. Naidoo at Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @drumanaidoo
Success Profiles Radio
Michael Bonanno was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He is the CEO of Virtual Support Solutions and has a proven track record and system for converting dental practices into high revenue-generating offices. His company help businesses across multiple industries by supporting them to accept missed rollover calls, lead and appointment generation, and re-activating clients who have not engaged with them for awhile. We talked about scaling a business and how he did it, the early lessons he learned that have served him going forward, and the common objections he overcomes when earning new clients. In addition, we discussed his company's core values, how he trains leaders in his company, how he picks his team, and the importance of gratitude. Finally, we discussed his day to day life as a CEO, knowing when to expand business operations beyond your original location, and a free offer for our listeners who want to try his service. You can subscribe on iTunes, and you can also hear the show at
Highroad to Humanity
Nancy talks about the fires in Oregon, the two police officers shot in Los Angeles (Compton) and she shares encouraging statistics for the Coronavirus showing the spread is lowing in the US and abroad. Billy Atwell, Podcast Host and author joins the High Road to tell his story and how he learned to have Unshakable Self Confidence. We discuss religion, God, and the state humanity on the show. Billy gives us great information on how to become our powerful confident selves. Billy is the founder and host of Unshakable Self-Confidence Podcast. What began as his attempt to understand the nature of fear and self-dought, in order to recover from years of violence and abuse. His show is now an iTunes Top 300 show with thousands of listeners worldwide. He lives and continues his work in Chicago. Visit him at unshakable
Friday 11th of September 2020
Your Future is Now
Allison Stillman was our guest today and what a wonderful, info-training and entertaining show it was. The knowledge of the importance of utilizing essential oils flowed through out the show. Allison identified two essential oils that are a “must’ for you to have at your fingertips. Lavender, with just a drop or two in your hands and rubbed on your neck gives a soothing and calm feeling to you. Another one is Eucalyptus offers a lot of medicinal purposes and uses. 

Allison encouraged listeners to read up on essential oils and to become knowledgable about the many healthy benefits they provide. She also mentioned how Frankincense possesses antiseptic, astringent, carminative, digestive, diuretic, sedative, uterine, and other therapeutic properties. She shared how the scent of sweet orange in the morning can brighten your day and using lavender at night can provide a calming effect. There was so much more she shared with Bill Heinrich and me on the show. For More Information About Allison: Allison is an author, teacher, coach, and an acclaimed Aromatic Alchemist. She’s been a student of aromatherapy, alchemy, and spirituality for 45 years, and has been deepening her connection to Love her entire life. Her book the “Sacred Art of Anointing” was the first of its kind when it was published, and continues to educate people about the ancient art of anointing. “The Sacred Art of Anointing” was admitted to the Harvard Divinity School Library, as it is a deep exploration of the spiritual and religious use of essential oils throughout history, and is a reference for awakening consciousness and deepening love.  Allison has been featured in numerous books including, “Love for No Reason” by Marci Shimoff, “More Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul” by Arielle Ford and “Insights from the Coffeehouse” by Jonathon Collins. She’s also been featured in magazines, and on radio shows across the globe, and as a speaker at global conferences & events.  Allison has worked with people from around the world individually through private anointing rites of passage, coaching and mentoring individuals, as well as teaching large events for 30 years, and is dedicated to changing and empowering people through the gift of aromatic alchemy. Speakers Pathway Coalition is the 'official' home of the "Six Minute Webinar"...for more information...please go to ***BOOT CAMP***SIX MINUTE WEBINAR****SEPTEMBER 12TH*** For information on our affiliate program Bill Heinrich website: Bill offered his FREE Ebook "Clarity Has No Story" For your copy: "Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. Training for YOUR Killer Talk, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using StoryTelling. For more information and to receive YOUR FREE COMPLIMENTARY GIFTS ...just go to Thank YOU for Tuning In!! Please subscribe and Share our show!!! Have a Blessed Weekend, Jim Grant "Your Future is Now" has over 5 Million podcast downloads