Saturday 14th of September 2019
Fireside Talk Radio
First Liberty’s Lathan Watts joins Cathy to report on recent Supreme Court wins for religious liberty. Any threat to religious liberty seems scary. When it comes to matters of faith, we all want to follow our own consciences. Attacks on our faith—or our lack of it—feel un-American. So, what’s up next in the battle for securing religious liberty? “We are very busy which means there are a lot of attacks on religious liberty going on around the country. But, we’re also winning, so that’s the good news.” First Liberty is the nation’s largest legal organization exclusively dedicated to defending religious liberty. Plus, they never charge their clients! If you want to know what is happening in the battle to secure religious liberty, you’ll want to tune in for Lathan’s eyewitness account.
Friday 13th of September 2019
Your Future is Now
Joana Zuppas is a Realtor in Winter Park, Florida. Her website is: Joana created a program on Mark Green's "Get Resilience Summit" aimed at helping Veterans find the help they needed. To accomplish this mission she invited one of her colleagued Eric Putt of Once Dandy Don and I saw this great program, we knew we would need to have Joana and Eric on our show!!! "Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by Several times during the show mention was made to go to their website and click on "Complimentary Gifts" button to pick and choose one or more FREE GIFTS from the Executive Training Directors at NO-COST or OBLIGATION!! During the show many great points were made in regards to HOW to qualify, the process and the MANY advantages; such as ZERO DOWN. Together, Joana and Eric cleared up some myths, misunderstandings and revealed the advantages of dealing with reputable and experienced professionals when it comes to selecting a home and all of the things that must be accomplished in order to protect YOU, the Buyer!! Please SUBSCRIBE!! Share with others!!! Thank YOU!!
Thursday 12th of September 2019
Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing
Joining AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing's host Judith Briles is master copy writer Casey Demchak. Throughout the hour, you will come away with a variety to tips that best selling authors use to connect with the reader for instant sales. And now, they are yours. This is Part I of Copy Writing for Marketing Secrets. It you want killer book marketing copywriting secrets, this is what to listen to.
Coach Talk Radio
Sandra Beck of Coach Talk Radio speaks with best-selling author of Undoubtably Awesome, Anne Tucker, about moving through personal and professional challenges and into your personal power. Listen for a great offer from Zapier/coachtalk and get your free 12-day trial and join 4.5 million people who are saving an average of 40 hours a month by using Zapier. Also on Itunes.
Wednesday 11th of September 2019
Harvesting Happiness
In this week’s episode you will learn about: The difference between a boss and a leader Applying emotional intelligence to leadership What makes a truly great team Making room for zen and mindfulness in the workplace
Tuesday 10th of September 2019
Military Network Radio
Linda Kreter and Military Network Radio with co-host Justin Constantine presents "Intimate Partner Violence & Caregiving". April Gerlock, PhD, ARNP shares the newest research from a large study (882 interviews) with heterosexual couples where the veteran is in treatment for PTSD. Results show that caregivers are at special risk for IPV due to military culture, vulnerability, and loss of control, among other reasons. Care gaps are exposed, as is the enhanced risk to the caregiver and children if and when IPV is reported and how well the VA facility is equipped. More at, iTunes, and produced by WiseHealth, Inc. Everyone serves and together we make a difference.
Wise Health For Women Radio
Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio presents Michael Strauss, MD, who shares details of "End of Life Options"to add in Maryland as it already stands in eight states. This is a difficult but important topic for families, and women are often the primary caregiver. The law would require patient and physician authorization, but the patient must solely self-administer. We discuss the many sides of this process, and provide food for thought about death with dignity, family, physicians, and personal choice. Also on iTunes, and more at
Highroad to Humanity
Psychic, Light-worker Training Expert Rhonda Harris-Choudhry joins me on High Road to give us information on how to clear ourselves, how to change your life and go in a more positive direction. She shares her wisdom on clearing with color, her insight on angels and past life regressions on High Road to Humanity this wee. her website is She has awesome YouTube videos online.
Ghost Chronicles
Anne and Ron discuss a variety of paranormal and creepy topics including the world's biggest haunted cemetery, the mysterious key, and the cursed photo...
Ghost Chronicles International
Monday 9th of September 2019
No matter what kinds of challenges you are facing, you've always got the power to create a better life. The journey begins with healing the wounds of your past and allowing them to reveal their wisdom as you move forward into the future. Surviving childhood in a war-torn country and refugee camps, Rukshana Triem has had more than her share of hardships. Ultimately, this led her to create an empowered and successful life that includes helping others do the same.
Military Mom Talk Radio
Sandra Beck and Christian Author's Network & Romance Writers of America President/ Best Selling Romance Author, Angela Breidenbach talk about the different E-Readers available today and what they recommend for avid readers. Listen for a great offer from Audible using code: Motherhood for a super savings! Also on Itunes.
Coach Talk Radio
Sandra Beck of Coach Talk Radio speaks with Denise Bosey, Registered Nurse, about her journey from being last on her list - or not even on her list - to changing her life and dropping 100 pounds! Listen for a great offer from LinkedIN/coachtalkradio. Also on Itunes.