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Sunday 23rd of September 2018
Xlibris On Air
Xlibris on Air! Radio Show order of interviews: Noon-1:00 PM EST 1. “2D Surgical Hospital: An Khe to Chu Lai South Vietnam”; by Lorna Griess 2. “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty for Love”; by TJ Allen 3. “Operation Wappen: A War that Never Was A Clandestine Military Adventure During the Cold War & Return of Knights to the Battlefield”; by Robert Maddock
Thursday 20th of September 2018
Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing
Book launches that are based on the “traditional” publishing methods don’t work for self and indie authors—gather new strategies for the new author along with a variety of ideas on repurposing old content. The savvy author needs to think creatively about how to use his or her strengths to reach the ideal reader. AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing host Judith Briles has Book coach and editor Anne Janzer back to brainstorm the keys to author success. As an author, think about your skills: writing ad copy, creating graphics, coming up with pithy quotes, using Instagram, talking with strangers, helping people one-on-one, teaching, podcasting (or being a guest), writing (of course), etc. These are all components that authors use to create longer-term, sustainable book marketing strategies. Listen in to the show and podcast:
Wednesday 19th of September 2018
Coach Talk Radio
Sandra Beck of Coach Talk Radio speaks with Chris Nielson, success and parenting expert, about navigating families, change, inspiring our kids and managing our business. Also on Itunes.
Motherhood Talk Radio
Harvesting Happiness
In this week's episode you will learn about: Using your conscious power to chart the course of your life Getting in touch with your neutral inner observer Emotional health and Optimum health Reintegrating life’s stressors to facilitate positive change
Tuesday 18th of September 2018
Military Network Radio
Linda Kreter and Military Network Radio presents "Bulletproofing the Psyche" with author and USMC Captain Kate Thomas (co-authored by David Albright). Stress injuries occur routinely in the military and veteran communities, affecting families and ofttimes lingering. Kate shares how we have the power to optimize performance and gain mental fitness to power through difficult times. With practical examples and stories, Kate talks of her own experience, special populations, and the science behind the proven outcomes. Also on iTunes and more at Everyone serves and together we make a difference.
Geraldine Teggelove Live
We are all, I am sure, well aware of the change that is occurring on our beautiful planet. We not only hear about it, but we are feeling it in so many ways. Sometimes it is quite a challenge to get our heads around this and understand what this change is all about and how it affects us on a daily basis. Today. I would like to unravel a little of the confusion around this and give you a few ideas that I know will help you not only make sense of it, but also thrive within the change. Yes, we are moving into a new way of living. This is referred to as the new Golden Age, or simply the New World, or the 5th Dimension. All of these terms are just different ways of saying the exact same thing. On this show I will be looking at these 2 questions: How do we prepare ourselves to thrive in a New World? What is the key to ensuring we embody this new way of living?
Wise Health For Women Radio
Linda Kreter and WiseHealth for Women Radio brings philanthropy expert Dawn Franks' wisdom to our listeners. Your giving style is unique as your fingerprints, and developing Family Generosity opens conversations and engages multiple generations to shared and different values. This episode gives food for thought in family communication, stated values, giving, legacy, and living participatory gifts. Values and family - Helping Women Thrive! Also on iTunes and more on Flourish Over 40!
Ghost Chronicles
In this episode Anne and Ron discuss body parts that have been transplanted and the strange phenomenon associated with them.
FrankieSense and More
The Declaration of Independence protects your opportunity to improve your life, no matter who you are. It boldly proclaims: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." The American Founding Fathers introduced the revolutionary idea that each person's desire to pursue their idea of happiness was not self-indulgence, but a necessary driver of a prosperous society. They created a government to defend that right for everyone. The pursuit of happiness became the driver of the entrepreneurial spirit that defines the American free market economy. However, did Thomas Jefferson the architect of this quote mean that ONLY WHITE men were created equal? Both the rich and the poor? Or was it meant to extend to all races,? The idea that the poor are genetically different from the rich or that men are naturally more intelligent than women may seem laughable but it’s an argument regularly used as a social weapon to stall the advancement of equality and maintain the status quo. Since the discovery of DNA, the idea that genes are somehow responsible for everything has permeated society. Claims about discoveries of genes for intelligence, poverty and crime offer pseudoscientific explanations for rising rates of inequality and discrimination.  In her film, A Dangerous Idea, Stephanie Welch does a great job in showing  the science underpinning these beliefs has been thoroughly debunked. However, what was done in the name of Eugenics, an attempt to weed out the undesirables, the feeble minded, the native Americans, blacks, those who were born with disabilities, by sterilizing children and adults alike. Stephanie Welch is the Director, Producer and Co-writer of the film 'A Dangerous Idea'. She is also executive director of Paragon Media, a nonprofit media organization that co-produced A DANGEROUS IDEA. Stephanie is the senior producer of the award-winning syndicated program Bioneers Radio: Revolution from the Heart of Nature. Welch co-produced the radio documentary Biowars: First Do No Harm, which won a NFCB Silver Reel Award. Stephanie is also audio engineer for Women Rising Radio.
Monday 17th of September 2018
Today's guest, Susan Gibson, is a healer that works with women and their past trauma. Susan helps you start to remember who YOU are at your core, and bring balance, clarity, and peace back into your life.
Ghost Chronicles International
Steve and Ron are joined by Greg Hardman. Lead Investigator. The Pembrokeshire Ghost Club to discuss a variety of paranormal topics.
Sunday 16th of September 2018
Military Mom Talk Radio
Sandra Beck and Military Mom Talk Radio with Guest Co-host Linda Kreter bring you School Enrichment Programs for Military Kids. Military Education Liaison with Tinker Air Force Base Christine Nichols and Head of School for K12’s Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy (OVCA) Sheryl Tatum bring great information on the first K12 enrichment program for military families and the start of multiple educational/military base co-ops across the nation. Today’s show is sponsored by K12, the leader in online K-12 education, especially suited for military families. Also on iTunes and
Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin of Powered Up Talk Radio speak with Linda Transcendence Brown about the body's challenges during periods ofhigher consciousness growth. Lisa Transcendence Brown is an Author, Teacher, NEW Earth Ascension Guide, Transformational Speaker focusing on Multi-Dimensional Consciousness & Empowering ALL to Remember/Embody their Ascended Master Selves in the Physical Here. She has her Bachelors of Metaphysical Sciences, is a Reiki Master Teacher & LightBody Energy Expert. Also on Itunes.
Indie Movie Mastery